Creative Yet Bad Designs Ideas That People Took To Another Level

By Ish B

There are so many ways to be creative, be it through making art, writing poetry, or even getting a wacky haircut. Some people have the kookiest ideas that can be both hilarious yet mortifying. It’s fun when you can invent your own sandwich recipe or even make your own style of shoes. There are so many ways to execute an art form, and these people took their creativity to a whole new level. They may seem weird at first, but there’s a tinge of authenticity to their designs. In a world where you’re expected to be unique, these out of the box ideas are sure to give you some inspiration. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, these innovative and original ideas are sure to give you a boost of ingenuity on a day when you feel you need it most

Silver Car or Duct Tape?

At first glance, this car looks to be silver, but it’s the complete opposite of that actually. This guy wanted a silver car and decided to do his own DIY because he didn’t want to get a paint job done by a professional. Instead, he opted for a silver duct-taped car.

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

Upon close inspection, you’ll be able to make out the tape marks. But from a distance, this could actually work. We think he could’ve refined it a bit more, but overall he did a pretty swell job! It looks like a great art project; we just wonder what happens to it when it rains?

Inflatable Titanic

You’ve probably seen the tragic movie Titanic with Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet. The movie was based on the actual story of the Titanic wherein the actual ship sunk around 100 years ago. It was found off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada.

image courtesy of awwwmemes

This inflatable reminds us of the Titanic, and we’re pretty sure that’s what the creators were going for. Luckily, it isn’t an actual ship, and it’s just a slide for kids to play on. The design is spot on, and it almost looks like the real thing. It’s also a great and fun way to educate kids on the true story of the Titanic.

Creepy Crawlies

Not all bright and creative ideas are attractive, and this one falls on the opposite side of the spectrum. While we understand that the creators intended this to look “artsy,” we can’ help but feel a slight itch when staring deeply at it.

image courtesy of Cursed Images Discover/pinterest

It’s supposed to look trendy and cool, but it sort of looks like there are bugs on the bed. Again, if you’re a fan of bugs, this is the perfect bed linen for you or your fellow friends who are into this style. It makes for a special gift, and even though it isn’t for us, it looks mighty comfy.

Next Level Crocs

This guy decided to amp up his croc game with spikes and a metal chain attached to his pants. It’s a great idea if you’re into the goth style of fashion or if you’re into rock bands. It would also be great to wear this to a potential mosh pit or concert.

image courtesy of awwwmemes

We love how he used his own taste in this design, and it certainly makes it look unique. It doesn’t look like any of the typical crocs that would be out on the market, but if it were, it would definitely be marketable. He has an eye for design and should probably consider a future in cutting edge fashion.

The Simpsons For Life

Who can forget the hilarious Homer Simpson and his lovable family? The show has been going on for decades, and it’s no surprise that there are people out there who are big fans. This idea is a unique one if you’re a big fan of the yellow family.

image courtesy of Cursed Images Discover/pinterest

It’s questionably tasteful since it isn’t just Homer and Marge Simpson displayed on his leg. It’s actually similar to a Yin and Yang symbol that reflects the light and dark side. This tattoo concept is strikingly different from a normal Homer tattoo, and it’s awesome to see that they were thinking out of the box.

Need A Hand?

If you need an extra finger on April Fool’s day, then this is the best trick you can do to surprise someone. Not only does it look like an actual finger, but it can give your friends and family a real shocker. Imagine when someone asks you to pass the fruit, and you hand it to them with your hand, and it looks like this.

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

It will work if your skin color is almost the same color as this finger since you can just put it on like a ring. Hopefully, they have other colors for various skin tones, but if you want to play a quick prank on a friend, this would be a great idea.

Listen to the Sounds of the Sea

Have you ever used a shell’s hollow part to listen to the ocean? Back then, when we were kids, our parents would tell us that we could hear the ocean from seashells. If you’ve tried this as a kid, you’d know that the sound would be like a soft echo.

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

Now, you can listen to the sound of the ocean with this beautiful pair of headphones. Not only is it stylish, but it looks comfortable enough for long hours. The quirky part is the transparent casing where you can see the shape and form of the shell. How lovely!

Brain Hat

Have you ever wished you could wear your brain on your head in a hat form? This quirky idea was brought about by a group of talented designers. Why keep your brain in your head when you can actually wear it? Such a creative idea!

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

Not to mention, the hat looks extra comfy and perfect to wear during winter. When heading to a meeting where critical thinking is required, you can put on this hat and say you have your “thinking cap” on, then no one in the meeting would ask you to take it off.

