Vandals That Made Creative Art That’ll Brighten Anyone’s Day

By Mary C

Vandalism has a reputation that is less than positive. Still, we firmly believe that some cases of vandalism are done without malicious intent, making them nothing more than harmless expressions of creativity. Some of them are even kind of funny! We’ve put together a quick slideshow showcasing 45 times that vandalism was both harmless and hilarious. You might even consider some of these people modern-day art heroes with the genius ideas they came up with. Making us think: “Why didn’t we think of them first?” These people are more like modern-day art rebels since they take a regular looking piece such as a fire hydrant and transform it into something spectacular. We’re amazed at the creativity of these people and how they’re changing up the game with their unique designs!

Street Art With Purpose

If you’re an environmentalist, you might not find this very funny at all; for everyone else, though, it’s probably just silly. We think the artist had a deeper meaning in mind when creating this subtleyet effective statement.

Image courtesy of LanaxArt/Twitter

The meaning we get is one that refers to the protection of nature. The fact that something as small as dandelion is used is irrelevant, but the blockade and “do not touch” sign suggest that the artist holds nature in high regards – like an important artifact that should be protected.

A Cup of Attitude

What makes a regular weekly shopping trip to Target even better? When you walk past an ordinary-seeming mug display to find that someone has carefully written a catchphrase with their letters, we can’t help but wonder who the recipient of this was meant to be?

Image courtesy of

The specific phrase written could be either a response to the “low price” sign hung above the mugs. Or, it could be a random sentence meant to make people chuckle as they walk by. While both would be funny, the first scenario would be truly something to behold.

Phone Home

Look, in the sky! Is that E.T? Nope…apparently it’s just a sticker, but a very well placed one! If you squint just right, you can almost trick yourself into seeing E.T and Eli flying across the room on their way to meet the mothership.

Image credit of

This work of art is clearly inspired by the mega-hit movie, E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial, and is supposed to remind viewers of the iconic moment where the alien and his boy side- kick are flying across the moonlit sky.

Let The Creativity Flow

What happens when you paint a pipe in rainbow colors? It turns into a piece of brilliant street art, of course! Before it was painted, this pipe was just a boring hunk of metal that wouldn’t warrant even a second glance.

Image courtesy of juzodagup/Reddit

Now, though? It looks like a leaking faucet that’s spilling rainbow colors from its spout. Looking at the way this was painted, it seems like the artist probably had fun doing it – sitting back and watching as paint dripped from his brush and ran down the length of the pipe where it splattered and spilled onto the concrete.

One Too Many

If you’ve ever had one too many at a party or had a friend who needed you to escort them home because they had one too many, you can surely relate to this photo. We sure can! We know that’s going to hurt tomorrow for sure!

Image courtesy of AidenGlynnstreetart/Facebook

We can’t help but think that the great mind behind this setup was suffering from “one-too-many syndrome” and decided to express their feelings via these tipsy looking trash cans. The faces on them perfectly describe the way so many people look after a long night.

In Case Of Fire

If you’ve got a dry and somewhat sarcastic sense of humor that needs cracking, you’ve found just the thing to do it. This minimalist act of vandalism straddles the line between dad jokes and terrible jokes.

Image Courtesy of

Whoever wrote this undoubtedly had too much free time, but everyone who reads the sign can now have their day brightened just a bit. As a bonus? Not only do they know to use the stairs during a fire, but they also know to use water to put the fire out – brilliant!

Ugly But A-FORD-able

When it comes to vehicles, some of us want the newest, shiniest latest car to drive around. Others just want something that runs, will get them from place to place and won’t cost an arm and a leg to fill up.

Image courtesy of

If you fall into the latter category, you’ll probably appreciate this photo. While the Ford pictured definitely isn’t the hottest thing off the lot, it’s probably more affordable than the newer model, which is a whole different thing to appreciate.

Web of Deception

This photo appears to feature two very distinct acts of vandalism at the same place. We don’t know who performed each act, but we have a pretty good guess as to which one came first, though.

