Is Arm Wrestling Really a Sport?

By Divya G

Yes, arm wrestling has been a legal sport since the 1950s. It was made popular by the World Wristwrestling Championships organized by Wide World of Sports Petaluma during the 1970s and 1980s. It is a type of wrestling that takes place between two people.

There is a specialized table designed for arm wrestling. The competitors place their elbows on a raised surface on the table with their arms bent, and the hands tightly gripped. The primary goal of the competition is to pin the opponent’s arm on the table, with the champion’s arm over the loser’s arm. 

Today, arm wrestling has got its own world championships that feature thousands of players from over 47 countries competing for the title. The sport is complete with its organizing bodies, including the World Armwrestling League, its own professional competitions, and its own rule book. 

The arm wrestlers, also known as the ‘pullers,’ are certified, professionals. You have to earn a Pro Card to be called a professional. For this, you will have to win at least three tournaments. Without a Pro Card, you will be competing as a Novice. 

The competitors are required to register by the arm – left, right, or both – and believe it or not, they are some insanely large arms. Similar to your traditional wrestling, arm wrestling competitions are organized by weight class. There are 4 weight categories, with the super heavyweights competing under 226+ pounds weight category. 

Women also compete in arm wrestling, with the super heavyweight category for women starting from 176+ pounds.