Braids for Days

Why have normal braids when you can have braids with your beloved rapper on them? This little girl wanted to do something different with her hairstyle and decided to do something that was way out of the box and get a person on her hair.

image courtesy of awwwmemes

This is such a quirky idea if you’re heading to a concert or even someone’s birthday because it’ll make you truly stand out. This little girl was so pleased to share her new hair that daddy snapped a pic. This should definitely go on the gram.

Hippo Ride

When talking about wild rides, this truly takes the cake for being one of the weirdest and wackiest cars out there. Some people have banana cars, others have cars in the shape of a watermelon, but this is the first time we have seen a Hippo car!

image courtesy of awwwmemes

It even has huge nostrils and tiny lips to match. The eyes look more on the sultry side, making us assume that it’s a female hippo. What’s even more quirky is the tiny hippo on top of the mother. Creative and cute or creepy? You decide.

My Shiny Teeth and Me

Can you guess where this room is? It’s actually not a bedroom or kitchen; it’s actually a waiting room in a dentist’s clinic. If the teeth weren’t a dead giveaway, we don’t know what is. The molar chairs don’t look so comfortable, but it makes the whole room more quirky and interesting.

image courtesy of awwwmemes

It kind of looks like you’re in someone’s mouth, though, which makes this room look way less appealing and fun. It even captures the exact colors of a human mouth, which adds to the air of quirkiness. Would you be excited to wait here for your dentist appointment?

Game Over

Marriages are complicated. They take a lot of work and patience from both sides to make sure it works. This couple wanted to make their wedding cake special and unique, and they certainly nailed it. The bride is dragging her husband from his PS4, and this is a funny example of their marriage.

image courtesy of 74 Best Cute and Funny Groom Cake Ideas for Your Wedding/Pinterest

The “game over” sign probably means that he has to choose between his games and his wife, and by the looks of it, his wife won this round. It’s a fun cake that looks sarcastic, but it probably means a lot to the bride and groom to be.

Flash From The Past

This car reminds us of the days where horse-drawn carriages were the rage. Cars didn’t exist, and horses were considered a sensible form of transportation. This car is a hybrid of a horse-drawn carriage and a modern-day car.

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

It’s definitely a nifty ride, and if we saw someone pull up in this in the local drive-through, we’d think that they have a certain style of class. It’s the perfect in-between where old meets new, and the wheels are pretty cool too compared to the bulky car.

Roach Coffee Anyone?

For the insect lovers, here’s coffee to satiate your caffeine cravings. This unique design isn’t easy to do at all, and we’re in awe of its precision. Some people usually get hearts or swans on their foam, but this cafe likes to do things a little differently.

image courtesy of awwwmemes

If you also want to prank your friends, this would be a great idea. Just make sure they don’t get a heart attack after! This neat little design is certainly out of the box, and we’d love to see more insect based latte art in our coffees! So cool.

Tummy Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is a creative idea since the design is meant to resemble a man’s belly. This would be a great gift for dad or grandpa as a joke. Not only is the bag’s design unique, but it’s also very spacious; it can even hold your favorite can of beer!

image courtesy of groupon

It not only pays tribute to the design, but it’s extremely functional too. There’s nothing better than owning a bag that has a lot of space. After all, you need a bag to house your keys, notebooks, and sometimes even a beer or two after a long day’s work.

Extra Wheel

For people with kids, you could have a fake wheel in the back of your car so your children can pretend to drive while you’re actually driving. It also gives them a sense of direction and makes them feel important, which is crucial in their development.

image courtesy of groupon

The only thing is, this isn’t your child’s toy steering wheel. It looks like an actual steering wheel built into the car. The purpose seems unclear, but it looks pretty out of place. But also, the shift gears in the front look strange too. Are we looking at the front of the car or the back? Maybe for all those backseat drivers out there. Strange!

Apple Mouse Relic

Back then, when Apple was way less advanced, they had colored macintoshes. They were quite popular in elementary schools, and they would range from blue to orange to even green. But what you might not know is their infamous default mouse.

image courtesy of groupon

Now, with the advent of technology, smart designs have been dominating the world of tech. This design is far from it, but back then, it was considered iconic. The charging port at the back of the mouse was a primary function, but now all the great apple designs stemmed from designs that seemed less creative back in the day.

