Speed, Success, And Six-Figure Fortunes: Meet F1’s Wealthiest Drivers

By Amit S April 2, 2024

Ever wondered who’s cruising at the top of F1’s wealthiest list? Well, sit back as we accompany you on a thrilling ride through the lives of the seven wealthiest F1 drivers to date. From roaring engines to roaring bank accounts, these drivers have left a trail of success both on and off the track.

Michael Schumacher: Courtesy of michaelshumacher/Instagram

7. Jeff Gordon – $200 million

Kicking off our list is Jeff Gordon, the American racing legend whose dominance in NASCAR during the ’90s and early 2000s skyrocketed him to fame. With a net worth of $200 million, Gordon has certainly left tire marks on the racing world.

6. Kimi Raikkonen – $250 million

Hailing from Finland, Kimi Raikkonen isn’t just a Formula One sensation; he’s a motorsport maverick. With a Grand Prix record that speaks volumes and ventures into various racing domains, Raikkonen’s $250 million net worth is a testament to his prowess on the track.

5. Fernando Alonso – $260 million

Enter Fernando Alonso, the Spanish racing maestro who’s clinched the Formula One World Championship not once but twice. With earnings and endorsements tallying up to $40 million annually, Alonso zooms into our list with a net worth of $260 million.

4. Lewis Hamilton – $285 million

In the world of Formula One, Lewis Hamilton needs no introduction. Widely hailed as the greatest of all time, Hamilton’s career with Mercedes-AMG Petronas has not only earned him accolades but also a hefty paycheck. With an annual earning of $50 million, Hamilton’s net worth reaches an impressive $285 million.

3. Don Schumacher – $300 million

Don Schumacher isn’t just a driver; he’s a living legend in the F1 universe. From his early racing days to founding the Schumacher Electric Corporation, Schumacher’s journey to a $300 million net worth is a tale of sheer determination and passion.

Eddie Jordan: Courtesy of eddie_jordan_f1/Instagram

2. Eddie Jordan – $600 million

Eddie Jordan isn’t just about racing; he’s a multifaceted personality. From racing to music to television, Jordan’s entrepreneurial spirit has propelled him to the upper echelons of wealth. With a net worth of $600 million, Jordan’s success story is one for the books.

1. Michael Schumacher – $600 million

Of course, the iconic Michael Schumacher tops our list. With an unparalleled track record and a staggering net worth of $600 million, Schumacher’s legacy as the richest F1 driver in history is etched in gold. From the roar of the engines to the roar of the crowd, Schumacher’s journey to the top is a saga of triumph and glory.