Dramaticats: 50 Cats Releasing Their Inner Divas

By Aileen D

Despite their baby-like meows and cuddly bodies, cats are one of the grouchiest pets there are. If you fail to stock up on the essentials and give them loads of time and attention, they will make sure that you receive word. They can crawl up on your lap one second and then mark you their territory the next. There’s never a dull moment with them, especially these overly dramatic cats.

Of the millions of felines, these have the oddest tics. Maybe your kitty exhibits them too. We can’t imagine what these pet owners did to close the curtain. These pets can’t seem to differentiate the line between real life and theater. And because of their Oscar-worthy acting chops, they have made the list.

To Catnip or to Catnap

To catnip or not to catnap, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the tummy to suffer the growls and churns of furballs, or to take the nudges of feet sliding by. To eat – to sleep. This cat gets an Oscar for being the most attention-seeking of them all. We would still scrunch its neck.

Image Courtesy of SafeNap / Imgur

This isn’t its first time to do this. The moment it sees a visitor in the house, it will rub its whole length against the guest’s leg and then idly sleep in the hallway. If you nudge it aside, it will purr meekly, but it will stay put. If you accidentally step on its arm, it will claw you into pieces. Best to leave it be.

The Winner Gets It All

This house cat seems to have conquered a major milestone. Could it have been a mouse, a coaxed belly rub, or a broken vase? Whatever it was, it couldn’t keep from doing soliloquies- unaware that there were other characters around the dining table.

Image Courtesy of DanD0tCom / Reddit

Great is thyself. Lend me your ears …or your catnips. From hence on, seekest thou great things for thyself! Yes, we can read those whiskers twitching. By the looks of them, we should find a broken vase somewhere within the house. We’ll get to tidying the living room and replace those valuables with plastic vases. One thing is for sure, this cat has got an odd way of proving himself.


Pennywise has many forms. He can be a floating ball of light, or he can be a circus clown. But whatever figure he’ll take, it will be one that lures people in. That’s why this shouldn’t be any wonder. Robert Gray AKA Pennywise has taken feline form. As he glares at you menacingly from the top corner of the room, you can’t help but be drawn to him. Would you look at this cute furball?

Image courtesy of We Love Cats and Kittens

Careful now. He’s the type to feed on sinful souls. He might leap from his perch and land on your face. We know what he did to Georgie. It might take him a couple of minutes to munch into yours, but we’re certain he’ll get it done. So best, stay back. Admire him from a distance.

First Time

There’s always a first time for everybody. We’re talking about that first fall of a snowflake on your skin. Can you remember how it felt, or at the very least, how you reacted? Because when this cat strayed out from her home to feel the blinding white snow, she had mixed feelings.

Image courtesy of Tessa iv / Skim Resources

At first, she walked gingerly to the middle of the lawn. Her eyes were wide and tentative. Why is the ground like this? In a couple of minutes, snow fell over her fur. It was then that she gave a high-pitched cry. And as she looked up, she wondered if the world was caving in. What would happen to her catnips?

What’d I Say Wrong

It turns out that even for a pair of love cats, there can be trouble in paradise. There was a lot of pawing and scratching this morning on the shelves. By mid-morning, a lot of albums were thrown at each other. Finally, the argument ended with this kitty leaving – to which her partner replied, baby don’t leave me!

Image Courtesy of NSFW_PORN_ONLY / Reddit

What’d I say wrong? Tell me, and I’ll make it right! Hoping to deter his partner from leaving, this big-bellied cat relied on undigested feeds to slow her down. But his efforts went to waste; she was able to wrestle her hind leg from him. The two spent the rest of the day playing chase. And by evening, it was as if nothing ever happened.

Overly Dramatic Madman

The hours pass by in that laboratory. There’s always something to tinker about. With test tubes filled to the brim, this cat’s paws are always preoccupied. He must not be disturbed, even by his hooman owner. That was why when he was abruptly taken for a walk, he couldn’t help but bare his claws and give off a frantic shrill.

Image Courtesy of SplatterFrogs / Reddit

Release me hooman, I’m on the verge of discovering the secret to growing an unlimited supply of catnips. But his owner wouldn’t hear any of it. It’s time for his weekly walk. Besides, there’s always time to tinker about with those test tubes later. Wouldn’t this cat just send them hurtling to the floor?

You Have Babies?

