Some Cats Know Just How to Irritate and Bulldoze the Dogs They Live With

By Luisa K

People say that you should never keep a cat and a dog as pets together in the same household because they hate each other, and all hell will break loose! Yet, so many cats and dogs get along brilliantly! Although there’s this common misconception that dogs and cats shouldn’t live together because the dog might chase and act aggressively towards the cat, these photos show a different side to the intriguing cat-dog relationship. Of course, you should always be cautious when mixing animals in the same household, even if they’re the same species or even the same breed. But the comical thing about these little anecdotes is that it’s the cats that are in charge, and they love to show who is boss! It doesn’t matter how many times bigger than them their canine companions might be; these cats know exactly how to annoy and frighten them!

Karate Cat! –

Pitbulls get a bad name for being aggressive and temperamental, but if this picture is anything to go on, we think it’s safe to say that they are real softies at heart. In this household, it’s clear to see who is the boss and who is not.


There is no doubt that cats are highly intelligent but did you know they were masters of karate as well?! Well, at least this karate cat is! The cat looks rather relaxed in this position. We can’t say the same about the dog, though!

Copper and Cooper

This pair of cuties are called Copper and Cooper. Copper is the cat, and Cooper is the dog. You could say that Cooper looks at Copper like a brother from a different mother. Unlike some dogs, Cooper likes the cat he lives with.

Credit: Reddit (Mark_Levins)

It’s unclear if the feeling is mutual. Cooper often tries to play with Copper, but then Copper lashes out and bats him with his paw. But because Cooper is forgetful, he has yet to learn his lesson that Copper doesn’t like to play with him!

Every Day Problems

Most people have their own everyday routine, and it seems that cats and dogs are no different. But while dogs tend to look forward to their daily walks and playtime, they probably wish they could eliminate this from their everyday regime!

Credit: Reddit (tenkin)

The fact that the family’s cat sits on the stairs in the house and won’t let the dog pass is a daily habit the dog definitely doesn’t look forward to! And who can blame him!? The daily challenge of trying to cross the cat without getting scratched or bitten isn’t much fun, but it certainly keeps him on his toes!

“Help! A Pack of Little Lions Have Trapped Me in the Corner!”

Perhaps on those lazy Sunday afternoons, while curled up with their owner, this dog has been watching The Lion King?! This dog is no fool. He knows that while these little cats look all cute and sweet when they’re small, they actually grow up into dangerous beasts!

Credit: Reddit (Yummie4mytummie)

This confused pooch knows that it’s better to stay out of their way. As soon as he spotted the kittens coming for him, he jumped on to this chair. Although he thought he was safe, they ended up cornering him! What should he do now?!

What a Liberty…

Sometimes even cats go too far when it comes to pushing boundaries. Just when you thought that cats aren’t supposed to like dog bones and dog treats, it turns out you were wrong. As you probably may have noticed by now, cats tend to like what is not theirs and things they’re not supposed to have!

Credit: Reddit (tdgonex)

This cat was really taking a liberty when she stole the dog’s bone. But what’s worse is that she actually chose to sit and eat it right in front of the dog, right under his nose! The dog hasn’t worked out what to do yet. Obviously, he wants his bone back, but he is too polite to ask!

“Oh, It’s You Again!”

They say with pets that they make great company for one another because they will either spend all of their time hating each other and avoiding one another, or they will get on like a house on fire! In the case of this cat and dog, it’s probably the first one!

Credit: Reddit (missmegane)

When their owner took the dog to the groomers, the cat was overjoyed, thinking she’d seen the last of him. Then the owners came back…with him! The cat was not impressed! A four-word expression springs to mind here: “if looks could kill”…

In the Dog House

They take your food. They take your bed. They demand the attention of your owner. And then, when you try to grab a moment’s peace by sneaking off outside to your kennel, what do they go and do? They take over your kennel too!


