Work From Home Outfits That Are Wasted On The Cat

By Aileen D

Working from home has its perks. You get more sleep, you could cook yourself and your family decent meals, and from time to time, you could order out. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about your attire. All you have to do is wear a blouse, comb your hair, and you’re all set for that virtual meeting!

This routine can be upsetting for glam fashionistas. After all, they love dressing up for social events, and most especially themselves. There is something satisfying about mixing fashion staples of different hues. They’re dressing up to make a big fashion statement!

Given this work-from-home set-up, you might find yourself wondering how you could convey those statements with the same gusto. Worry no more; this list has got a couple of suggestions for glam and non-fashionistas alike. Ready those full-length mirrors and spritz on some confidence!

Keeping Warm

Who doesn’t love bold colors? Now that you’re working from home, you can sport all the hues that complement your skin tone. Choose the right one, and you’re guaranteed to look like a goddess amongst mortals. We suggest that tan girls choose maple red, yellow, or heathered brown-colored clothes.

Image Courtesy of corporate in color / instagram

If you are light-skinned, you can choose navy black, royal blue, gray, and white shades. If you’re somewhere in between, you might look better with soft shades of cream, baby pink, and lavender. Now, how about lining your closet with fashionable onesies?

Quick and Lithe

This attire speaks of function and style. Whatever color your suit may be, pair it with a plain white shirt. A tee is a fashion staple. During heated meetings, the breathable fabric helps you keep your cool. Plus, this whole ensemble is easy to get in and out of for your daily Zoom meetings.

Image Courtesy of imod_fashion21 / Instagram

Confidently tackle those challenges head-on. If you need to buy groceries and essentials, you can take off that suit, sprint to the nearby deli, and then rush back home. Get right to cooking! And then suit up when you’re needed back on call!

Comfy Onesies

If you’re working in the children’s department or teaching classes to kiddies via Zoom, this onesie is best for you. Straight out of the rabbit hole, this attire helps you bounce from one topic assignment to another with ease. Feel the plush texture of this onesie on your body.

Image courtesy of amennah_khairallah / Instagram

This onesie can help manage feelings of anxiety felt during virtual meetings. It’s perfect for those who are at risk of burnouts. All you have to do is ground yourself in the sensation of that fabric against your skin. Run your hands against the cloth, take a deep breath, and come back out of the rabbit hole.

Boss Bee

You’re a self-made millionaire, and this lockdown won’t keep you from raking those bucks. You have got your mindset to credit. Everything from your room to your attire speaks of this go-get-’em attitude. Within the four corners of this apartment, there’s no mistaking that you’re the boss bee.

Image Courtesy of yasminleonniesenah / Instagram

Your daily routine is deeply ingrained. You wake up early, work out, bathe, and cook yourself a balanced meal. Then you walk through your closet and choose attire befitting a boss. Feel the suede texture of those thigh-high boots against your skin. You deserve it. You’re a winner!

Where Are You At

For some people, it’s not about what they wear, but where they’re wearing those clothes. With good lighting, you can make a bold blue polo shirt and some jeans look fashionable. The only question is how to find that perfect spot. We suggest that you find the perfect angle and frame by going through the house with your laptop like this man did!

Image Courtesy of alandwestphoto / Instagram

It’s an uncomfortable nook, but at least he looks great on video. It’s not like any of the other people on this list haven’t sacrificed comfort for fashion. We just hope that it’s quiet out there. Who would want their dog barking on the conference call?

Casual Chic

Think lunch with friends at home – you would probably wear this to one of those. It’s easy to slip into, and its breathable fabric won’t have you sweating in the summer sun. After lunch, you and your friends can talk about business prospects. We all know how heated those conversations can get. Now, you could be the gracious hostess and the team leader in one sitting.

Image Courtesy of

You can pair that white jumpsuit and striped blazer with stylish, suede sandals. Instagram user Hannah used a slip-on that matches her skin color to balance the snowy corporate attire. It makes for a perfect combination, don’t you think? And all for a couple of dollars.

Have a Cup of Coffee

Now that you’re working from home, you can finally tell everyone how you’re really royalty. This ensemble shows it all. The crown prince wears a robe with his initials embroidered on the front. And he is followed by his loyal steed who guards his very presence.