Image courtesy of

First, of course, came the smashing of the window, resulting in what looks like a spider’s web showing up on the glass. Then, a passerby (or the vandal who smashed the window, perhaps?) felt the need to turn this window into a Halloween scene by adding an 8-legged monster.

Kung Fu Masterpiece

Okay, quick! Who’s responsible for this Kung Fu work of art? Whoever it was, deserves a medal – or at least a black belt in recognition of this piece of “martial art” -art. This creative scene is courtesy of great imagination and resourcefulness.

Image courtesy of

The painting is detailed and placed in just the right spot. It’s crazy how this dented metal was bent in just the right way that this street vandal could make it look like Bruce Lee’s killer moves are knocking it into another dimension.

Something Fishy

Something in this photo smells fishy…and we think it’s the sewer grates! At this point in our list of creatively illegal acts of vandalism, it’s safe to say that we’re not surprised that something like a sewer grate becomes someone’s art project.

Image courtesy of

Whoever’s behind this probably didn’t spend a very long time working on this, but it’s no less creative than the other features on our list. We give them credit for seeing a fish where most people (including us!) wouldn’t have.

A Ripple In The Matrix

There’s no way to deny that this is a fantastic piece of street art. It looks like it took whoever did it a great deal of time, as well as considerable effort. It’s even better, however, if you understand the movie reference hidden within.

Image courtesy of KevlarYarmulke/Reddit

This street artist turned a plain old sidewalk into a Matrix reference. More specifically, they turned it into a rendition of the iconic scene when Neo, Keanu Reaves’ character, stops flying bullets in mid-air.

Too Stubborn

We can’t decide which part of this photo is stranger – the billboard display itself or what this vandal has written on it. Either way, though, this one had us cracking up- at least the females on our staff seemed to appreciate the humor behind it.

Image courtesy of DrMarkMuncy/Twitter

Thanks to whoever pulled over to write this on a highway sign, drivers on their daily commute can have a good laugh. They’ll also be reminded of how stubborn men can be; with this reminder, though, they should never forget how great a man’s sense of humor can be!

French Fry Aggression

Jeesh! Who knew that McDonald’s was harboring so much hostility? In all seriousness, we can tell that this sign was an act of street art and not a personal attack on all of McDonalds’ loyal customers.

Image courtesy of iamtheonlyirishman/Reddit

If you look closely, you can tell that half of this sign’s letters have been covered with white paint. As a result, the message advertising on the sign is less than friendly. We just hope that no one takes it seriously!

All About the Fart Jokes

Just when you think fart jokes have lost their appeal, someone does something like this. We’re not condoning school vandalism in any way, but from the looks of this photo, the humor could be masking a deeper meaning.

Image courtesy of

The person who did this could be called the liberal arts students farts. They could also be saying that they fart liberally. Whatever the case may be, it’s surprising to see a classic fart joke brought to attention – on the front of a school, no less.

Too Heavy To Hold

If you’re like us, you probably had to do a double-take when you saw this street sign. If this photo weren’t on our list, you probably wouldn’t know that it’s an act of vandalism and not an authentic, ultra-creative city sign.

Image courtesy of

Whoever added the man to the sign definitely has a bit of artistic talent. The man looks so seamless that he looks like he belongs there! While some of the acts on our list are funny, this one is just surprising.

Smooth As A Statue

When we first saw this, we were immediately reminded of the memes showcasing old paintings that have been paired with modern captions. Equal parts genius and silly, this act of vandalism is definitely creative and funny.

Image courtesy of

We don’t know who runs around with a spare razor in their bag, but we’re not complaining about the fact that they do. The placement of the razor is perfect; it fits within the statue’s hand like it was made for it. Talk about smooth!

Smells Like Sausage

Waiting for the bus after a long day at work can be boring – especially when the bus is running late…again! Some people spend their time waiting for the bus playing games on their phones or listening to music, while others use that time to get a bit creative.

Image courtesy of redonculous/Reddit

A great example is this Sauvage advertisement. The addition of one letter changed the entire tone of the advertisement, taking it from serious to silly within a few seconds. Although his cologne ad has been altered, we think Johnny Depp would approve.

