Issues Tall People Face That Are Absolutely Unthinkable To Others

By Jo Arazi

By nature, almost every human on earth has insatiable needs and wants. There is always something we would dearly like but can’t have for one reason or the other. If you come across a short person and you ask what they want – without hesitation, it’ll be to grow taller. To them, a few inches in height is the perfect solution to all their problems.

Ironically, the same height that a group of people is praying for is more or less, making the life of another a living hell. If you ask any tall person what they want, their answer will be to be normal like everybody else.

This may sound surprising, but the next pictures you’re about to see chronicles the troubles that tall people face daily – but are extremely hilarious nonetheless.

Questions Answered

You can imagine the surprise on the face of the other man when this tall man handed him a card. Upon reading, everything became clearer, and he couldn’t help but laugh. All he did was ask, “How tall are you?”

Photo credit: phillyvoice

The question had not left his mouth before he was given the card. Well, from the look of things, the tall man must’ve gotten tired of answering the same questions over and over again. So he printed his answers beforehand.

That Annoying Friend

In a circle of friends, there’s always that annoying friend that’s a thorn in everybody’s side. It seems he takes turns in annoying somebody, but woe betides you if he decides to pick interest in you. However, this tall chap was at the receiving end this time.

Photo credit: letterpile

Imagine waking up to your phone beeping with several texts only for you to see it’s your annoying friend. Worse still, it’s not like someone’s life is in danger, but he just wants to satisfy his curiosity about something silly regarding your height.

A Dutchman in the People’s Republic of China

Many, many years ago, probably in the 19th century, the tallest people in the world were found in America. However, things have changed now, and they can be found in the Netherlands. The average Dutchman or woman is about 6 feet tall.

Photo credit: boredpanda

In their country, everything is perfect for tall people, and they don’t look out of place. They get to realize that other people in the world are not as tall as them. A trip to China is a stark reminder of that fact.

Fitting Rooms

As a child, there’s nothing you want more than to grow up to be an adult. This includes growing a significant amount of height. We’re sure that the moment this man hit his growth spurt, he couldn’t contain his joy.

Photo credit: houz

However, growing to 6’11” was not part of the plan, but who is he to challenge nature? Now everything is a hassle, and changing rooms are no different. When they were designed, for sure, the engineers didn’t consider people of his height.

Hugging Mom

A hug from mom before going out can only make the day better. These are some of the things kids look forward to all day any day. However, when the child grows taller than his mother, the ball game changes entirely.

Photo credit: pinterest / cheehong125

Mom will always be mom, though, and everyone gets hugs regardless of height. So they found a way around it. Now it seems the situation is reversed because due to the son’s height, it looks like he is the parent.

Passport Photograph

If tall people were to go on a protest, they’d be so angry at the fact that they are excluded in almost every sphere – except basketball or sports in general. Something as innocuous as taking a passport photograph can be a struggle.

Photo credit: awesomeinventions

Just because this man wanted to have a passport photograph taken, he had to do a half split because he’s taller than the white background. Imagine if the photographer wanted to toy with him, and made him spend 45 minutes in this pose?

Going for a Checkup

To make sure you have good health is imperative, so you don’t have to be told to go for regular checkups. Except if you have prior health issues that you were not aware of, everything should be routine. Well, that is for regular-sized people.

Photo credit: brightside

For tall people, though, it’s another day of having to improvise just to take essential readings. You can see the lengths the doctor has to go through just to measure the height of this young man. Well, to him, it’s nothing new.

The Perfect Shirt

All he wanted was a regular shirt with a typical inscription on it or some inspirational words. How wrong could this man be? From the look on his face, we believe he has simply had enough, and he’s trying his best to keep his cool.

Photo credit: reddit/tallgirls

The woman, on the other hand, is loving every moment of this at the expense of her tall friend. It seems short people have been giving him a tough time, especially the one in a red t-shirt. He’s literally had enough.

Shopping Tall

According to statistics, if you are above 6’2″, you are taller than 80 percent of the world’s population. Now, if you are 6’6″ tall, i.e., 198 cm, you are definitely in the elite class of tall people around the globe.

Photo credit: thoughtcatalog

These statistics show everything designed by man will most likely not accommodate your size from showerheads to doors to stairs and supermarket shelves. You’ll tower above everything like this man in the picture above. Although he’s on vacation, his height seems to be giving him problems.

Hit the Ceiling

When you hear the term, hit the ceiling, we are sure you understood it figuratively. For the man in this picture, this is his reality, and it is basically becoming a nightmare. What is his sin? He is just too tall.

Photo credit: spreadshirt

He is so tall that his head can touch the ceiling fan without even trying. That means he’s going to bang his head on a lot of things. The second option is to keep bending his head to move around in the house, which can get very uncomfortable.

