We Just Needed To Talk About Ellen Degeneres

By Doreen R

2020 has been a rough year for most people. A lot of the globe was or is still going through a period of lockdown. Many of us were asked to stay indoors, and we all know that too much time on our hands isn’t always a good thing. Movie and TV productions were halted for a few months, and we were left to wonder if and when our favorite shows would return to the airwaves. This article looks at famed talk show host Ellen Degeneres and how she weathered this period. One would have to be living under a rock not to know that 2020 wasn’t Ellen’s greatest year. We all remember a time when no one dared utter a mean word against Degeneres before 2020. But, with accountability at the forefront, her reputation took a major blow. A particular Twitter post went viral detailing those who found the host to be ‘mean’ with many firsthand stories from staff and celebrities alike. The accusations are so off the wall, yet so similar that the production company had initiated a proper internal investigation. The tales are so bizarre and unlike Degeneres’ humorous and generous onscreen persona that we couldn’t sit idly by and not let the public know exactly what people were saying.

At one point, Degeneres was considered untouchable by anyone that wanted to orbit her world. But the stories that came out were too hard to ignore. In an era of social media, nothing is kept hidden for too long, as this saga proves. So let’s sit back and see what the staff, celebrity guests, and others whose paths have crossed with Ellen have to say about the host who could at one time do no wrong. While the host has been public and taken responsibility, we feel that this story needs to be told. We’re not passing judgment, but rather giving our audience some facts and letting them ponder the evidence and make their own decision.

Kevin T. Porter Has Had a Beef with Ellen for A Long Time

For those who still might not know who this man is, he’s the one who began the whole ‘it’s okay to talk (*it about Ellen. Porter is the individual who began the Twitter onslaught against Degeneres. In March 2020 Porter posted in the universe: ‘She is also notoriously one of the meanest people alive.’

Image courtesy of PageSix.com

This little post caused a tidal wave of responses from former staff and a variety of celebs who were quick to share their stories. Porter’s initial beef with Ellen dates back to her supposed friendship with George W. B. Degeneres tried to defend the friendship, stating they didn’t have to agree on the issues in order like one another.

Ellen Has Apologized and Recognized the Backlash

We have to give Ellen props for not denying what was going on for the last few years on her show. She quickly addressed the complaints and has formally apologized and even fired staff accused of inappropriate behavior. But we have to also look at the facts. The blame doesn’t entirely lay with her team, as we’re about to discover.

Image courtesy of ABCNews.com

Many of the comments and complaints are directed at Ellen herself and not only at specific occurrences that happened with her staff. There is a growing number of celebrities who have been put on the spot by the host during interviews and feel that the power and fame have certainly gone to her head. But if we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that nothing remains hidden for too long, not in an age where every dirty little secret is exposed.

Scandal Sparks Internal Investigation

In an era where accountability reigns, the drama surrounding Ellen and her show merited an internal investigation. Warner Media and its’ subsidiaries felt the growing complaints warranted further examination, and they’re working on leaving no stone unturned.

Image courtesy of Worldtodaynews.com

It’s important to note that most complaints were levied against senior staff and less with Ellen directly. However, a few too many staffers chimed in that they were not allowed to approach Ellen directly under any circumstance. We’re starting to understand the claims of a toxic work environment laced with microaggressions.

Sherri Shephard is No Longer Welcome

A one-time regular guest, Sherri Shephard, was welcome during Season 1 of Ellen’s show. But that all changed when the outspoken actress got a seat on ‘The View’ and she was open about her views on marriage, which were sometimes questionable.

Image courtesy of Bravo.TV

This was around the time Shephard stopped appearing on Ellen as a guest. Strange, since Shephard and George W. share the same views on marriage. Yeah, we understand why Shephard has less than glowing things to say about Ms. Degeneres. With time Sherri’s views on marriage have altered, but that doesn’t mean she’s in good with Ellen again.