This dog does not look amused. Still, rather than kicking up a fuss or squeezing in besides the cat, they’ve just decided to sit outside and keep guard. The dog is probably hoping to return the favor by taking the cat’s place as soon as they leave. He might have a long wait, though. That cat looks pretty comfortable there.

Eaten Alive

“See what I have to put up with?” This is like your average family with these two siblings annoying one another. The cat would be the playful younger sibling, and the dog would be the older one, who knows better than to kick up a fuss because something it’s best just to tolerate their ways.

Credit: (muddyMF)

This dog looks like it’s being eaten alive by the cat, but we reckon the cat’s just playful. What many people don’t realize is that cats softly bite their owners and loved ones to show affection. It can still be mildly painful, but they mean well by it!

Annoying Guests

As much as it’s great to have guests round, it isn’t always fun for all the family, as this dog knows all too well! Fortunately for this little dog, the cat doesn’t live with her and her family permanently but tolerating the cat while visiting is about as much as she can take!

Credit: Reddit (outlaw-chaos)

Visiting time must feel like a lifetime for this dog when she and her parents visit their grown-up child and their pet cat! The cat loves to annoy her! The cat enjoys nothing better than to poke her and touch her until he growls!

While Your Back’s Turned

For those of you who have smart technology in your home, you may already be aware of what your pets get up to when you’re not around. But for those who don’t, you’re left always wondering, or perhaps dreading, what mischief they get into when your back’s turned!

Credit: Reddit (victoryknox)

The owner of this cat and dog heard her dog growling while she was in the other room, and she got to the scene of the crime just in time to see what was going on! The cat’s expression says it all! The owner walked in on the cat, sat on the dog’s food dispenser, with its paw on her head as she was eating!

To Catch a Thief

Now you see it; now you don’t. While dogs tend to be the pet that visitors fear most, those “beware of the dog” signs on the gate and front door of the house don’t bother the cat! Cats that live with dogs have this saying: “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is…mine too!”

Credit: Reddit (hellonheels777)

While this dog was taking a nap, the cat quietly sneaked up on him and without him even realizing, the cat had stolen his bone! The dog can’t get the cat back, though by stealing any of her things because whereas you can’t hear a cat coming, the familiar sound of the dog’s wagging tail gives him away!

“Mom, The Cat Has Stolen My Food!”

It’s a well-known fact how much dogs get protective over their food and any tasty treats that come their way. They can even become aggressive if you try to take their food off them, especially if they are in the middle of eating.

Credit: Twitter @Ac-blinka

While we are relieved to see that this dog is being very placid about the cat eating his food, we can’t help but empathize with him too! The cat has made a habit of coming along and eating the dog’s food right in front of him, and all the dog can do is stare up at his owner and cry! Bless him!

My Dog and My Girlfriend’s Cat

When you reach the point where you decide to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you may worry about mixing your kids together if you both have children, but few put as much thought into becoming a blended pet family!

Credit: Reddit (donut771)

But the topic of “step-pets,” so to speak, is actually a bigger problem than you may think. When you and your significant other’s pets don’t get along, it can cause friction. Take this guy, for instance. This guy’s girlfriend’s cat is so mean to his dog right under the guy’s nose! We hope they learn to get along soon!

There’s a Cat on Your Cone –

Nobody likes going to the doctors or being injured, and animals are no different. This dog had endured a rough day at the vets and came back with an annoying cone around his head. All this poor dog wanted to do was rest.


But his irritating feline sibling had different plans! While the dog found it very difficult with that great big cone around his head, the cat discovered that it served as a comfortable spot for sitting, and if you just sat on it, it flattened right down!

And the Winner Is…

In some homes, the cat is actually bigger than the dog. This is certainly the case here! This tiny dog didn’t stand a chance when he took to the challenge of playing “who can pin the other one down first” with the cat!

Credit: Instagram @poohbear_slinkystreasure

The cat obviously won but judging by the difference in size, we’d imagine that this is a common occurrence in their home! The dog does seem pretty relaxed by the looks of things but how he will get out of this mighty headlock is another matter!

