40+ Space Saving Storage Hacks For Those Who Need To Get Organized Fast

By Patricia D

It may sound tedious and frustrating, but decluttering and organizing your house to look and be more spacious and roomy can work wonders for your productivity and mental health. A neat and tidy space allows you to be more creative and in better spirits. Hang on, that doesn’t mean that you should get rid of all your stuff! We’ve compiled some space-saving tricks and hacks that can help you achieve this goal even with the same amount of things you already own! Maybe this process will actually enlighten you to get rid of things you don’t truly need. If your space is feeling a little cramped, we’ll give you some great space-saving ideas that’ll not only keep your home well-organized but also help you find things quicker. Let’s get organizing!

Make Use of a Pegboard

Some of us might have pegboards lying around in the garage. Or perhaps you shoved it in the toolshed or somewhere deep in a closet. Even if you don’t have one, they are quite cheap and easy to acquire, and they are amazing as a space-saving and organizing tool.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/hometalk.com

Since they contain uniformly spaced holes, you can add hooks and screws to make a personalized wall in your room or kitchen. Hang all the essentials and frequently used items without causing a mess! Do you have pictures of your family and friends you want to display? Now’s a good time to pin them up!

Repurposed Cans 

If you have a container of any sort that can be re-used, it will come in handy to organize your house. In this case, it’s the used cans! For a neat and uniform effect, use the cans that are of the same size, and hang them on the wall for virtually anything you like.

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They can hold sharp knives in the kitchen, flowers in the hallway or keys, and wallets at the entrance. They also give a nice rustic charm to the décor. So the next time you see old tin cans lying around the house don’t throw them away just yet!

Foldable Chairs 

Who knew chairs could serve other purposes besides sitting? Folding chairs come in quite handy, and they can be used to create some extra storage and hanging space around the house. This is an interesting solution that certainly gets our vote for originality.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/onedio.com

As they are foldable, the chairs can be mounted on the wall for some extra space whenever needed and then folded back when you are done. This can help you with drying the laundry, hanging clothes, and much more!

Versatile Window Boxes 

Window boxes are very beautiful. They are often used to keep potted plants and flowers, bird feeders, or other stuff to hang outside the window. However, their beauty can’t just be wasted to fade away in the sun and rain.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ camperism.co

Instead, use them in your bathroom to store toilet paper and toiletries and keep them at a hand’s reach at all times. They make the space so neat and make the bathroom look spacious, not to mention the aesthetically pleasing addition to brighten up your space. 

Chic Hanging Rack 

Remember that we don’t just aim for space-saving ideas, but also ways to make your place look more tidy and sleek. Displaying your fancy tux and dresses on a garment rack is a great way to keep the clothes crease-free and well organized while adding a little luxury and chicness to your room.

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This is a great solution if there isn’t a closet in your room or a short-term rental, and a clothing rack is a cheap and easy solution that can be assembled and moved easily while still allowing you to have quick access to your clothing.

Extra Closet Space with Cable Straps

No matter what your clothes are telling you, trust us, there’s a lot of space inside your closet! While you are using the closet doors for your favorite posters, you can use the inside walls to add some extra space for your clothes.

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This can be done with the help of cable straps that allow you to organize your handbags and scarves easily. You can buy these at any home appliance store near you, plus they look functional yet stylish at the same time.

Hammock For the Dolls 

Ever since Chucky was introduced to the world, we have never been able to see dolls the same way again. Meaning that if you find one lying around the house in the middle of the night, you are likely to jump out of your skin.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ buzzfeed.com

In such circumstances, we highly recommend keeping them organized and tucked away in a mesh hammock in the kid’s room. It’s such a simple and cost-effective way to ensure that the room looks neat and tidy at all times. 

Plastic Containers and Drawers 

The best thing about plastic containers is that they don’t rust or corrode. They are also usually watertight and come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. You can use them for a very long time, which makes them quite versatile and durable when it comes to functionality.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ farmhousemagz.com

These plastic storage containers are quite cheap and multipurpose, meaning that they can be used in the garden, toolshed or garages to keep your tools well-organized. Even if it gets stained with time, you always have the option to paint over it.

Re-Arrange That Linen Closet

Linen closets are often filled with napkins and towels, which can be a tricky thing to keep organized for those who have a large family. With the proper boxes, you’ll be sure that your family members will know what each box should contain.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ homebnc.com

Sharing towels is never encouraged, and one of the easiest ways to keep them organized and easily accessible is by re-purposing an old box (even a diaper box!) to be used for keeping them separate.

Tissue Box Turned Storage Bins 

Let nothing go to waste with these stylish and adorable storage boxes. They really push you towards creativity and getting in that crafty spirit. Cut the tops of the tissue boxes so that they are open-ended like a tray or a decent-sized container.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ hometalk.com

Next, line and cover the boxes with your favorite fabric or wrapping paper with embellishments and ribbons. It’s your time to shine and show your talents. You can go for a minimalistic look for a study table or an over the top dazzling look to use it in the kid’s room. They come in handy for office supplies, keep study tables organized, or arrange the kid’s toys and small items. 

