Sports That Aren’t in the Olympics But Should Be

By Divya G

The Olympics is a platform for athletes from all over the world to come together, represent their countries, and showcase their skills. The so-called ‘greatest show on earth’ is held every four years with new countries hosting every time. The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics featured 28 sports and according to the reports. There have always been debates on which sports to include in the Olympics, with people presenting their views differently for their liking or particular sports. It is up to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to decide which sports should be included and which shouldn’t. 

Nevertheless, as a big fan of the Olympics, we have our views on some of the most entertaining sports in the world that should be included in the Olympics. 

#1 American Football 

American football has gained immense popularity over the years, but it has still yet to find a spot in the Olympics. Now, sportsmanship is a big concern as it gets pretty rough. Nevertheless, it is a sport that has the caliber to entertain millions. 

#2 Cricket 

While the longer format of cricket (Test matches) aren’t suitable for the Olympics as a single game is completed in 5 days, the Olympic authorities can look into including the shorter formats like ODIs (50-over games, 7 hours of play) or T20 (20 overs, 3 hours of play). There are numerous cricket-playing nations, and it will be fun to watch cricket in the Olympics. 

#3 Tug of War 

Now, this is a sport that is entertaining and quite short. Tug of War was part of the Olympics until 1920. It will be thrilling to watch a Tug of War game in the Olympics.