Objects Bigger Than We Had Thought

By Robert B

Seeing things from a distance can give you a false sense of their actual size. There are several objects we’re used to seeing in a particular way – and we’ve never bothered to think about how they look up close. We’ve compiled a list of objects, animals, and things that are larger than you might have anticipated. Stingrays, animal bones, and even coconut scrubs will graze your news feed. Usually, when we look at objects or places, they seem much smaller than we think they are, but these objects are larger than life. A leaf as big as a human being, a fossil that’s as large as a car, oh my. Hang on tight to these waves of nature’s creations – you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Woman vs. a Whale’s Skull

Being on top of the food chain comes with several perks and one of them is not worrying about being preyed upon by larger animals. In reality, we’re the apex predator as we instil fear in the heart of other creatures.

Image source: rocketgeeks/reddit

We got a rude shock that although we may be the apex predator, we’re actually quite small compared to several ginormous animals. To prove this point, this woman lay next to the skull of a whale. As small as the eye sockets are, they’re still larger than the human head. I think it’s time we should be scared of what the ocean harbors.

The United States vs the moon

In the spirit of comparing planet bodies with countries – why don’t we compare the first heavenly body man stepped on with the country that achieved the feat? By comparing the moon to the US, you’ll get to understand how large the country is or how small the moon is.

Image source: reddit / johndoe045

Just like Australia, the US steps up to the bill and can wrap around the moon with ease. Now you can understand why the Land of the free has different times zones all located within the same country.

Victoria Amazonica leaf vs Human

One of the richest wildlife reserves in the world is the Amazon forest. It’s home to several plants and wildlife species that are native to it, which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. A perfect example of this is the Victoria amazonica found in the Amazon River basin.

Image source: rocketgeeks.com

In the picture below, this man is holding the Victoria Amazonica leaf, and you can see how large it is. A leaf is about 9.8 feet in diameter and about 26 feet in length. When you see the leaf on TV, you may be mistaken to think it’s the size of your regular plant, but it’s so large you can use it for a mini canoe.

Camels vs Lady

Maybe because they are mostly found in the desert, we know camels are tall and big; we just don’t know how big they are. Maybe because we see several cartoons depicting camels looking like horses, we’ve been made to believe they’re regular sized animals.

Image source: rocketgeeks

From this picture, you must have realized how mistaken you are. Even though they are not evenly proportioned because of their humps, camels are still one of the largest land animals. This camel’s head can comfortably compete with the girl’s torso and may even be bigger than it.

Gigantic Fossil

Collecting seashells is a past time for many people, and we do it to the point that it becomes an unconscious activity. Gathering fossils, on the other hand, requires more skill as they are harder to come across than seashells. When we think of fossils, we feel they can comfortably fit on our palms, or maybe they could be a little bigger. These men debunked that thought when they discovered this massive ammonoid.

Image source: reddit / damnthatsinteresting

Although it may be too large to fit into a bedroom, it could fit perfectly in a garden – or they could just hand it over to scientists who’ll greatly appreciate it. Whichever decision they take, this is still a once in a lifetime find.  

Traffic light Vs Human

Our closest encounter with a traffic light is seeing it from a distance where it’s hung on a pole doing its job. From the comfort of our car, most traffic lights look awfully small but have you ever wondered about its true size?

Image source: reddit/interestingasf*ck

For research purposes and to put our wandering minds to rest, this full-grown man stood next to a street light – we’ll say this street light won the height and weight contest. Now, all streetlights everywhere can get the respect they deserve.

Pluto vs. Australia

Since we’re in the mood to compare planetary bodies to other things – it’ll be ideal to compare the farthest and coldest planet to a continent on earth. What better continent to compare Pluto with than Australia?

Image source: reddit / stocky99

Although astronomers don’t consider Pluto a planet anymore – it’s known as a dwarf planet now – we can still try to guess how large it is. The planet lives up to its name as a dwarf planet as Australia can comfortably wrap around it.

Shaquille O’Neal vs Chicken Wing

We’ve been comparing people to several things, but this comparison will definitely make you laugh. We have decided to compare one of the basketball greats to one of the best things to ever happen since sliced bread – chicken wings.

Image source: reddit / notinteresting

This is Shaq holding a regular-sized chicken wing, which is very big for some people. For Shaq, he could devour it with just his thoughts while using the bones as a toothpick. You don’t just mess with Shaq on a court alone; you shouldn’t mess with him off it either.

