Ode To Sports

By Shane R

High Angle View of People on Bicycle

Oh, Sports! How I have missed thee!

Your graceful competition widens the eye of all its viewers.

Skills of catching, punting, throwing, shooting, and hitting all culminate to a thing of beauty.

I missed you during this time of darkness.

The “Dark Year” became light when you stepped into the room.

What would I do without you?

My life would be meaningless.

My hurting soul would not be the same, if it was not for you.

My weekends would be different.

My lifestyle choices would change.

Life would cease to exist without you.

Sure, I tried.

I moved.

I breathed.

I waited.

But, things were not the same when you left me.

I was not the same.

Yet, now I stand.

Redeemed beyond all retribution.

Your competition has brought me back to life.

You never knew what you meant to me.

But, now you do.

Please do not ever do that to me again.

I do not know what I would do.

I would fall behind.

Looking back into the oblivion of a time past.

Frozen in nostalgia for all the world to see.

Filled with no joy.

I would have rather watched reruns than bask in the stillness and solitude of empty pitcher’s mounds and untouched ice arenas.

So, promise me.

Promise me that my life will not skip a beat with an abrupted end to a sports seasons.

I could barely take in then.

So, let us agree that this will never happen again.

Person Wearing Blue Gloves Holding Lacrosse Stick

With Gratitude and Esteemed Love.

Unbalanced Sports Fan.