Grading The 2020 NBA Bubble

By Shane R

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Now that the 2020 NBA season is done, it is time to grade how the NBA did in maintaining their schedule. The NBA crowned the Los Angeles Lakers World Champions, giving fans what they wanted: sports. From entertainment to safety, here are the grades for the NBA’s 2020 season.

Entertainment: A-

Since the 1980s, the NBA has risen in popularity.From high flying action to close playoff series, the NBA got almost everything right this season. The challenge was keeping games with a pandemic and social unrest happening. But, overall, the NBA made it.

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Competitive Factor: B+

Most NBA players decided to play in the bubble, and the big names did not back out. Still, players like Bradley Beal, DeAndre Jordan, and Avery Bradley, among others, did not play, watering down the competition a little. Hopefully, next season, the NBA will have everyone coming back. The best product is when everyone plays. No fan likes rest days for players. They pay big money. During the pandemic, fans might even have bought a television service to pass the time.

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Safety: A

The NBA had minimal cases, which was a big deal. The NBA clamped down on players who tried to get away with bending the rules. They wanted to make sure that everyone was safe and ready to play. Truly, the NBA is the gold standard for sports teams across the globe. With quick testing, the NBA made it all happen with everything the players needed in the bubble.