Image Courtesy of royaldrizy / Instagram

Of course, you can only wear this if you’re the boss. Now, you can call the shots at work and from home. This is the ultimate status symbol, whereas others have to wear half a suit and tie to the weekly meetings. Perfect the look with a steaming cup of hot cocoa – the only drink suited for royalty.

In Time for Dinner

The great thing about working from home is that your formal attire serves as your dating attire too! When your significant other comes home from a grocery run, you can welcome him in your signature little black dress. Put a suit jacket over it in time for a web conference.

Image Courtesy of whenandweartoday / Instagram

Sure your co-workers may not be able to see those to-die-for stilettos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them around the house. Savor the power these heels give you. And if your feet start to hurt, you can always take them off. Slip into some comfortable slippers and keep at doing the great work!

E for Enthusiasm

Even before the lockdown, sales folk market themselves through the phone. The key is enthusiasm. You can engage just about anyone with the right mindset, intonation, and body language. Take, for example, this man who’s certain to land the deal.

Image Courtesy of scotmeachamwood / Instagram

Should we say he has closed the deal? It looks like it. He sits casually with one leg over the other. From time to time, he points with his foot, counting the seconds as his client munches on the bait. It’s his 9th client for the day. Who knew you could get so much done within the day with a phone in hand?

Simplicity is Key

For most people, simplicity is key. You could use your background to adorn you and complement that neutral button-down top. It’s easy on the eyes, and it’ll engage other people to listen to you more intently. If you don’t believe us, just imagine how this woman would look like on cam. Exactly, she’s perfectly splendid!

Image courtesy of amomatfiftea / Instagram

Lighting also plays a great deal. It will highlight those neutral color tones and give your skin a shiny sheen. Who knew you could look as dazzling as those Hollywood celebs on the red carpet with warm light settings. If you’re not the techy type, aim to use natural sunlight!

Cute Bump

Just because you’re a baby momma doesn’t mean you can’t dress stylishly. Don’t believe us? Look at this hot momma to be in a monotone romper and a knee-length cardigan. It’s perfect for lounging at home and getting chores done. There’s the occasional meeting, but this attire is a quick fix.

Image Courtesy of lemon.for.days. / Instagram

All that’s left is some furry slippers, fit for a queen. That will help lessen the swelling of the feet and cushion the pressure from walking. You might have some trouble using the toilet, but we’d still suggest this as a go-to work-from-home outfit.

Taking A Break

Don’t let these virtual meetings keep you from enjoying solace on an island beach. Go ahead, wear the swimsuit. Just make sure that everything is wholesome upfront, or from the chest up. Then wear a coat over your swimsuit. It will look as good as any tank top!

Image Courtesy of teddiefalkeborn / Instagram

After work, knead your palms and walk around the beach. That is as good as a warm-up session! When you’re feeling like it, you can take a dip in that blue water and have the water caress your muscles and work out the knots. Is there any other attire that can top this off?

Lounging in Bed

If you don’t have any meetings, it’s best to work in these all-day pajamas. You will get to save yourself a laundry’s worth of time and money. You would have to brush your teeth every now and then, but you get to lounge in bed with your laptop for the rest of the day.

Image Courtesy of shopcjw / Instagram

This attire works best for people who don’t have to appear on cam. They may have asynchronous lectures, or they may communicate with peers via chat or e-mail. We understand. Not everyone has the luxury of wearing this PJ set. So it is safe to say that this lockdown, this attire is the ultimate status symbol.

Part of Your World

Now that you don’t have to wear those tailored pants, you could let loose and show your fins off. Wriggle your toes and then dip them in salted water. Watch your legs grow scales, and your feet turn into a tail. Now flounder around in your swimming pool…or couch!

Image Courtesy of mermaid_angy / Instagram

This is perfect for mythological creatures who are tired of using their feet. Even Ariel gets tired of walking around on those. The daily commute would wear anyone out. We have certainly wished that we weren’t part of that corporate world.

Unisex Appeal

Sometimes, we love browsing for menswear. Hit “add to cart,” enter details and then confirm the purchase order. It isn’t for our partners or kin. We find that we can rock some fashion items, as well as this man did. More and more clothing is gender-neutral, owing to designers catering to a wider target audience.

