Eyes on The Road: 40+ Things That Almost Had People Forgetting Where They Were Going

By Aileen D

Eyes on the road – that’s one of the most basic lessons you learned in driving school. It was a hard habit to form. But eventually, you got used to it. That gave you time to check the car dashboard and side mirrors frequently. It’s a good rule to keep you and your family safe on your way to your destination.

There are, however, moments when we spot something so bizarre it draws our attention. You just can’t tear your eyes away from it. We know how that feels. You have only got a split second to draw your eyes back on the road. Had that been a mirage or an illusion?

Nope. That was real – as real as these things people have seen on the road!

Foolproof Car Security Alarm

Your car is one of your biggest assets. It’s important to keep it intact – parked in a safe location so that no one can steal it. This owner didn’t want to deal with that problem day in and out. Neither did he want to invest in expensive car security alarms. He simply went to a pet store (or a zoo) and then came out with this.

Image Courtesy of djec / Reddit

We bet he doesn’t even have to lock the doors. If anyone so much as places their palms against the windows, this thing would spittle venom at them. For this snake’s sake, crack the window open. We don’t want our foolproof car security alarm dying in the heat, right? It’s probably best to leave it some snacks too.

Bring It Back to the Bat Cave

We were absolutely mesmerized by Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile. We couldn’t wait to have one fashioned just like it. Well, this car seems like it had been inspired by that. Drivers and passersby would stare at it. People would take selfies and send the picture to their friends. Their captions would show – Batmobile covered in latex. That sounds absolutely questionable, doesn’t it?

Image Courtesy of Filthy Sick Vicious Evil / Imgur

For one, how does the driver get inside the car? We can’t see any door handles anywhere. At best, he must puncture the latex sheath and then slip himself into the driver’s seat. Second, how smoothly does it run? If it were covered in latex, then it’d squeal everywhere it went. What a bad way to announce Batman’s arrival. Maybe they should send it back to the bat cave.

Someone Woke Up On The Wrong Side of The Bed

Don’t you hate roads under construction? We’re usually caught on one at the start of the week. No amount of honking will get you to your desk sooner. Well, this woman couldn’t wait for her turn. She ran through the sign and then slammed her foot on the gas as she plowed over three barrels of cement.

Image courtesy of sergatron / Reddit

Everyone was waving for her to stop, but she wouldn’t listen. She was going to get out of this traffic jam one way or another. Eventually, her car sank into the wet concrete. Humiliated, she stayed inside her car. Everyone who wasn’t scratching their heads was blowing off steam. Now they had to redo everything. Unlike the road, her car was totaled. She was fined, and her insurance company had to pay for the reconstruction of the whole lane.

DIY Hack

One of the worst things you could encounter on the road is an accident. It only takes a second, and it’s likely owing to someone’s poor reflexes. You failed to turn on the signal light, or you hit the brakes too late. There’s sudden impact. You get out of the car to check the wreckage and calculate the costs of repair.

Image Courtesy of Slap_Slim / Reddit

Well, when this driver got out of his car, he saw Mjölnir stuck to the body of his car. Instead of feeling angry, he felt immense joy. What a privilege to have Thor’s hammer cause a massive dent. Thor was nowhere to be seen. If Mjölnir hadn’t boomerang-ed back to Thor, that meant the world was safe. There are no enemies to cast that weapon against.

Living Life On The Edge

Most of us fail to live our lives to the max, thinking we have forever to live. Not this woman! She refuses to let her age define her. When she had to travel downtown, she slid on her boots, got her cane, and then hitched a ride on the back of this bus. Talk about babushka’s creed!

Imagine Courtesy of diablek / Reddit

That must have taken serious upper body strength. Kudos to this granny, who was able to hitch a ride for at least 20 minutes. Our arms would have been cramping in all that time. And our fingers would have grown numb. After that ride, there’d be no use for a cane. We would need a wheelchair… or a stretcher!

Redefining Street Tracks

It had been a Monday morning when car drivers turned their heads toward a screeching sound. Jesus Mary Joseph, what is making that sound? Those who had their windows down swore their ears nearly bled. Whatever it was, it was traveling at a fast speed. Sparks flew in place of its tracks.

