Crowdless Sports

By Shane R

Baseball Player Playing in Baseball Stadium

No matter if you are enjoying a tied game in the bottom of the ninth or a double-overtime NBA game, you usually hear the overwhelming cry of the crowd. But, as sports have restarted after the pandemic, the roar of the crowd is being digitally enhanced. For much of the year, many people have had to deal with reruns to get their sports fix, but now the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL are back.

Still, in empty stadiums, it is weird to see games being played without fans in attendance. Leagues have tried to adapt by pumping sounds into arenas and stadiums, but things certainly have not been normal. This has allowed fans the new opportunity to take in the sights and sounds like never before. Fans can hear everything that is being said: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Person in Red and Blue Top Raising Left Hand

Of course, sports leagues will not allows this to happen year after year, if they can help it. Things are not financially appealing when a lot of revenue comes from people who attend live sporting events. But, for now, sports fans can enjoy the fact that sports are even back in the first place. This is a positive that we can all agree is positive in a world that is challenging to say the least.

So, enjoy sports while you can. The perplexity of 2020 will eventually end, normalcy will ensue in some form, and you will be able to get you drinks and snacks at the ballgame real soon. Starting dreaming!