2020-2021 NBA Champ Predictions

By Shane R

Basketball Net

It is never too early to predict which teams have the best chance of winning the NBA Championship in 2020-2021. After the Los Angeles Lakers capped their season off with a Finals Championship, who is going to win next season? Let us take a look at the top teams in all the land.

#3 – Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz had a 3-1 led against the Denver Nuggets in last year’s playoffs, but they were not able to win the series. Donovan Mitchell is the real deal. The Utah Jazz need to do a better job next season, finding supporting players that will make a difference. All three bench signers were a bust. From Jeff Green to Emmanuel Mudiay to Ed Davis, none of them made post-season impacts. To challenge the Los Angeles Lakers, the Jazz need to stay healthy and find a few more players that can make a significant impact on the offensive side of the ball.

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#2 – Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks have one more year to prove to Giannis if he should stay or not. This year, the Bucks go for broke. They will sell their draft picks and make key trades to convenience Giannis to stick around. Ultimately, Giannis needs to stay healthy, or the Bucks are an early exit in the playoffs. Can the Bucks trade Kris Middleton for something more? Time will tell, but the Bucks have a chance as long as Giannis is near.

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#1 – Los Angeles Lakers

If the Lakers can retain Anthony Davis, the Lakers should be the clear favorites. Even after losing six Finals, James looks primed again to go after Michael Jordan’s six Finals victories and six Finals Most Valuable Player trophies. The King is still the king for a reason.