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Wild and Wacky Sports Bloopers Hall of Fame

Top athletes get credit for their discipline and determination. They go the distance, they get the glory and the gold. But hey, mistakes happen out there. Mayhem could unfold in a second on TV and you’d never know. Fans don’t see all the errors in real time, and that’s a lucky thing. Alas, we live in a digital world and the internet misses nothing. Jocks and jokesters have been cataloging embarrassing mishaps from wardrobe malfunctions to freaky faces. It’s hard to compete while the world laughs at your expense. Despite the challenge, these athletes succeeded: They’re in the blooper hall of fame! Sports are a serious endeavor, but comic relief makes it true entertainment. Check out our first-round picks, next.

Happiness is a Warm Butt

Wrestling is a full-contact sport, boys. When you agree to get in the ring, you know you’re about to get up close and personal with your opponent. There are rules to moderate the game, but eventually, you’re bound to get a tush in your face.


But is that really so bad? By the looks of this fellow’s face, he doesn’t mind that much. He appears to be enjoying it. We see a little smile, in fact. A picture says a thousand words. Go ahead, caption this one!

Get Your Game Face On

Track and field is full of obscure sports dating back to the Greeks. We still watch them at the Olympics, in fact. Here, one fine sportsman is throwing the shotput. If he is strong, the heavy ball should fly far.


It’s just a moment in time, but we have a feeling. When we know, we know: Mister 1273 is on his way to gold. Looking at his face, we see a champion. He winds up his arm and gathers momentum. Move that metal, sir!

LeBron’s Pick of the Draft

Basketball competes for the best newcomers. The draft is part of the NBA business. If you want to succeed, you need the best employees on the court. Superstar LeBron James is a top pick, year after year. He is also picking his nose.

Twitter / DonLemonTonight

The camera caught him in the act, as you can see. The benefit of the doubt would say he had an itch, as we all do. But without clarification, it sure looks like he is searching for boogers. Hopefully, he touched the ball afterward.

Headless Yet Fearless

Gymnastics isn’t just cartwheels. It’s an Olympic sport that requires strength and grace. This competitor has both, plus a sense of style. But despite her advantages, she lacks something else. Namely, she lacks a human head. Is she still alive?


At first glance, this athlete seems active. She is jumping around and leaping into the air like a pro. But we can’t ignore the fact that she has been beheaded. According to science, this shouldn’t be possible. It’s creepy, too!

Hot, Sweaty Panties

Soccer, futball, and football are all the same. We have our preferred name for the sport. But one thing is universal: When you’re running around in the heat, things get pretty moist. This professional decided to let the air in, despite the crowd.


These are white shorts, but they look like undies. Unfortunately, no one can tell the difference, and the internet doesn’t care. It will be archived as a joke forever. When you’re overheating, image is the last thing on your mind.

Taking One For the Team

As youngsters, team sports teach us on and off the field. It helps us for life, long term. We learn to rely on others while serving them, too. This college-level soccer team is taking a break and strategizing. But that’s not all, is it?


From far away, we can see the truth. Here is the real alignment of this team. Most of the lads are standing upright. But one is bending over to catch his breath. If he only knew the internet was watching. Too late now!

Poopin’ Like a Champ

Ice skating is the most popular event at the Winter Olympics. Obscure sports like curling and bobsledding have their fans, but they can’t compete. Here, a couple does their best routine. Oddly, the male is releasing his partner from his rear.


It’s unorthodox, perhaps. But when you’re trying to get noticed by judges, a little creativity goes a long way. We are sure no other couple tried this idea before or since. We wouldn’t believe it without evidence, but here it is.

Oh God, It’s a Ball

The pressures are high when you’re in the NBA. Millions of fans are watching your moves on TV. The crowd can cheer or boo, and it’s nerve-wracking. Plus, you have to deal with a bouncing ball. That part is the worst!


This player can’t hide his fear. The ball bounces closer and closer, and he isn’t ready for the rubber. The camera caught his raw emotion. We feel for him, truly. But there’s a lot on the line: The ball isn’t going to dunk itself!

It Could Have Been Deadly

Tampa Bay Rays reporter Kelly Nash tried to take a selfie at Fenway Park. Unbeknownst to her, a player at batting practice hit a home run. Here, it whizzes by her head. It’s a nailbiter: Did this snap end well?

