People Who Had One Simple Task But Still Failed Miserably At It

By Aakash M February 17, 2022

Many people would be quick to tell you they don’t have their dream job. It takes time to land something “perfect.” Until then, people continue with their not-so-satisfying positions with whatever passion they have left. Trust us, the feeling of not wanting to work at a specific place is the worst. Unfortunately, you still need to get the work done. But nobody said how well you had to do it, right? We collected 40 examples of when people were too lazy to complete their tasks, and the results made us shake our heads and laugh simultaneously. You will notice that while every assignment on this list was failed, it could have easily been a success. We believe many of you might have been in situations like these. For that, here is a compilation that will take you on a nostalgic trip to those days when you hated going to work. 

Glad you said that

Working in hospitality is fantastic, but it can also be one of the most challenging professions. What makes it so difficult is the unique demands made all the time by customers. The staff has no option but to fulfill these demands.

Image Credits: sharriston / Reddit

However, sometimes, the staff retaliates to those demands with a passive-aggressive remark. Take this image, for example. We don’t really know the point of saying that the patio isn’t open because it’s closed. Duh. This sign reminds us of deadpan humor.

Wrong choice

Don’t we all have our favorite kitchen appliances? Or at least the ones we use the most. That’s one thing, and then some people even have their preferred manufacturers. This isn’t new; people choose certain brands over others, just like with their clothes.

Image Credits: selanikgocmeni / Reddit

Although we aren’t experts on kitchen appliances, we surely know that whoever bought this must have had higher expectations. None of the burners are in the right place. Although that doesn’t mean they don’t all work. They work just fine, but the confusion would certainly lead to some accidents.

Frustrated worker in the vicinity

We fail to notice every little thing, but a lot goes into ensuring our safety. Some of these measures have just been recently created, but some of these strategies have been around for a long time. They may have simply changed form.

r/facepalm - I believe that's meant to be the date
Image Credits: SkatchUK / Reddit

Our smoke detectors come with this handy feature, so we know when to check them. We don’t need to be certified specialists to say that the blank spot was for entering the installation date. Someone was trying to be sarcastic!


Back in the day, people talked about the digital revolution that was to come. It all sounded like a dream. But today, more than ever, we are witnessing all of that come to life. Okay, flying cars will still take a long time, but other than that, we have made some impressive strides.

Image Credits: speederaser / Reddit

QR codes have been around for a long while, and most people are familiar with them. But, we don’t think the person who “drew” these QR codes was familiar with QR codes. Sorry to break it to you. That’s not how it works.

Copy-pasting on point

It’s incredible when your work goes the extra mile just to show gratitude for everything you’ve done for the company. Now, irrespective of how they show appreciation for you and your work, you should remember that it’s the intention that matters more than the words.

Image Credits: Walmart Sarasota Springs – Old Gick Rd / Facebook

So, even when somebody from your company copies their generic appreciation post on social media, you should try to be okay with it. At least they make efforts to give shoutouts to their employees. A tip for social media managers out there: proofreading helps.

Downright weird

Have you ever come across something that made you feel uncomfortable because it hit your brain the wrong way? Most people wouldn’t even have noticed it, but for some, it’s a huge deal, and it’s also challenging to get out of your head.

Image Credits: sylvesterthecat11 / Reddit

For example, look at the image above. Most people won’t be bothered about it, but there is something weirdly wrong about the number here. This 3 was painted with a stencil – step one, complete. But they didn’t bother to check the direction of the stencil. Great job, guys.

Party poopers

We can order literally anything on the internet, and it will be delivered to our doorsteps. It’s good, and it’s also bad. It’s good because it gives us more freedom and mobility. It’s bad because we are always playing according to someone else’s rules. We can’t pick things out ourselves.

Image Credits: ZinfoTheIdk / Reddit

The delivery instructions were clear. It’s a surprise party, and the box shouldn’t look obvious as it contains party supplies. Now, shouldn’t companies implement the instructions rather than copy-pasting the instructions? Hopefully, the package was intercepted by someone who was in on the surprise.

0 effort

There are quite a few things in this world that people love to see, eat, enjoy, and feel in the same way every time. For instance, our favorite sandwiches or pizza. No one likes to gamble with what is usually tried and true.

Image Credits: ErinChack / Twitter

This egg sandwich is undoubtedly surprising and something no customer would ask for. We are super confident they aren’t supposed to look like this. That’d just be strange. We also wonder what went down at the restaurant that day that led to this.

Epitome of laziness

It’s a no-brainer that we as humans have become highly reliant on using maps. Come on. It’s the 21st century. Of course, we tossed out our old paper maps as soon as Google (and others) gave us a more convenient option.