Coconut Crab

Wildlife has always been fascinating to us and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Due to the fact that a lot of the wildlife creatures we come across are normal-sized, or very small, we tend to commonize the others.

Image source: reddit.com/user/QuincyDental/

Truth be told, most large animals we come across are often domesticated, and we hardly get to see them in their natural habitat. Imagine coming across this massive coconut crab on a cold morning while trying to throw the trash. For us, the crab can keep the entire property for all we care.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The dream of most people is to see this awe-inspiring man-made world wonder located in Egypt. That would mean hopping on a plane and spending thousands of dollars, which may not be an option for many. Luckily, thanks to the internet and Google Earth, we can see it in all its glory like we’re there in real-time.

Image source: intrepidguide / Instagram

However, most pictures of the pyramid are often aerial shots, which does not do justice to Its size. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see a person standing at the base of the pyramid – now you can guess how large it really is.

Moose vs Car

We bet at some point in time; you’ve had car problems where your car refused to start. We know how difficult it is to push a car singlehandedly because of how large and heavy a car is. Well, if you look at the size of this moose compared to a car, you’ll know they aren’t animals to be messed with.

Image source: reddit.com/user/gator426428/

From the look of things, the cars in this parking lot are half the size of this full-grown moose. We believe it can take on any car in a contest, and it’ll win without breaking a sweat- no competition for the moose.

Giant good boy Vs Parent

Generally, dogs are not as large as wolves, but there are some dogs that can give them a run for their money. The Great Pyrenees is one such dog, and its origin can be traced as far back as the 17th century. Then, it was usually used as a livestock guardian dog, but now, they can be found in most homes as pets.

Image source:  rocketgeeks.com/

An average Great Pyrenees can weigh about 130 pounds, and a male can stand up to 82 cm tall, which is quite large for a dog. Luckily, dogs are domesticated and bond well with most people, and we don’t have to fear them as we do their wild wolf cousins.

Human Hand vs a Gorilla’s Hand

Unless you’ve visited a zoo before, we’re quite sure the only encounter you’ve had with a gorilla is on the National Geographic. Chanel. Watching these animals on TV doesn’t give you a true sense of how large they really are.

Image source: reddit/Bigfoot

Thanks to this brave person who dared to get close enough to one, we can now compare the hands of a gorilla to that of a man. Even though we share several similarities with the creature, a gorilla is still a magnificent sight to behold. Their raw strength will also humble the strongest man on earth.

Human vs. Gigantic Redwood Tree

Trees have always held the bragging rights against humans when it comes to height. We can categorically say everyone has seen a forest or been into the woods at one point or the other in their lives. What we may not be prepared for are some uncharacteristically tall trees like the redwood tree.

Image source: Twitter / CaliaDomenico

In this picture, that tiny looking person is actually a tall man standing at the base of a redwood tree, and we can say the size is downright intimidating. Redwood trees can grow to be up to 350 feet tall, whereas the average man is between 5.8- 6 feet tall.

Wombat vs Woman

Who would have thought that these cuddly-looking animals were way bigger than koalas? You really can’t blame anyone for this mistake because they look so cute and adorable enough to carry. Well, if you’ve seen one before, you’ll realize that carrying them is a big problem, so it’s best to adore them from afar.

Image source: reddit / humansforscale

Even though their face and gentle demeanor are so hard to resist, you can see from the picture that the woman is barely able to lift it up- they can weigh up to 35 kg’s – although she is grinning for the camera, she must be thinking that guy is heavy.

Michelangelo’s David vs Person

You have come across this famous statue in an art or history book one way or the other. However, if you’re not a fan of art history, you must have still come across David’s iconic image somewhere. Funny enough, most people don’t have the slightest clue regarding the size of this statue.

Image source: reddit / humansforscale

This historical religious monument is way bigger than most of us expect. If you look at the person standing right next to it, you’ll realize the scale of this sculpture. Michelangelo truly did an amazing job bringing this piece of marble to life.

Human vs Wind Turbine

Renewable energy may not be as popular as it should be now, but we must make the switch in the near future. For this reason, we may be seeing more wind turbines around. These gigantic contraptions are often seen from a distance, and they look like big fans.

Image source: reddit / liveat60fps

This machine’s undoubtedly bigger than we think– so much so that we had to zoom in to see the person standing with his arms spread at the base. Thankfully, there’s nothing to worry about as they’re well-rooted in the ground, so there’s no fear of them toppling over.

