Three Sports And Competitions We Bet You Never Knew Existed 

By Toby T July 12, 2022

Sports competitions are some of the world’s most popular and exciting events. They are one of the things that break down the walls of division in the world and unite us all together. When we mention sports, your mind may immediately head towards popular ones like soccer, boxing, and swimming. However, we have compiled a list of interesting yet underpromoted sports that you should know about and maybe even try out. 

1.   Chess-Boxing

Just like the name suggests, this is a sport that comprises both boxing and chess, therefore, making it a perfect blend of brains and brawns. The game involves alternate rounds of boxing and chess, and the winner is decided when there is a knockout or a checkmate or based on overall points from all the rounds. The game was first introduced via a comic book in 1993, and the first real-life version occurred in 2003. 

Image credits: paul prescott/Shutterstock

2.   Man Vs. Horse Marathon

Yes, it means exactly what you think it does. It is a game that involves men trying to beat horses (with riders) at a marathon. The game started in whales in 1980 after a pub argument, which occurs once a year. Routes and headstarts for humans are incorporated to make it a more even competition, but even then, the first human didn’t win until after 25 years. 

3. Wife Carrying 

Image credits: Air Images/Shutterstock

Participants carry their wives while avoiding obstacles and moving towards a finish line. The fastest couple to the finish line wins. Winners of this competition have received prizes such as the wife’s weight in beer.