Best NBA Point Guards of All-Time

By Shane R December 19, 2019

Having a great floor general on your team certainly changes the way an organization functions. When it comes to these point guards, you will find some of the smartest athletes of all-time. To start us off, you have to mention the great Isiah Thomas.

4 – Isiah Thomas

Isiah won back-to-back championships in 1989 and 1990. In the 1990 Finals, Thomas took home the MVP. During his exceptional career, the point guard averaged 19.2 ppg and 9.3 apg.

3 – Oscar Robertson

Before Russell Westbrook, there was Oscar Robertson. He was the first one to average triple-double throughout an entire season. Throughout his career, the Bucks guard averaged 25.7 pgg, 7.5 rpg, and 9.5 apg. He even won a championship during his time

2 – John Stockton

The best assist guard in NBA history has to be John Stockton. Even though he never won an NBA championship, he ran into Michael Jordan twice, when the Jazz could have won back-to-back. Currently, he is the all-time assists and steals leader in NBA history.

1 – Magic Johnson

It is a shame that Magic Johnson’s career was cut short because he probably could have won a few more championship rings. As one of the tallest point guards in NBA history, Magic was super well-rounded. His career averages were 19.5 ppg and 11.2 apg.