Best Soccer Goalies Of All-Time

By Shane R

Soccer Player Kicking White Gray Soccer Ball on Green Grass Field

Soccer is one of the longest-running sports in the world. Over the years, there have been some incredible goalies to strike fear in their opponents. Here are our top picks.

#3 – Gordon Banks

As one of the best goalkeepers for England, Gordon Banks made 628 appearances during his career. 73 of those were for his home country. The pinnacle of Banks’ career was winning the 1966 World Cup. During the tournament, Banks played in every match and only allowed an astounding 3 goals. Banks also played for club teams Stoke and Leicester winning the League Cup with each. Sadly, Banks’ career ended early at 34-years-old because he was blinded in one eye during a car crash.

#2 – Oliver Kahn

The German Oliver Rolf Kahn is second on our list. The 6’2” goalkeeper made 780 appearances for various club teams. 86 appearances were for the German team. When playing for Bayern, he was a part of the winning team for the Champions League, also winning six domestic titles, and the UEFA Cup. Known as “The Titan,” Khan won the Euro in 1996, and is the only goalie in the history of the World Cup to win the Golden Ball. 

Green Football Field

#1 – Lev Yashin

The Soviet goalie, Lev Yashin is first on our list for a few reasons. Yashin only played for one team during his career: Dynamo Moscow. They won three domestic titles and five league championships during his time. Known as “The Black Spider,” Yashin was not only powerful and strong but very quick on his feet.