Run Like Gump

Whether you admit it or not, you’ve probably quoted Forest Gump at least once in your life. If you don’t, you’ve probably seen the movie and know people who quote it. More specifically, the now iconic and infamous line: “Run, Forest, run!”

Image courtesy of bbqfap/Reddit

This vandal obviously falls into the first category, going to great lengths to quote the movie. We can’t blame them, though; the name of this – what we can only assume is a hiking trail – is just asking to be targeted by this reference.

iPaid Too Much At Apple

Here’s another great example of what happens when public buses run late and the people waiting get restless. This rider got bored of waiting and decided to leave a quick review of their recent trip to the Apple store.

Image courtesy of

Clearly, whoever wrote this was feeling a little cheated by Apple’s high prices. We can’t be sure of whether this person bought something or whether they were just sharing their opinions of the popular brand, but either way, this is an act we can relate to.

On Or Off?

Check out this awesome street art! It’s creative and colorful but doesn’t do any structural damage. Taking a close look at it, we have a sneaking suspicion that the artist has some sort of meaningful intent…we just aren’t sure what!

Image courtesy of oakoak/Facebook

Until we figure it out, let’s just have fun with it; imagine what would happen if we were to turn the world on and back off. Or maybe just turn time on and off, freezing it in place. The possibilities here are endless.

Call The Goats Butter!

Ghost Busters? Pfft! Who needs them when you can have goats butter instead! This joke is a flawless reference to the supernatural thriller Ghostbusters – but you’ve probably already figured that out by now.

Image courtesy of Shadrach451/Reddit

In our opinion, this is less vandalism than it is creativity and good old fashioned fun. Plus, it showcases the affordability of this seemingly hearty butter alternative, and, if you say is how it’s written, it sounds like you’re saying Ghostbusters the way a small child would. Adorable!

Musical Stairs

Music lovers beware: this example of vandalism is going to make you want to paint your stairs. The piano keys that have been painted here would be great for the entrance of a music school or concert hall and are definitely eye-catching.

Image courtesy of

The sheet music, while adding to the effect of the whole scene, is the only thing that seems like it could cause a problem. Every time the door is opened, it would go flying, effectively ruining the artist’s work, and make the musician lose his place in the symphony.

Don’t forget to use the Rosswalk!

At first glance, it looks like this sign sports a missing letter, which was the perfect opportunity for a Friends reference. Looking a bit closer, though, it becomes clear that the “C” is there, but it’s been covered with a piece of white paper.

Image courtesy of

Think that was enough? Think again! The vandal has taken it one step further and pasted a picture of Ross’s head onto the sign, as well as a word bubble that exclaims “dinosaurs!”. It’d be hard to forget to use the crosswalk with Ross looking right at you.

Wickedly Delicious

Eyebrows can change the way the human face looks, but as it turns out, they can also do wonders for the faces of leprechauns. Here, our friendly Lucky Charms leprechaun, Lucky, has been given a brand new set of brows.

Image courtesy of numbersmuncher/Twitter

It only took the creative mind behind this a few seconds to transform Lucky from cheery to hilariously wicked. We can get behind this one – after all, it is pretty funny! But we do wonder why someone carries a marker around with them; perhaps they like to look out for opportunities like this one?

Pain In The Eye

Can this even be considered vandalism? We’re not sure! Before the “vandal” found it, the cement block – which was meant to hold the pole in place- was already broken. Other than add a splash of red paint, whoever brought the block to life didn’t really do anything.

Image courtesy of

By painting the hole that the pole sits inside of red, the artist quickly brought the block to life, giving it a story, and putting it right into what looks like a very painful situation. We almost feel bad for him, he looks shocked and hurt.

No Help From Jay Z

If you’re having problems with printing, don’t count on Jay Z to help. At this printing station, the solution to your printing problems has been covered with a photo of Jay-Z’s smiling (okay, not really) face. Great to look at, but not much help.

Image courtesy of

We can’t help but feel like whoever printed out this picture and put it here was fed up with the existing printing solutions. With any luck, posting this photo got things into gear and resulted in better problem-solving solutions.