This woman had had this cat since she was single. She had nursed the latter like her own child until she met her beau and then married him. Fast forward a couple of years, and the couple treated their fur pet as their own flesh and blood. Everybody was in the shock of their lives when mommy delivered a human baby!

Image Courtesy of manychairs / Reddit

Even mommy thought she would give birth to a feline child. Everybody tried to explain the situation to the kitty cat but she couldn’t believe it. She was in total shock for the first two days. By the third day, much of the surprise had worn off. But she was adamant to sleep in that baby cradle.

Pregnancy Surprise

Remember how the internet was flooded with pictures of pregnancy reveals? A lot of those pictures were downright adorable. They were so cute we couldn’t help but feel excited about the new addition to the family. Well, when this family decided to adopt a new dog, their feline child was the last one to know about it. Guess how she took it!

Image courtesy of IMG Flip

She flung that tie ball to the corner and scratched that post, so ruthlessly we thought we would have to buy a new one! We had honestly thought she’d take it positively. She was the one purring about a playmate. Now that she’s got one, she wants out of it. Too bad! He’s on the way from the vet.

Safe Driving

While her two companions stare fixedly at the road, this kitty cat’s eyes grow wider by the passing second. We can’t imagine why. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the picture. That’s what anyone would think, but try finding out why she’s got her claws bared.

Image courtesy of This_Geig / Reddit

Exactly! They were heading for a truck. At the very instant we saw that reflection in that man’s shades, we couldn’t help but wonder why neither he nor that dog were sweating in their seats. If we had been driving the car, we would have sharply turned the wheel to the side. We might have banged our head on the window, but at least it’s set right in place!

In Too Deep

We are certain you have experienced this firsthand. You are in a public pool, wearing floaters or standing by the side (we’re not judging), and you see a mum carrying her kid to the side of the pool. She reassures him that the water isn’t deep and that it’s time for him to learn how to swim. He bravely puts on a front. But within a few seconds of hitting the water, he flails around and reaches for mommy. This picture pretty much sums it up.

Image Courtesy of supersonics / Reddit

Thinking that the water will swallow him whole, he clutches tighter unto his mom’s swimsuit. A high-pitched scream escapes his throat, whereas you struggle to stifle your laughter. His mum’s words fall on deaf ears. The only thing that’s going through his head is the futility of his legs. Even if he stood up, he’d drown in the pool. His mum takes a plunge. He hadn’t even gone past the first step. So much for overreacting.

Pretty Please?

How do you know your cat loves you? Let’s count the number of ways. First, they may headbutt you. Yes, that means that while your head is bowed, they will boop your forehead and scrape off excess dandruff from your scalp. Second, they will show you their tummy. That’s a sign of vulnerability. Third, they may nibble you, kind of like how your beau nibbles on your love handles. Fourth, they look at you like this.

Image courtesy of uppercase / Reddit

That’s a sign of utter devotion. Pretty please, won’t you let me pounce on you? And before you get to decide, they will, because they know you’ll like it either way. It might purr and meow softly, just before it nestles its head on your chest. You might get a whiff of its tail as it slides it to and fro under your nose. That’s how you know you chose well!

Look at This Primadonna

I really want to rub myself against that ankle, but uh… it’s too far away. Won’t you bring it closer? Believe us, this cat hasn’t stop staring at it since we’ve gone into the room. The moment we step outside, it meows and purrs until we come back. Then it will lie on its back and then stretch yearningly at us.

Image courtesy of stinkylinkydingdong / Reddit

Cats have an odd way of communicating their needs. This used our ankle as its scratching post. It kneaded and rubbed its head against our sock and then locked its claws inside. Without giving us any option, we lay on the bed, careful to keep that ankle close to the cat. What a primadonna!

If It Fits, I Swigs

If you thought dogs had gusto, you’d be surprised at this cat’s appetite. He isn’t fed much, but with 4 feedings and little movement, he has gained a ton. Lately, he has gone on a diet. But we have heard he finds it difficult, especially when his owner comes home bringing this!

Image courtesy of bunnyfood / Reddit

Oh, hell no! He knew what his owner had in store the minute he walked in the door. That plastic bag showed a familiar bulge, and he could smell the strawberry goodness in that pint. It doesn’t help that this brand makes ice cream with loads of milk in it. That would make any cat take a swig out of the tub! If it fits in his mouth, he’ll chow it down.

