5 Crazy and Weird Sports you Didn’t Know Even Existed

By Samuel E

As we know, the wonderful world of sports is limited to the popular or most played ones. But that doesn’t mean that other games we haven’t heard about, or are familiar with, don’t exist.

However these little known sports might get you out of the house and trying them out for yourself.

Below are five craziest and weirdest sports you’ve probably never heard of.

  1. Underwater Hockey.

This hockey is played just like field and ice hockey. The only difference is imagining playing it underwater. The team is typically made up of 6 people.

  1. Bossaball.

This acrobatic sport is cool to play and watch. It’s just like volleyball except for the bouncy trampoline involved. A point is awarded to the winning team when the ball hits the floor.

  1. Wife Carrying.

It originated in Finland. In this game, women are carried quickly by their husbands through and over obstacles. The winning husband is rewarded with beer.

  1. Dog Surfing

This Sport started in San Diego, and a competition is held every year. It’s a sport that combines surfing and hanging out with a special furry friend —training a dog to sit upright while surfing is lots of work although you only get a doggy treat as a reward.

  1. Chess Boxing.

This game is an ideal combination of brains and muscle. To participate, you’ll need to be great at chess and boxing. There is a resting period for players to figure out how to knock out their rivals with a checkmate rather than an uppercut. This makes the games more exciting and less annoying, even though it’s weird.

Trying out new things isn’t a bad idea. You can get started with any of these crazy and bizarre sports- who knows they might be fun.