T. Hanks You

On behalf of Tom Hanks, this fast-food restaurant thanks you for the patronage, and for putting your trash in its place. Jokes aside, whoever came up with this idea must be some sort of creative genius.

Image courtesy of JadeElizabeth_/Reddit

Whether the staff did this to make their customers smile one last time before they leave the establishment, or a customer waiting in line simply put their creativity to use, seeing this on the garbage can is guaranteed to elicit a few chuckles.

Where’s Johnny?

Here he is!” Okay, so if you’ve seen the 1980’s thriller The Shining you know that that’s not exactly how the saying goes; regardless, we think you get what we were trying to say.

Image courtesy of

Even if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s safe to say that this photo of Jack Nicholson is perfect for taking attention away from the large crack in the wood.

Hand In The Cookie Jar

This creative idea reminds us of childhood. Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster has been accurately depicted – on a recycling bin of all things! The person who came up with the idea clearly went to some trouble to set this one up.

Image courtesy of

Not only did they create eyes out of what looks like ping pong balls and a marker, but they also had to get them to stay in place and sacrifice a tasty chocolate chip cookie. The full effect of the joke will only stand so long as the cookie does, so let’s hope it didn’t become a snack for a hungry bird.

Whoops, sorry!

You know how the saying goes: when a Verizon booth falls over, just make it look like an intentional art installation. Okay, so maybe that saying is made up, but some clever street artist has managed to catch on anyway and get with our agenda

Image courtesy of

The artist made it look like one clumsy booth accidentally toppled the other by drawing silly faces. In this artist’s mind, the first phone booth looks like he’s preparing to hit the ground hard, while the other is oblivious to what’s going on and keeps on smiling.

No Ghost Busters Necessary

Don’t worry! Despite seeing this large, spooked-looking ghost, there’s no reason to call the Ghost Busters today. The only thing going on in this photo is a good example of spooky street art and the creative use of spray paint.

Image courtesy of vandalog/Tumblr

The artist in question has made a play on the theatrical release poster for the Ghost Busters, recreating the ghost against this “do not enter” symbol. Here, it blocks off the park but in the movie its just part of the team logo.

Electrical Upgrade

This might be one of the coolest cases of technical vandalism on our list (we say technical because technically it is vandalism, but we don’t mind all that much). This electrical box went from boring to retro with only a bit of paint.

Image courtesy of

If we walked past it on the street, we’d definitely be stopping to snap a few photos. Not only does this electrical box turned Game Boy look super cool, but it also brings us back to simpler times – the 90’s!

Before Tony There Was This Guy

You didn’t seriously think this sculpture was just a boring old slab of rock, did you? Well, the joke’s on you! As it appears, this guy is the Tony Hawk from before there was Tony Hawk…the O.G., if you will.

Image courtesy of

In actuality, though, this is seriously funny. The statue is posed in just the right way that it looks like he’s about to bust out some crazy moves on his skateboard – and all it took was the addition of a skateboard by his feet.

Caution: Guitar Smashing In Progress

Looking at this photo, We arent sure what we are facing- we’re tasked with deciding whether this is a ‘do not enter’ sign or a warning sign that is protecting trespassers from being hit with an angry guitarist’s guitar.

Image courtesy of

This guitarist looks really angry, and we’d like to stay out of his way. So regardless of the reason for the sign, it’s safe to assume that most people will obey, if not to obey the law, to protect themselves from the inevitable wrath of this musician.

Alien: Attack of Googly Eyes

Ah, yes, another awesome example of how much googly eyes can make a difference. This Xbox game case just earned itself a googly-eyed makeover from whoever got their hands on it – and we’re all for it- in fact, this made our day!

Image courtesy of

Amanda, thanks to the googly eyes, looks absolutely terrified, which, consider the theme of the game, is pretty fitting. We’d be scared if we had to fight aliens and explore a space station, too!

Heisenburg Ahead

Before a passerby was stung by the creativity bug, this was an ordinary speed bump ahead sign. But now it’s Heisenburg, the baddest character to have ever been seen on Breaking Bad. If you don’t know who Heisenburg is, you probably haven’t seen the show.

