Top Sports Earners of 2020 So Far

By Shane R

As we have embarked on a new decade, this year has had a variety of troubles. But, this list of 5 individuals has continued to make money this year, even when the going has gotten tough. Can you guess who they are? There are 3 soccer players, one basketball player, and a tennis star.

5 – LeBron James

Even with the NBA shortening, and revving back up in the summer, LeBron has found a way to stay busy and make that money. As of now, the man has made close to $90 million in 2020. Not a bad way to start the decade if you ask us.

4 – Neymar

The Brazilian Neymar has also done a good just keeping the money flowing in. With close to $100 million accumulated in 2020, soccer has been one of the few sports to stay afloat during the pandemic. Look for Neymar’s wealth to grow due to his name and stature this year.

3 – Lionel Messi

Messi continues to be a mainstay in the money depart. In 2020, the man has made $104 million in only a few months. The Argentinean striker looks primed to double his money in the remaining months.

2 – Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese striker has made $105 million in 2020. He continued to be a force in soccer. Because of this, his bank account will continue to skyrocket.

1 – Roger Federer

After Federer signed a mammoth endorsement contract with a Chinese clothing line, the dollar signs have continued to enter the man’s bank account to the tune of $160.5 million in 2020. Even though tennis is on a hiatus, the Swiss continues to find ways to support his family. With only a few more years of competitive tennis, Federer will look to make as much as he can now, while the going is good.