Image courtesy of Not Tanner/ Reddit

It musn’t have been a great morning for this person. Someone stole his wheels. Others would have called the day off, but not this one. He would need cash to have those tires replaced. Out of desperation, he rode his tireless car to work. We hope he rode with ear mufflers on.

Avengers Assemble

There must be trouble brewing somewhere. Otherwise, Captain America wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get there. Reckon he has called the other Avengers? Seeing this hulk of a man makes us feel extra safe on the road. Thank the heavens for this man who rescues the helpless and saves people’s lives.

Image Courtesy of swankyhigh / Reddit

Seeing that Captain America needed to overtake that SUV, this driver honked his horn. He flashed his lights, indicating that the superhero is on the way to a rescue attempt. The SUV owner acceded and changed lanes. Within a couple of seconds, Captain America amped up his speed. So long, Avenger!

That One Drunken Friend

At a party, we all have that one drunken friend. There are no limits to the beer kegs he can gulp in an hour, the salt he has licked off another person’s skin, and the sob stories that come from his mouth. He feels he’s the life of the party, even as we wipe the drool from the sides of his mouth. You’ll know when the party is over. It’s when he has gone dead silent, sprawled on the living room floor like this.

Image Courtesy of FG39V9-1 / Reddit

That’s one sure sign that it had been a rad party. His knees have caved in. And he’s sitting on his legs with his head bowed down. Saliva pools on the carpet floor, and beside it, there are bits of food pieces. Is that macaroni salad? At least, your friend is half-dressed. On worse occasions, he has slept like this bare as the day he was born.

What Hybrid Is This

There are so many things to consider when buying a new car. What do you need it for, do you have any driving limitations, will you need to load packages on it? With these many questions, you’ll find yourself wringing your hands. It’s hard to decide with so many options. Choose between a pick-up truck, a sedan, or a mom van.

Image courtesy of weirdo0808 / Reddit

Well, this car owner thought it was possible to have it all. In fact, he made a limousine of sorts. You could drive the kids to school, have a rave party in the middle. And then load the liquor in the compartment. All these perks for less. Would you consider having your car made like this?

Check The Plates

There’s always that one guy on your morning commute that stands apart from the crowd. He announces his arrival with his engine revving. He talks into his single earbud Bluetooth headset, with a cup of Starbucks Cafe Americano in his hand. Everything from his suit to his hair speaks of humble.

Image courtesy of ASquared 150 / Reddit

Yeah, right. If this guy were humble, we would be Mother Teresa. Everything about this car screams, I need attention! We wouldn’t have minded it (God bless the American dream), but it’s how he treats other people that gets to us. He cuts in line, and he parks in the PWD slot. We can think of so many ways to truly humble this person.

Wish We Were This Happy

In a traffic jam, almost everyone is grumpy. You’re probably dead-beat tired, hungry, and in a rush to go home. Oh, but first, you have to go to the local deli to buy groceries. That aggravates you further. If only there were a way to distract ourselves from hunger. Well, this driver saw this motorcyclist pedaling in front of him. It couldn’t help but bring a smile to his face.

Image Courtesy of Dudevorce / Imgur

If this guy can keep a playful attitude, then so should we. How about turning up the music and then rocking to 80s music? This motorcyclist didn’t even need to sermon us or anything. His pitter-pattering is infectious! It might not ease the traffic quicker, but at least we’ll get home grinning.

Are You Not Entertained?

It’s like someone had taken us back in time to when Maximus fought to the death in the Colosseum. He screams gutturally, with spit spewing from the sides of his mouth, “Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?”. He thrusts his sword into a Roman soldier’s breastplate. And from the corner of his eye, chariot races past him.

Image Courtesy of wifey hahn / Reddit

Where will the bloodshed be happening folks, and which gladiators will fight in the pits? If Maximus were fighting these soldiers, we’re certain he’ll win. We can’t blame this duo for loading their belongings and then getting the hell out of there. Maximus is the type to unleash hell on his enemies.

