Will The Pac-12 Follow The Big 10 And Enter The College Football Season?

By Shane R

Clashing Football Players

It was decided mid-September that the Big 10 would follow three of the five Power Five Conferences back into the college football season. There was early concerns that athletes getting COVID-19 may have long-term lingering effects like heart attacks. The conference was not willing to take this risk, but after about a month, the Big 10 has changed its course.

Now, all eyes is on the Pac-12, the last remaining Power Five conference that has canceled their fall football season. Every team outside of California has a reason to get back into a season, but California is still barring colleges from even reopening. It is hard to imagine football being played when students cannot even attend classes in person.

Another roadblock is the fact that the days are ticking for 2020. As it is presently constructed, the Big 10 will have an eight game season played over eight weeks. With a pandemic across the country, even that season might have be challenging to get done before the 2021. With the Pac-12 even further behind, they might only get six games in. That certainly would mean their would be no chance that an undefeated team from the Pac-12 could make the College Playoff. Even the Big 10 will be behind the eight-ball with the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 all playing the full 12-game schedules.

Selective Focus Photography of Man Playing American Football

So, will the Pac-12 join in? Things look bleak as they are. But, if the Pac-12 is to change their minds, they should probably get on the horse now. Two more weeks of being out, and the Pac-12 2020 season will be lost altogether.