Understanding the Rules That Govern Kickboxing

By Samuel E

The sports of kickboxing no doubt, have a long history which brings inspirations and influences from the global tradition of boxing. It is important to know that, when it comes to the rules of the game, different organizations follow a different pattern.

For example the Dutch kickboxing does not follow the same rule as the American kickboxing; they are run by different organizations.

Here are basic kickboxing rules that you need to know:

To someone watching the game for the very first time, this sport might seem like two people trying to knockout themselves.

However, the bouts dished out in the game are properly regulated by certain rules, so the idea of just dishing out punches and low kicks will never get you anywhere. It is really a matter of techniques more than the agility of a kickboxer.

How they score points in kickboxing

Points are awarded by the judges at the end of each round and they can be in the following direction:

Besides this kind of point rating, there a whole lot of other reasons to earn more points in the game. Nevertheless, these ones listed above are the very basic for anyone who’s trying to get a hold of how the game works.