Little Jars of Spices

How many of us have used spices right out of the box and then just tossed them back in cabinets? This not only creates a jumbled mess but is also pretty wasteful as it can cause the spices to spill out.

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Having small labeled jars for the spices can save you a lot of precious time while cooking and makes the kitchen look immaculate and systematized. Plus, you can also add cute stickers to add a dainty look and to make sure you aren’t using smoked paprika instead of black pepper!

Upside Down Wine Glasses

Wine glasses can be quite space-consuming to store on a shelf or in the cabinets. This is mainly due to their broad base and tapered design, not to mention the delicate glass construction that can easily break or shatter.

Image Courtesy of dhgate.com/

One easy way to avoid this common storage issue is to hang them upside-down under the shelves with the help of a hanging rack. It will keep them safe while saving you a lot of space. Plus, they look nifty, don’t you think?

Bathroom Storage

To be able to reach for the essentials and towels easily while taking a shower is the ultimate dream, isn’t it? It can instantly put you in a better mood, and give you a false sense of having your life in control.

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Make your life easy in a cheap and simple way with the use of clips. Just place them on a rack or rod and hang your essentials like body scrub, soap, loofah, and towel at a hand’s reach! We promise a little less crying in the shower after doing so.

Organize the Counter Top

Kitchen countertops can be very messy. You’ll find everything from spilled coffee to your hairpins lost amidst the many cups and utensils spread around haphazardly. Also, a lot of counter space is wasted when too many items are placed on it.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ 9dy9.com

We can’t stress this enough but use your walls! Hanging everything over the countertop with the help of a rack and hooks is an easy way to organize the mess and keep the kitchen clean and hygienic while freeing up space on the counter for meal prep.

Hanging Pots and Pans

Most people use larger ovens and cabinets to keep the pots and pans on top of one another. It can be quite tedious to grab the one you need, and also takes up a lot of space and gives off an untidy look.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ southshoredecoratingblog.com

On the other hand, hanging them near the stove on a rod or hook is a much simpler and aesthetically pleasing way to save space and have more structure. Also, they’re there for easy access. Need to whip up a quick stir fry and noodles? You can reach for the wok right above you.

Glass Jars to Arrange Toiletries

Glass jars make for lovely vanity storage. They have a charming and posh look that can be used as a special container to arrange toiletries and other bathroom essentials and impress your guests! If, like us, you arent a fan of ugly packaging, then this is an ideal and simple solution to bring a bit of glam into the bathroom.

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock/Steve Cukrov

From cotton buds and Q-tips to toothbrushes, liquid soap, and toothpaste, you can use them for virtually anything that needs to be organized around the bathroom. You can even use these in the kitchen to differentiate your lentils from the red kidney beans!

Cute Storage Boxes Storage boxes FTW!

No, they don’t always have to look haggard and torn like a brutally handled oven box. Buy or decorate the empty boxes around the house in the colors and ribbons of your choice and use them to store tools and equipment that can be tucked away above the kitchen cabinets.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ positivelysplendid.com

This will also save you from the dreary task of getting up to clean the cabinet top every time! Imagine having easy access to all your belongings – neatly categorized and sorted – this is the way to live life. Hassle-free.

Bathroom Carts

It doesn’t necessarily have to be on wheels, but a little mobility never hurt anybody, right? A cart or cabinet in a small bathroom can really help keep everything in place and easily accessible without creating a mess or unhygienic conditions.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ thewirecutter.com

You can also add small boxes to existing shelves and cabinets and roll them out whenever needed, be it for guests or everyday use. This little hack is sure to save you time, effort, and best of all, a lot of space.

Simple Boot Holder

Boots can’t be worn around the year unless you live in Alaska. They need to be stored properly so that they can be maintained without getting in your way. The easiest way to do so is with the help of PVC pipes!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ hometalk.com

They can be used for keeping the boots upside down so that they don’t gather dust, and the insoles remain clean and cozy! If your husband, son, or neighbor has some PVC pipes in their garage, then you can turn it into a fun art project that you can do together!

DIY Laundry Basket

A delicate rope basket is so aesthetically pleasing; it will divert your mind from the literal dirty laundry it contains. They are pretty simple to make, as all you need is an ordinary basket, some glue, and rope of your preferred choice of thickness and color.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ shareasale.com

Voila! A handy and beautiful hamper is ready to organize your laundry. These laundry rope baskets can also be bought in an Ikea branch or a home depot near you if you’re not the crafty type. They can make a room look more rustic or homey too.

Small Bedroom Tricks

There’s a lot of free space under the bed that often goes unused or occupied by monsters who like to hide under the bed. In such instances, it’s a great idea to add some drawers underneath to save yourself from a cluttered up and disorderly bedroom and your kids from those scary monsters!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/thespruce.com

It can be used to store those heavy blankets and duvets, some commonly used towels and linens, or virtually anything else that needs to be stored. You can even store old winter clothes and boots and take them out when the season is right. The same goes for summer clothes!