Living The Hippie Dream

One of the great things about cars is that they can be customized. Car has got poor engine efficiency? Plugin some Nitrous Oxide. With a few short bursts, your car will amp to 180 mph! Don’t like your paint color? Have it redone! You can be as creative as you want.

Image Courtesy of Prockles / reddit

So this guy had his whole van redone by hand. We can’t imagine what it’s made of. From the looks of it, it’s some kind of metal. This guy gets top marks for creativity but poor marks for speed. This van’s engine has got to be losing horsepower from carrying this weight. It’s as if ten people are riding it when there’s only one!

Buried In His Backyard

Death is the only certainty in this life, although we may not know when we will die. Some people plan their funerals ahead of time. They have got the hearse ready and the plot of land secured. For this man, however, it had been his backyard.

Image Courtesy of haras8534 / Reddit

It’s funny, isn’t it? His body will be placed in a casket and slid into the car. It will go for a couple of rounds around the block to rally people to mourn for him. And then he will be used as compost fertilizer for plants and trees. Some of his ashes will be laid neatly on the cabbage patches in his backyard.

Antman Toyed With It

Deep within the colorful pages of a Marvel comic, superheroes brief each other. It’s routine. They’re just checking if the people within each world are safe. After this, they have a few drinks together. Antman and Thor have an interesting discussion about supersizing Mjölnir.

Image courtesy of Nichole5126 / reddit

Sure, we know Ant-Man can shrink himself to subatomic particles. But he can also supersize himself, convenience store drinks, and weapons of mass destruction. The only problem with this hammer is that it’ll take too long to swing. Reckon Thor made a fuss about it?

All Clear

The way to a driver’s heart is a 10-mile visibility. That means that they should be able to see a prominently dark object when the sun is shining on a clear day. Well, someone decided to test the average visibility of this car owner’s tint. Do you think it passed?

Image Courtesy of Turtletwoshells / Reddit

Dark object? Check. In fact, that car hood had totally obscured all light sources coming in the front of a car. Sunny weather? Check…kind of. It’s cloudy, but we can’t see any other drivers crashing into cars or highway barriers. We can only imagine how terrified this driver was when that hood popped up before him. What would you have done?

Quite A Problem We’ve Got Here

Residents of this neighborhood have reported that there’s a flood of water on one of the streets. Apparently, something had crashed into a fire hydrant. It’s a waterworks of all sorts, with kids playing. When cops arrived at the scene, but the hydrant was nowhere to be found.

Image Courtesy of broken doll parts / Reddit

That’s because the culprit had been a ten-wheeler truck. How could the driver not have felt that he had run across something? With the hydrant wedged between the tires, that truck shouldn’t have been able to move. With willpower and some revving, the driver had been able to steer the wheeler truck away. It’s like it’s walking with a limp.

Where My Party People At

Reddit user NAPcougar had been driving down the highway at 65 miles per hour. We know. He likes to drive safely. Out of nowhere, this deck overtakes him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was complete with a long table, benches, and railings for safety. Where is the party at?

Image courtesy of NAPcougar / Reddit

Of all the cars on this list, we would love to have this one. That’s because you wouldn’t have to wait to arrive onsite for the party to begin. You could travel and party the ride away. You could even lay on those benches and get yourself a suntan. Now, what could beat that?

When Mom Drives

Don’t you hate it when mom drives? She gets to pick her choice of music. When had those been made? In the stone age! You have to wear the seatbelt, and you have to keep your feet off the dashboard. The gravest affront is that she drives soooo slowly. By the time you arrive at school, you’ll look like this!

Image courtesy of onesikkgs3 / Reddit

Your skin has lost its rosy hue. You’re nothing but a bag of bones, and you’re dead inside from the morning sermon she has given you. She drives so slowly it has taken you a millenium to get to school. You will literally become a fossil by the time you get there!

No Load Too Heavy To Bear

Some countries have some serious protocol issues. Residents disregard local health and safety codes. We can’t imagine why anyone would do that, much less, how. But take a look at this picture, and you’d find yourself laughing your head off. How were they able to fit all of that on that truck?

