How to be a MotoGP Driver -

How to be a MotoGP Driver

MotoGP is known as the world cup of motorcycle racing. MotoGP is a series of over 15 races, 18 to be precise, held in 13 different countries.

What does a MotoGP driver do?

  • He participates in MotoGP races
  • He practices increasing his speed, balance, navigation, and agility
  • He trains daily to maintain physical fitness
  • He checks and monitors his bike condition at all times
  • He learns, understands and follows all the rules of MotoGP
  • He promotes the sport, lifts team spirit and checks for bike condition

The average salary of a MotoGP driver

Just like any other professional athlete, MotoGP racers can make tons of money. However, between the highest and lowest earning MotoGP drivers, there’s a lot of gaps>

Low-end MotoGP EarnersAverage MotoGP earnersTop End MotoGP earners
$325, 000$7, 912, 500$15, 500, 000
Average Salary of MotoGp Drivers

Skills a MotoGP driver should possess

  • He must have a stable balance
  • He must have excellent agility
  • He must have a competitive mindset
  • He must have superb physical fitness
  • He must possess the ability to multi-task (i.e., bike control, attention to detail, continuously look out for signals from marshals and pit crew)
  • Most importantly he must possess a superb physical fitness

How to succeed in a MotoGP career

While the MotoGP sports do not require any specific c educational background, you must be daring and willing to succeed in the sport.


MotoGP racing is just any other sport, and just like in another game, you have to work intensely hard and have a strong desire as well as the needed talent to succeed. If this is a game that you would love to participate in, then we recommend you give it a go now.

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