Kathy Griffin was Banned

These two comedians have had a feud dating back many years. Griffin states that Degeneres had her removed from the backstage celeb area of the Emmy Awards one year. The red-haired comic approached Ellen and her staff to pay tribute to iconic comedian and legend Joan Rivers. But this request was turned down, and Kathy says it was done rudely as well.

Image courtesy of DailyMail.co.uk

Griffin goes on to say she was banned from appearing on Ellen’s show.  Ellen was given the opportunity to respond to Kathy’s claim and responded with, ‘I didn’t ban her from the show, because first, you have to be on the show to be banned. Ouch.

Staff is Instructed to Diss the Audience for Being Fans

This is interesting. Audience members are forbidden from taking pix of the host when she’s onstage. But if one is spending money in the Ellen Shop, snap away. Audience goers that were caught snapping pix were quickly called out by staff and instructed to delete the photos.

Image courtesy of FilmDaily.com

In an age where everyone and everything can be snapped at a moment’s notice, we’re not sure we agree with this tactic. It’s all televised anyway, so we’re not sure what the big deal here is. But we are starting to see a  pattern emerge.

Audience Members Must Be Well-Dressed

This one we’re okay with, as we know it was done on Oprah, Phil Donahue, and other reputable talk shows. The production of one of the most popular talk shows definitely wants the audience to reflect the star’s attention to aesthetics.

Image courtesy of ellentube.com

Tickets to attend a taping of The Ellen Show are a hard thing to come by, so this really is a small request, and we’re not totally against it. Although taste and what’s considered appropriate really is in the eye of the beholder. This one issue is debatable, and we’re not holding this one against the host.

Warning: Dancing is Expected, From Everyone!

We all know that a trademark of the show is Ellen’s gift for dancing during the show. But the fact that all audience members are expected to partake has us wondering if this is acceptable. We never thought that our dancing skills were a consideration when wanting to attend a taping.

Image courtesy of ellentube.com

Please don’t think commercial breaks are a break for the audience, nope, they’re too stand and dance during the breaks as well. There are even rumors that dance competitions take place during the sponsor breaks. So make sure to wear comfortable shoes with that pre-approved taping outfit.

Dakota Johnson Puts Ellen In Her Place

The star of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Dakota Johnson wasn’t intimidated by Ellen Degeneres and was quick to call out the host for her inaccuracies. In late 2019 Ellen interviewed Johnson and put the actress on the spot about not being invited to her 30th birthday bash.

Image courtesy of Eonline.com

Johnson was quick to squash the claim, stating not only was she in fact invited but that the invitation was sent through several staffers of The Ellen Show, including a producer. The interview went downhill from there, and both were happy when it was over. It appears that Ellen doesn’t like to be corrected by her guests. We’re not going to lie; we enjoyed watching the host being made to get the facts straight.

Celine Dion Didn’t Like Ellen Dissing Her Parenting Skills

Iconic singing legend Celine Dion also has an Ellen story that’s worth retelling. When the singer was a guest on the show, she was questioned awkwardly about her son’s grooming habits. The issue that was discussed was that Dion’s son Rene Charles opted to go for long hair. Ellen was quick to show a family snapshot and asked why she didn’t cut his hair.

Image courtesy of Ellentube.com

The singer didn’t like the manner in which Degeneres chose to question her parenting skills and was quick to answer that she encourages her son to make his own choices. The rest of the interview didn’t go well, and it appears Celine didn’t remain a life-long Ellen follower.

Ashton Kutcher is Still a Fan

Actor and husband of Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, has heard both sides of the Ellen story and has taken a stand. Kutcher didn’t stay quiet and decided to support Degeneres. It can’t hurt if one is considered an A-list celebrity, hence there’s less at stake for verbalizing support of another.

Image courtesy of Eonline.com

Kutcher states he appreciates that the host doesn’t always play nice with her celebrity guests, and he finds it refreshing. Kutcher mentioned that each time he was on her show, he and his staff were treated respectfully and that there were no negativity issues that stood out.

