Why is Bodybuilding Considered the ‘Unhealthiest’ Sport on the Planet?

By Divya G

Big bulging athletic muscles with not fat, small waistlines, and veins pumping, bodybuilders are truly phenomenal beings who take their bodies to the next level. Bodybuilding is a competitive sport, and it is all about mass and gain. For many, who don’t know about the industry, consider bodybuilding to be a healthy sport. Unfortunately, for the outside world, they don’t know what goes on the inside. 

Although bodybuilding benefits muscle and bone health, several studies found that it can be detrimental to your overall heart health. It was reported that intense strength training like lifting more than half of your body weight could put high pressure on your aorta, resulting in tearing of the aorta, causing a fatal heart injury. 

It is not just lifting heavy weights, but the supplements and drugs they consume to achieve the impossible. Bodybuilders nowadays spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on supplements and steroids to get the beast-like body. While these medications get you results in a short period of time, they pose long-term health risks like kidney dysfunction, liver damage, etc. Some of these supplements are hard-to-digest as well. Over time, they start rotting inside your body, causing organ damage. 

The worst part is that there is a lot of mental pressure and stress. Bodybuilders spend 6-8 hours a day at the gym, working out and preparing for the competition. And the rest of the day is spent sleeping (because proper rest is important for muscle recovery), preparing meals (bodybuilders eat 6-8 times a day), and eating. So, all in all, they are so busy that their social life is affected, including their family life and relationships. 

Last but not least, until and unless there are sponsors, bodybuilders have to bear a substantial amount of money on food and supplements. Overall, bodybuilders have a sacrifice a lot to get into that beastly-looking shape.