MLB In Danger Of Shutting Down? –

By Shane R

White Baseball Ball On Brown Leather Baseball Mitt

After a weekend of baseball returning to the American sports schedule, Major League Baseball had its first outbreak of the Coronavirus. Through the Miami Marlins establishment, COVID-19 spread to a minimum of 13 people. Because of this, the Marlins’ games against the New York Yankees were canceled, as well as games with the Phillies, since the Marlins played them a few days prior.

This has started to raise a few questions: Should the MLB have created a bubble, and will the MLB season actually finish? Having a bubble for the MLB was originally a difficult proposal compared to the NBA for a few reasons. First, the NBA had a shorter schedule remaining and less overall people involved in the sport. This made basketball in Orlando a much more feasible option. But, Major League Baseball may be kicking themselves now because of a plethora of COVID-19 tests happening within the sports in July, when games will go until the end of October.

Aerial Photography of People Playing Baseball

In the end, your guess is as good as ours if baseball will finish its season. But, you can bet Major League Baseball will do everything in its power to make it happen. With huge revenue to lose, in an already down financial year, the MLB may have to keep playing or things could get very ugly economically across the league. Luckily, the majority of games are still in session, and people will continue to be distracted from the pandemic as long as there is baseball to be played. Let’s all hope for the best!