Best NFL Wide Receivers of All-Time -

Best NFL Wide Receivers of All-Time

When it comes to the best wide receivers of all-time, the challenge is sorting through decades of material. But, this top-3 is quite the class. Starting with a Raider is a good place to begin.

3 – Tim Brown

Brown was one of the most consistent wide receivers over his 17-years. In 9 straight years, Brown caught for 1,000 yards. The same 9 seasons, he was elected to the Pro Bowl. Currently, he is in the top-10 for receiving touchdowns, yards, and receptions. Brown did not have the best quarterbacks throwing to him, but he made his opportunities count for sure.

2 – Randy Moss

Moss was good from the get-go. He led the league in receiving touchdowns as a rookie with 17. A lot of his time was played with the Minnesota Vikings, but Moss also played alongside quarterback Tom Brady, when they were both in New England. Over his career, he set the single-season touchdown record for a wide receiver at 23. Moss finds himself 2nd in receiving touchdowns all-time.

1 – Jerry Rice

The best wide receiver of all-time has to be Jerry Rice. He was a Pro-Bowler during 11 seasons and is the all-time leader in catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns. His records will not be broken for a long time. Look at it this way: Moss is 2nd in receiving touchdowns, right? Moss is behind by 41. This is how much better Rice was than everybody else.

It certainly did not hinder the wide receiver that he had Hall of Fame quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young throw to him. This is not to discount Rice as great, but he had the best in the business helping him out. Sometimes, you need a whole team to help you become the best and the San Francisco 49ers won a ton of titles with the help of Jerry Rice and company.

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