Image Credits: SalazarRED / Reddit

But, this map is by far one of the funniest maps we have ever seen. If they resorted to “This St,” That St,” or “The Other St.,” they were clearly out of ideas. The locals must have tons of jokes about these roads.


Each country has a flag representing its culture and people in the best way possible. They are also meant to be different, and some are more detailed than others. Some flags have a relatively simple print that is easy to copy, but not all do.

Image Credits: lynneguist / Twitter

Some flags are just too complex. They’re so complicated that things like this happen. The Welsh flag doesn’t have “DRAGON” written on it. There’s a red dragon sitting across the flag, which the creator behind this pub sign couldn’t draw. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Odd one out

There are many things that we depend on every day, but we often fail even to pay any attention to them because everybody is so busy with their lives. Nobody thinks about the functioning or maintenance of these things until they stop working. Then people lose their heads.

Image Credits: basilaiman / Reddit

Take a look at this streetlight, for instance. Now, that one street light pointing upside down doesn’t seem to be a problem, although it is useless, because there’s nobody on the street, and there are other streetlights to illuminate the place.

Negative ratings

Going out and eating at restaurants is really fun. The atmosphere is vibrant, the food is fantastic, and overall, it just makes you happy when you don’t have to cook at home. But when you go out, the basic expectation is to get something better than what you would make on your own.

Image Credits: Kahne_Fan / Reddit

You certainly wouldn’t expect to get something like that image above. We feel sorry for them because they literally got mac and cheese in a bag. It would have gone unnoticed even if the kitchen staff faked it by removing the noodles from the package and putting some effort into it.

He’s not one of us

Spelling mistakes can always get the best of you. The people who published something publicly with the wrong word become a laughing stock. Also, such errors shouldn’t happen because isn’t there supposed to be a process where people check things multiple times before publishing? We think they’re called editors.

Image Credits: Riresurmort / Reddit

We’re just guessing, but “ambidextrous” was probably the word they meant. We are sure that this person was mocked for a really long time, just for his mistake! It literally changed the whole vibe of the story, so a laugh or two is well-deserved.


This world has no shortage of accomplished people. Therefore, it is understandable that keeping up with everybody can be hard at times. But, giving things a quick read can go a really long way. If you skip on that, mishaps like this happen.

Image Credits: SandiPsych / Twitter

This accomplished lady was asked to speak at a conference, and since she probably lectures at more than one place, she had to pick which university should be put on her tag. At least she seems like the type that can laugh about it.

Got it completely wrong

Sometimes, it becomes really challenging to know what gifts to buy for people and which gift is the best for a particular occasion. Holidays like Valentine’s Day make it easy, thanks to companies manufacturing aisles of themed gifts. Other times are more difficult.

Image Credits: Baldemoto / Reddit

Therefore, keeping it simple always seems to be the best idea. That will only work if the person on the other end understands your point. Calling an engraving company and asking them not to engrave can be a bit of a stretch. But, them taking your instructions in this way is just surprising.

Poured the paint on it

Fixing up all the small things around your house after waiting for a long time is perhaps one of the best feelings. It becomes all the more exciting when you’re not even the one doing it! Sure, it helps if you can trust the other person.

Image Credits: extraSauce88 / Reddit

After looking at this picture, many of you who were going to outsource these house-painting tasks must be reconsidering those decisions. That’s a disgusting paint job. That’s all we can say. Make sure that you hire someone with proven experience before working.

Rotate 90 degrees

There is something seriously wrong with the image on the wall. If you look at it for a while, you’ll get what’s happening here. Sometimes people do things the wrong way because they can’t be bothered. Other times, they’re just not focused.

Image Credits: haleydaydream / Reddit

Well, whoever hung this picture was either in a hurry or thought it would be funny. The way this person mounted it, it looks like both the woman and the child are flying through the air. We hope this was a joke because it’s a pretty good one.

Finish what you do

Certain things don’t change that much when they’re not fully completed. But, some really need to be finished properly to be used. Take a look at this image for an example. We were confused at first. Is it clear to you?

Image Credits: shaker113 / Reddit

What purpose are these steps supposed to serve? Are the workers supposed to jump from one place to another? Is it a tunnel, or is it somewhere you can practice parkour? Is it a movie set? So many questions, so few answers.

Bad delivery

How many of you learned an instrument when you were young? Irrespective of how many kids liked it or disliked it, it was something that every student had to do. Some of us discovered a passion and pursued music far past graduation.

Image Credits: selective_mutist / Reddit

After looking at this image, we feel terrible for this person. How will somebody use the bow if it’s literally snapped into two pieces? That’s a rhetorical question. We think the worker who packed this had no idea what it was.