Feud: Joan vs. Ellen

This one we’re not sure we can totally blame on Ellen. The two comedic icons, for some reason, didn’t strike up a friendship, and neither had anything nice to say about the other. It’s a shame considering both made big names for themselves in the world of comedy.

Image courtesy of Pagesix.com

Rivers claimed over the years that Degeneres was a ‘meanie’ towards her and Degeneres was heard to make the same claim. We will probably never know the truth on this one. But, we do know that given a chance to make amends, after Rivers’ passing, Ellen didn’t take the opportunity to pay tribute to the legendary comedienne.

Nicole Kidman Claps Back at Ellen

We all remember that bizarre moment caught on camera when Oscar Winner Nicole Kidman was caught clapping a bit oddly at the 2017 Academy Awards. Admit it, we all giggled a bit, memes were quick to follow, and everyone had a good laugh.

Image courtesy of @ellenDworld/Twitter.com

However, Ellen may have taken it a  bit too far when Kidman was ridiculed by the host during an episode of the show, soon after the Oscars. During a cooking segment, Ellen was quick to point out the Nicole may be a great actress, but a good cook she wasn’t. Kidman received the unwanted opinion after a less than comfortable attempt at following a recipe.

Can The Ellen Show Be Revived?

Considering Ellen and her talk show have been a mainstay since it’s 2003 debut, there is definite hope that the host will be given a chance to redeem herself. She has made an apology by email, and another one was done via the web to her staff.

Image courtesy of BlastingNews.com

Degeneres has copped to being accountable for the stories that have been made public. It’s the least she can do, as her name is on the door, she really has no choice here. If the network feels she’s worthy of another chance, maybe her fans will think that it okay to follow suit. Only time will tell at this point.

Ellen Forgot Katy Perry’s Marital Status

Sure, she’s a busy host with a crazy schedule, but basic research needs to be conducted before interviewing guests. In 2017 singer Katy Perry was a guest on The Ellen Show, and things went south very quickly. During a game of which male celebrities were worth marrying, Perry asked Ellen, ‘I need to get married again?’

Image courtesy of BestIndiaNews.com

Ellen was quick to reply with, ‘You were not married.’ Um, yes, Ellen, Katy was married. For two years, she and Russell Brand were wed and made quite a few headlines. The singer also pointed out that Ellen had given her a wedding gift during a previous appearance. Yeah, this wasn’t a comfortable moment.

Luckily Ms. Perry Doesn’t Hold a Grudge

Even though Ellen forgot Perry’s marital status, the singer was on the host’s side, and she didn’t stay silent for long. In August 2020, the singer, along with other celebs, took to social media to support her friend Ellen. In one of two Instagram posts, Perry sent support and love to Ellen, reminding her followers of the good Ellen has done over the years.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

In the much-appreciated post, Perry praised the host’s never-ending fight towards equality. It’s apparent from this that Perry wasn’t holding a grudge for Ellen forgetting that she was once married for 5 minutes to Rusell Brand, and that she could move on and offer support.

Check Your Manicure Before Serving Ellen and Portia

Chris Farah, a server at a restaurant, has a juicy Ellen story too. Farah served Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi brunch once, and the talk show host noticed the server’s nail polish was chipped. Degeneres felt the incident warranted a letter to the manager of the restaurant.

Image courtesy of EconoTimes.com

The manager questioned Farah, and the server nearly lost her job, as Degeneres was offended by the less than perfect manicure, which in no way affected the meal, but still. The struggling comedian and waitress claims she was once a fan, but this occurrence has since changed her view on the mega host.

Being ‘Kind’ May Have Its Drawbacks

Ellen’s built her reputation and the show’s success with the motto ‘Be Kind,’ as its primary mission statement, and that’s most likely why this whole saga erupted the way it did. In her season 18 premiere episode, the host admitted she trusted her staff to follow that statement the way she would.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

We all now know that some staff was not handling staff issues in the way Ellen would have liked. If it’s true that she wasn’t aware of the toxic environment that was existent, then she very well may be due a  chance to redeem herself and make the necessary changes.