Someone’s A Sourpuss

Before this cat came into the family, this mum only had a Golden Retriever to pay attention to. The days were fun and easy. But this mum felt like something was missing. That’s why she had adopted this stray cat. She and her dog-child welcomed the kitty with open arms. Unfortunately, this cat disapproved of the family dynamics.

Image Courtesy of nanatalada / Reddit

She can’t get over sharing the spotlight with a Golden Retriever. Who knew cats could make that face? Had it not been for this picture, we would have found it hard to believe that a cat could be hilariously jealous over a dog. If it’s any comfort, we still think she’s a good kitty.

Your Existence Offends Me

One of the few character traits we love seeing in cats is their sense of superiority. Think House or Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. Your very presence in the room offends them. And they will not shy away from telling you. It’s best that they ignore you, or you will be met with this.

Image Courtesy of suitedman / REddit

Say what hooman? I wasn’t speaking to you! It’s funny because we find these cats adorable, but we can’t stomach being treated this way by anyone else. The rad thing about cats is that you get validation when they land on your lap. They will briefly allow you to hold them. Watch them grace you with their presence. They will expect loads of attention, but they’re pretty much worth it. Care to bring one home?

Bruce Kitty

Named Little Dragon, this cat is a highly decorated martial arts master. It all started one afternoon when his master received a package. His owner excitedly rummaged through the box and out flung hundreds of packing noodles. This cat Kung-fued his way to get rid of every single one.

Image Courtesy of Clicker Training

Since then, he has promised to rid the world of packing noodles. With his master’s help, he has trained exhaustively. Boxing, Wing Chun, and Jeet Kune Do- you name it, he knows it. It will only be a short time before he is able to maintain the house’s upkeep.

Staying Dry

If cats were film characters, they would be Sally Albright from the movie When Harry Met Sally. They have high standards. They will take the salmon with the mustard sauce, but the mustard sauce has to be on the side. Apparently, they want things a certain way. That’s a big deal for them. Another example of which is how they want their water served.

Image Courtesy of midjuneau / Reddit

They want to lick globe crystals. If you so much as place water on a bowl, they will only use it to cleanse their paws. Then they’ll withdraw altogether. What is this hooman? While you’re at it, how about giving them water straight from the glass. Prop them up on a seat and then have them drink from a straw.

Too Thick a Fur

Looks like someone’s going to be murdered in his sleep. This cat owner accidentally locked his cat out one night. He hadn’t woken up to the clawing outside the door. By morning, the front porch looked like a hurricane had gone past it with the flower pots knocked to the floor. It looks like his cat isn’t going to be forgetting this incident soon.

Image Courtesy of Bprior6 / Reddit

Why yooooou! That cat may be every bit as hardy as your mum, but she doesn’t have to think a fur to survive the night in the cold. She kneads her paws on the mat and then scowls at you on the way in. Let’s hope that premium-grade tuna will distract her. We don’t know how long we can keep up with this face.

Blunt Injury

Because of their size, we suggest that you play with cats gingerly. Treat them like you would a fine set of Chinaware. Lightly trail your fingers across the length of your body. Tap that nose, and quickly withdraw your pointy at the sight of a claw. But under no circumstance should you poke your child like this!

Image Courtesy of RespectMyAuthoriteh / Reddit

I die, hooman. That boop was as gentle as you tapping a plastic straw against a cup. But it’s a blunt force veering this cat’s senses. Do you think it caused permanent brain damage? This owner seems to think so. Her cat has been less aggressive lately. We suggest she boop it more often.

Going to the Vet

Here’s another surprising tip for cat owners- as much as your furballs love getting attention, they prefer to practice self-care. If you so much as bathe them, they will not trust you the same way again. Don’t believe us? Take it from this Reddit user. On the left was a picture of his cat on the way to the vet. The right picture says it all.

Image Courtesy of B-rry / Reddit

All her vet did was to examine her. A little touch here and there, max an inch deep to check for any masses, and she gave her owner this look on the ride home. You can only imagine how she’ll react if she gets a rabies vaccine on the next trip. She might stray from the family home altogether!

Who’s This

Blinding fury – that’s flooding this cat’s body as she shrieks atop the bed. At first, it had been a look of betrayal. What had caused it? Her mom’s announcement. Apparently, her mum had been carrying a baby in her tummy this whole time. This cat had thought it was a simple case of furballs. Tough luck, kitty.