Here is another misspelled item for you. We don’t know how these things go unnoticed. They also get printed in the same way! Our question is that don’t people check these spellings on their computers? Maybe we’re expecting too much from mass production companies.

Image Credits: djbduncan / Reddit

We appreciate the honesty here – at least they reduced it. We’re glad they know that much about it, and it is good. We would ask how someone could misspell a simple word, but we didn’t notice the typo at first.

A lot of alarms

When something gets broken or old in your house, and you decide to get a new one, most of us throw the old one away or return/exchange it. It is a good practice since it will reduce clutter and ensure your devices are up-to-date.

Image Credits: Lev_Astov / Reddit

For example, fire alarms. If a fire alarm is old or broken, shouldn’t you discard it when getting a new one? Well, that’s definitely not happening here since there seems to be a whole row of alarms, and we don’t know the reason behind it.


All humans have different talents, potential, and areas of expertise. Now, this all refers to being very skilled in your field. You could be called a veteran or a master of a particular skill. But, this one doesn’t look like the work of an expert.

Image Credits: OlivierDeCarglass / Reddit

We can see it is supposed to be a wheelchair access ramp but with a skatepark theme. Sadly, it is a bit too intense. It isn’t completely useless to those who use wheelchairs. The biggest question is, how are those people supposed to get down the ramp safely?


Clothes shopping might be a favorite pastime for many, but it is also a really boring activity for others. Also, doesn’t it seem a bit deceiving? First of all, the people who purchase those clothes never look the way those models look in the same clothes.

Image Credits: EkkoWan / Reddit

What’s up with this? We guess we have reached a new level of laziness. Someone at this place actually dressed that mannequin in that way. It must have been a tough day for the employee in charge of the displays that day.

Not serving the purpose

Most of us get a lot of access to many public amenities. We are grateful for all of that. But, have you ever thought about the people who are behind all these things? Most of us never do that unless we come across errors like these.

Image Credits:

We are glad that those doors are closed. We can’t imagine what would’ve happened otherwise. This sprinkler should be facing the grass, but we guess the person behind its installation didn’t consider that as an option. Even if it turns, it could have been more strategically placed.

No more parcel problems

One of the most frustrating moments, in our opinion? When you’re at home waiting for a package, but the delivery man doesn’t even bother to knock. He either drops it at the door, or he simply walks away with the parcel. Here’s an innovative solution to that problem.

Image Credits: eggsplorer / Reddit

It’s really frustrating, and we believe most of us have been there. We do take a lot of effort to thoroughly explain our exact location and other things to the delivery guy. But we think announcements like these would be effective for most!

Prone to accidents

Like we mentioned earlier, there are many things that we use without thinking, “who made it” or “is it perfect?” If you live in a country with tons of public amenities and city services, you know what we mean. You’d never expect mistakes like this one.

Image Credits:

We are really grateful to those people who are painting our roads so that we can drive safely, but we aren’t so thankful to this particular person who painted that particular yellow line. We hope this got fixed right away.

DC Marvel fusion

There are a lot of superheroes, and they all are equally impressive. Yet, a few are extremely popular, and we can think of two that this cup reminds us of. They have an enormous fan base, and both of them are among the best superheroes in their respective universes.

Image Credits: novno08 / Reddit

We are talking about Superman from DC and Spiderman from Marvel! Getting your favorite hearo’s gear is pretty awesome, but what happens when they get crossed? For all the DC and Marvel experts out there, we apologize for this egregious oversight on the manufacturer’s behalf.

Birthday cake gone wrong

Making people feel special on their birthdays is a really fantastic feeling. We always love doing something nice for our loved ones, be it a close friend or a family member. Getting a fancy cake is pretty much always a great idea!

Image Credits: just_leave_it / Reddit

Here is the lesson that you should take from this picture. Always make sure that the bakery understands your concept when you ask them to bake a birthday cake for somebody. If not, you might face something similar to what happened above.


Who doesn’t know Mario Kart? It was a game that defined the childhood of all the kids from the 90s to the present! We remember spending so many days and nights trying to make Mario win the race against Luigi and Princess Peach.

Image Credits:

Every kid back then knew Mario like the back of their hands. So, after looking at this picture, we can say that something is up with this Mario. Firstly, we don’t know what’s with the “Captain America” label, and secondly, why is his hat covering his eyes?

Happily ever after

Marriage proposals are the sweetest things in the world. No matter how grand you make it, it will always be one of the most memorable moments of your life, given that you’re still going strong! But, there might be a lot of pressure at that moment because you don’t want to mess things up. 