Looks Kind of Fishy

These fish sandals are surprisingly popular in the Southeast Asian market department. When passing through countries like Vietnam and the Philippines, you’re sure to find a few of these hanging in someone’s store. They cannot be missed!

image courtesy of Foot Boots/pinterest

The concept is great, but we’re having a hard time wrapping our head around its functionality. Even though they look comfortable, they might not be practical to wear to a family dinner. It makes for a funny gift, though, and the cherry on top would be if they were waterproof.

A Side Order of Pickles

What better way to wash down last night’s burger and fries meal than with your favorite pickle toothpaste? It’ll feel like you’re still eating a meal with this pickle-flavored toothpaste, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it had a tinge of sourness.

image courtesy of dudeiwanthat

The only thing is, it might not be great to use before a date. After all, eating pickles before a date isn’t recommended (unless your date is eating them too!) This is a creative idea worth trying, and if you’re a huge pickle fan, then this product is a dream come true.

Dead Man Walking

This funeral home really put some thought into the design of the car. The only thing is, it isn’t that inspiring or heartfelt. If anything, it looks kind of creepy with the hand marks on the side. While it does look gnarly and makes you feel like the person is still alive inside, it might give people a huge scare.

image courtesy of groupon

Not only is it creepy, but it also adds to the design of the hearse. It makes the car look more dramatic and even makes you question the state of the design. This artwork just goes to show how people can take their design ideas to a whole new level, no matter how bizarre they may be.

Daddy Long Legs

Teddy bears are great stuffed toys to have when you’re young. They keep you company at night, and they also make for great cuddle buddies. A lot of men like to gift their partners with stuffed animals and they make for adorable gifts especially when you win them at amusement parks.

image courtesy of groupon

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that its legs are disproportionate to its size. Which makes it great for hugging late at night or if you need an extra pillow (or three). The only con is that it takes up the whole bed, so it’s either your partner or the bear. You decide.

Spider In Your Ear

Fashion nowadays has taken a whole new meaning. Earrings aren’t just regular earrings; they can be altered to look like real-life spiders. Or, necklaces can look like chains instead of dainty golden pieces. Fashion is freedom of expression, and this idea is killing the design game.

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

It isn’t for the faint of heart who aren’t into creepy crawlies, and if you aren’t into insects, this isn’t for you. But if you’re the type of person who owns spiders and loves nature, then this would be the perfect set of earrings for you.

Sadako Nails

The Ring is one classic horror movie that haunted our dreams as a child. The words “7 days” and a static screen has been ingrained in our brains as the iconic indicators of the movie The Ring. This person clearly loves horror movies.

image courtesy of awwwmemes

We wouldn’t recommend using this design as an everyday style of nail, but it’s great for costume parties or Halloween events. Also, if you’re a true horror fan, then this would be perfect for you. The static TV nails are also a nice little touch. True The Ring fans would recognize the small details.

Two Toned Design

This bathroom design is just two tones: orange and brown, and some people may see it as design-forward or trashy. We think it’s the former. The brown and the orange complement each other, and the brown is more of a neutral color, which makes any additional color combination a great choice.

image courtesy of Cursed Images Discover/pinterest

The owners really outdid themselves, too, with the orange rug to match. It matches the bathroom’s entire aesthetic, and it seems to blend in really well with its surroundings. The only thing that’s missing, though, is an orange stand for the shampoos and conditioners.

An Amusement Park for The Young and Old

No, this isn’t just an installation or art piece; it’s actually a really clever design for WonderWorks in Orlando. Wonderworks is an amusement park for people of all ages, and it’s supposed to resemble a building that’s undergoing an earthquake.

image courtesy of WonderWorks Orlando

It’s a wonderful place to spend with the entire family, especially if you have a couple of children to keep entertained. There’s even laser tag so you can spend the day zapping away at your friends and family. The rope suspension course also is a must-see!


When this girl asked for a “redhead” look, she didn’t mean this. But instead, her hairdresser amped her hairstyle up a notch. Instead of going for a regular red haircut, she put green streaks in her hair, making her look way cooler than a regular redhead.

image courtesy of Cursed Images Discover/pinterest

We’re wondering if this is an actual trend and if people like wearing fruits or veggies on their heads. This one was pretty savage, and we’d love to see a strawberry or even a kiwi version! It’s almost good enough to eat, and the green and red colors shine so brightly.

Breakfast is Served

This has got to be one of the cutest accessories we’ve ever seen. The tiny strip of bacon and the sunny side up egg make for a great pair. After all, what’s better than bacon and eggs for breakfast? We’d love to see pancakes and cold coffee combo.

image courtesy of groupon

What makes it even cuter is their expression. In Japanese culture, this would be considered “kawaii” kawaii means cute, and that’s exactly what these accessories symbolize. The tiny grin makes them so cute that it would be hard to actually want to eat them!