Chewing Gum is Required Before Seeing Ellen

Writer and actor Benjamin Siemon has a few choice words about the talk show host. We’re not sure if to give this source credit or not, as his claims come from knowing staffers that told him stories about working with Degeneres. One such story comes from a friend who works on the show who claims Ellen has a bowl of gum just outside her office.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

The dirt on this is that anyone venturing into Ellen’s office needs to chew on minty gum before entering, to ensure fresh breath, so as not to offend her. The same staffer claims that if Degeneres feels a staff member doesn’t smell good enough, he or she will be sent home for the day.

Mariah Carey Was Forced to Confirm Pregnancy Rumors

Singer Mariah Carey isn’t a fan of Ellen Degeneres, and she is justified in her feelings. The singer was newly pregnant and not yet ready to share the news due to a previous miscarriage. She wanted to wait to tell the world until she was further along in her pregnancy, but Ellen had an agenda. She kept pushing Carey to partake in a glass of champagne during her appearance, and wouldn’t accept her polite refusal.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

Degeneres was aware of the singer’s pregnancy but may have wanted to be the first to confirm the rumors and used the alcohol as a ploy to get Carey to admit she was expecting. Carey was forced to admit to being pregnant as her reason for refusing the drink. Sadly Carey miscarried shortly after the interview.

Ex-employee; ‘It Was Scary Working for Ellen.’

A former employee that worked in Ellen and Portia’s home was warned to not take the job. She was told of high staff turnover and less than ideal working conditions. The pay was too good to pass up, and she felt she could make it work. The former staffer claims the home was run like a military boot camp, and she was scared most of the time.

Image courtesy of Pinterest /Betsey Fenner

The ex-employee states that Ellen would try to trip up staff to chew them out later on. For example, she would lay out matchsticks throughout the house, and if they weren’t picked up, she would confront the person responsible. The staffer claims she was admonished for moving a salt shaker or not turning off a light switch. This one we’re not sure about, as the claims pretty much add up to a demanding employer, which isn’t that unordinary.

Executive Producers Were Labeled as Racist

While the mantra or slogan at The Ellen Show was always ‘Be Kind,’ it appears that the mission statement wasn’t a prerequisite for those in executive producer roles.  Many staffers complained of a toxic work environment, and much of the blame was aimed at Ellen’s top tier producers.

Image courtesy of FilmDaily.com

One former black employee recalls being addressed due to her hairstyle and was told that since it was so similar to another black employee’s choice, they might get them confused. When the employee decided to take the issue up with another producer, she was labeled ‘The PC Police’ and called a ‘spirit animal.’

And More Allegations of Racism

Another former employee claims that when they approached management about an issue, in this case, her white male boss, she was placated with tales of a previous issue with another black co-worker and how they’d solved the matter and were able to move on.

Image courtesy of NZHerald.com

The fact that the employee was given this specific example proves the blatant racism that many claimed existed. While no one can unequivocally state that Ms. Degeneres was aware of this, she was and is responsible for the actions of her team. Let’s not forget, her name is on the door.

Sexual Harassment on The Ellen Show

Dozens of allegations have come out claiming some producers were ‘handsy’ and blatantly sexually harassed employees. Head writer and executive producer Kevin Leman has been accused of demanding a sex act from an employee in the bathroom in 2013 at a company gathering.

Image courtesy of WorldAuthenticNews.com

Another former employee saw Leman make an inappropriate grab towards a male production assistant. After numerous claims were made against Leman, Ellen did fire him in April 2020, along with fellow senior producers Ed Glavin and Jonathan Norman. Ellen was left with no choice but to deal with the claims of harassment. Although sadly, these incidents date back too many years.