Giant Stingray vs Human

If you’ve been to sea world or an aquarium before, you must have seen some kite looking fish that looked surreal. Looking at them from afar, you’ll be forgiven if you think they are as small as the regular fish you usually come across.

Image source: citizensvoice.com/ Zeb Hogan

We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but from this picture, you’ll see that you’re clearly mistaken. Looking at his gigantic freshwater stingray in ratio to a regular-sized adult is shocking – we’re not sure if we should be in awe or to be afraid.

Saltwater Crocodile vs Diver

We know elephants are one of the biggest animals on land, but apart from whales, are there other big animals in the water? We know the ocean has a lot of secrets, and we’re yet to discover a quarter of it, but the little we come across have surprised us.

Image source: reddit / natureisf*ckinglit

This gigantic crocodile is one of the few surprises the ocean harbors. Just take a look at the jaws and imagine the bite force. Now compare it with the diver swimming dangerously close to it even though she’s somewhat protected.

Tornado vs Wind Turbines

You clearly saw how a wind turbine comfortably dwarfed a man; now, it’s the turn of the wind turbines to be intimated. Here’s the picture of a rampaging tornado roaring towards a wind farm. Not only does it look so small, it almost seems inconsequential and poses a non-existent barrier to the twister.

Image source: Twitter / bigstormpicture

Seeing twisters on TV does not do justice to the size and the sheer terror this disaster unleashes. Even though most things are exaggerated on TV, we believe that the epic scale of a tornado cannot be exaggerated enough.

Male Bison vs Carer

If you’ve seen the Lion King or Avatar the Last Air Bender, then you will know what a Bison looks like. They’re as big as can be and can seem pretty intimidating at first sight. Looking at the animal’s head while It’s been groomed by its carer shows you how large a regular bison is.

Image source: reddit / damnthatsinteresting

Unlike a bull, you can’t wrangle this gigantic animal; neither can it be cajoled by kind words when angry. The best thing to do if you are up close snd personal with an adult bison on the loose is run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.

Siberian Tiger

The picture on the left is that of a woman stretching against a tree, while the picture on the right is a fully stretched tiger on the same tree. Due to the fact that we see these animals on all fours, we forget these animals are several feet tall.

Image source: reddit / interestingasf*ck

When chased by a tiger, climbing a tree doesn’t look like the safest option after all – don’t forget that tigers are also expert climbers too.  Do not make eye contact with him, or turn away from him and just back away slowly…

Wolf vs Coyotes

This picture better depicts the size of a wolf compared to other animals than the previous one. In truth, a wolf instills fear in their prey, and their movements are nothing short of impressive. This picture also shows how menacing they can be when their predatory instincts kick in.

Image source: reddit / joerogan

You can see the coyotes are scampering for safety because they know if they don’t get away quickly, they might not live to tell the tale. Even though wolves look like big hairy dogs, this picture perfectly shows their other side, the one that we should be scared of.

The Myth of Money

Most people will find it hard to believe that the first stack of greens and the other single stack add up to the same amount. Even though the perspective seems largely skewed, it’s still surprising nonetheless. This simple trick is what most directors use in movies, or better still, they just print fake money, which is more effective.

Image source: reddit / zonbienm

This was one of the reasons the government decided to push for a cashless society. For years, they tried to make sure we transferred money digitally rather than carrying bulk sums around. We wonder who would prefer $10,000 in 1 dollar bills instead of $100s.

Moai Statues In Easter Island

Easter Island has several mysteries that draw a lot of people to it every year. The place is filled with important pieces of history that people can’t get enough of. The moai statues may not be as tall as skyscrapers, but they are still inspiring to view.

Image source: imgur.com/user/barenton

What makes it more impressive is the fact that they were built between 1200 and 1500 A.D. with limited tools, technology, or machinery. The average height of one statue is 4 meters while the largest is about 10 meters.

Human Skeleton vs African Elephant Skull

Since we were kids, we’ve been seeing the human skeleton, but we can bet you’ve never come across the skull of an elephant. In the spirit of comparison, we put the human skeleton beside an African elephant skull, and we were simply astonished.

Image source: reddit.com/user/LookDeepIntoTheParka/

We know elephants are huge , majestic animals, but because we don’t spend time around them often, we may not know how large they truly are. An elephant’s sheer scale is simply unbelievable, and the weight of the skull is heavier than that of 5 humans put together.

