Things Are Not Always What They Appear To Be At First Glance

By Nikita D November 26, 2020

There are many optical illusions that we encounter on a daily basis. What might look like one thing can turn out to be something else entirely. You have to look twice or even many more times to confirm what it actually is. Some common optical illusions you may have encountered are shapes of clouds, hedges, or even food, which can take on a strange and different form. The human mind is capable of conjuring anything out of nothing. We have compiled a wondrous list of brilliant camouflages that we encounter every day. Some of them will completely blow your mind, and you will not even be able to understand the illusion. Let’s see if you are able to figure all of these out.


You may have encountered some animals which are jet black in color and almost seem like shadows. So much so that even their eyes are not visible to the naked eye. One such time was when someone decided to capture both his black and white cats in a photo.

Image: Instagram/JoshuaForLong

Here they are sitting on a sofa, almost the exact same size, and pose. The white cat is sitting a little behind, while the black cat is a little ahead. Both of them are sitting in such a position that the black cat looks like a shadow of the white one.

Rock Patterns

While traveling, you may have seen rock patterns that look like they have been carved into shapes. However, the world is truly wondrous, and all these patterns are nature’s miracles. Someone spotted a rock that almost looked like a famous Van Gogh painting. 

Image: Instagram/Nikoolisphotography

Doesn’t the above picture look exactly like Starry Night by Van Gogh? This rock was found in Sweden and must have been a real surprise to the person who came across it. Van Gogh created starry night with his imagination and to find the same pattern in nature is insane!

A Frozen Spider Web

There are some amazing intricate webs woven by spiders, which you may have seen in photos or real life. Nature’s ability to design these complex designs is truly insane. Sometimes you just sit and wonder how can they even real?!

Image: Instagram/ Jose Zarate

Did you know that in winters, even spider webs get frozen? One such web is above, which almost looks like it has been crocheted. Of course, it is not actually needlework but a beautiful spider’s web. If you look closely, you can even see the spider.

Rocket Launch or Trees

If you see the below image, you will also struggle to see if these are actually Christmas trees in snow or rockets that are launching into space? The resemblance to both is uncanny. The lights under the snow make it look like it is fire under a rocket ship.

Image: Instagram/alexandrosdimo

Want to know what it really is? They are actually Christmas trees in the snow, with lights underneath them! You must have surely done a double-take there, didn’t you? Show this astonishing picture to your friends and see what they say.

Moon looking like Saturn

Can you imagine looking up at the sky and seeing Saturn instead of the moon? It would totally freak you out, wouldn’t it? One would wonder where the moon has gone? Or why is Saturn visible at all to the naked eye? Is there an invasion going on?

Image: Instagram/francisco_sojuel

The disguise of this moon is actually a thin cirrostratus cloud. The way the cloud surrounds the moon, it feels as if it is an asteroid ring, but of course, it isn’t. You can also see the dimly-lit silhouette of the volcano Pacaya and the Guatemalan highlands.

A Great Idea

Cats are strange and mysterious creatures. Even cat owners never really know what they are thinking and what they might be up to. In this photo, this cat looks like it had a great idea with a light bulb over its head.

Image: Instagram/lucyvlt

Who knows, maybe it has thought about a new way to annoy the human! Of course, there is no light bulb over its head, but the light is coming from the bathroom and creating an illusion of a light bulb over its head.

Clouds Like Lava

Cloud formations are wondrous things. It is truly amazing what the human mind can conjure from just abstract things. You must have also spotted strange formations in the sky while doing a bit of cloud watching. A dog, a face, an angel – many people have spotted different formations in the sky.

Image: Instagram/nprovince101

If you look at the photo above, then the clouds at sunset look like lava burning. But, these are actually cloud formations at sunset, and the photo was probably taken from an airplane. Clouds or lava, it truly looks beautiful.

Window Looks Like A Painting

Everyone loves a good landscape painting. But, what if the window itself looks like a beautiful painting? If you see the picture below, that winding road and those pine trees look like a painting that some talented artist has painted. 

