Everything You Need to Know About Lacrosse

By Divya G

Lacrosse is a fast-paced ball game played between two teams with 12 players on each side. The game lasts for 60 minutes and is divided into two halves. It uses unique equipment known as the ‘pocket,’ which is basically a stick with a net. It is used to catch, pass, and shoot the ball. Lacrosse is popular in high schools across the United States and some parts of the United Kingdom. That means finding a lacrosse club can be difficult because it is concentrated in certain areas of the nation. It is usually played on grass, and poor weather can spoil the sport. 

The Gear 

The primary equipment used in Lacrosse is the stick with a pocket. It varies in length based on the players, and the position they play. For example, attackers use shorter sticks for speed and mobility, whereas the defenders use long sticks for maximizing reach. The midfielders use medium-sized sticks that allow them to switch between defense and attack. 

Goalies have a much larger pocket for defense and blocking. A helmet is a must as the risk of injuries is high. Hockey or football boots are preferred as it gives the players the much-needed grip on grass. 

Practise Overarm 

The game of Lacrosse requires a lot of arm strength as you have to shoot the ball at high speed to the goal line. Moreover, the shots and passes have to be accurate as well. It is like playing hockey, but the only difference is that the ball is in the pocket all the time instead of on the ground.