No Free Pass

“Don’t touch it. Don’t pass it. Always keep a safe distance. And never, ever make eye contact with it!” This dog’s smart. It knows to stay away from the cat and not to bother it. But the question on all of our minds is why this dog is so afraid of his feline family member?

Credit: Reddit (barbmalley)

It doesn’t matter that the dog is much bigger than the cat; they both know who is the boss here. The dog daren’t pass the cat, and it definitely must not make eye contact. You can’t blame the dog, though; this cat does look very intimidating sitting there.

The Little Ones are Always the Boss

The only thing this dog wanted to do was to go upstairs for a nap with his teddy bear, but unfortunately, he was stopped in his tracks and had to go back downstairs. The dog got halfway up the stairs when it realized that the cat was patrolling the top of the staircase!

Credit: Instagram @GusofTheGrive

If this photo is anything to go on and judging by the way that the dog only got halfway up the stairs and wasn’t prepared to go any further after seeing the cat, it’s safe to say that the dog is probably quire frightened of the cat.

The Name’s Zilla – Godzilla!

When one couple gave way one of their kittens to the girlfriend’s colleague, the co-worker was unaware of the interesting name they’d given the kitty while still a baby. The couple had nicknamed the little kitten Godzilla. She’s definitely scary for such a small thing!

Credit: Reddit (OSRS_Socks)

So when the colleague sent them this picture shortly after receiving the little cat, the couple were not surprised! Now known as Zilla, the tiny cat is living up to her name and demonstrates why her first owners christened her Godzilla in the first place!

There’s a Hunter in My House

Have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of cats and dogs who live together? Surely the dogs must wonder where their feline roommate goes when they leave the house late at night? Then when they return the next morning, they’ve often brought back a furry victim to show their owners.

Credit: Reddit (anya_anchan)

This must be quite unnerving to a dog! Cats are definitely a bit of a mystery to dogs, and most dogs tend to be quite cautious of the cats they live with. Take this dog, for example; he’s probably wondering whether he’s going to end up with the same fate as that mouse the cat brought back earlier that morning!

“It’s Ok, I’m Just Going to Sit Here and Watch”

With pets, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on toys and scratch posts; they will much prefer playing in a basic cardboard box. The same applies to beds. You can buy the nicest, most comfortable bed for them and they will want to sleep elsewhere.

Credit: Reddit (heysalpj)

We are sure that this cat has its own lovely bed but just to be awkward and, of course, to annoy the dog and to show him who’s boss, the cat has chosen to sleep in the dog’s bed! Judging by his expression, the dog is probably wondering whether this is now going to be a permanent fixture or not…

“The Baby Stole My Bed!”

Some cats lash out and feel threatened when they come face to face with a dog. If the dog isn’t afraid of the cat, they are often too curious for the cat’s liking and feel as though their personal space is being invaded.

Credit: Reddit (salazarRED)

On the other hand, some cats fancy themselves as the wild predator of the household. It doesn’t bother them in the slightest that the dog is bigger than they are and barks loudly. This kitten might only be a baby, but she is by no means afraid of the dog whose bed she has just stolen. And what’s more, the dog knows not to complain about losing his bed!

“Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?!”

Don’t you just feel so sorry for this poor dog?! Here we have a similar tale to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This cat has probably been testing out different beds and couches around the house, looking for a comfortable place to sleep. Unfortunately for the dog, the most comfortable spot seemed to be his bed!

Credit: Reddit (TrulyDannyDevito)

The cat has stolen the dog’s bed, and this photo captures his sadness as he stands there, crying for his owner to come and resolve the issue! The cat, on the other hand, seems quite comfortable there. There’s no chance of her moving from there!

When People Ask Why My Dog is Afraid of Cats

Fears and phobias are interesting things. Sometimes we develop phobias without having any explanation as to why. Other times, our biggest fears originate from terrifying encounters that we’ve witnessed firsthand. Dogs are the same! Sometimes they’re just scared of the unknown, and other times, they’re afraid of things that have previously frightened them!