Taylor Swift Didn’t Like Being Picked On by Ellen

Ellen better watch out, because deciding to pick on Taylor Swift may cause her millions of followers, aka ‘Swifties,’ to sit up and take notice. Swift, who has a good sense of humor, didn’t appreciate her love life being the topic of conversation during one of their interviews. In a 2013 interview, Ellen seemed to take pleasure in rehashing Taylor’s past loves and the growing number of men she’s dated.

Image courtesy of cnn.com

Ellen kept pushing the singer to admit to dating actor Zac Efron. The singer refused to play along and was visibly upset during their one on one interview. We’re not fans of forcing others to admit to personal things, especially if they’re not ready to share.

Caitlyn Jenner Should Have Stayed Home That Day

We all know that Ellen is a huge fan of the Kardashians and the respect and adoration are usually mutual. However, Caitlyn’s conservative views aren’t anything new, and while she may be changing her opinions lately. But, back in 2015, she wasn’t apologetic about having a different viewpoint on Ellen’s.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

Ellen knew what she was doing when she asked questions about marriage equality and was aware this would open the door needed to attack. Caitlyn was accused of not standing with the LGBTQ community. Caitlyn has since changed her views, but still harbors resentment towards Ellen for not being kinder during the interview.

Naturally, Piers Morgan Has an Opinion

In 2017 the outspoken journalist and broadcaster had something to say about Ellen, but it seems even more appropriate now in 2020. Morgan got riled up at a photo of singer Katy Perry and Ellen Degeneres, in which the talk show host is clearly staring at the singer’s breasts, which Ellen tweeted in honor of the singer’s birthday.

Image courtesy of evoke.ie

Morgan was quick to note that had a male been caught in the photo instead of Ellen, the backlash would have been quick to arrive. Piers didn’t mince words and called the image sexist and inappropriate. On this, we agree with Piers, and we admit that the photo wasn’t in the best taste.

Jameela Doesn’t Like Ellen and George’s Friendship

This one we’re not sure about.  Actress and star of The Good Place, Jameela Jamil was quick to defend Ellen after the host, and George W. were snapped together, enjoying themselves at a football game in 2019. But it seems that once the backlash against Degeneres kept growing, Jamil changed her mind.

Image courtesy of justjared.com

The initial noise began when Ellen was chastised for enjoying the Bush’s company, despite his conservative and often controversial opinions on marriage equality. We have to admit; we’re not fans of jumping on the popularity bandwagon to suit one’s personal agenda.

Justin Bieber Also Has a Bone to Pick With Ellen

We’re finding that it doesn’t matter how popular a celebrity is; if Ellen wants to put someone in the hot-seat, she doesn’t think twice about the repercussions. Just ask Justin Bieber, who was put on the spot when Ellen decided to display pictures snapped by the paps when the singer was buck naked.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

The interview was hard to watch and Bieber was visibly squirming in his seat, as the host prodded with questions. She wanted clarification on the pictures and kept asking about a young woman in the background. Replies from Justin stating the girl was a friend didn’t seem to make things better. At one point, the singer asked ‘Why are you putting me on the spot like this.?’

Liza Minelli Was Hurt By Ellen

In 2014 Liza Minelli was a guest on ‘The Ellen Show,’ but even her star status wasn’t enough to give her a pass with the host, who is known to sometimes hit below the belt. Minelli, like her mother, Judy Garland, is a beloved singer and actress, who is idolized in the gay community and is often honored with drag queens impersonating her.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

The singer was offended when Ellen made a few too many comments about her being the best female impersonator she’s ever seen. The singer was further insulted when she was addressed as ‘Sir’ by the hostess. Several friends close to Liza quickly admitted that the host’s treatment hurt the artist during her appearance.

Callum Scott Was Instructed to Not Look At Ellen

“Britain’s Got Talent” singing sensation Callum Scott also has a tale to share from his appearance on ‘The Ellen Show.’ While in his dressing room, waiting for his first appearance with the legendary hostess, he was instructed by a member of the production staff, before heading to the stage to not look at Ms. Degeneres directly in the eye. 

