Top NBA Players That Never Made It To Stardom.

By Shane R

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As the NBA playoffs come to a close next month, it is important to talk about some of the most talented players in the league that never quite lived up to expectations. Check out the list below and see where you would rank them.

#1 – Grant Hill

Grant Hill was a two-time NCAA Champion at Duke University. When he entered the NBA, he promptly won co-Rookie of the Year honors with Jason Kidd. But, injuries got the best of the small forward, and he was never able to live up to his high-flying name. Hill unfortunately was never the same from his countless ankle injuries. Oh, what could have been!

#2 – Jay Williams

Jay Williams was another Duke player who ran into a devastating injury. Unfortunately, Williams got in a motorcycle accident, and his game never lived up to the hype. To add insult to injury, Williams did not get the remaining money on his contract because he blatantly disregarded the contract where it said to not ride motorcycles.

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#3 – Sam Bowie

Sam Bowie was supposed to be the next great center. However, in a class of Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, and John Stockton, Sam had no chance. With a variety of stress fractures through the years, the 7’1″ center wilted before he could get started.

#4 – Len Bias

Len Bias was supposed to be the next Michael Jordan. But, he died of a drug overdose when he first entered the league. Sadly, nothing came of his career, after he was drafted second in the 1986 NBA Draft.