Image courtesy of Local306 / Reddit

She should have known, she thought. That’s why mum had been heaving over the toilet bowl for the first few months. The room reeked of gym socks, sour milk, and stale macaroni. There were no fur balls insight. No fur balls clogged the toilet. Now, what to do with this betrayal?

Where’d That Come From

Before adopting cats, let us remind you that you should keep a healthy dose of distrust. They like to blame other pets for their misdeeds. In case you don’t have any other fur children, they’ll blame it on zero gravity. You’ll have so many cat owners telling you that their cats have feigned innocence when encountering a vase they broke. And if it weren’t for common sense, you might have believed them!

Image Courtesy of Animals Look

They have practiced this experiment so many times we keep wondering when the insanity will end. They’ll spring stealthily on the topmost shelf, paw a vase to their embrace, and then casually swing it to the edge. They’ll look at it break from the corner of their eyes and then pretend they’re innocent. Oh my fur, that’s the missing piece!

Curse Thee Heavens

It looks like this cat is going to audition for a movie. For the big day, it groomed itself meticulously, pawing itself with slick loads of saliva. It had rehearsed its line so many times over; it was in character even at home. When its name was called to stage, it took little effort to get into the flow.

Image Courtesy of Ican has Cheezburger

It dreamed a dream in time gone by, when hope was high and seven lives were worth living. Arching it back, it proclaimed that it dreamed that love would never die. By the end of that five-minute stint, everyone had tears in their eyes, and the director was sniffling. This cat is going to be a star!


Is it really your fault if your cat loves to stray? We daresay not! With the vast-ranging moods a cat has, you can’t be too sure what it’ll do next. It could lunge at you, scratch its post, break Grandma’s urn, or set the world on fire. You never know. So don’t beat yourself up if you see your cat looking at you from the window because you’ve accidentally locked it out.

Image Courtesy of thinkadinky / Reddit

It’s time to give your cat a stern warning. If you want to go outside the house without our permission, that’ll be zero cat treats for you. We suggest that you bring your dog next to the cat and pet its head while giving it a treat. Let that cat simmer in anger. Because believe us, this is the only time you get to level the odds.

Pretend I’m Not Here

This kitty woke up with an empty dish. Wanting to solve a mystery, this cat set on his path to collect clues. It sniffed the room and padded its way into the kitchen. From the corner of its eye, it saw the open window and wondered if this was how the culprit got in. It climbed the wall and went out of the window. A few minutes later, its owner saw it hanging by the screen like this.

Image courtesy of n0soupforyou / Imgur

Pretend I’m not here. I’m trying to find out who took my treats. Now go away hooman! So far, she’s doing a great job at playing detective. We wouldn’t have seen her staring in front of us. Do you think she figured out who took her snacks? We have pretty much summed up why she was deprived of them. That screen is showing a tear.

Murder, She Wrote

As this cat owner ate his dinner, his cat looked begrudgingly at him. There’s no telling what this cat can do when its eyes are squinted like that. To be fair, how would you feel if your owner laid waste to the only bottle of milk in the house? That’s right. You’d be planning death and destruction!

Image courtesy of Matind / Reddit

Thoughts pile, one atop each other, as this cat plans the ultimate revenge for that spilled milk. It could have just licked the milk off the floor. But only barbarians do that. Domesticated cats will never act that desperately. Woe to you hooman. Sleep with one eye open!

Flower in Bloom

This cat owner decided to go all Hawaiian one day. She had found a pretty flower by the side of the road, picked it up, and dusted it off. As she slipped it by the side of her ear, she saw her pet cat lounging on her bed. She moved closer and then made a Lei garland off the single flower. Watch that flower bloom!

Image courtesy of Cat Flower / Tenor

What is it doing on my head? And the better question to ask is, what should I do with it? That cat barely had a neck, to begin with, and it shriveled up further to emphasize that flower in bloom. Maybe next time, a pep talk would be in order?

Having a House Part

We’re certain you have experienced this…at least internally. When this cat came across the next-door pet, she couldn’t help, but screech, “Who Welcomed Clarisse to my party?”. Her tail shot straight. She bared her fangs, and her hind legs set to balancing her weight. That bolt of energy set her to clawing a foot away.

Image Courtesy of slartibar / Reddit

Clarisse isn’t allowed in! She isn’t even allowed to be anywhere within this decade of my existence. The more unfortunate part is that this cat couldn’t be torn away from Clarisse. The more the latter was yelped towards safety, the more this cat hounded her. *sighs. Felines.