Image courtesy of

If you have, though, this credit-deserving act of vandalism is bound to make you want to binge-watch the show…again. If you haven’t seen it like we said, you really should tune in some time; this photo will be that much more impressive once you do.

Le Speed Bump Ahead

Here we have another basic speed bump ahead sign – or do we? This one looks far better than its plain-Jane cousins, with their white shapes and lack of stylish mustaches and berets, maybe this is the work of a French artiste… too bad we wont ever know..

Image courtesy of

This sign’s name is Pierre! He’s there to remind road users that speed bumps are up ahead. If he was a person, we bet that he’d have a thick French accent and talk with his hands. Even though he isn’t a person and can’t actually talk, he still manages to seem concerned.

A Town Free of Worries

A Swahili phrase meaning “no worries”, “Hakuna Matata” is best known for its presence in one of Lion King‘s most well-known songs. Sung by Timon and Pumba, the song oozes stress-free vibes, and promotes living in the moment.

Image courtesy of

The street artist behind this has simply painted the word “Hakuna”, making the city name read as “Hakuna Matata”. Thanks to this, whoever passes by the sign is likely expecting to be free of worry for the rest of their days. We wonder if “Hakuna” Matata can live up to this expectation? If so, we’re catching the first flight in!

King Kong Returns

What hit movie does this remind you of? If you said King Kong, you and the artist behind it are in the same headspace. But don’t worry – we’re right there with you! This has King Kong written all over it.

Image courtesy of SmileyFace-_-/Reddit

The gorilla drawn here is so lifelike we almost had to do a double-take. In addition, the exposed wall somehow looks like a sky-high apartment building, which sells the entire movie reference perfectly.

Despicable…Fire Hydrant?

After the excitement of Halloween winds down, it’s not uncommon to just toss your Halloween costume away without a thought. This vandal, however, couldn’t part with theirs, and wanted the night to live on for eternity, or at least until someone cleaned it up.

Image courtesy of

This fire hydrant has gained a new set of clothes – as well as a new identity as a minion from Despicable Me. Don’t let this cute face fool you, though; behind the costume is still a hydrant that’s waiting to supply firefighters with gallons of high-pressured water.

Stop, Thief!

Sometimes it’s fun to just look at a scene unfolding and wonder what in the world is going on. Well, that’s what we’re doing by looking at this photo. It seems like the wires behind this grate have been effectively looted…and that the robber was honest about doing it.

Image courtesy of

Not only are we wondering why the robber wanted the wires, but we’re also curious about the plastic file folder hanging from the inside of the vault. Overall, this is quite a mystery.

Stairway 2 Heaven

So we’ve found the stairway to heaven. Does that mean that if we take the stairs all the way up, we’ll get to meet all of the rock and roll legends that have long left this Earth? If so, we’ll take the stairs every day.

Image courtesy of

In all seriousness, though, ‘Stairway 2’ has just been taken to a whole new level. We know that this is just a joke and that we won’t actually ascend to heaven by taking this stairway, but it’d be interesting to see children pass this by; they would surely have a few questions for their parents.

Who’s Hungry?

It’s honestly crazy the way something like a modern crosswalk can be transformed into a retro throwback that has half of the population entering a state of nostalgia. In this photo, an everyday crosswalk has been turned into a rendition of Pac Man.

Image courtesy of

The way it’s been done has the crosswalk serving as a snack for everyone’s favorite hungry 2D shape. While the image is impressive, so is the simplicity of it. By the looks of things, all this transformation needed was some paint and a few minutes without interruption from cars and pedestrians.

Sumo Power

Have you ever seen a sumo wrestler in person? Probably not, they arent a common everyday sight. But if you ever walk past this piece of wall art, you can say that you have (we won’t tell anyone that it was just a drawing!).

Image courtesy of

After all, with how realistic it is, you might be able to pretend that you really thought it was a tiny sumo wrestler…right? Regardless! The tiny details are impressive, and the opportunity for such a drawing was perfect.

No Plants

Not to be a “Karen,” but indeed, why no plants? This environmental eyesore could be upgraded to make it look more appealing and at the same time, be better for the earth! After all, what use is a slab of concrete that isn’t used for anything?

