Why Will Bodybuilding Never Make it to the Olympics?

By Divya G

Bodybuilding has certainly gained immense popularity over the years. It has become a lifestyle with people becoming online influencers and posting workout videos, sharing tips, and experience. While a good-looking body is everyone’s dream, Bodybuilding takes it to an extreme level, which by many people, is not considered safe. 

While it is a small sport as compared to Olympic-level sports, the dedication, hard work, commitment, and patience required to achieve that big of a body with pure muscles cannot be explained. 

Bodybuilding has evolved over the years, and so is the approach of players towards achieving the bulky body. In earlier times, before medical science took off and introduced new drugs and supplements, bodybuilders used to consume a lot of natural diets. 

Now the thing with a natural diet is that while it keeps you healthy, it won’t give you the results as you want. Bodybuilders crave for muscle mass, and as the competition increased and the sport became popular among the masses, steroids were introduced. And then began the astronomical abuse of anabolic steroids. 

Today, when you see bodybuilders, the growth they have is simply astounding, but it is based on the power of steroids and other drugs. This is why Bodybuilding will never get support from the governments, nor the Olympics will include it. Doping and all are taken quite seriously by the Olympic authorities, and being a bodybuilder means you are full-on steroids, which is not acceptable.