I Know What You Did Hooman

You have got to try this at least once in your life. Scrunch the neck of another pet, preferably a muddy dog or the neighbour’s cat. Then run your fingers across the length of your cat. You might not get your hands on her. She will drawback in revulsion. How can you do this to me hooman?

Image Courtesy of cosmillo_blanco / Instagram

I know what you did. I know you touched that dog in the hallway. Try as you might, that sin will never wash off your fingers. This kitty will never forget what you did. It may take a couple of weeks before she lets you touch her, but she will never look at you the same way again…you cheater!

Some Alone Time

You would think that with all the alone time cats have, they wouldn’t act this way. But it turns out they do. We don’t know what had happened before this moment, but this cat owner chanced upon his black cat pondering about the purpose of a feline’s life.

Image Courtesy of spawn of the devil / Reddit

Sometimes cats just want some me time, where they do something for their enjoyment. We can only imagine what’s enjoyable about laying your head next to the wall, but so long as it works for this kitty we’ll leave her be. They say me time has been linked to increase happiness and improved stress management. But we can’t say that’s the case with cats.

Mistaken Identity

Experts say that cats don’t really need baths. But you could lather them up if they’ve got matted hair or if they have rolled themselves into stinking muck. That had been the case when this Reddit user decided to take her child for a bath. What she saw afterward got her thinking, is this a case of mistaken identity?

Image courtesy of pipertakespictures / Reddit

Because with its wet stringy hair and wide-set eyes, it looks like a Brussels Griffon Dog. To save you from searching online, you might have seen this pooch on “As Good as it Gets,” “Sweet November,” and “First Wives Club.” Seriously…that cat looks like a dog. We might have put a collar around its neck too!

Get You a Girlfriend

Having a cat is pretty much like having a girlfriend. At least that’s what we said to ourselves when we didn’t have one. As they slink before you, you will feel this irresistible urge to touch them. Despite the show, resist the urge to. They decide when they want to be pet. And in the few moments that you divert your attention elsewhere, they will crawl up on your lap and then beg for your attention.

Image courtesy of sparrowtm / Reddit

Touch me hooman, touch me! As you gently move her paws away, she draws her body nearer to the arrow keys. She will kick at you with her hind legs so that in between sets, you will rub at her tummy. Like girlfriends, she has the worst timing too! She’ll crawl up on your lap during a major competition. Now, who will believe you for losing because your cat craved attention?

Can’t Go Without the Other

Cats may be the least empathetic furballs, but they have complex emotions like us. Much of it affects their snap decisions and reflexes. Unlike other cats in the shelter, this one was unhappy to find out that she would be sent off to a new home… at least without her other furry friend. Reckon that family might change their mind if they see these two cats pawing each other?

Image Courtesy of Chieres / Reddit

One can’t go without the other, it seems. And if you force one out, you better be prepared to have your home wrecked. It would be twice the risk to welcome your home to two cats, but we can’t find it in hearts to tear these two apart. From the looks of it, they are inseparable.

Con Cat

The Chinese call it Pengci. Basically, it’s scamming people. Some of these crooks place expensive, fragile items in places where it’s likely for you to hit them. When you do, they’ll exact a migraine-inducing amount. Lately, scammers have been pretending to be hit by cars. Some may casually walk towards an automobile and exaggeratedly bump themselves against the bumper or the side door. Then they’ll limp around in pain.

Image courtesy of DontPetTheCamels / Reddit

If you can’t imagine Pengci, that picture ought to put things in perspective for you. The car had been parked – its parking brake pulled to the hilt. Out of the blue, this cat starts shrieking in pain. Jolted by the shrill, the car owner went outside to check things out. We would understand why scammers want to bleed people dry, but we don’t understand why this cat was in on pengci. Lack of attention, maybe?

A Classic Case of Who Dunnit

Here’s another tale of betrayal. The culprit had torn up the living room. Scratches can be seen on the wall, and the pillows lay plush on the floor. The litter box lay on its side. A few feet from it, a pair of paws trailed towards the living room rug. You turn to your kitty and calmly ask, “did you do this?”. She stares at you stoically.

Image courtesy of neelix-and-friends / Reddit

*pause for dramatic effect. She says she’s innocent. As you check her paws, you see a few specks of sand wedged between. You ask her again, and this time she shrieks as if to say, “I didn’t!” If you could, you would have forced a broom into her hands. But without a confession, this classic case of whodunnit remains unresolved.