Credit: Reddit: OliveBudd

There’s a common misconception that all dogs want to chase cats, but actually, some prefer to run away from cats instead. If this cat and dog are anything to go on, this cat has most likely frightened this poor dog at some point before, which is why the dog seems scared of the fanatic feline!

We Have a Dog Sitter

Finding a dog sitter is no easy task! It can be difficult to find someone who you trust enough to take care of your precious fur baby. But not to worry! Luckily for these owners, the cat has stepped up and filled the vacant position of a dog sitter.

Credit: Reddit (TakeNaps-PetCats)

Admittedly, the cat may not have read the full description of what the role involves, but she seems happy to take on the job all the same! As for what the dog thinks of his new guardian, it remains unknown. His comments couldn’t be heard because of the cat sat on his head!

“Give Me the Tuna or the Dog Gets it!”

We can’t be sure what this little kitty is doing here, but it’s safe to say that she seems to be the one in control. Despite the fact that the kitten is no bigger than the dog’s head, she is keeping him firmly pinned down with just one of her tiny little paws pushed down on his head.

Credit: Reddit (BleedingKitties9)

But what has she noticed? Could she be holding the dog hostage until she gets what she wants?! The expression on her face tells the story best of all. She clearly isn’t going to remove that one, very tough little paw from the dog’s head until something of interest comes her way!

A True Underdog Story

This photo is so sweet! You can’t help but feel sorry for the sad-looking dog here, though. You can see who the underdog is in this house! Not only does the dog look scared and depressed, the cat even has the cheek to place its paw on the dog’s leg to show who’s in control!

Credit: Reddit (_goodgodlemon_)

The two expressions on the cat and dog’s faces could not be more contrasting if they tried! It’s clear to see that this dog is terribly afraid of the cat and what’s more is that the cat knows it!

“Your Bed is My Bed”

There is something wrong with this picture. Can you guess what it is!? That’s right, the dog has been kicked out of his own bed and had to get into the cat’s bed instead. He’s trying to look as though he doesn’t mind, but in all honesty, that doesn’t look very comfortable.

Credit: PawMyGosh

It’s not clear why the cat doesn’t want to sleep in her own bed. Usually, we’re lead to believe that cats like to curl up in small, cozy spaces? Although when you’re a cat, and you spend most of your time sleeping, it’s probably nice to change your sleeping place from time to time!

An 18-Year Dispute

When children and pets grow up together, they are said to form a strong and special bond. When pets grow up together, they too are supposed to develop a strong, loving bond, and if they’re both young when they meet, they should get along well with no arguments.

Credit: Reddit (notyogrannysgrandkid)

This throwback picture is just adorable! The little girl clearly loves her two pets, and we’d go as far as saying they love her too. Yet, that same loving bond of having known each other since childhood doesn’t extend to the cat and dog. They hated each other when they first met, and 18 years on, they still hate each other. All we have to say to that is that at least they are consistent!

A Cat Always Knows the Best Places to Eat

As a pet owner, buying pet food is simple and self-explanatory. The food labeled “dog food” is for the dog, and the food labeled “cat food” is for you to give to the cat. Yet, it appears that cats and dogs are only happy to eat their own food if they haven’t ever tasted anything else.

Credit: Reddit (SamboNashville)

The owner of this cat has gotten used to the cat sitting on top of the dog’s food container. The cat sits here to ensure they are the first to be fed and also to make sure that they get dog food instead of cat food!

Once Swatted, Twice as Shy

It’s rare that you come across something that dogs are afraid of. Apart from perhaps fireworks, the vets and cats! But unlike fireworks and the vets, which dogs only have to suffer every now and then, they have to face cats on a daily basis if they live with one!

Credit: Reddit (white_plum)

After this dog was swatted by the pet cat, he became really frightened of her! Despite the fact that she is staring right at him, he just cowers by the door and refuses to maintain eye contact with her! It looks funny from where we’re standing because the dog is much bigger than the cat, but we feel sorry for the dog all the same!