Image Credits: NickelForward / Twitter

Sadly, sometimes, things don’t always go as well as hoped. A lot of effort might have gone into this proposal, but it still ended up looking like a meme. The placement of the words does make a huge difference. But that mess-up will still be a memorable one!

Couldn’t even name it

We know there are exotic fruits that only grow in one place and haven’t gained enough popularity to be produced outside of their native countries. Because that’s the case, most people aren’t that aware of them. But, we guarantee you that bananas don’t come in that category. They’re so common! 

Image Credits: YouHadOneTask / Twitter

We all know what it is and how it looks. Little kids know it as well. We really can’t think of anybody who’d call a banana a “Long Yellow Thing.” We can only hope that it’s a joke. If so, we would love to see how this comedian would label the rest of the produce.

Modern problems require modern solutions

We only know about a small part of this world. Those small parts are different for each of us, but that’s how it goes. There are a lot of jobs in this world that most of us are even aware of until we start thinking too hard.

Image Credits: Giovani_Salami / Reddit

Those yellow lines don’t appear magically. Obviously, someone is painting the roads. Although it looks like a simple job, it isn’t, mainly because of moments like these. The painters had to deal with that because it was in their way. Well, they painted over it. Easy peasy.


Knowing the English language is indeed helpful because it is a lingua franca. English is everywhere, which can be great for English-speaking tourists who like to galavant around the world. But sometimes, you still have to break out your language dictionary because the translations are as helpful as the original text.

Image Credits: TheHelgon / Reddit

But what would you do when nobody around you speaks English, and you can’t speak their language? In that case, Google Translate can be your best friend, even if it isn’t perfect. We wonder if that is what was behind this strange translation.

Truly disgusted

Nothing can anger a person more than receiving a package and realizing that the content wasn’t anywhere near the expectations or the content wasn’t just delivered as expected. At that moment, it feels like everything was a waste of time.

Image Credits: teethviscera / Reddit

This woman ordered 1,000 crickets. Aren’t these things supposed to come secured? We can’t stop laughing at this one. She really got a box of crickets loose in the box. We’re just wondering how they got all of them in there in the first place. Did they hatch on the way?

White lie

These days, you need to ensure that your restaurant also has gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options to stay relevant as a restaurant. But vegan or vegetarian options are not just a bunch of veggies crammed together on a plate.

Image Credits: JimmysSeafood / Twitter

That’s a savage reply, but we don’t think that kind of a reply would improve your image as a restaurant. Also, it’s a seafood restaurant, so we don’t think this problem would be a huge one for them. But, lying about your vegan options isn’t cool.


When you are working at a newspaper or any kind of publication, you must uphold the standard. When you are writing, it’s not just for a particular audience. You are also representing your company and its name in the industry.

Image Credits:

When you have that amount of responsibility, you can’t let things slip by unnoticed, and you should definitely should not let your cat walk on the keyboard while working. We are not sure if the writer was still working here.

Pretty steep

You’d think by this point, we would not have to have stern discussions with architects about making buildings wheelchair accessible, but that is apparently not the case. We can’t imagine how this ramp came into being. That is one sharp angle.

Image Credits:

This one is the ramp that we’re seeing, and although it’s so ridiculous it’s almost funny, it’s a bummer. How is anybody with a wheelchair supposed to go up this ramp? The person who built this must have gotten their plans mixed up.

Intelligence put to best use

We have no words. They could have taken down the fan or something, but what do we know? We are okay with it even if people consider it art. Weird but still acceptable. We’re giving them the benefit of the doubt, but we don’t really believe this is an exhibition.

Image Credits: kangcore / Reddit

And if that’s not it, we have a lot of questions. The installation guy must be a legend on his crew. We wonder how long he lasted, or if the whole company had a “can’t-do” attitude about all of their jobs.

Insensitive prank

Jokes are all fine, but we at least shouldn’t be joking around in emergencies. Sure, we need to stay calm and collected, but we also need to depend on the things provided to us – like, oh, we don’t know – phones.

Image Credits:

That’s not English, but we’ll translate it for you. Whatever’s written on that steel door translates to “Emergency Phone.” But, when you open the door, you don’t see an emergency phone. Instead, you see a cardboard piece with numbers on it. Not funny, y’all!

Just skip the fifth floor

There are some things that take no time to get fixed, and some things take a lot of time to be repaired. For instance, writing a wrong message only takes a correction, but rearranging the numbers in an elevator isn’t so easy.

Image Credits:

That’s an annoying mistake, but it isn’t like an operational wheelchair ramp. We believe these mistakes would be easy to make but not so easy to fix. Marking the wrong 4th floor as the 5th floor is actually a nice temporary solution. We bet the tenants have a good laugh about this every now and again.