Prep Me My Bath

It’s bath time! When this kitty hears those three words, she sprints towards the bathroom. It’s unexpected, but this one loves those suds. She’s also picky about water temp. It can’t be too cold; otherwise, her fur would be coarse. It can’t be too hot, either. That would cause a lot of fur to fall out. Hooman, prep me my bath!

Image courtesy of disco243 / Reddit

It’s almost endearing. It’s like you have got a child within your arms. You wouldn’t have to set up play within the tub. All you have to do is check the water temp, clog the hole, and then pour the water over this kitty’s belly. Let her soak in those moisturizing oils. Who wouldn’t love these baths!

Head Boop

You can’t blame us for wanting to cuddle our pets from time to time. This cat owner didn’t shy away from the opportunity. She saw this kitty lying peacefully on the floor. Mummy picked the latter up and put her on her lap. She lovingly called out to her and then did a head boop!

Image Courtesy of h0norb0und / Reddit

Hooman, why you disturb me? We just wanted to greet you like you often do. Spare us these few minutes. You’re too adorable to be left alone. We’ll send you off soon. Pack you with a bunch of kisses. Just return our head boops, you won’t regret doing so!

Expecting Coal

This is one bad kitty. She knows it and has no regrets about being one. She has been told to play nice so that she’ll receive a plump catnip for Christmas; otherwise, she’ll be given coal. Despite the warning, she continued to knit with her claws and scratch the walls. So she had been surprised when she received this on Christmas eve.

Image courtesy of mwpfinance / Reddit

Santa has forgiven all misgivings. Believing that deep inside, this cat is a good kitty; he gave her a Christmas tree with a ball on top. Her parents have also hung a sock for Santa to slip a treat into. Maybe that will inspire her to be a better kitty for next year. Until then, no coals for you!

TV Sitcoms

Every decade has them – this bunch of sitcoms that will make you want to scream at the top of your lungs. They’re the death of TV stations. Either their jokes lack depth or timing, but that TV rating should be lower than advertised. What’s worse? They’re wedged between your favorite sitcoms. So in the few minutes that you’re waiting for your favorites, you’re lying on the couch looking like this.

Image Courtesy of Jayn88 / Reddit

That sitcom saps you of energy, you don’t have the strength to switch the channel. You press mute, close your eyes, and drift to sleep. By the time you wake up, you will have enough energy to prep a bowl of popcorn and watch your favorite TV show.

Call Child Services

Hello, could you patch us to the local child protective services office? Yes, we would like to report an incident. We’ll hold. We had just gone to the local supermarket when we chanced upon the manager’s office. We saw this child locked in a room. He was practically begging us to take him. We saw his bed by the corner. It was made out of a flimsy carton box and some rags. We will send you a picture of him right now.

Image Courtesy of hotdutchovens / Reddit

Don’t leave me hooman. Don’t tell my owner you saw me. Just plop me in your bag. For a split second, we would have. How many cats have you encountered with this level of acting chops? With so many customers passing by the manager’s office, we’re certain this kitty has received his share of attention. ‘Til next time kitty cat!

Whatchu Mean, Cynthia

This kitty loves being a part of a tea party. This afternoon you decided to host one. You prep the teacups, milk, and sugar cubes. When the kettle hisses, you obligingly pour its boiled contents into the teapot. And then you place it on the table, around which your guests have positioned themselves. To get the ball rolling, you tell your friends a few juicy tidbits. Your cat looks at you with utter shock. Whatchu mean, Cynthia?

Image Courtesy of Blog NWF Org

Whatchu mean you’re planning to get me neutered? There’s no way Cynthia’s getting away with this. This cat promises to sleep with one eye open. She eyes the teacup and then backs away. Maybe it’s been spiked. The ladies are probably in on it too. No one is getting neutered without my consent.

Oh the Horror

You need to set aside a budget for a cat. It expects high standards from you. If you settle for a low-grade catnip plant, it will know. It will lazily walk towards it, take a sniff and then lift its chin away. The whole night will be a melody of hisses and spits. Catnip, dear catnip, where have you gone?

Image Courtesy of We Love Cats and Kittens

Yes, the expenses that go along with a cat are underrated. This one can’t go on without its catnip. It wants to achieve its high, which can only be reached with prime quality herbs. Without it, it will undergo its state of withdrawal. So if you’re out of budget, try borrowing some money for your cat’s treats.