“Not Today, Thank you!”

Most dogs are fascinated by cat flaps. It must be intriguing to them to watch how the cat can quickly and easily go in and out of the house without having to scratch at the door or jump up and down at the window to get their owner’s attention to let them back inside.


When this dog decided to have a go at using the cat’s cat flap, little did they know that their feline companion was waiting on the other side. The cat wasn’t having any of it, though, and by the looks of things, she was trying to push the dog back outside!

No Dogs Inside Please!

It’s not that dogs are dirty or unclean; it’s just that they don’t spend hours cleaning themselves in the same way that cats do! We get the impression that cats are not all that impressed with how dogs smell, which is why some cats even go as far as trying to wash their pet dog themselves!

Credit: Reddit (archerofloafcrosse)

Maybe it was a matter of personal hygiene or maybe the cat just doesn’t like the dog. Either way, this cat really doesn’t want the dog back in the house so she’s decided to keep guard by sitting in the doorway to make sure he can’t come inside!

“I’m Most Comfortable When Trying to Smother You!”

If you’re a cat or dog parent, you can probably really sympathize with how this dog feels! How many times has your cat or dog, or any other pet for that matter, came and made themselves comfortable with you, leaving you feeling anything but comfortable!? It’s generally a common occurrence!

Credit: Reddit (articulateantagonist)

Just as this dog thought he had found a comfortable and quiet, not to mention cat-free place, to sleep, the cat came and found him. Unfortunately for the dog, the cat made itself comfortable in a position where it looked like it was trying to smother the dog!

It is a Cat’s World

In this picture, you have a laidback cat just hanging out on the steps without a care in the world. Then you have the dog that looks as though she is risking her life as she makes her way down the stairs. In an ideal world, the cat would move out of the way so that the dog could pass without having to make a scene.

Credit: Instagram (@more_mio)

But no. The cat seems quite happy to sit there all day. The cat knows full well that he’s intimidating the dog by not moving to allow her to pass! And there’s a good guess that the cat is enjoying every moment of watching the poor pooch suffer!

Too Scared to Cross the Cat

First question: how do you get from the top of the stairs to the bottom when there is a cat blocking the route? Second question: why is the dog worried, and what does it think the cat will do if the dog crosses her?

Credit: Reddit (illy67)

Clearly, the cat controls the stairs, and the dog knows better than to cross her while she is patrolling the stairway. So if the cat decides to fall asleep in the middle of the staircase, there is nothing the dog can do except wait until the cat wakes up and moves!

“Please Let Me In!”

When cats give dogs a hard time, the dogs must wonder why on earth their owners brought these bossy creatures into their home!? You can see from the way he is looking at his owner that this dog isn’t fond of his feline housemate.

Credit: Reddit (GummyBear2525)

The dog wants to come inside, but he won’t pass the cat. Seeing as his owner is stood there watching, his only option is to make sad dog eye expressions at his owner to get her to move the cat so he can come in!

He’s Nice to the Dog but Only for the Cameras

Cats have a reputation for being two-faced when their owners are around. Remember the Disney film Lady and the Tramp with the sly Siamese cats who framed the pet dog, Lady, for all the trouble and breakages they had caused?

Credit: Reddit (rollupdatrollup)

Well, this photo is kind of similar to that. When the cat knows that their owner is around, taking photos, the cat sits on the couch next to the dog as though they’re one big happy family. Yet, it doesn’t last, and the cat soon starts annoying the dog, unaware that they are still being watched and photographed!

“Wake up! I Want to Play!”

These two dogs were sleeping peacefully just a few minutes before this photo was taken. But when you live in a household with both dogs and cats, you know that things never stay calm and quiet for long. It doesn’t take long for things to turn chaotic again!

Credit: Reddit (E-P-I-C-K)

When cats and dogs live together, they always have to watch their backs – dogs, especially! As this poor dog knows, you can never be sure when your cat roommate is going to sneak up on you and wake you suddenly from a lovely sleep by pouncing on your chest!

