Best College Football Coaches of All-Time

By Shane R

With the college football season in full swing, it is time to sift through the best coaches the sport has ever seen. There have been some remarkable careers over the years with these coaches. From luck to some amazing players, these coaches have had the kind of longevity in college football that many only dream of.

#1 – Paul “Bear” Bryant

Paul Bryant was truly a “Bear” when his teams went up against rivals Auburn and Tennessee, going 35-13-2 against them. Over the years, Bryant won six national championship and thirteen SEC titles. Even the great Nick Saban cannot say that.

#2 – Nick Saban

Speaking of Nick Saban, the current Alabama coach is wizard-like. After Nick Saban won his first national championship, Alabama thought so much of him that they built him his own statue on campus. In total, Saban has won five championships and six SEC championships. At 67-years-old, the man still wants to coach and will probably match the great Paul “Bear Bryant” in championships.

#3 – Knute Rockne

If you are not a college football connoisseur or a Notre Dame fan, you probably have not heard of Knute Rockne. Well, Rockne not only put Notre Dame on the map, but also the entire sport of college football. In 13 years at the helm of the Fighting Irish, Rockne won three national championships and only lost 12 games. That is right! Rockne lost less than one game a year on average at Notre Dame.

#4 – Tom Osborne

Tom Osborne is on this list because of an illustrious 25-year career with Nebraska. He won three national championships in four years, and won thirteen conference titles. Unfortunately, the Cornhuskers have not been the same since he retired in 1997.