An Eagle’s Talon vs Human Hand

The king of the sky is unarguably the eagle, and they don’t look to be relinquishing the position anytime soon. From the sky, they look quite small until they swoop in and try to steal food from your garden or a small animal on the road – then you’ll notice how big they truly are.

Image source: buzznicked.com/

We’re quite lucky eagles don’t see us as prey as their talons can easily rip out the innards of a grown man. From the picture above, you can see how large and sharp their talons are – now try to imagine the damage it can cause.

The Mars Curiosity Rover vs Scientist

On the 26th of November, 2011, NSA unveiled a record-breaking machine – the Curiosity Rover. This machine was designed to perform several tasks, but its main job is to explore the planet, determine if there’s microbial life, water, and more on Mars.

Image source: Wikipedia

However, the Curiosity rover spent about 2641 days on Mars and is still up and running. Thanks to the rover’s success, NASA is launching another one, and here it is beside a scientist, before its journey into the far reaches of space.

Road Signs

Just as the street light was agitation for equal rights and respect, other road signs decided to join the fray. Because we often look at them as if they’re too small because of how high up they usually are, we don’t usually think much about them, exept for needing them to direct us.

Image source: rocketgeeks.com/

Road signs are made in different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose they’re serving, but an average road sign is still bigger than we think. If you look at this picture and the people working on the road sign, you’ll be amazed at how big it is and how it was built in the first place.

Leatherback Sea Turtles

Thanks to Nickelodeon hit cartoon series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; we see turtles in a positive light. They are known for their exceptionally strong shells, slow speed, and long life span. Some people go as far as adopting them as pets.

Image source: pinterest / macdanielcora

When you compare your pet at home to this gigantic leatherback sea turtle, you may reconsider your opinion about the animal. With this woman standing next to it, you can see how big the turtle is, which is quite different from what we see in documentaries. This monster turtle is 10 feet long and weighs about 1,100 pounds.

Mining Dump Truck vs School Bus

As young students, we may not have the best relationship with school buses, but we can agree that they’re quite big. It is so big that some people are able to convert them into comfortable living quarters. On the other hand, when you compare such a vehicle to a mining dump truck, you’ll realise it looks like a toy beside it.

Image source: reddit / YogiHD

The mining dump truck has several doors, staircases, and even a control room in it. Look at how massive the tires are – now imagine standing next to one of those. The largest dump truck in the world is an impressive 20.6 meters long, whereas an average school bus measures about 13 meters.

Titanic vs. a Cruise Ship

Most boomers and millennials have come across the James Cameron classic movie about the Titanic. For those that haven’t seen the movie or heard the story – the titanic hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage, and it was a true-life story. Sorry about the movie spoilers.

Image source:maritimecyprus

At that time (1909-1911), the ship was designed with state of the art technology, and it was the biggest ever made. When you compare it to today’s cruise ships, you’ll appreciate how large these modern ships are. The brochure may be deceiving, but until you see one up close, then you’ll never fully be able to comprehend the sheer scale of it. Thanks to the Titanic, we can now put things in perspective.  


Although they are not found everywhere, a lot of people are fascinated by centipedes thanks to their unique feature – and their multiple legs. Even though they aren’t as appealing as other creatures, there are still mesmerizing to watch.

Image source: Twitter / CaliaDomenico

Because they aren’t seen regularly, it’s hard to come across an adult jumbo centipede. Here’s a picture of a centipede close to an adult human hand. For safety reasons, this is something we don’t advise anyone trying out for themselves.

Labrador vs Wolf

Man’s best friend, dogs come in many shapes and sizes. If you consider Labradors, for example, they are medium-sized dogs who can stand their ground when other animals confront them. However, when they come in contact with a wolf, you’ll understand they are way out of their league.

Image source: reddit / interestingasf*ck

Keep in mind that this wolf isn’t even the biggest of the pack. When you compare the facial proportions of both animals, you’ll see the wolf is way out of the dog’s league in both sheer size and ferocity.

Shaq Vs Bottled Water

Shaq seems to be the perfect human for comparisons. We’ve seen Shaq versus chicken wings; now, it’s time for Shaq to be compared with bottled water. This is something we come across every day, and we we never pay any attention to it.

Image source: reddit / macmeyers50

When you are as big as the basketball legend, you’ll realize how uncomfortable it is to use everyday items. A regular-sized bottle of water looks like a baby’s teacup when Shaq handles it. The fun part about using Shaq to compare everyday objects is the funny face he puts on.