Image courtesy of ivanms1 / Reddit

In case you’re wondering, the California Highway Patrol had uploaded this picture. It’s legal load, just illegally loaded. One puff of wind and the whole cargo will be set up on these highway roads. That’s furniture sets for a whole neighborhood. Just take your pick and load it on your truck.

Trick Of The Ego

For most of us, having a car is only a means to get from point A to point B. For other people, their car is an extension of themselves. A couple of thousand dollars isn’t a big deal, so long as that car expresses who they are. What can you say about this guy who’s sporting a two-seat capacity ride?

Image courtesy of alejandro272131 / Reddit

It’s a trick of the ego! He could have just bought a truck. Hands down, he’d be the king of the road. But that would take some serious driving skills. That’s probably why he settled for this cutie of a ride and then made up for its size in the design. Can you imagine what his horn sounds like?

Friendly Boop Alert

There are barely any cars on the highway at this time of the day. It was cloudy, and Sarah’s husband was cruising at 80 mph. It would be nice to feel the wind on her face. So she opened her window and smelled the fresh air. She gracefully stuck out her foot. Ah, what a life!

Image Courtesy of @piggiesoink / Twitter

She hadn’t noticed the rumble of a few Harley-Davidsons behind the car. In a couple of seconds, one biker overtook them. He stretched his arm and tickled her foot. That’s one nice way of telling a person to keep their limbs inside the car at all times. Thank you, biker!

Pi-Kia, Pi-Kia!

The years may pass, but some people never outgrow childhood. They retain their love for anime characters, cartoons, and toys. Some even continue amassing baseball cards, comics, and vinyls. Can you blame them? Nothing beats a world-class detective.

Image courtesy of Recklessgeck0 / Reddit

Reddit user Recklessgeck0 saw this car on the road today. He couldn’t help but remember Pikachu’s wise words. “There’s magic that brought us together. And that magic… is hope.” If this guy can use Pikachu as an inspiration for his car, then maybe we should use Sailor Moon for ours!

Looking For Trouble

Some stereotypes hold some truth. These aren’t absolute. But it’s a quick way to gauge where someone has come from and what their background is. Take, for example, this hillbilly of a driver who wanted to redesign his home. He had to buy a steel ladder. He went to town, fished one out, loaded his car, and went on his way.

Image Courtesy of stefanie _lynnnn / Reddit

In case you’re wondering, this picture had been taken in Norristown, PA. The word brings images to mind – locals with sweat streaming down their back, and cowboy boots. They’re simple folks and hard workers. There’s no doubt about that. It’s just that we wish this guy used more common sense.

New Diet

Sharks that had the strongest bite in history were the Megalodons. These grew up to 16 meters in length. They would ensnare their prey within those massive jaws. Then they would move their head rapidly to and fro to rip off chunks of flesh. Here you can see a massive shark chasing a smaller prey – a fish fillet.

Image Courtesy of paperplanesyo / Reddit

Everyone just wanted to get out of the way. They would honk their horns and turn left so that they wouldn’t be caught in the middle of the chase. With fewer fish in the ocean, this great shark has had a change of diet. Now he’s trying out fast food.

Put Him Behind Bars

This Reddit user has taught her son how to drive. He’s still struggling, but she has complete trust in his abilities. She lets him drive the car at walking speed within the neighborhood. He practices under her watchful eye. Unfortunately, her son was pulled over by a police officer. Apparently, he was swerving and changing lanes.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / Twitter

“Field sobriety test? Officer, I can barely walk, to begin with!”. This Reddit user heard their conversation from her porch. She was so ashamed of her son. Serves him right for driving with an open milk bottle. Maybe that ticket will teach him a lesson.

Eyes On The Road

Need is the mother of creativity. That’s why when this man needed to buy a bed frame, he quickly got on his motorcycle, did a quick canvass, and brought one home. It’s just that the frame was bigger than his ride. That didn’t stop him. This is just a matter of geometry.

Image Courtesy of arkido / Reddit

Never mind safety protocols. What’s more important is that we land on this frame when we encounter an accident. Besides, while one person navigates the road, another person steers the handles. It’s a great tandem. We’ve also got other passersby to call for an ambulance should we encounter any mishap.