Image: Instagram/this_is_a_good_sign

Imagine if you were scouting for houses and came across this house with a window looking out on to scenery that absolutely makes everything else worthwhile. We would buy this house just for that stunning view! What about you? As the seasons change, the view will just get better.

Pebbles Which Look Like Eggs

Thousands of eggs in the sun, just ready to hatch. Isn’t it a great sight? Just kidding. These are actually shiny pebbles of different shapes in the sun on a beach. Doesn’t the sight of these warm pebbles make you want to just lay on them?

Image: Instagram/giannistsou.1

Such beautiful pebbled beaches are actually hard to find, and this beach is one of the few in the world. The crystal clear water, shiny pebbles, and the blue sky is just calling out to us and makes us want to go on a vacation!

Cat or No Cat?

Ever seen those white fluffy cats who, while sleeping, look exactly like a ball of fur? Well, just look at this one who is sleeping so peacefully in a basket. If her face were not visible, one would think that it was just a bowl of flour.

Image: Instagram/Humphrey07

If you owned such a cat, you would probably be pleasantly surprised to see the fur ball lying in a basket sleeping so peacefully. The way in which she is curled up just makes one want to cuddle her and play with her. It is truly adorable.

Snow On The Car

If you live in a cold country, you may have seen snow accumulating on top of your cars, and it surely is a headache to remove it all every day. The car below was covered in snow, but the snow looks like a big fluffy white blanket.

Image: Instagram/DaturaMuril

Imagine the surprise of the owner of this car to have woken up to this strange illusion. It totally looks like something warm and cozy has been thrown over the car. The wrinkles of the snow make it look even more realistic.

Another Painting On The Wall

Like the previous landscape view from the window we saw earlier, this window also resembles a painting. Just one look at the window, and you will not be able to make out if it is a painting or a landscape till the waves probably move.

Image: Instagram/_newphonewhodis

Just imagine the surprise of the person who rented this house to find this view from their place. One can stare for hours at the beautiful scenery right from their house. A morning cuppa by this window might cheer up anyone.

Beautiful Flowers

The amazing thing about nature is that it effortlessly creates the most beautiful natural patterns in the wild. This flower is one such example. Someone was growing petunias in their garden and found this flower, which looks like a galaxy!

Image: Instagram/shady_robot

The violet petunia is speckled with spots that look like galaxies and stars glowing on the flower. One can stare for hours at this beautiful flower, and it would be a total shame when it eventually wilts and die.

Lego System

Different seasons alter the appearance of everything and how things look with either leaves or snow. Fall creates a lovely yellow blanket of leaves everywhere, whereas the white snow makes everything look pristine. The below coolants at an office look like giant Lego blocks in the snow.

Image: Instagram/Thetrg

Imagine a giant child or man playing with these huge blocks of white Lego! Well, of course, they aren’t actually Lego; it is just an illusion. Such a perfect illusion it is, though, isn’t it? When the summer comes, it will melt away the white covers on top of these coolants.

A Glittering Rock of Gold

You must have read many stories as a child where the thieves find a giant pile of gold. If you take one look at Morro Rock, which is located in California, it looks exactly like that in the sun from afar. It almost makes you want to go nearer to inspect what it really is.

Image: Instagram/Cnoordz

It is, of course, not a pile of gold. But even the peaks on the rock make it appear to be. It is the perfect optical illusion. Imagine if a pirate crosses the oceans to get to this rock! He will probably disembark his ship to be bitterly disappointed.

Turtle Shell Looking Like a Sombrero

Just a look at this baby turtle and you will fall in love with that tiny face. However, if you look at it closely, the turtle’s shell almost looks like the animal is wearing a fancy sombrero. A Spanish turtle, if you may!

Image: Instagram/morgiibee

Maybe he lives in Mexico and has other tiny Mexican turtle friends who go to celebrate wearing their cute little hats. It is hilarious if you weave stories around it. Animals do live for a fair amount of time, and one cant help but wonder what their life is really like.