Wedding Cake Dress

This wedding dress looks good enough to eat! In fact, you can actually eat from it. We’re not too sure how she was able to waltz down the aisle in this, but maybe she managed to put this on during the reception instead of for the actual ceremony.

image courtesy of dudeiwanthat

A lot of thought seems like it was put into this, and all their efforts certainly paid off. We’ve never come across both a functional and beautiful wedding dress. We’re just wondering how she gets herself out of this dress? We hope it’s an easy removal for her.

Bird Cage

When we were young, our parents would choose our own clothes, shoes, and even our backpacks for school. This girl’s mom seems like she knows how to work with hair because of the intricate design of the birdcage and the actual bird.

image courtesy of dudeiwanthat

Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the string isn’t actually her hair, even though it might look like it. The talented hairdresser which we highly think is mom, used pieces of string and wire to construct this one-of-a-kind hairstyle. She probably was the talk of the entire school!

Minions are Burning

If you’ve seen Despicable Me, you’re 100% familiar with Gru and his army of yellow minions. These cute little fellas help him with his everyday tasks, and in the lab, when he needs a hand (or four!), they’re always eager to help, and they usually have a smile on their face.

image courtesy of happyfacts

This minion, though isn’t smiling, but he’s more than happy to help his loving owner. This makeshift grill in the form of a minion is both functional and design forward. The huge mouth of the minion is spacious enough for a good ol’ chunk of steak. And maybe even a whole chicken!

Silica Gel Bag

When you open up a bag of seaweed or sometimes even a bag of chips, you’re sure to come across these silica gel packets. They’re meant to keep moisture from destroying the goods, and they’re great for products that have a long shelf life.

image courtesy of thechive

We’ve never seen a silica gel bag before, and this one is certainly a design that’s out of the box. It mimics a silica gel packet exactly, and we like how it semi looks like a fanny pack. It would also be great if there were a backpack version of this, but this would make for an everyday kind of bag.

Am I In or Out?

Sometimes you enter someone’s house, and the first thing your eyes fall on is their majestic fireplace, or it might even be the design of their staircase. What was interesting for this person was the design of this kitchen because it looks like you stepped outside.

image courtesy of happyfacts

The reflection of the glass says it all, because it looks like you’re outside hanging out in the garden with your fridge and oven. But if you look closer, you’ll see that the kitchen is fully closed. This kitchen concept would be great for the budding hiker or nature lover because you won’t feel like you’re missing out on the great outdoors if you can see it every day in your home.

Rainbow Streaks

What’s cooler than highlights or a streak of color in your hair? This rainbow design that resembles tie-dye has caught our undivided attention. It’s more than just two or three tones of color; it actually looks like it has all the colors of the rainbow.

image courtesy of thechive

This design would be great for an outdoor festival, or if you’re staying for a few nights in a fancy place with your friends and you don’t mind looking expressive. This design is sure to turn heads, and it would be great for almost any occasion, and you’re sure to strike up conversations with all kinds of interesting people.

My Other Half

This looks like an extension of the car, and we wonder if he lugs the other half of his car with him wherever he goes. We can’t seem to see the function of chaining the backside of the car to the actual car, but maybe he’s traveling with a few belongings in the back.

image courtesy of thechive

This is a unique sight to see on the freeway, and we’re in awe of how this guy managed to attach the backside of a car to his actual car. Some people come up with the most creative ideas, and this vehicle is one of the most creative rides we’ve ever come across.

Dog Washed Design

This design was a result of a mistake, but somehow the result turned out pretty interesting. Upon looking at this wallet, you’ll see a shape formed, and it resembles a tiny horse or even a dog. How cool! It’s a bummer to find your wallet in the wash, but it wasn’t a bad thing this time.

image courtesy of happyfacts

This guy was probably turning his house upside down, looking for his wallet until he saw it in the washing machine, and much to his surprise, he found more than what he bargained for. It’s cool to find more than money in the wash, but a homemade design done by your very own laundry machine!

It’s Alive!

If you’ve seen The Little Mermaid, there’s something about the tentacles in this cake that resembles the evil Ursula. The tentacles’ blackness resembles her dark demeanor, and something about the cake looks quite haunting even though it’s supposed to be a cheerful cake.

image courtesy of Cursed Images Discover/pinterest

The birthday celebrant is most likely a fan of the strange and unconventional, hence this cake. Even though she isn’t that young anymore, she seems like she knows how to have fun with this cake design, and it really looks like it’s one-of-a-kind. We wonder what it tastes like!