Baby’s Got Back

Having a sports car is a head-turner. You don’t need much money in the bank so long as you’ve got a pimp ride. If you don’t have the dough to buy one, simply customize your car. This guy has been at it for a couple of months. His latest installment – custom steel bumpers!

Image Courtesy of Schrodingers_ Nachos / Reddit

Look at that beauty; she’s loading so many goods in that trunk! Another advantage of these customized bumpers is that you’ve got a stock just in case you encounter a road mishap. Someone tailgates you? Just install the custom one and have them pay for damages. Easy peasy!

Give Him A Nokia Phone

We had always wondered why older people disliked technology. They say you’d have to put up with a lot of fuss. It’s better to stick to basics. We hadn’t understood it until we saw this man. He was holding his cell phone in his left hand and a magnifying glass in the other. Guess he had trouble reading the small font on his digital phone.

Image courtesy of mewikime / Reddit

Somebody give this man a Nokia 3310 phone. It displays extra large fonts – perfect for oldies, plus it’s super durable. We can’t even count the number of times our phones fell on the floor. It might have ended up doing damage to the floor. Lastly, it’s got a long battery life. Bye-bye magnifying glasses!

The Mother Of All Jokes

Reddit user brodesto parked his car on the side of the road. He was waiting for someone to bring him a package. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw this mother cross the road. He couldn’t help but laugh. Brodesto has waited so long for this moment! He will finally know why the chicken crossed the road!

Image Courtesy of brodesto / Reddit

But before he could ask her, this hen scurried out of sight. He left his car doors unlocked. He tried to chase her – sucking his tummy in and then sprinting. But she hurried even farther. Soon she flapped her wings and flew over a fence. Too bad. The mother of all jokes has disappeared.

Wanna Ride A High Wheeler?

This is a throwback to when Britons rode bicycles with one gigantic wheel in the front. These were pretty smooth rides on rough roads. High wheelers were designed because there hadn’t been a chain connecting the wheels together, unlike current bicycles. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t used today.

Image courtesy of thatsboot3101 / Reddit

In fact, here’s one risk-taker. Riding one a high wheeler can be a safety hazard. If you aren’t good at balancing, you could fall on your face. That’s why it had only been reserved for men and athletes. If you were heading downhill, you would have to ride with your feet over the handlebars. That would help you land on your feet should you fall. Pretty nifty, huh?

Alpha Dog

Most of us dream of growing up rich and successful. The hard truth is that only some of us achieve that dream. You would need to have grit and persistence to carry those goals out. Sometimes, you would have to feed off your ego, just like this guy did. Look at that smug face. What the woof are you looking at?

Image courtesy of vajay-z / Reddit

There’s no denying it. This furball is an alpha dog. He’s parked at a pedestrian crossing, and no police officer has asked him to move. If anyone so much as speaks to him, he will woof the living soul out of you. What a bad driver! As one Reddit user puts it, some people should never be given their license, much less put off their leash.

How’s Rick Doing

Adult Swim unleashed a winner tv-series with Rick and Morty. It revolves around Richard Sanchez and Morty Smith. Rick is an alcoholic scientist who has an IQ level of 5150. Now, hold your horses. He’s that smart because he hails from Dimension C -137 AKA this highway.

Image courtesy of Frankasaurus1 / REddit

With the smart writing, original humor, and good character development, many people grew to love the show. Unfortunately, the tv series had been canceled this year. Creator Dan Harmon says it’s because America has tragically lost its sense of humor. They might grow it back by 2021.

Tight Spaces

It isn’t a laughing matter, but we still couldn’t help ourselves. We don’t know if this driver was in a rush. He had seen a footbridge and thought it was an overpass. Guess he hadn’t seen the sign by the turn. That mistake cost him an hour to drive in reverse.

Image courtesy of str3akw0w / Reddit

To be fair, this footbridge could fit a car. So many drivers have committed the same mistake that local authorities placed a highway sign by the curve. Despite that, they learn a little bit too late. That lesson is engraved in the body of their car, or too often, the footbridge claims a side mirror.

