Difference Between European Football and American Football

By Divya G

There is a lot of confusion when we talk about American football and European football, especially among non-sports lovers who think they are both the same. The difference between the two sports is significant, but the same use of titles is what confuses people. 

Let’s have a closer look at their definition and better understand the two sports from two different continents. 

American Football 

American football is a hands-on ball sport where the player controls the ball as he reaches the goal line before the opponents tackle him down. It is played with 11 players on each side on a rectangular field, which is 100 yards long. Players try to keep possession of the ball and move around the field to the opponent’s goal line by running a series of plays. In American football, a diamond-shaped ball is used for the play. 

European Football 

European football, also known as soccer, is also played with 11 players on each side on a 100-130 yards long rectangular field. A soccer game is played with a round ball where the players use their feet primarily, to control the ball to pass the opponent’s goal line. However, in European football, you can use your feet, chest, head, knees, or any other body part to control the ball except your hands and arms. If you use your hands, it will be called a foul. 

Both American football and European football are competitive sports, with sportsmanship being a huge problem. While you cannot tackle a player purposely, players tend to collide hard, which can be painful.