Rice Fields

Drone images or shots from high up make everything look entirely different than what they look like from the ground. Beaches look more stunning, architecture looks grander, and even fields look like tiny patches. However, if you look at these rice fields filled with water, they look like pieces of stained glass.

Image: Instagram/airpixels

One would imagine the colors and reflections change every hour of the day, and it looks absolutely beautiful from above. For a farmer, it is only his job to grow rice, but from a different perspective, it looks like he is creating wonderful works of art.

Tiny Dinosaurs

One look at the photo below, and it would seem like dinosaurs are back. Well, they most certainly aren’t. These are a variety of turtles found in freshwater called baby snapping turtles. They look completely different from other varieties, and their resemblance to prehistoric creatures from eons ago isn’t lost on us.

Image: Instagram/Brick_in_the_dbol

Characterized by their dark upper shell and a black cover, it looks like a tiny baby dragon that may start breathing fire at any moment. The baby snapping turtles actually make good pets. These might look scary at first but are astonishing creatures.

A bush or fireworks?

Plants sometimes take strange shapes in the wild. This particular bush looks like it is a firework in the shape of hearts. Even the varying yellow and green colors create an optical illusion and cannot be distinguished as a plant from afar.

Image: Instagram/HoundDogAwhoo

It almost looks like someone just won a game of Solitaire! It is definitely a photo-worthy plant, and we totally understand why someone must have wanted to take a snap of it. If we wouldn’t have told you it was a plant, what would have been your guess?

Inside a Guitar

Many of you might have played the guitar or might have seen one doing so. But, have you ever seen the inside of a guitar? It might be unlikely. Only if you have broken a guitar is it possible that you have taken a closer look at its insides.

Image: pokemasterlol,lamehorseguitars

At first, you might think that these photos are pictures of a luxury apartment, but not the inside of a guitar. Just look at that wooden interior; it totally looks like an upscale apartment, doesn’t it? Ask your friends to see what they answer.

You Can’t Unsee This One

At a glance, this photo might look like something very risque. But, we assure you it is not. Just look at the Nintendo bag once, and that other illusion will be gone forever. Sometimes even normal things can look pretty naughty.

Image: Instagram/Thatguyfrank92

The way the bag is lying on the skin-colored paper makes it look like something totally different. Sometimes our eyes make us look at things in a way that seems totally strange. But if you look again, that illusion totally changes and never comes back.

Mirror Building

These days architecture has moved in leaps and bounds. We don’t see the usual style of buildings anymore; architects like to experiment with new designs. This thin glass building looks like a glass wall from afar, and it really does look pretty strange. Doesn’t it?

Image: Instagram/JelaniKazu

If you keep looking at the building, you really do wonder where is the rest of it? But of course, it is behind that glass wall. Wouldn’t you also stop in your tracks and click a photo if such a view could be seen out of the window of your car? 

Burning Man Festival

Sometimes drone shots totally change the perspective of a place. If you glance at this photo once, you might think this is a photo of the solar system. But it is actually not. Look again; it is actually a drone shot of the Burning Man Festival!

Image: Instagram/ jacob

The thousands of lights and the yellow nucleus in the middle make it look like millions of stars and planets are surrounding the sun. The green and blue lights, especially, create a stellar effect, and the photo is simply surreal.

Tiny Weeds

Have you ever seen macro images of flowers or small plants? It looks like they exist in an ecosystem of their own. Someone took this image of weeds growing in their garden, and it looks like it is an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Image: Instagram/HiddenDongo

The tiny weeds almost look like palm trees, and the brown roots look like sand. Even the brown rock looks like vast areas of sand. It is totally crazy, isn’t it? It truly looks like a lush patch of vegetation surrounded by nothingness.

Red Potato

Have you ever seen a picture of a real heart? If you have the below picture will look like a small heart which someone is holding. But that doesn’t make sense, does it? How can a human heart be so small?!

Image: Instagram/Jztak7

That is because it is not a human heart. It is actually a small red potato which looks freakishly like a small heart. Even the red color is adding to that illusion. Our mind sure does play games with us and it can freak us out sometimes.