Just A Dash of Creativity

It had been an uneventful morning when Reddit user mztclo came across these two trucks on the highway. There was a construction site a kilometer down the highway. He had to ease off the gas. You couldn’t help but wonder if the signage “Bimbo” was coincidental or not.

Image courtesy of mztclo / Reddit

Everyone was struck at how inept this person could be. He obviously couldn’t fit those steel cables in his truck. The solution would have been to find a bigger truck to transport those materials in…not have then hang over the edge of the vehicle like that. Can we get local patrol on the phone, please?

First Of All, How?

One of the worst things you can encounter on a highway is a vehicular accident. Sometimes our reflexes and common sense betray us when we need them most. An accident affecting a single lane can affect traffic the whole stretch. It’s a good thing; this driver chose where he’d total his car.

Image courtesy of Maklo_ Never _Forget / Reddit

First of all, how? These cars cruise at moderate speed. So to have it flung up and land on the barrier like that puzzles us. Second, this driver would need a ramp of some sort to fly. There had been no cars by the side of the road, and it appears that this car’s driver was safe. The good thing is that this mystery can be solved. All we need to do is ask!

Heading To Santa

It seems like Santa’s little helpers strayed from the herd. Saint Nick has been trying to locate them but to no avail. Without the magic of the sleigh, they’d have to trot for over a year to get back to the pole. Thankfully, this car’s driver let them hitch a ride. Where to, Comet and Cupid?

Image courtesy of willbur21 / Reddit

The two bleated and bellowed. But the car owner couldn’t understand what they were saying. The three played a game of charades. After half an hour, he had packed his bags and a sack of acorns. Think they’ll make it in time for Christmas? We’d like to receive our presents this year.

Take A Ride On This

We thought we had seen it all…until we saw this. You can have as many as eight passengers on board. It doesn’t have a roof in place. That means you can get your tan on your way to the beach. With the wind blowing in your hair, you can take a breath of the salty ocean air.

Image courtesy of rpty / Reddit

What a showstopper! Grandpa has got a smooth ride, provided he peels this banana out. Reddit users have seen him drive the car around Los Angeles, California. It draws so many people’s attention, it beats a sports car. Watch it pass by, and you’ll find your fingers reaching out to touch it. Do you think there’s a no touching policy on the banana car?

Look, It’s a Shooting Star

This is an uncanny customization. Whereas other people spend money on decals, bumpers, or paint color, this car owner decided to pimp his exhaust. He thought to himself, what would go well with a blaze of smoke? We know! A shooting star!

Image courtesy of xjustinkase / Reddit

Well, technically, shooting stars are just comets traveling at intense speeds and falling into our atmosphere. They travel so fast fire streaks at the edges, and these rock pieces burn up. But still, this makes for a great design! In case you’re lost at night, all you have to do is find the shooting star that blazes in the dark.

Look, A Trash Panda

Raccoons made waves on Reddit for being too darn adorable. Soon everyone uploaded pictures of trash pandas they had encountered in the suburbs or in the city. Some had posted pictures of their pets. Odd, isn’t it? But it turns out that trash pandas can be domesticated.

Image courtesy of Cortinian / Reddit

Just about anything can be tamed and made a pet nowadays. After all, these folks are simply looking for companionship. There’s no harm in that. But best, make sure that you can keep that pet under control. We wouldn’t want this furry critter going through our garbage bin in the dead of night.

Loaded Truck

Cruising the highway can be a bore. There’s nothing but trees on the sides and highway signs to look at. But, occasionally, you might encounter something odd. Take, for example, this woman who had checked her left side mirror. She did a double-take at this.

Image Courtesy of kulidan / Reddit

The king of the road didn’t want to travel empty. So its driver thought of placing a toy tractor plow atop it. What a cute joke! The driver even fastened the toy securely – just to keep it from falling on the trailing cars. We wouldn’t want anyone to get in an accident, now would we?

All For Customer Service

When you’re working for customer service, you have to dress professionally. Keep a clean-cut haircut, show those pearly, white teeth, and stand with your back straight. Bottom line is look attractive. So it’s no wonder why this local cabbie in Taizhou City, China, invests in his skin. Keep those pores clean and tight!