Instagram / knashsports

Apparently, it whizzed right past her head. The report lived to tell the tale and post it on Instagram. Only a few centimeters was the safety from a concussion, or worse. Lucky isn’t a strong enough word here. Try miracle!

Curious Cat, Live TV

In 2014, a black cat invaded the opening game of the Spanish Primera Division. It was captured on video and broadcast to millions at home. In the stadium, fans laughed, and the players were amused. 68,000 were present, and even Lionel Messi was upstaged.

Twitter / English_AS

As the players chased him, this kitty ran. At top speed, it was pretty impressive. But zoomed in, we could see he was stressed. He didn’t know how to escape. Eventually, he got chased away. Odds are, fans remembered this more than goals.

Bromance, the New Romance

Wrestling is a contest between two strong men. The sport has weight classes to ensure a fair fight. Training is key, though. You need the right technique to take down your opponent and keep down. Is this one of them?


According to traditional guides, no. This seems like more of a personal moment. Based on their body language, we read into it: These wrestlers have fallen in love on the mat. We’re not going to stand in their way today.

Crabs Invade the Olympics

Under the sea, thousands of bizarre species live their lives. One category is crustaceans, which includes lobsters, shrimp, and crabs of all sizes. Usually, we encounter these things on our plates. What are these giant crabs doing in the pool?


The exact backstory is unclear. But one thing we do know: This can’t be in line with regulations. The pool doesn’t allow dogs or cats. We can’t see why seafood should be an exception. Someone call the committee. No jaws, no claws!

When Dad Saved the Day

This incredible shot captures a hero in action. When an out-of-control bat flung into the crowd, it nearly hit this young boy. Millimeters away from his son’s face, dad stopped the impact. He blocked it with his arm. What are the odds?

Twitter / Hornerfoto1

No one can calculate the exact probability. But just looking at the photo makes us queasy. It all could have been very different indeed. We shudder to think of the possibilities. This was a happy ending, with all teeth intact.

Pain is Gain, They Say

Soccer has different rules than American football. First and foremost, you are not allowed to assault your opponent. If you try to tackle them to the ground, you get a penalty in the form of a yellow or red card. Kicks are limited to the ball, and not the body.


This photo captures the moment that the rules were tested. The player in the back tries to kick the big ball. He got two smaller ones, instead. It looks like an accident. But to the fellow in front, it likely makes no difference.

Cannonball Know-It-All

Diving is seen as an art, but so is the cannonball. At the Olympics, it is actually a sport. Candidates from around the world sign up to jump feet first off a platform. On the way down, photographers snap the action.


This diver’s expression gives us a laugh. He looks like he is arguing a point, totally sure of himself. He even used his hands for emphasis. We know it’s just a millisecond in time, and soon, he splashed. But we’ll laugh for now!

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Hockey players sweat on the ice, believe it or not. The rink itself is icy and cool, but skating around with gear for hours gets pretty tiring. Here, a goalie cools off with a splash of water. Isn’t he glamorous?


No one knows what he does off-duty. For all we know, he has modeling gigs on the side. If he isn’t involved, we are suggesting it now. Hockey can’t pay that well. It’s got glory, but you can’t take that to the bank.

Dunk Versus Gunk

If you want to excel at basketball, be tall. Aside from that, master a core set of skills. Work on your dribble and your throw technique. Make sure to stay physically fit. And last but not least, blow your nose.


It’s up to you, of course. But this photo shows exactly what can go wrong. This is what happens when an opponent gets in your face. He might notice your gunk as you dunk. He might fish it out. Nobody wants that, ultimately.

Not Your Average Kickoff

This football move is not a typical play. Coaches think of all sorts of battle plans. But we have a feeling this kick to the face was a spontaneous act. Looking at the photo isn’t painful. Experiencing it surely was!

Jim Mahoney / New England Patriots

Experts claim that the average football kick delivers around 1,000 pounds of force. But that’s just average This is the NFL, and that’s well above the norm. This likely took the recipient down for the count. Hopefully, an ice pack helped.

Wild, Wonderful Gravity

We may not be Einstein, but we all learned a little physics. Maybe you thought it wasn’t your cup of tea, back in school. If you like to watch sports, science is pretty relevant. Physics is the only explanation for this photo.


According to NASA: “Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. The force of gravity keeps all of the planets in orbit around the sun.” Apparently, it also causes funny photos online!