Mysterious Shadows

Have you seen a shadow of cat or dog ears? Doesn’t it look unbearably cute? Shadows have a way of turning the original object into something entirely different, just like the below image where a bookshelf’s shadows look like a city skyline.

Image: Instagram/AppropriateForm

If you look at a city skyline from afar, it can resemble a shadow, and that is why the bookshelf shadow resembles a skyline. Wow, that is a mind-twister. It is a city of words, if we may say so! The varying heights of books totally add to the authenticity of a city-scape.

UFO Invasion

An alien invasion is something that has had people wondering about for centuries. Many say they have seen UFOs flying above their homes, and some even claim to have been abducted by aliens! Have one look at these clouds, and it looks like an alien invasion, doesn’t it? 

Image: YoyoColo

These are actually just a formation of lenticular clouds that strikingly resemble visitors from other galaxies. Imagine the utter shock of people when they must have looked up at the sky. This is also another case of mind playing tricks.


If you have ever eaten the famous Spanish rice dish called Paella, you might understand the photo below. If you have not, it looks like a bunch of people swimming in a dirty pool. What’s the reality? It is in fact a Paella.

Image: Instagram/YoyoColo

The olives look like people’s hair, and the different veggies look like people’s hands and arms. So strange, isn’t it? And the top of the dish looks like a dirty pool, just adding to that illusion of people swimming.

Strange Ruins

Another one of the strange illusions that require a closer look is these odd microscopic ruins. If you look closely, it looks like a beautiful colosseum has been abandoned and it is now covered up by algae. That’s not actually what it is.

Image: Instagram/teksponge

These are actually mounds of moss growing in a bus stop gutter, and that white bottle must be a piece of trash that someone didn’t throw away. So strange that it kind of looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Beauty truly does lie in the eyes of the beholder.

A Tiny Broomstick

Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan might think that is a Nimbus 2000. The model of broom on which they used to play Quidditch. Well, it is most certainly not. That is actually a tiny plant that has been uprooted and looks like a miniature replica of a broom.

Image: Instagram/Bcnlvr1125

This tiny plant almost looks artistic. The way the leaves have dried is so symmetrical, and it is actually really impressive. As we said, it really does look like something t out of a book. What do you think it looks like? 

Car Wash

Getting your car washed is a fun procedure as your car is soaped and sprayed from all different directions. This photo was taken from a car wash, but it looks incredibly beautiful. The purple soap looks just like a sunset.

Image: Instagram/Rosalie-Crutchley

The way the soap is cascading down the mirror and the small, white specs make it look like a surreal sunset. The soap even looks like pretty clouds. We would love to witness such a beautiful sight, who wouldn’t?

Icy Barn

Have you ever seen snowflakes under a microscope? They look like the most magnificent creations in the world. But, sometimes, the snow itself makes strange appearances on other objects. Just take a look at the barn. At a glance, it looks like that’s scotch tape or loo paper strewn all over it.


But, why would the barn be held- together with tape? Because it is not. That is actually snow, which has created this scene. Even the way it tapers at the ends makes it look like the scotch tape has been cut off from there. 

Purple Potato

Have you seen purple gemstones? If you have, these purple potatoes look just like precious jewels, don’t they? However, if you look at that one potato with the skin, you will realize that it is actually a potato that is purple in color.

Image: Instagram/2pam

Only true foodies know that purple potatoes even exist. They are actually a gourmet French variety of blue-violet potato. They have been cultivated in France since the early 19th Century. These are actually a healthy variety of potatoes and contain many antioxidants.

A Brush with a Nose?!

Imagine getting up in the morning, going about your daily routine as you do- taking the toothbrush and putting some toothpaste on it, but you suddenly glance at it, and it looks freakishly like a nose! What are the chances?

Image: Instagram/shefearsoblivion

Even though we have never seen toothpaste that color, still the resemblance is uncanny. Would you casually go ahead and brush with a nose on your toothbrush or just be too disgusted by it all? Well, one can’t say till it really happens to you. 