Look at Luca Brasi

This cat owner thought it would be nice to take her cat for a trip around the city. She packed some snacks, bottled water, and a nice mat so they could lounge beside the river. The walk to the park was brief. Her cat took in everything with big eyes. But as she sat them down by the river, he had this somber expression on his face.

Image Courtesy of JayOt / Reddit

It’s an understatement to say that this cat was confused. Hooman, why bring me here? Sure, I play with fishes, but I don’t want to sleep with them. Are you going to make me sleep with them? This cat has spent too much time watching The Godfather.

Jack in a Box

Without anyone at home, this kitty would play with kiddie toys. He would topple down Lego castles and swipe at military men. But his favorite had been a wind-up toy – Jack in the Box. Wind it up, and within a couple of seconds, it will spring up in your face. When this kitty was taken on a ride, he had a field day performing the same feat on passersby.

Image Courtesy of Kithit / Reddit

But unlike the spring toy, this kitty doesn’t need to be wound up. He was born as is. With arms stretched and claws bared, you’re in for one hell of a surprise. Let’s hope it doesn’t spring on your face; otherwise, you might never want to play with this kitty again.

Picture Perfect

Imagine Beyonce during her maternity shoot. That’s this cat’s goal. She has to look drop-dead gorgeous, whatever time of the day. When her owner takes a candid shot of her, she will pose like this. You have got to give it to her. She knows her angles.

Image courtesy of Animal Channel

Unlike other pets, this one was never taught to pose like this. We don’t know how she knows she’s being photographed, but all her shots look amazing! If only we knew how to pose like that. Then we would be making waves on Instagram like this cat is surfing the waves online!

Hypersensitive to Woofs

Everything about this picture would make anyone laugh! While playing a game of hide-and-seek, this kitty couldn’t stop sneezing. Apparently, she has an allergy to woofs! Not only does she dislike canines, but she also finds them physically revolting. Meanwhile, that dog has no clue in the world!

Image courtesy of Animal Channels

It’s such a shame that this kitty has an allergy to dogs. They’re so gullible and trusting. Plus, they have a low threshold to happiness. Cover them with a blanket, and their tails will wag for days on end. That means this cat is a sure winner when it comes to hide-and-seek!

Home Dinners

This cat has a liking for prime quality food. It’s odd. Here we are, failing to recognize the difference between one meatloaf and the other, while this kitty knows which parent cooked dinner. Suffice to say, take-outs are safer. Say, honey, how did dinner taste?

Image Courtesy of Says

Don’t worry, we’ll get the hang of cooking. It has only been the 9th time that our cat has expressed her distaste for homemade meals. We daresay, it’s the effort that wins us over. Take-outs are expensive and common. They’re just not worth it. There’s no heart that goes into these things. It’s just that our cat seems to prioritize taste over sentiment.

Holy Smokes

Holy smokes, this water is freezing cold! Your cat can’t help but shrink away from that tunnel spewing from your faucet. If you try to edge her body near, she will draw away her head. If you cup some water and pour it over her neck, she will wriggle the full length of her body away. No, just no!

Image Courtesy of sunshinetay / Imgur

When will this end? She sighs and stares at the ceiling. With every scratch of her scruff, she closes her eyes and frantically tears herself away. She swears she has died over a couple of times during those few minutes. It almost feels like she has lived and died all nine lives. Good thing cats are immortal.

Use Only L’Oreal Paris

This cat owner decided to bathe her pet cat. She knew her cat would pick a fight, but she enticed him with a few treats. That distracted her the first couple of minutes, until her cat heard the whoosh of water from the faucet. The two struggled. By the end of the bath, it was a double whammy for this cat.

Image courtesy of Animal Channel

Karen, I thought I told you to use only L’Oreal Paris. Anything else is going to cause my fur to frizz up like this! Karen ought to have listened. Now it looks like someone has run her cat through a fan. At this point, we would mistake it for a retched-up furball. What a disaster!

Your Judgmental Neighbor

There’s one of them in every neighborhood. They sit stoically by the front porch, with a cooler of beers by the side. They know the juiciest tidbits about everybody the second it happens. To be fair, their judgments are in order. How would you react if you saw your next-door neighbors going at it in public?

Image Courtesy of Says

I no do dith human. We hope not. We can’t imagine what would come out of it. Now, how about we move to the backyard? You wouldn’t have to encounter these brutish tendencies. It’s a good thing we would never catch our judgmental cat doing this kind of savagery.