Image courtesy of freshbogaa / Instagram

Not only would that cardigan look amazing on our beau, but it would go well with our little black dress too. Amp up the mystery as you style yourselves as Desmond Miles. There wouldn’t be heights to catapult yourselves from, but at least you look like the part while you stay indoors.

Proper Posture

This life hack has been passed down from one royal generation unto the next. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, who you’re speaking to, or what you’re wearing. This the best fashion staple of them all. You must maintain proper posture.

Image Courtesy of empirecountertopstx / Instagram

You will be tempted to slouch or sit with your pelvis thrust forward. And you will pay dearly for it in the few hours that you’re working. Every muscle will be as stiff as a board. So sit up straight, place a book on top of your head, and then keep at it until you no longer have to exert effort in maintaining poise.

Hitting the Runway

Now that you’re working from home, you won’t have to worry about the company’s dress code. You can wear short skirts (or shorts for comfort), slip-ons and hot-red blouses like this. After all, they will only get to see your blouse from the pecs upwards.

Image Courtesy of business lady / Instagram

In between conference calls, you can sashay your way to and fro the mirror and show off that thousand-dollar bag. For you, your attire is a personal statement. You love dressing up for yourself. Sure, you’re your own audience, and that’s the only person you need validation from.

Shades of Black

As you browse through your closet, one thing stands out – you love wearing black. Your friends think that you keep wearing the same shirt and pants every day. But they’re just not that detail-oriented. There are different shades of them – black olive, jet black, charcoal, and onyx.

Image Courtesy of the_superhuman_way / Instagram

Whatever the shade, they make you look dashing. There’s this mysterious vibe that surrounds you. Best believe that even in virtual meetings, you exude that air. Black is best for people who are purposeful and ambitious. In case you want to save yourself time, choose this fashion staple.

Chic Boss

If you feel like wearing PJs at work is degrading, then mix them up like this. There’s no denying that this boss is looking chic as Miranda Priestly. She is even sporting the same silver hair dye. Just pair the hairstyle with a few dangling earrings, and you’re guaranteed to be a showstopper!

Image Courtesy of stylewais / Instagram

You can stash in a few MnMs or gum packets in your side pockets. Feast on them during snack time. They are guaranteed to spike your energy levels. There’s no telling what you can achieve this week with this kind of get-up and pocket treats.

Classy Host

We thought we could get away from those dinner parties and social events. But our bosses are adamant that these events push through. So be it, thought these men, as they took a bath, combed their hair, spritzed on Eau de parfum, and then wore their French-cuffed, crisp white shirt. Needless to say, that black velvet jacket is impeccable!

Image courtesy of oaksotter / Instagram

If there’s anything you should bring to these social events this lockdown, it’s those anti-blue light glasses. They’re a social dinner must! You’re going to be looking up at the screen for a couple of hours and then glancing at your food. By the way, the name is Bond…James Bond.

Moms Know Best

The great news about staying at home is that you won’t have to work far away from your child. You needn’t feel guilty about being the breadwinner. Nor do you have to employ a babysitter to look after your kid. In fact, you can wear her over you. Just place her in a baby carrier sling and nurse her to sleep.

Image Courtesy of c.fifefit / Instagram

You will have to use earphones so that your child can sleep safely. Murmur your responses or politely request that your messages be read on the chat interface. The attire says it all – you could work round the shift, but you’d have to work a mom 24 hours a day, each day of the week!

Little Women

It looks like a page out of Louisa May Alcott’s novel. If the March sisters were living in the present time, they would probably be dressed like this, especially Meg. Meg’s attire is modest and practical. That’s mainly because she had her younger sisters to look after.

Image Courtesy of lainelife / Instagram

Bold, responsible, and principled, Meg March would burrow herself in her work. We can definitely see ourselves doing that too if we had this ensemble to wear every day. As Instagram user lainelife puts it, dishes & dirty hair…what I want to wear every day.

Casual Wear

With so many things to do, it’s tempting to multi-task. That’s what you probably look like as you tally the worksheets, account for items, reply to direct messages, and then take notes. That’s why it is important to wear loose tops like this button-down embroidered blouse.

