Basketball Fundamentals Every Player Should Master -

Basketball Fundamentals Every Player Should Master

The majority of the aspiring basketball players out there overlook the need for learning the fundamentals of the game and focus more on the so-called signature NBA moves. If your basics are not clear, you will never become a good player. There are hundreds of different NBA moves, and this can be overwhelming for kids to process. Learning basketball fundamentals is the key to becoming a successful basketball player. 

In this post, we have compiled together a list of the basketball fundamentals that should be every kid’s priority when learning and practicing the game. 

#1 Shooting Fundamentals 

If you look at the shooters in the game, you will realize that they don’t shoot the same way. This proves that there is no one particular way to shoot the ball from one end. Expert shooters have mastered the fundamentals of shooting. They include: 

  • Being down ready where you get in a position to get the ball from the passer 
  • Shooting form where you get the ball loaded and use your legs to get the ball to the basket and not your arms
  • Follow-through is where successfully land on your toes whether or not you make the basket 

#2 Passing Fundamentals 

Passing is considered an underrated skill, but please note that your team’s entire offence can shut down without it. If you are able to make successful passes, it means you are in complete control of the game. 

  • Chest passes where you make passes on a straight line 
  • Bounce passes where you bounce the ball to the receiver while keeping it low and away from the defensive hands 
  • Defended passes where you create better passing angles by making a fake pass or by having complete control over the ball 

Shooting and passing fundamentals are two of the most important things you need to practice.