Parents and Computers

I think this happens with almost everyone who has parents that can’t fix their own computers. No matter how much you teach them, they are still baffled by it all. This guy was also fixing his parent’s computers only to glance at the bookmarks bar.

Image: Instagram/salty8888

What seems like something else completely is actually, Best Hot German Potatoes. No one would guess it and would be totally shocked to see such a bookmark on their parent’s computer! We would just run away without asking for clarification; there are certain things we don’t want to know. What would you have done?

Another Baby Dragon

How adorable does this tiny armadillo lizard look! Just the way it fits in the palm of the hand, it looks like a tiny dragon. Even the way it is holding its tail is probably the cutest thing you will see today. 

Image: Instagram/messy

Humans love to think about imaginary creatures roaming about our land, especially dragons. This baby Armadillo looks like it can totally get a part in the “Game of Thrones” series. Maybe the hatching of the eggs, scene? Any which way, it is adorable.

Patterns on the Caterpillar

Caterpillars are strange creatures. Always crawling about here and there. Take a look at this particular type of caterpillar called The Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth or Malacosoma Disstria. If you look closely, it looks like it’s wearing a patterned sweater. 

Image: Instagram/sofiabiologista

It looks like a blue sweater with penguins drawn on it! Maybe even the caterpillar thinks penguins are cute animals. Probably one of the strangest things we have seen today. Things look totally different when zoomed in so close. 

Cute Doggo

Dogs are probably the most loyal animals on the planet. The relationship between dogs and humans is centuries old and continues to get stronger every decade. Here’s a sweet doggo who has just had a bath, and his hair is making him look like an adorable baby bear.

Image: Instagram/bertiebertthepom

Definitely, the cutest bear we have ever seen, though. His brown fur is all spiky and wet giving the illusion of a bear. But one look at his adorable eyes and pink nose, and you would know that is definitely a doggo. How sweet is he?

Photo of Rain

Pictures of rain are some of the most soothing natural scenes to look at. The way the raindrops reflect the light and how they fall on the glass is just beautiful. Below is one such photo of a window with rain on it. 

Image: Instagram/bertiebertthepom

However, at a closer glance, it looks like a planet that is surrounded by millions of stars. The planet seems to glow, and the stars all around it create a beautiful image. But of course, that must just be a source of light surrounded by raindrops.

An Atlas Moth

Most of the moths which you have seen at home are small in size and usually grey or taupe in color. However, if you happen to see an Atlas Moth, it almost looks like a huge, colorful butterfly. Just look at the picture below.

Image: Instagram/Sandra,weepling

There is another strange thing about the photo, the wings of the moth look like snakes! It appears that two snakes are joined together, but actually, they are just the wings of the Atlas moth. It would be almost scary to see this moth in real life.

Baby Bird

Nature has the most magnificent way of camouflaging the creatures in their environment. If you have ever seen a tiger in tall grass, you will know what we mean. In a similar way, this baby bird looks exactly like a pine cone.

Image: Instagram/ thebigleobowski

If you are a bird watcher, you will know how hard it is to spot birds from the ground as they all camouflage in the surroundings. We are certain, no one will be able to spot this bird from afar if it is sitting on a pine tree.

Guinea Pig

The difference in the size of a hippo and guinea pig is huge. Guinea pigs fit in the palm of your hand, while hippos are huge, way bigger than humans. So, when you see this photo, you will know this can’t be a baby hippo.

Image: Instagram/Unentertained

It is way too small to be a baby hippo. Instead, it is a hairless guinea pig. The colour of the guinea pig and even the face structure is strikingly similar to that of a hippo. Nature is truly strange.

Crosseyed Doggo

Have you ever seen an animal that has been mounted on the wall after preservation? Take a look at the below doggo called Jubilee. She somehow looks like she is an awful example of taxidermy. It does look hilarious though. Doesn’t it?


The way her eyes look like she’s surprised is oddly amusing, We do feel bad for her, but. dogs sometimes do the funniest things which totally cracks people up and we also love documenting that through photos. This doggo is totally cute though. What do you think?