Image courtesy of m.rgon / Instagram

You can wear them over a cotton tank top. Sure, it feels likes your attire during college. But the key is to balance comfort and ease in movement. Remember how many lattes you can down and buildings you could run to in that outfit? Just imagine how many e-mails you can breeze through, meals to cook, and notes to re-write efficiently!

Pretty in Pink

Instagram user ohwhatasighttosee rounded up her best daily workwear from the past couple of weeks. She works as a technology consultant, so she gets to work from home frequently. That hasn’t kept her from dressing up confidently. She even puts aside time for hair and make-up. And it all pays off!

Image Courtesy of ohwhatasighttosee / Instagram

What a stunner! So would you, if you chose a boho maxi dress. One advantage is that it’s easy to get into and out of because it’s loose-fitting. As you wade from one room to the next, you will feel the brush of that soft fabric against your skin and the flow of air up and out your body.


Before the lockdown, we always found it funny to see our partners half-dressed. They might have to send an e-mail or finish some slides in their boxers. At which point we would throw their pants at them. Now that this lockdown has made this attire customary around the household, we still can’t help but stifle a laugh.

Image Courtesy of ingrammicrolevant / Instagram

The great thing about this attire is that it saves us a couple of loads of washing to launder. Now, all we have to rinse and hang are a couple of shorts and socks. There’s the occasional jogging pants, but apart from that, he gets work done clad in this. You go, hotstuff!

Fancy Nightgown, Anyone

To us, it looks like a fancy nightgown with a thigh-high slit. But they go by the name of cotton maxi dresses on the market. They are usually worn during summer and paired with short shorts or a bikini underneath. Wear a denim jacket over one, and you are all set for a date or a virtual meeting!

Image Courtesy of gilpaivaa / Instagram

The great thing about maxi dresses is that these can fit a wide range of sizes. You could, however, opt for fitted wraps or pleats to lengthen the torso. Or you can choose shirtdresses to be worn over leggings or pants. It’s a shame that its whole beauty can’t be seen on camera, but you would be a definite stunner when everything returns to normal.

Lost in the Jungle

One of the best ways to keep you motivated daily is to dress up. It doesn’t matter that you’re working from home. It only matters that you look gorgeous in front of the mirror. Add a little variety to your corporate attire by wearing a jungle dress.

Image Courtesy of alfranklewis / Instagram

This halter neckline is perfect if you want to appear superior on cam. The fitted bodice and sleeveless style accentuates your arms and broad shoulders. This subtle power move is perfect for anyone, especially when you’re feeling down and out. Don’t let the workload get to you, honey.

Nifty Scarves

We overlook scarves, but you can do so much with them. They are one of the best fashion accessories there are. Pair a bright-colored one with a plain white tee, and you’re set for that conference call. Think Boho chick. You can sport this. Wear them in several ways, and you can frame all the right assets.

Image Courtesy of avidtechnology / Instagram

In case you’re a mom, that scarf can also be used as a baby sling. If you’re feeling cold, then it’s best to wrap it around your shoulders. You might want to put off adjusting the AC right in the middle of the meeting. And just in case you’re feeling a tad bit warm, yank one end to unravel the beauty within – your face.

Ace of Hearts

If you’re the type to ace everyone’s hearts, then we suggest that you wear this full-ribbed turtleneck sweater. Unisex and classy, you and your partner can take turns wearing it. You won’t have to worry about turning up the thermostat. Just direct your attention to the screen and go about your work!

Image Courtesy of perfect_project / Instagram

Pair it with some cotton shorts or pants. You can alternate between the two on different days or change into the other by your afternoon shift. We say, go for whatever is more comfortable. You’re entitled to, especially if you’re the ace of everyone’s hearts in the deck of cards.

Clad In Silk

Let’s face it. You are going to be sitting in front of the computer for a fairly long time. It’s too long, in fact, that you’re certain a map of lines will be etched on your skin. That’s why it’s important to choose the material of your clothing. How about working clad in silk?

Image Courtesy of emmalynlove/ Instagram

This fabric helps reduce the strain on the skin. That means you’re less likely to get acne on all those pressure points and wrinkles around bony areas. The bad news is that you’re likely to snooze out in the middle of the meeting. This silk pj set is a definite trigger for a well-deserved sleep!