There’s a Sword Fish Outside

When looking at this design, one can’t help but think: “but what is the point of this design?” It could either be that this place is an actual seafood restaurant, or they had a swordfish poking into the building as part of the design.

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

It looks like the swordfish is looking for food with the look on his face. It’s cool to see how he’s balancing on the side of the building, looking like he’s about to jump on something. It could both be frightening and cool at the same time.

We’re Not in Wonderland Anymore Alice

Alice in Wonderland is one of those books that make us feel like we’re being transported to another world. Her journeys make us feel like we’re intoxicated or even drifting in the dream realm. This car is the embodiment of reality meets fantasy.

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

It looks similar to the Cheshire cat, which is what they were probably going for. He looks like a friendlier and more approachable version of the Cheshire cat, though. With those orange eyes and pink streaks, it looks sweeter and less creepy than the original cat.

Toilet Themed Restaurant

This popular restaurant joint is a common sight in Taipei. Asian restaurants sometimes have the most unique and special designs. Some restaurants even have owls in their restaurant! This place decided to go for the unique route and decided to use toilets as chair seats.

image courtesy of Indian Tatti Restaurant and online Food service/facebook

While this may look nifty at first, it’s pretty bizarre to eat food where you’re supposed to do number two. It’s a unique design, though, and we give them props for that. We’d definitely visit this unique Taipei restaurant to take pics for the gram.

Flipped Over

At first glance, this car looks like it was flipped over – but the design was intentional. It was meant to look like an overturned car, but it somehow boggles your mind the first time you look at it. Almost like an optical illusion but in vehicle form.

image courtesy of Cursed Images Discover/pinterest

If our dads or moms rolled up to school in this car, we’d get so many adverse and interesting reactions from our peers. After all, it is truly one of a kind car. We only have one question, though: where are the wheels? Or is it camouflaged too?

Bird Lover’s Heels

Some people are huge fans of cats, others deem themselves as dog lovers, but this woman is clearly a huge fan of birds. She’s rocking her pigeon heels in the park, and we’re wondering if the actual pigeons in the park think her shoes are real?

mage courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

She must’ve gotten many intrigued stares in the park, not just from the people there but also from the birds. From the front, it looks like a pretty cool set of heels, but when you see her walking from behind, it tells a different story. Cool and innovative!

Fries For Days

Who doesn’t like potatoes? There are so many delicious ways to cook them. You can eat them in hash brown form, in chip form, or even good ole’ baked potatoes with sour cream. The possibilities are endless. This girl wanted to show her love for the fry with these mittens.

mage courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

Not only are they funky, but they also make us really hungry for a large Mcdonald’s fries. The mittens look exactly like an order of fries, and we’re hoping it has an inner pocket for sachets of mayonnaise and ketchup. If not, this is a cool idea, regardless!

Pixel Perfect Hair

Back in the 80s, a mullet was a classic look that became popular for both men and women. It was an iconic look that people adored and wore for many years. In the 90s, scene or emo hair was popular where teens and adults would rock tails and long side-swept bangs.

image courtesy of Pinterest/158 Best Creative Haircolor images

There’s so many up and coming hair trends that are so unique and special in this day and age. This one is unparalleled because it has a pixel-like effect. This look is great for a night out partying with your girls or if you’re en route to a weekend festival in a forest.

Dog Slippers

This unique company decided to make shoes that look just like people’s dogs! We’re sure that dog owners would be happy to wear their doggos on their feet. And think of all the cool designs you could get, you can opt for a Husky one or even a Labrador.

image courtesy of Pinterest/dog slippers

This person decided to get slippers that match the hair color and style of their dogs. It looks like a great fit because they match their physical appearance perfectly. It now looks like the owner has two new puppies to add to her growing dog family.

Insect Themed Restaurant

If you’ve been to Korea, you might have heard of The Grasshopper’s Dream Café. How could you miss this sight with two grasshoppers lying atop each other? It’s situated right by the railway, which makes for a unique spot. What’s even cooler is that both crickets have different themes.

image courtesy of oddlysatisfying/reddit

The grasshopper at the bottom is a pasta themed restaurant where you can order any kind of noodles and sauce of your choice. The grasshopper on top on the other hand, is considered the male and there you can have a cup of coffee and a tasty treat after your meal.