How Much Longer Will LeBron James Play In The NBA?

By Shane R

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Well, LeBron James just won his fourth NBA championship after playing 17 seasons in the NBA. With the help of Anthony Davis and Company, James led the team as the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player. By averaging close to a triple-double in the Finals, James can still impact the sport in major ways. But, there are a lot of people who cant help but think about how much longer he will be able to play in the NBA.

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Currently, Michael Jordan has six NBA titles, Kobe Bryant has five NBA titles, with LeBron James right behind, as three of the top players of all-time. James may have aspirations to match or overtake Kobe, at least. But, Father-Time will eventually start to catch up with James. Can James get enough help to make his dream a reality? This year, James did not need Anthony Davis’ max help, but down the road, James will.

In the near future, there are some factors that could have an impact on LeBron James, For next season, Davis is a free agent. He can either sign with the Lakers, become a free agent and sign with the Lakers, or sign with another team altogether. Davis is needed back by the Lakers if they have any chance at all. If not, they need to sign a big-time free agent who can handle not having the spotlight next to LeBron James.

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Ultimately, LeBron James is too much of a competitor to not try for a few more titles. With the Lakers having some of the top odds to win the title next season, James will be back for next season and a few year. Best of luck to LeBron as he ages.