Image courtesy of somecoolishname/Reddit

The designer definitely wasn’t thinking about that, but it’s still no reason to leave the area un-planted! All it would take is a bit of renovation, some plant seeds, and a green thumb!

Where’s Waldo?

If you didn’t have a Where’s Waldo? Book when you were a child, you didn’t miss much. Although, you probably heard about the book all the time and wondered what all the fuss was about.

Image courtesy of dshaps10/Reddit

The artist behind this Waldo-themed pole simply applied red and white stripes and let the memories of Waldo’s many fans do the rest! Walking by, it would be hard not to relive the hours spent searching for the adorable glasses-wearing, red and white striped clad, plump little man.

Patience Is A Virtue

What kind of establishment makes customers wait 45 minutes to have their hands washed?! The sign does say that employees must wash their hands, so where are they? Ridiculous to say the least, and on many levels too!

Image courtesy of

Okay maybe not. We’re just kidding, and we hope that whoever wrote this on the mirror was, too. Even if they weren’t and their day was completely ruined, the message is certainly humorous to everyone else who sees it.

What Time Is it?

Hammer time! Whoever made this sign clearly had a plan, seeing as they took the time to print out and tape the sign into place. It probably didn’t take too much time, though, all things considered, and even if it did, the result was something all MC Hammer fans can appreciate.

Image courtesy of Destabilised/Reddit

In this case, since the act is so completely harmless, we think that whoever wrote this should be pardoned for the technically illegal aspect of what they’ve done.

Here He Sat

Chuck Norris is a notorious subject for jokes, with everyone – those who are fans and those who aren’t – enjoying them. In fact, he’s so invincible that even time stands still for him.

Image courtesy of

This broken-down bench was probably one of his last hangout spots, and, in the end, it turned into a pile of broken pieces. This is what happens when you meet this such an eccentric man! If this picture made you chuckle, be sure not to tell Norris – or we might be next on the list!

Seasonal Art

If there was a good kind of vandalism to support, this would be it; what’s been done to these vehicles isn’t permanent, doesn’t involve any paint, will melt when the sun comes up, and is just for the fun of it!

Image courtesy of

These silly faces are almost as funny as they are harmless and honestly? We’d be more than happy to see one on our vehicle before work in the morning! The best part, though, is that whoever drew them took time to make each one unique and special.

Ant-Man Attacks

If Ant-Man can teach us anything it’s that size doesn’t matter. This minuscule ant-man figurine is somehow managing to kick his opponent’s butt, with the sheer force of his attack knocking over this solid metal pole in the process.

Image courtesy of

What makes this even better is that the entire scene is hidden within plain sight. From a distance, no one knows what’s going on between these two enemies, but up close? It’s the battle of the century and the fate of all hangs in the balance.

Why Do People Cross The Road?

Why do people cross the road? Well, according to this vandal, people cross using this crosswalk to be abducted by aliens! Who would have thought, right? In that case, we will cross at a different crossing.

Image courtesy of

Again, we don’t know what gave this vandal the idea to do this, but we’re not too baffled to get a good laugh out of it. Thanks to the addition of the UFO, this person looks like they’re about to be abducted and whisked away to another planet.

6 Things I Hate About Vandalism

The worst kind of vandalism, by far, is the kind that crosses the line into hypocritical. What does that look like, you ask? It looks like the list of ‘things I hate’ written by this vandal.

Image courtesy of

This act must be purposely hypocritical. If it isn’t, it doesn’t make much sense. Why would someone who hates vandalism do it? Why would they hate lists when the item below ‘vandalism’ is ‘lists’, and both items are on a list? Have we confused you yet? We’re baffled.

Home Sweet Hotel

We’d be lying if we said this wasn’t really neat. You’d be lying if you said you’d turn up your nose if you saw this during a stroll to the supermarket. We’d also be lying if we said we don’t kind-of, sort-of, really want to book a room here.

Image courtesy of

It’s too bad that this hotel isn’t big enough to host human guests; we’re sure the place would be booked full. For now, though, it looks like ants and their spider companions will be the only guests.