Not as it Seems

Because it smells good doesn’t mean it will taste as good. This was one lesson this tall person had to learn the hard way, but it is a lesson that will leave a sour taste in his mouth for a long time.

Photo credit: cheezburger

This post-it note was put on the spray after he got exasperated with it. We’re very sure the person wanted to take water from the dispenser when it automatically sprayed its content right in his face. Unfortunately, being tall means, he was in the spray’s direct line of fire.

Mountainous View

Being a tall person has a lot of advantages. On the other hand, you tend to get noticed for both good things and bad things, whether you like it or not. Several people will ask you to help them get things that are placed higher up. 

Photo credit: ladbible

But in buses, movie theatres and airplanes, you’ll be nothing short of a nuisance. This man is a perfect example as he can only sit in an airplane when there’s no seat in front. Else, the chair won’t be comfortable for him, or he’ll be blocking someone’s view.

Awkward Interview

Just like we stated earlier, the Dutch are a tall bunch, and the moment they leave their country, they end up towering above others. The same cannot be said of the Chinese, as most of them are of average heights.

Photo credit: classlifestyle

This Chinese news media outlet wanted to interview this Dutchman, and it was the most awkward and hilarious interview ever. Not only did he have to stoop down for the duration of the interview, but it was also done in front of everybody.

Worst Kitchen Ever

Getting your own apartment is a big deal, especially when you have been living with your parents for a while. The problem now is getting the apartment that suits you and your needs without having to break the bank in the process.

Photo credit: waterballoon

This is another problem tall people face. It is quite glaring that the person that designed this kitchen counter did not consider tall people in any way. Now, making a meal is not as fun as it should be, because he has to kneel every time.

Leaving Town

Moving into a new place is not just hectic but also emotionally draining. If you’re lucky, you may get people that will make your stay enjoyable. This is the case with this lady who was fortunate to have a friend turned family.

Photo credit: awesomeinventions

However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The time has come for her to leave, and a few tears were shed. The funniest part was when she had to hug her sidekick of 4’9″.

Problem Solved

Being a tall guy comes with several unforeseen problems that might frustrate you beyond measure. However, modern problems require modern solutions, so this guy was undeterred when his mirror didn’t measure up. We mean this literally, though.

Photo credit: pinterest / rosemary215

Rather than whine about it all day, he decided to come up with his own ingenious solution. He decided to add an extra mirror, and the problem was solved. On the other hand, he could’ve just moved the existing mirror upwards a little.

Tall Couples

Your wedding day is often a day of joy, and the prayer is that nothing should ruin it for anyone – especially the couple. However, this wedding was a spectacular one, thanks to the height of the happy newlyweds.

Photo credit: greenlemon

The bride and groom stood so tall above everyone else that the others looked like kids beside them. The groom stands at 6’8″, while the bride stands at 6’4″. One thing is for sure between this couple; their kids will be giants.

The Tall Politician

Politicians deploy several strategies to put fear into the minds of their opponents, from playing mind games to running ads and several other things that are geared to gain an advantage. For Stephen McNeil, NS Premier, his height was enough to make his opponents scared of him.

Photo credit: awesomeinventions

From the image above, you can see the lengths the reporter had to go so that she could interview the tall politician. Just when he thought he was the tallest in the room (he is 6’5″), a taller man of 6’9 ″ appeared to make things more interesting.

Fun in Italy

Going for a vacation is often a great way to de-stress. Thanks to the several tourist attractions, great people, and mouth-watering dishes you can find in the country, Italy is one of the best places to visit.

Photo credit: twinbow

This may be true for everyone except for exceptionally tall people. This man is so tall that using the bathroom is a massive problem as his head is hitting the roof to the point where he can’t stand straight. This alone can suck the fun out of his dream vacation.

Family Vacay

Going on a vacation with your family is a great bonding experience. The holiday gets a tad better when your family has a beautiful boat. This means you have the entire thing to yourselves, and you can do anything you want on it.

Photo credit: inspirememore

For a tall person, though, doing simple things like taking a shower may be problematic. This person is so tall that he had to open the latch above his shower before he could stand straight. All this in an attempt to just get clean, it might have been easier for him to bathe in the sea.

At the Bar

Short boy sees a tall girl, and he knew this was the girl of his dreams. As luck would have it, tall girl seems to feel the same way too, and before you say “Jack Robinson,” they were already in love.

Photo credit: pinterest / jordanthomas35

The only problem right now is that it’ll be a little difficult for short boy to kiss the love of his life. However, that didn’t deter him as he found the best solution for both parties. Now, he’s kissing the girl of his dreams under the moonlight. These are some of the sights you see at a crowded bar.

Questions, Questions, Questions.