It Only Seems Comfortable

Just how fast is a baseball pitch? The fastest pitch was once clocked at 105.1 miles per hour. Major League baseball frequently has fastballs on that level. This photo shows the windup at the plate. Is this MLB pro triple-jointed?


It certainly looks that way. Statistically, it wouldn’t be so uncommon. Double and triple joints like this occur in about 10 to 25% of the population. Most of those folks overlook major league sports as a career option. Why not try out?

Synchronized Footsie

Synchronized swimming is a sport unlike any other in the pool. These swimmers are impressive. They perform synchronized choreography with music. They wear the most stylish suits around. And they can hold their breath for minutes. Yes, we said minutes.


Here, one team member rose from the water and gasped for air. But the expression on her face is about more than that. As she breathes in oxygen, a foot went up her bottom. That’s just rude, in our opinion.

When Your Toes Won’t Twinkle

Figure skating was actually the first winter sport in the Olympic Games. A lot has changed since the first contest at the 1908 Olympics in London. It’s gotten more intense, athletically. It is more glam every year, too. We aren’t complaining.


Even among the graceful, mistakes are made. This photo shows the moment a twirl and jump went horribly wrong. This athlete didn’t land on her feet. She actually landed near the wall, and that gave out. Now, she lies in a mess.

Meet the Human Blowfish

This shotputter is gearing up for a career record. His mission is to throw the ball as far as he can. He has trained for years for the big moment. And here it is. Did he expect it to look like this?


We don’t think so. But we would bet that he doesn’t care, even now. This fellow looks rough and ready to rumble. He’s a winner in action. For whatever reason, he resembles a blowfish. Perhaps that is where his real power lies.

His Issue is Tissue

Football has a lot of action, but there is downtime. If you have a moment to collect yourself, you can stretch or sit down. You can also search for boogers. At the BCS National Championship, this Oregon player is getting busy.


Face to face, we would probably all deny the habit, But study after study finds that almost all of us do it when no one is looking. Sure, it’s dirty. But in a way, it’s irresistible, even live on TV.

When the Ball Dunks Back

In basketball, it takes time to prove yourself. The act of dunking is a fast track to respect. Men and women alike will stare in awe. If you find yourself pursuing that glory, be warned. Sometimes, the ball dunks back.


This player found out the hard way. As he tried to score, the ball was ready for more. Not everyone can dunk. Height is the biggest factor. But now that’s not all. After this picture, we a few more of us will be cautious.

The Sea Monster Emerges

Olympic swimming has been a popular category for a century. Events have grown to include the freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke at various distances. Men and women both compete. But now, they’re not alone in the pool: There are sea monsters.


This creature is terrifying. We are inclined to stay on land, probably forever. Swimming is excellent exercise, but this risk is unacceptable. Sharks aren’t allowed, and this is just as bad. Pool staff should have banned sea monsters. But clearly, danger lurks here.

King of the Court

Coincidences are everywhere if you know where to look. Online, perfectly timed photos are a running joke. They really show the silly side of life all around us. Sports has plenty of examples. Check out this one, courtside. Notice anything odd?


We did, but it took a moment. On the left, one official stands in front of a beer ad. The design has a crown. As you can see, his position aligns with it in a funny way. He’s wearing it!

Rage is the All the Rage

Tennis is not considered an aggressive sport. Some see it as a rich man’s game or a royal game. The fact is, tennis can get as intense as anything else. This woman is proof if there was ever a doubt.


Her expression is intense as she waits to smack the ball. She stands prepared. She can deal with any spin her opponent might put on the shot. If her swing doesn’t repel it, her face might. It’s a great strategy.

Crotch Shot, Redefined

Basketball is not for the faint of heart. Dunks and dribbles require concentration. When you’re in the heat of the moment, you need to focus on the goal. The basket is the prize, but the other guys want it, too.


That should be no surprise. Competition works that way. But what might be surprising is this jump shot. One player stands nearby to support his dunking teammate. He got two balls in return, against his will. Everyone was embarrassed at this Christian high school.

Make America Flap Again

Running isn’t easy if you haven’t trained for the race. Some of us have trouble jogging. The most elite athletes run marathons and triathlons. Look at this fellow in action, nearly breaking the speed of sound. His lips can barely keep up!