Genuine Fur

One of the best ways to keep warm this winter is to find a cuddle buddy. You can burrow yourselves under the comforter. If you’re flying solo, wear layers of clothing and prep yourself a mug of warm cocoa. Some people swear by genuine fur. These are one of the warmest insulators that will help keep you toasty. Hug this furboy close!

Image Courtesy of directdesignobrt / Instagram

You don’t have to wear him around you. Just keep him close. We can’t think of anyone whose heart won’t melt when they see a dog around. They thaw even the most cold-hearted people. So best have them by your side during conference calls

Just Another Day

It’s just another day in the life of a full stack developer. She turns off the alarm, shuffles to the bathroom, bathes, dresses up, eats, and props herself down before a series of screens. Her skin is flawless, and her attire is impeccable. It almost seems like there’s little thought that had come into it. It sure helps that her habits run on creativity.

Image Courtesy of Patrycja_io_ / Instagram

She wears a white, fine-knit cardigan over a short, black skirt. She needn’t worry about shoes. That’s because she has slipped her feet into thick, mid-calf socks. It looks like a preppy girl’s outfit, but it pays off. Now, she can pay attention to her work, as you would if you chose this trendy attire.

Rocking It Like Paris

Socialite heiress Paris Hilton used to rock these on the red carpet in the early 2000s. She would wear a hot pink version of them and carry her pooch on her arm. Then she’d pose with a smooch on her face. We found it odd that she would wear these to a formal event. But two decades after, you could wear them to your virtual meetings.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Just not in hot pink. That would be a strain on the eyes. You wouldn’t want to be called out during the meeting. We love this cozy sweatsuit because right after a 4-hour meeting, you could open a tab, play some music and get to sweating. You wouldn’t need a change of outfit to exercise. This sweatsuit is basically your feel-good suit!

Keeping It Edgy

Who would have thought that dresses could be paired with sneakers? It seems like an unlikely combination. But that little black dress, cocktail frock, or mini-midi ensemble can be paired with some kicks! It’s a foolproof attire, at parties or at work.

Image Courtesy of _dakabuku / Instagram

Since the dress has an animal print on it, it’s best paired with neutral-toned kicks, preferably white sneakers. If you were wearing a neon-colored dress, it’s safe to wear black boots. If you’re going for smart casual, you can also wear a denim jacket over that dress.

Feeling Japanese

This ensemble has a cultural twist. Inspired by the Japanese kimono, kennyo outfit decided to create a loose-fit cardigan. As you can see, it’s perfectly paired with a white tee and a beaded necklace. It might remind you of a polo blouse worn over a shirt, but this cardigan has longer and bigger sleeves.

Image Courtesy of kennyo.outfit / Instagram

Nowadays, the market is awash with kimono raincoats. It looks much like this cardigan, but the length of it extends to your knees. It is a niche specialized clothing that’s perfect at maintaining body heat. So the next time you’re feeling like wielding your katana, hide it under the hem of your Japanese-inspired cardigan.

Power Style

We love the prints on this romper because they draw the eyes upwards or downwards. It has a slimming effect for heavyset women or those intending to look taller on cam. Wear a corporate blazer over it, and you’ve just become a style icon for a fashion magazine!

Image Courtesy of / Instagram

This is perfect for women who have an hourglass figure. This romper would emphasize the shoulders and the hips. Notice that it tightens right around the waist, which shows off your natural curves. Pair it with tan ballet flats, and you can present those Powerpoint slides with the calm of a newscaster.

Keeping It Real

Even before the change in work protocols, this attire had been a staple amongst dads during barbecue sessions. Wear a cotton tee and a button down shirt over it. With so many things on your mind, this type of attire saves you mental effort and allows you to spend your time where it matters.

Image courtesy of rizzal.chan / Instagram

If you’re facing superiors, you might want to button up. If the call is with peers, then you could leave the shirt for display. From time to time, you could use denim jackets or blazers instead of the shirt. That way, you could still be trendy with minimal effort!

Is That A Robe

This is one of our favorites. It doesn’t look like it, but it’s actually a robe. If you’re seated in front of the webcam, it will look like a loose-fitting blouse. It is actually apart of Refinery 29’s loungewear collection, and it is made of eco-friendly, baby-soft fabric.