As a tall person, you’re bound to be asked several questions from different people as you go about your daily sojourn. At first, you’ll answer politely, but when you get asked the 100th time by several people, it becomes very annoying.

Photo credit: gramho

In order to avoid such and for him not to end up snapping at his customers, he came up with a brilliant solution. This tall Starbucks barista got pins that answers all your questions before you even ask. Luckily, his tactic worked perfectly.

Sitting on the Bus

Although it’s not your fault that you can see the top of people’s heads. As a tall person, it becomes second nature that you don’t use your height to inconvenience others. In places where you have to sit, they try as much as possible to do so without obstructing the view or way for others.

Photo credit: pinterest / gibby1019

That is precisely what these friends did. They decided not to be a nuisance or inconvenience another passenger on the bus, so they chose to sit across from each other. Although the result was hilarious, it was considerate of them.

Clear View

Most people prefer window seats, especially when traveling, so they can get a clear view of the surrounding area. For those that suffer from motion sickness, seating beside the window is quite important to them as it mitigates the effect.

Photo credit: plus2clothing

For tall people, it’s a different ball game entirely. After rejoicing that he finally got his favorite window seat, he realized his happiness was short-lived. To his chagrin, he saw that he couldn’t enjoy the view as he’s taller than the window when seated.

Wide Arms

You’re considered to be very tall if you are above 6’4″. The average height of most basketball players is 6’7″. People as tall as these are considered giants. However, this man seems to trump them all as he stands at an impressive 7’3.

Photo credit: pinterest / stevenadamsomaha

It must be difficult for this man as most things have to be custom made for him, from clothes to shoes to his bed. In fact, he is so tall that he has hands as long as that of a western gorilla.

Watching the Game

Tall people go to great lengths to ensure they are not making others feel uncomfortable because of their height. In most cases, they do this at their own inconvenience, which sometimes causes a lot of pain and discomfort for them.

Photo credit: everydayhealth

All this tall man wanted to do was watch the game, but sometimes he ends up sitting at a place where there’s not enough legroom. Luckily for him, nobody was sitting in front of him. He didn’t hesitate to stretch his legs and relax like a king.

Enjoy the View

Most things aren’t designed with tall people in mind, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy the good things of life. Even though he’s been getting a lot of stares due to his height, this man wasn’t going to let anything stop him.

Photo credit: awesomeinventions

All he wanted was to enjoy the scenic view right in front of him, but he was too tall. Well, he wasn’t going to let that defeat his joy, so he found a way around it, and he even did it in style.


Hugging someone you love is very important. Not only does it create a lasting bond between both of you, but it also makes you feel better at the end of the day. But as a tall person, there are problems when you hug someone that’s not of the same height.

Photo credit: brightside

The question is – what is the right way to hug your loved one. Do you try hanging on from the shoulder, which is quite uncomfortable for the tall person or you hug around their waist? Either way, the most important thing is you get to embrace someone you love

A Denmark Kitchen

Sometimes you think you are tall until you meet another person that matches your height or is even taller than you. These two friends took a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, and the kitchen looked cramped and rather tiny with the two of them in it.

Photo credit: inspiremore

If the kitchen is like this, we hope the other parts of the house are higher or else; their stay will be a nightmare. At the end of their visit, both of them will be dealing with a host of back problems.


The wish of everyone on this planet is to have good health. However, there are times when the body needs some extra attention. If at any time this happens, the ideal thing is to go to the hospital for treatment.

Photo credit: pinterest / anzaideri

This tall man found himself in a somewhat funny situation when he realized he was way taller than his hospital bed. From the look of things, his height isn’t the only problem as it seems the bed cannot sustain his weight either.

Small cars

As a tall person, it is difficult to do a lot of things, and driving small cars is one of them. Ironically, you’ll notice that some of the hottest fastest cars available on the market are always very small and not catered to bigger men.

Photo credit: sportsretriever

This tall person tried to make it work, so he decided to see if he could fit into the car. The car was so small that his knees were almost reaching his chest. It was akin to being crammed like sardines in a can.


As a tall person, it is important to exercise all parts of your body. This is imperative, so you don’t suffer from cramps or other health-related issues. All this man wanted to do was pull-ups, and it seems almost impossible.  

Photo credit: shareably

By kneeling alone and raising his arms upwards, you can see he is almost as tall as the door. This means it’s near impossible to do this exercise. To keep fit, he’ll have to shell out a few bucks for a gym membership.

Tall Pilot

Being a pilot and traveling to different parts of the world is one job most people would love to do without even needing to think twice. Hardly ever will you see a pilot that does not love his career. You get to meet different people, and it offers excellent pay too.

Photo credit: racksolutions

This pilot is thankful for the opportunity of being one, but there’s one little problem he keeps facing. He is too tall to fit into the cockpit when he is standing straight. At this point, he wouldn’t mind if a larger super-huge jumbo plane came into service.  

