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15 Facts About F1 Racing That Will Amaze You

Beyond the fantastic thrills of watching the ever-competitive Formula 1 race, some interesting facts about the sport would thrill fans and non – fans alike:

  • Formula 1 cars can accelerate from 0 to 100 MPH and return to 0 all in just 4 seconds
  • The essential average cost of a Formula 1 car is between a staggering $7 million – $12 million, even without essential extra components.
  • An F1 brake disc can reach 1000 degrees centigrade.
  • The engine of an F1 car cannot be turned on when it is cold.
  • Each of the F1 racing cars has 80k assembled components, little wonder it cost a whopping $7 million.
  • The engine of an F1 racing vehicle can only last up to 5 races.
  • All F1 drivers tend to lose up to 4kg per race, and this is quite interesting.
  • Even the tires lose up to 0.5 KGS per race.
  • The helmet used in a Formula 1 race is one of the strongest and hardest helmet you’d ever come across.
  • There’s only one female F1 driver who has managed to score a point in the game’s history.
  • The Formula 1 racing cars can move upside down under the right condition.
  • In a race, a team is made up of as many as 600 people.
  • The steering wheel of the F1 vehicle has up to 20 buttons.
  • In the history of F1, the number 13 has only been assigned twice.
  • F1 cars do not refuel because they run on the same tank of gas for the entire race.

There you have it, the 15 most fascinating facts about the F1 racing you probably never knew. We hope you enjoyed reading these facts.