Types of Polo Games

By Divya G

When we talk about polo, the majority of the people think of a game that is played in large fields with horses. Interestingly, the sport of polo today has evolved beyond field polo. Many different variants of the game have been developed over time. If you are into polo, you might get overwhelmed with the variants you get to choose from. While some are very close to the traditional method of playing, others are really very different. 

Now the thing is that adjoining versions of the sport are governed by the same rules and regulations. Let’s look into the different types of polo games played today. 

#1 Indoor Polo 

Similar to traditional open field polo, indoor polo is played with similar rules and regulations – players of both the teams riding on horses, competing by striking the polo ball using a mallet. The only difference is the ground. Unlike the traditional grass fields, indoor polo games are played on sand or dirt fields. There are three players on both teams. 

#2 Beach Polo

As the name suggests, beach polo is played on a beach, and each team consists of 2-3 players. For beach polo, a special polo ball is prepared, made out of pure leather. 

#3 Paddock Polo 

Paddock polo is a type of polo that is played in two intervals of 10 minutes each. Each team consists of 3 players, and they cannot change their ponies or horses during the match. It can be played on any field. 

These are the three most popular polo games played worldwide. Some notable mentions include: 

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