New Apartment

Having a new apartment is a huge milestone that needs to be celebrated. For tall people, the case is different as it’s a new place to smack their head on things. This has to happen a few times before they get used to the home and avoid such.

Photo credit: greenlemon

This tall lady has experienced this so much that she’s just tired. At this point, she’s so used to smacking her head on things that she can’t help but make jest of the situation. She is so tall that her head fits directly under the light.

ATM pProblems

Do you believe that being tall and needing immediate cash can be a problem? Although it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Take a look at this lady, she’s about 2 meters tall, and she can’t use the ATM standing straight.

Photo credit: justsomething

In truth, the ATM was placed too low so that even regular-sized people will have issues using it. However, for such a tall person, there’s only one option available, and that is to go down on both knees to use the machine.

Working Out

Being tall means, you have to come up with ways to navigate a world that’s designed for regular-sized people. Although it may be a little tricky at first, with time you’ll get the hang of it and find ways to work around such issues.

Photo credit: cheezburger

That’s precisely what this man did. From the look of things, he’s a pro basketball player, and it’s crucial for him always to keep fit. For him to use the elliptical in his room, he had to remove one of the ceiling panels in his room, so his head doesn’t keep hitting it.

Annoying Feeling

There has been a recurring theme in most of the photos you’ve seen in this article. If you pay attention closely, you’ll realize it’s in almost every picture we’ve seen so far. Before we go further, try to take a wild guess what this is.

Photo credit: bodas

If you’ve figured it out, that’s lovely. If you haven’t, it’s merely the look on the faces of the people in each picture. The look on their faces is that of being fed up with having to deal with the same issues repeatedly.

Driving Tall

Just like we rightly noted earlier, most fancy cars are usually so small that taller people find it hard to fit inside comfortably. To be honest, we don’t know the rationale behind this, but it’s not going to stop them from riding these cars.

Photo credit: thethings

This man couldn’t help himself as he knew he had to drive this luxury car – the Lamborghini Aventador. He is quite lucky the car is a convertible else it’ll have been a very uncomfortable drive. You know he’s tall as you can see his head rise right over the windshield.

Making a Dish

Making a meal as a tall person also can pose problems -that you might not have thought about if you’re a regular-sized person. The extractor fan is right in his way and obstructing his vision- so the guy cannot see the dish he is making except if he squats.

Photo credit: awesomeinventions

Imagine having to do this three times a day, every day of the week. In no time, we are sure he’ll be searching for the nearest chiropractor in the area. On the other hand, it’s a good excuse to eat out more often.

Tall Guy Rage

As a tall person, going through the day without getting angry is almost impossible. If people don’t annoy you by asking silly questions for the millionth time, other things will. So keeping the rage in without erupting is a tedious task.

Photo credit: pinterest / jacobmorehouse

This man stated that he couldn’t contain his rage when he was younger. Standing at 7’0″, he’s been the object of banter from friends about inappropriately sized objects and things. To stay sane, he’s learned to enjoy himself and go with the flow.

Way too Tall

Tall people have several health challenges they will need to deal with as they progress in life. First, problems arise due to how often they have to bend to do things basic things. Secondly, their height also causes ongoing back issues.

Photo credit: shareably

You see how low this man has to bend just to drink water. Standing at 7’6″, he is literally the tallest person on this list. To put his height into perspective, only 2800 people in the world’s entire population are over 7 feet tall.

Flying Tall

Ideally, the best place to sit for someone over 6’0″ – in a bus, train, or on a plane – is on the front seat with no other seats in front of them. The reason for this is that they can have enough legroom and they don’t feel overly cramped.

Photo credit: noteably

Imagine being in this position for hours. However, this man was quite lucky that his flight was only four hours long. Even at that, there is every chance he will suffer from slight pains at the end of his journey.

Working Tall

Even in hospitals, tall people find it challenging to go about their job with ease due to their height. Unfortunately, this is their reality, and they must live with it. This medical professional couldn’t help but make light of the situation he finds himself in.

Photo credit: pinterest / steveadamsomaha

To use the computer, he realized he couldn’t fit comfortably on the tiny chair. Even if he did, the table was too small to accommodate his large frame. Regardless of the obstacles, he was facing; he was able to find a way around it, albeit comically.

Using the Restroom

There is an unspoken rule for men when using the restroom. If you want to use the urinal, ensure there’s enough space between you and the next person. Also, try as much as possible not to make eye contact. Mind your business and leave when you’re done.

Photo credit: boredpanda

As a tall person, the rules may be a little different, as you can see from this picture. You can see his friend is finding it a tad challenging to get his business done because his tall friend can see everything from up there.