Who Will Win The 2019-2020 NBA Finals?

By Shane R

With the NBA season newly underway, there are only a few teams that have a realistic shot to win it all. Here are the top-4 teams that have a legitimate shot at claiming the trophy. Let us start the list out with the Utah Jazz.

4 – Utah Jazz

The dark horse of the bunch is the Utah Jazz. With this forecast, people are expecting Donovan Mitchell to take the next step into being a superstar. Also, with team injuries, point guard Mike Conley may be able to refind his form.

3 – Los Angeles Clippers

When you have two of the top-15 players in the league, you probably have a good chance of winning the whole thing. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are great two-way players that can change the outcome of games. Add in the best bench in the league, and they have the recipe for success.

2 – Milwaukee Bucks

Two words: Giannis Antetokounmpo. If he can play at a Lebron level in the NBA Playoffs, and get some help from players like Kris Middleton, Kyle Korver, and company, the Bucks may earn their first title in decades. If they do not win, many people wonder if Giannis will stay with the Bucks. But, if they win, will more people come and join forces with Giannis. This could change the NBA landscape for sure.

1 – Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James is looking to win his first championship in Los Angeles and his first one with Anthony Davis. As two of the top-5 players in the league, they have all the tools to be successful in Orlando. But, the question remains: who is going to take over in the clutch? Will Lebron take over or hand the reigns to Davis?