Giant Moose

Even though we’ve seen the comparison of a moose and a car, this moose will definitely astound you. We’ll take it a step further to show you another dizzying comparison to understand the size of this giant beast better. The first moose was a regular-sized adult, while this moose below is the Shaq of moose.

Image source: reddit / fploj8

From the horns down to the legs, you’ll know this animal will strike fear into the heart of anyone that comes across it. Standing at an impressive 7.6 feet, this animal will definitely command attention and respect wherever it goes. By the way, the measurement isn’t taken from his head but from the shoulders, let that sink in.

Teletubbies Vs Human

Towards the end of the 1990s (97 to be exact), the children’s show Teletubbies became a massive hit with all kids worldwide. The theme song was known in every household, and all kids could easily identify each tubby. In truth, every child that watched the show years back would have be an adult by now – so we can reveal some secrets without breaking hearts.

Here’s a picture of a crew member and some of the Teletubbies – it’s hard to believe that they are this large right? The Teletubbies are about 7 ft tall and would be considered to be truly gigantic if they come close to their kiddie fans.

Human Vs. A Wind Turbine Blade

For those of us who haven’t seen the blade of a wind turbine up close, this picture will definitely leave you dumbfounded. Saying one blade is enormous is the understatement of the year; now imagine three blades mounted on the turbine itself.

Image source: reddit / glasssocket

This massive contraption completely dwarfs even the biggest man ever to live. Now, try to imagine the amount of work it takes to manafacture and assemble one, let alone maintaiang an entire wind farm of these monster wind machines.

Elephant Seal

The Elephant Seal is one of the largest seals in the world. This “lolrus” is one of Japan’s most prized possessions. Judging by the looks of this, he’s in good hands. We’d love to see the pool that houses this majestic creature. Let’s hope that we’re not around him when he does a backflip!

Image source: reddit.com/user/plasmabro/

The splash produced by him diving into the water would be enough to almost cause a tsunami! Although he looks like the cutest seal ever, these big guys can weigh between  2,200 – 4,000 kg. Hopefully he’s happy in his home.

Excavator’s arm vs Human

Just as we’ve been doing from the start of the article, we put humans right next to massive machines to understand their size better. That’s exactly what we did with this excavator’s arm, and the outcome was still shocking.

Image source: rocketgeeks.com

This machine is enormous without question, but when you think about it, the size helps in getting the job done faster. Wherever the machine will be stored has to be twice its size – we bet you didn’t think about it until we brought it up, right?

Sun Vs Earth

Pitting the sun against any planetary body in our galaxy is a grave injustice as other bodies don’t stand a chance. They’ll definitely lose, and it’ll be by a huge margin. Since we can’t get close to the sun or any planetary body for that matter, we can use other things to represent them.

Image source: reddit / beubyx

In the picture above, the tiny blue balls inside the transparent giant ball represent the number of earths that would fill up the sun. That’s really a lot and it’s absolutely mind-boggling when you realise how small our planet really is compared to the vastness of the universe.

Comet Vs Los Angeles

Some things in this world can’t be explained. Like how this huge chunk of rock is orbiting around in space. This comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at just three kilometers wide sounds tiny. But when compared to objects we all know, like skyscrapers, our view is suddenly changed.

Image source: Matt Wang/ iflscience.com/

Thankfully, this comet never crosses the earth’s orbit, and unless it gets veered of couse by another heavely object, there is no danger to us from this particular piece of space rock-otherwise our story would come with a “leave the planet ” warning,

Human Vs Caterpillar

Yes, that’s a caterpillar. We had to do a double-take before actually believing our eyes. This creepy-crawly isn’t so tiny after all. The Hickory Horned Devil caterpillar can grow to extreme lengths. At its fullest size, they can even be the same length as dogs!

Image source:rocketgeeks.com

We sure wouldn’t want to come across this creepy-crawly anytime soon. It looks like it came straight out of a horror movie. For people who hate insects, then sorry about that- but we couldn’t leave this beast off our bigger than we thought list!

400,000 volt cables

When it comes to construction supplies, we’re no experts. But this shocking picture shows the bewildering size of 400,000-volt underwater electricity and internet cables. These cables are wrapped in protective layers to ensure they survive under the harsh ocean conditions.

Image source: rocketgeeks.com

This cable can’t be compared to your regular phone wire or laptop cable. This one comes in unrealistic proportions. Don’t worry, you’ll never find one of these in your home. Unless you’re planning to rule the world.

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