Image courtesy of DailyStar.com

It was 2016, and Scott was making his debut appearance on The Ellen Show when he received the bizarre directive from her staff. Um, okay, so when Ellen’s asking the interviewee a question, they are supposed to gaze at what, the floor?

The Talk Show’s Future is Still Up In the Air

At the time of this writing, we do know that the 18th season of Ellen has already premiered.  This is good news since many sponsors and TV stations have decided, for now, at least, to publicly stand by those that feel the show has run its course and should be removed from the network’s lineup.

Image courtesy of CNN.com

There are a significant number of local and international broadcasting stations that have removed the show from its schedule. With many shows on production hiatus due to the lockdown restrictions, it’s still up in the air as to whether the show will have a following after the dust settles.

One Reason This is Such a Big Deal

One primary reason the Ellen scandal is making waves is that Ellen herself has always made a point of stating that she and her company are different from other Hollywood mainstays. It’s a fact, questionable behavior and treatment of staff has been hitting the airwaves for a while now (think Harvey Weinstein and Fox’s Roger Ailes).

Image courtesy of IndianExpress.com

But it’s the fact that it happened in an environment that proudly promoted generosity and acts of kindness is what made this beyond comprehension. The fact that Keven T. Porter opened the door to one of the industry’s biggest secrets makes us question other workplace environments and the treatment of their staff as well.

Ellen May Have Turned a Blind Eye

Many argue that Ellen is to be held responsible for the downward spiral of her show and reputation. To lay blame on the staff and claim that she was kept out of much that was happening isn’t good enough. For a powerhouse with Ellen’s pull and reach, she should’ve been more involved in the day to day runnings of her own company. 

Image courtesy of MardiGrasNewOrleans.com

Ellen is, after all, the one who has to be held accountable for the demise of her once stellar reputation. Unlike her meteoric comeback after coming out of the closet in 1997, Ellen is lucky to be given another chance to redeem herself with the public.

Ellen Accused of Ageism

Mocking Martha Stewart straight to her face is almost unheard of unless you’re Ellen Degeneres. Ellen seemed to generalize and stereotype people of a certain age when she asked her Martha if she ever ‘sexted.’ The maven of all things baking and cooking was quick to put the host in her place by responding; ‘I’ve been using technology a lot longer than you have, Ellen.’

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

While the reply was quick and on target, the fact that Ellen even asked the question made many raise an eyebrow at the thought that the older generation isn’t tech-savvy was uncalled for. Hey, Ms. Stewart is BFF with Snoop Dogg, confirms that the Queen of Domesticity is cooler than most, regardless of age.

Ariana Grande Was Made to Discuss Her Love Life

Ariana appeared on The Ellen Show in 2016 to discuss her music award win and talk music; only Degeneres had another agenda. The singer wasn’t prepped for the questions or that they would be personal, as the interview was supposed to be only about her music.  

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

The singer got extremely uncomfortable, and many felt her pain when she replied to one too many intrusive questions with; ‘Oh my God, Oh God, I don’t know, man.  This is so crazy.’  We’re sure the viewers cringed along with Ariana.

Ellen is Canceled in Australia. Wait, No It’s Not.

The drama surrounding The Ellen Show has been making waves around the globe. Ellen’s show was initially removed from Australia’s Channel Nine lineup, and the news reverberated on the net. However, after Ellen’s apology, the network had second thoughts, and in September 2020, it was decided to return the talk show to the airwaves Down Under.

Image courtesy of gofundme.com

That sentiment appeared to be the case around the globe. Many were quick to pounce on Ellen and her treatment of her staff. However, the fact that Ellen is taking responsibility and asking forgiveness appears to be working. Many networks are open to giving Degeneres another chance.  

Ex-Employee Chewed Out for GoFundMe Campaign.