Image Courtesy of News CGTN

It had been a quiet night, and there had been no passengers. But when this picture was uploaded, he made rounds online for an otherwise innocent faux pas. In a couple of days, he was called to a traffic safety station and was suspended from work for three days. Officers say he could have caused an accident – what with the mask blocking his vision. It’s a painful lesson to learn.

Flat Earther Alert

There are just as many ideas as there are people in the world. Some of these ideas are mind-blowing, whereas others are just ridiculous. One of the most interesting topics for debate is whether the earth is flat or not. We have found that it’s best to maintain a civil and respectful discussion with flat-earthers.

Image Courtesy of AllHailJericho / Reddit

This scientific fact has been settled in Grecian times. But they’re hell-bent on disproving it. In fact, this guy has so many arguments posted on the back of his car. If only we weren’t driving. We sure would have loved to add a rebuttal to each one. If all else fails, we can just push them off Antarctica – the 150-foot-tall wall of ice.

Got Any Complaints

You know you’ve got a couple of baby boomers on your hands if they start misbehaving like this. They’re disagreeable people who have a lot of say in things. These folks can’t understand that they’re the cause of the problem – what with their crappy habits. They think they’re pretty much entitled to bad driving because they drove panzer tanks during the World War.

Image courtesy of handsome scot 85 / Reddit

Too loud, uneven driving, jumping a red light? It doesn’t matter. They’ve got age and experience to trump common sense. To be fair, we would totally sport those decals. It’s a great way to piss off trailing drivers. But at least we wouldn’t be caught driving 50 mph off a highway!

Get Yourself A Cybertruck

Elon Musk, the self-made billionaire, is making rounds on Twitter for the odd design of Tesla’s Cybertruck. It’s angular and it reminds us of 90s cars. Who would want to sport a ride that looks like it’s decades-old? Besides, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of wind traction. That, however, hasn’t stopped people from ordering one. You can design your own unit!

Image Courtesy of stk58 / Reddit

All you have to do is visit Tesla’s website. Unfortunately, this man couldn’t wait for the shipment of his Cybertruck. He fashioned his ride with acrylic plastic, scotch tape, and a great deal of imagination. What do you think Elon Musk will say about this car? Bet this model will run Tesla out of business.

Keeping The Snow Off

It’s backbreaking work shoveling snow off the driveway and wiping it off your car. The worse part is that you have to do it every day. Well, one winter, this car owner had had enough of cleaning ice off his car. So he bought an umbrella-of-sorts and placed it over his sedan.

Image Courtesy of Little Jimmer / Reddit

We can’t even count the number of reasons why this is idiotic. With enough wind, it can rip off the car’s roof. Who would want to ride roof-less in winter? Second, if the wind is blowing against that parachute, you’ll be stuck in place even as you max the gas. You might even drive in reverse. That’s bound to be a disaster, granted that your parachute is blocking the rearview.

Loading Credits

Get your guns ready. Check to see if they’re loaded, stay in position, and get ready to fire! There are zombies on the loose. Your job as Agent Thomas Rogan is to combat the living undead and find the cure to Dr. Curien’s abominable creations. Quick! Aim for the chest. Remember to spare civilians. That will earn you a point of health.

Image Courtesy of YoBGS / Reddit

As G traveled to the nearby location in his car, a half-bodied zombie latched unto his car. It was spitting venom and rage. Best shoot for those arms and run over it for a quick death. Remember to keep your distance, Agent Rogan. If spittle so much as lands on you, you might turn into one of them.

We Can Hear His Laugh

Can you remember Him from Powerpuff Girls? He walks on stilettos, has lobster claws for hands, and he wears a tutu of sorts. He’s always set to bring the destruction of the Powerpuff Girls, but he never triumphs. He has a nasal voice, except when his plot of doom veers out of control. Bet you didn’t know… he has come to town.

Image courtesy of Fr33 To Run / Reddit

We can actually hear his laugh. It rippled inside us. Then for a few minutes afterward, we just couldn’t stop laughing. This car design identifies with us on so many levels. If only we can have our ride look like this. You see, we have a reputation to uphold…as stockbrokers. We wouldn’t want anyone seeing who we really are from a mile away.