X-Men Unite

Familiar with X-Men, the comic superheroes? Then this work of street art is probably going in your good books. With a few strokes of a pen, this ordinary sign went from ordinary to extraordinary.

Image courtesy of

Here we can see Logan, also known as Wolverine, and Charles Xavier, who most commonly goes by Professor X. We have tons of appreciation the claws on Logan and the telekinesis that seems to be coming from Xavier’s head.

This Is Patrick

As Spongebob fans, we clued into the joke presented here immediately. It’s easy to tune back into this particular Spongebob episode and hear the conversation taking place from our memory.

Image courtesy of

In this hilariously memorable episode, Patrick Star tries his hand (arm?) at taking calls at the Krusty Crab. When asked if they’re talking to Krusty Krab, Patrick answers wholeheartedly that “no, this is Patrick”. Next time a caller asks us that, it’s going to be hard not to giggle.


What is this? Where was this photo taken? No one really knows! However, it’s easy to see that this vandal is an Aerosmith fan. The sign that originally read “Peele” has been elevated in more ways than one.

Image courtesy of

With the help of this Aerosmith-loving vandal, it’s become part of the most well-known phrase from the song “Love In An Elevator”. If the Aerosmith connection is just a coincidence, then we have no other explanations.

Beyond The Box

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just walk up to a door and step into another world? A new dimension? If you said no, you must not have seen enough sci-fi and time travel movies. Those footprints convincingly look like they lead someone right into a portal to another world.

Image courtesy of

This electrical box makes us think – if only for a split second- that multi-dimensional travel really is as simple as opening a door. In all seriousness, though, we know that it’s never a good idea to open the door to an electrical box.

Grouchy Garbage Can

Even though these eyes aren’t googly, they’re still super expressive and funny. They add a ton of character to this garbage can, making it look somehow annoyed but amused at the same time.

Image courtesy of

But what does the garbage can have to be annoyed about? Well, depending on your personal opinion, his annoyance could stem from the excess garbage that doesn’t make it into his mouth or from the excessive amount that does.

Live Fast, Pet Dogs

This just might be life’s single most golden rule. Ending the day by petting an adorable dog is a lifelong goal for many pet lovers. We don’t really get the live fast part- unless the artist intended for people to try pet their neighbors scary Doberman before having to sprint away very quickly.

Image courtesy of

Yes, dogs can be stinky, hair, clumsy, and ruin your favorite household items, but they’re down-right adorable! Their friendly faces are warm enough to melt ice – and the hearts of even the busiest people.

Total Reboot

According to this sign, you can reboot the universe with the push of a button. We can’t help but think, though, that if this was the case, the universe would have been rebooted countless of times already.

Image courtesy of pinterest

Whoever put this sign over whatever sign was here before clearly wanted to cause sci-fi lovers to panic. After all, if you’ve seen enough movies from that genre, you might very well be worried about something like this actually happening.

Eye of the…Kitty Cat?

Googley eyes make everything 10 times funnier – a fact that is backed up by this photo of a copper cat statue sporting carefully placed googley eyes. Before the eyes, the statue was passable; nothing much to look at. But now?

Image courtesy of

The statue looks terrified – not to mention terrifying! The googley eyes make the cat look slightly scary (but in a humorous kind of way), and we’re 99% sure that anyone who passes by will be drawn to look at it.

Daddy Shark (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo)

If you have kids, you’ve probably heard this song. Actually, even if you don’t have kids you’ve probably heard it! This fantastically friendly shark song is everywhere…including the bathroom.

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This linen holder turned hammerhead shark doesn’t explicitly state that it’s related to the children’s song, but it does remind us of it. The person who drew the shark has a great imagination, as well as an eye for drawing cute marine creatures.

All Minions Aboard

Ah, Despicable Me. – the movie that took the world’s child population by storm. At the height of their fame, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing minion something or other. Thankfully it’s died down now; or has it?

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…maybe not. Whoever did this to this train is obviously still clinging to the idea that minions are the best. While we don’t necessarily think that they’re the best, we do think that this train is pretty awesome.

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