A former staffer on Ellen’s talk show was given a stern talking-to after going public that the company’s health plan didn’t cover some of his medical expenses. The employee created a GoFundMe page to cover additional costs, and when he made it public, things quickly turned ugly.

Image courtesy of FilmDaily.com

The employee was told that Ellen’s brand and reputation take precedent over minor things, such as one’s health and related expenses. This specific claim has been confirmed as fact by an additional four staff members on the talk show. The same employee was let go of his position a month later, for another reason altogether.

Walk of Fame Star Vandalized

In August 2020, a political rally, unrelated to Ellen, was held in proximity to her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During the rally, the star was vandalized on the sidewalk, and defamatory comments were written in purple permanent marker. The comments have since been removed, but the intention was clear and was done in response to the many complaints aimed at Degeneres.

Image courtesy of LosAnglesTimes.com

Ellen’s star is located at 6270 Hollywood Blvd, among other stars of the big and small screen. While the act was a pure act of violence, the timing of the incident makes sense, as it was at the height of the much talked about scandal.

Diane Keaton Has Nice Things to Say About Ellen

In early August, Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton came to Ellen’s defense. The actress took to Instagram to show her support for the host. Keaton’s last appearance on Ellen’s show dates back to February 2020, and she had only nice things to say.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

Keaton claims the audience was enthusiastic and appeared happy. She went on to state that Ellen emanates gratitude and kindness to many, including her. Keaton also said in her post that she enjoyed her visits to Ellen’s talk show and praised her for giving back to others.

Not Everyone Shared the Same Experiences

We’re not biased here and are determined to show both sides of this story. Many employees are quick to defend Ellen and management. Some claim that the workplace atmosphere is no different than other television productions and feel the media hype is overblown. 

Image courtesy of DallasMorningNew.com

On the flip side, many felt that if the staff is liked by senior management, then it’s mainly smooth sailing, and all is well in Ellen-Land. In conclusion, it depends on the case and the employee, and we’re just laying out the facts, both positive and negative.

Poof, They’re Gone, No Explanations

Many staffers are quick to state that complaining about the situation wasn’t welcome and could warrant termination. There are more than a few claims that if one complained for any reason, shortly after, that person would be let go, and no explanation was given to the remaining co-workers.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

This is enough to instill fear and force one to keep their mouths shut. Weekly staff meetings were usually held in the morning on Fridays, and sometimes long-time employees just vanished, and no comment was made to explain their disappearance.

Fear Ruled the Offices

One former employee, who remained anonymous, stated that the work culture was led by fear. If one has an issue, bringing it to anyone’s attention almost certainly led to termination. Many were afraid to even speak amongst themselves and dreaded being ratted out by their co-workers for not being a team player.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

Many didn’t even trust their direct managers and felt that even the slightest issue would be misconstrued and used again them. One claims she was questioned for having the nerve to leave her desk and go to the bathroom. Upon her return, she was asked if she ran into anyone, and if so, what as discussed.

Health and Deaths Needed to Handled on Personal Time

One employee claims she was fired after a challenging year that created a need to be away from work on three separate instances. One reason was a car accident, and two more were due to two deaths in the family, with the employee requesting to attend both funerals.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

Each matter was handled according to protocol with HR, and requests for personal time were met with the need to explain further the reasons for needing time off. Sadly the employee has been terminated shortly after these incidents.

Kevin Hart is Voicing His Support

Actor Kevin Hart wasn’t shy in voicing his support of Ellen. He went on to say that after years of knowing the talk show host, he considers her a friend and went on to state that he has only seen love and respect from Degeneres. In the same post, Hart was quick to state that many love to watch the downfall of a celebrity.

Image courtesy of EllenTube.com

He made a point of not doubting the claims against the disgraced host, but to show another side of the story. Kevin accomplished that, showing the other side with his post supporting his friend. The moral of the story appears to be that it’s imperative to be objective, regardless of popular opinion.