NBA Bubble Livin’

By Shane R

As the NBA season looks to revamp in July, players are working to get accustomed to living in the Florida bubble. Players like J.J. Redick, of the New Orleans Pelicans, has been playing a few rounds of golf, and even getting a beer in on occasion. Of course, all of this is being documented via Twitter and people are trying to be a fly on the wall in the NBA bubble.

Other NBA players, like 76ers guard Ben Simmons, and Los Angeles Clippers teammates Paul George and Montrezl Harrell, have been fishing. George got lucky and caught a nice sized bass in the process. Lakers center, JaVale McGee, brought his bike for the journey and has been riding to all parts of the bubble.

NBA coaches are getting into the mix as well. Raptor head coach, Nick Nurse, brought his guitar and has been practicing up. From corn hole to movie to soaking in the sun, there seems to be plenty to do in the bubble. Hopefully, NBA players and coaches will continue to feel this way until the season reconvenes.

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