Image Courtesy of refinery 29

Of the items on this list, this is the quickest to get into. All you have to do after waking up is eating, bathing, changing into this and drying your hair. It is inclusively sized from extra small to 3Xes. You might want to consider this no-brainer attire if you snooze that alarm button too many times one morning.

Get You a Sherpa

It’s so easy to seek fashion advice on the internet nowadays. You could ask a fashion guru, or search tagged items on Instagram. Take, for example, this trendy sherpa Instagram User chloereneewebb shared online. She says she found it on Amazon and it has become her new fave!

Image Courtesy of chloe renee webb / Instagram

So has it become ours! She swears that it is plush and comfy and that it can be paired with so many different-colored leggings or pants. She doesn’t even need to turn on her heater. This sherpa suits both function and style. We bet our co-workers would think the same too!

Manic Pixie Girl

She’s stunning, hyperactive, odd but sensible. She knows what she wants, and she openly tells her views as is. The only thing that’ missing from this female are pixie wings and fairy dust. But all the same, she’s able to help transform an organization and rally others to her cause, while sipping a warm cup of chocolate.

Image Courtesy of dessafashionlove / Instagram

She embraces her creative side. As can be seen above, she doesn’t mind if she has an eight to ten-hour long workday ahead of her. She will wear that prom dress if she feels like it. She has always got something insightful to say during a meeting or a conference call. And everyone is always straining to receive input from her.

Just a Couple of Salesman

There’s nothing special here. These are just a couple of salesmen pitching a talk about how bows are back in fashion. It has been revamped and redesigned into so many unique looks, by male and female celebrities. Amongst them include Rihanna, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, and these two.

Image Courtesy of cycling_interval_consultar / Instagram

This father-son ensemble would endear anyone’s heart. Who would have thought that the best accessory to complete your attire would be your own flesh and blood? This kiddo listens intently as daddy conducts business. So that’s how we close the deal.


Pairing multiple bright colors is quite risky. You might overdo it and draw attention to your clothes instead of your presence. But fashion designers suggest these few tips when mixing bright prints. Wear no more than four colors at once, just like this woman did, her base color being blue.

Image Courtesy of ifonlyihadsomewhere / Instagram

The simple yet elegant plaid pattern stitched on that blazer complemented the loose, blue dress. If you’re wearing something like this, it’s best to use a neutral palette on your face. A pearl necklace wouldn’t hurt either. This outfit is perfect for a walk or a sit-down with peers.

Fit for a King

With all coats hung in the closet, men might find themselves wearing woolen robes instead. This regular fit was tailor-made for a king. Underneath, he sports a white tee, denim jeans, and white sneakers. This robe is perfect for your morning walk in winter or late fall.

Image courtesy of shapar_brand / Instagram

You can also use the robe at home, just after bathing. It’s guaranteed to keep you toasty, and the weight of it feels as if someone is hugging you all day long. Don’t worry; it’s comfortable enough to move in. If that is not enough reason to buy this robe, we don’t know what will.

Fashion Classics

This is the equivalent of your little black dress. If you want a full range of motion, you can always stick to plain black sweatshirts and pants. This ensemble never gets old. Pair it with dangling earrings or glitzy accessories. Somehow, black and gold make the perfect combination!

Image Courtesy of _fancy_dee / Instagram

Instagram user _fancy_dee swears by this uber soft V-neck long sleeve bodysuit. It frames the face delicately without showing too much skin. This fabric is 95% Rayona and 5% Spandex which basically translates to stretchable and breathable fabric. We can’t see how it can get any better than that.

Wrap Dress

Here’s another body robe AKA wrap dress that is absolutely to-die-for! It is made of 100% pure Indian silk. As you slip it on, the fibers will glisten their sleek colors, and the cloth will drape naturally to embrace your womanly curves. We suggest that you wear loosely wound necklaces to draw the eyes to your face. You can always take them off by bedtime when you’re performing your nighttime skincare regimen.

Image Courtesy of deebalondon

All you have to do to secure this body robe is to tie it at the waist. Let your hair cascade down the sides of your face as you go about reading your e-mails. It has side pockets for you to place essentials in – probably a couple of pens and your phone. You’re bound to feel like Mumtaz Mahal, Lady Regent of your Queendom.