Drowning the Dog

It’s a well-known fact that most cats don’t like water. The fact that most cats can’t swim is one of the main reasons for their hatred of water, other than the water they drink elegantly from their water bowls. But this cat was interested to know whether the canine she lives with felt the same?

Credit: Reddit (gmkab)

There was only one way to find out, really. She waited for the moment when the dog went to his bowl for a drink so that she could push his head into the bowl to see his reaction. Maybe this was the explanation, or perhaps she just wanted to drown him…who can be sure?!

The Cat Thinks He’s a Dog

You’ve probably heard the expression about pets looking like their owners, but what about cats and dogs that live together? Do they eventually morph into one another and pick up each other’s habits? If this cat and dog are any examples to go on, then the answer could be yes!

Credit: Reddit (timothyyjohn)

This cat seems to have spent far too long with the dog it lives with! After living day in, day out with the dog, watching his every move, the cat has started to copy the dog. This cage actually belongs to the dog, but the cat seems to think they belong inside.

This Senior Dog Can’t Get Any Peace!

Cats are great, and they make amazing pets but let’s not forget that sometimes they can just be plain mean! Maybe it’s because cats and dogs have different personalities and a different sense of humor?! While cats love to tease and show who’s boss, dog’s enjoy a simpler life!

Credit: Reddit (riggied)

Take this cat, for instance. Her idea of fun is certainly not fun for the poor dog. This cat loves nothing more than to sneak up and surprise the senior dog she lives with! The dog looks perfectly happy sitting on the grass in the sun, but the cat couldn’t resist sneaking up on the old guy! Poor thing!

“What Kind of Hissing Toy Is This?”

Dog: “Usually, when the humans bring home a new toy for me, it’s something tasty or fun to play with. But this is the least fun toy they’ve ever brought home! I liked the tug of war toy. I liked the squeaky ball. But I don’t see what’s fun about this hissing toy that sometimes bites and even chases me!”

Credit: Instagram (@vezina_the_dalmation)

Meanwhile, the cat is probably wondering why hunting and intimidating its “prey” can’t be this easy outdoors too! Cats sure are stubborn, though. This cat looks as though it has absolutely no intention of moving out of the dog’s way!

The Angel and the Devil

Every loveable duo is made up of a well-behaved half and a mischievous half. With this cute pair, the dog is the good one, and the cat is well, a little less well behaved! You’d think the cat would be more interested by the other temptations in the room – the Christmas tree, the ball balls. But no, she’d rather annoy the dog!

Credit: Reddit (Carsnay)

You have to admit, after seeing this photo, it leads to you believe that the dog must have the patience of a saint! It can’t be easy having to tolerate the cat biting your ears every time you want to sit on the couch!

“You Eat My Food, I Pee in Your Water!”

We get it; some people don’t like to share their food. This is a lesson that we haven’t forgotten since our days of watching Friends. Remember when somebody ate Ross’s sandwich and was outraged? And when Joey had become tired of people taking food from his plate, he settled the subject by shouting: “Joey doesn’t share food!”

Credit: Reddit (othaur0990)

But this cat did something even more shocking! After the pet dog ate the cat’s food, the cat decided to get revenge by peeing in the dog’s water bowl! The dog probably hasn’t realized that this is payback for his actions, but if it was us, we would definitely think twice before eating someone else’s food in the future!

First Impressions Last a Long Time

Although these stories don’t exactly show cats and dogs getting along well, in these photos, it’s the cats that are being aggressive towards the dogs. This age-old myth is that dogs hate cats and that you should never have a pet cat and a pet dog in the same house.

Credit: Reddit (marko601)

But that isn’t necessarily the case. Dogs and cats can live together harmoniously and actually get along really well. Although, the first meeting is often tense and difficult until they bond and get used to one another.  This is the first time this cat and dog met, and the meeting did not go that well for the dog, who couldn’t understand why the cat kept hissing at him!