A Hanger to Arrange Camisoles

Tank tops and camisoles can easily get lost somewhere in the closet, never to be found again. Even if they aren’t lost, they get pretty wrinkled up during the closet detour. Plus, they take up a lot of space if folded on a shelf.

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One easy way to keep them well-organized and wrinkle-free is to use a small accessory hanger that can hold up those spaghetti straps neatly and save you from future trouble.  Having one reliable hanger saves up more space, so you don’t need 5 other wooden hangers.

Utilizing Space Under the Sink 

You’ll find a lot of space under the sink, even with pipe installments. We’ve heard that house-elves can make an entire bedroom down there for themselves, so why can’t you make some extra space for your stuff?

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Just add some bins and containers underneath and label them with skin/hair care products or cleaning supplies. These handy boxes also come in many different colors to match the color scheme of your kitchen.

Bin Turned Drawers 

Although some good looking drawers can put a dent in your wallet, simple and generic Dollar Store bins cost next to nothing and can be used in so many different ways and places. All you have to do is get a little creative with them!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/littlehouseoffour.blogspot.com

Spray paint the bins in the color of your choice and add a metallic hook on the front. You’ve got yourself a personalized drawer for your goods! If this sounds too tiring, then purchasing drawers is fine too. Or maybe even ask your local community if anyone has drawers to give away.

Simple Jewelry Organizer 

We know you’re still trying to find the other pair of those earrings you wore to the high-school prom. It’s always a chaotic mess when you pull open that jewelry drawer. The necklaces are all tangled together, and nothing is with its partner.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/hometalk.com

One easy way to save yourself from the turmoil is to use a pant hanger for them! They are much cheaper than most jewelry organizers you’ll find, and they get the job done beautifully. Imagine getting everything right in place and never having to go through drawers upon drawers to find matching earrings or wasting your time de-tangling the necklaces and chains. 

Re-purposed Shoe Drawers 

Ikea shoe drawers are sleek, compact, and space-saving. Although they are great for storing shoes, you can also use it around the house for a number of other useful purposes. They can neatly arrange towels, laundry supplies, different products, and even magazines, making the drawers quite handy.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ Ashley Paramor

Another great idea is to use them in a room dedicated to work or study, as they can work as file cabinets that don’t take up as much space and keep everything well-organized. Label each drawer, and you’ll never misplace a document again!

Make Life Easy with Suction Cup Holders 

The holders that come with suction cups can be used around the bathroom or even the kitchen for holding your essentials. They keep the brushes, make-up products, and personal care products well-organized and easily reachable, making your job quite easy every morning.

Image Courtesy of aliexpress.com

You can even color coordinate them to make sure that each person in the family has a specific holder. An added bonus is that you can easily move them as needed without damaging the wall or tiles. Just place them near the sink or mirror and enjoy these cute suction cup holders!

Tuck Your Linens Under the Mattress 

Here is one we had never thought of before. One of the easiest and completely free way of storing your linens and keeping them safe and dust-free is to fold them thin and wide and tuck them under your mattress.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/apartmenttherapy.com

This will ensure that there’s plenty of extra space in the closet, which would have otherwise been taken up by the linens. As a plus point, they’ll probably not even need ironing once you pull them out for use. However, make sure that you place them well so that there are no lumps or discomfort when you sleep. 

Organising the Fridge 

Fridges can get messy quite often. This is especially true while storing condiments and small packets that often get lost or spill inside, leaving at least half a day’s worth of cleaning and organizing in store for you.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/alicia.snsimages.com

One of the easiest ways to handle this problem is by using sponge holders inside the fridge! Get the ones with suction on the back so that the walls on either side of the fridge with sufficient space can hold the container, solving your storage and organization issues in an instant. 

Laundry on Wheels!

Laundry isn’t the easiest thing to carry around. When the dirty laundry piles up, carrying it to the washing machine can be a challenge. Moreover, carrying wet and freshly laundered clothes to another place can also get quite frustrating.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/overstock.com

A rolling laundry hamper is an ideal solution to this problem. Even if you don’t purchase one directly, you can make one yourself at home by adding the wheels from an old chair or cart under the laundry basket with a stable base. 

DIY Storage Bins

Storage bins or laundry baskets are lying around in every house. Even a cardboard box can work for this purpose. All you have to do is decorate it in a way that it looks cute and blends in with the layout of your children’s room.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/hometalk.com

This is a great idea for storing toys and other small items. As a child’s room is always messy and it’s hard to keep it organized for the most part, this simple trick comes in handy as you can easily dump the toys in the bin and be done with it!

Shower Curtains with Pockets 

Shower curtains are quite common in every modern bathroom. Their function can be enhanced by getting the ones that have pockets in them. This allows you to keep essential bath accessories or general toiletries such as toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, bottles, and even hand towels without taking up any space in the bathroom.

Image Courtesy of amazon.ca

If your shower curtain is made from a resilient fabric, you can sew pockets on it as a DIY project; simply cut out squares of waterproof, durable material and attach as many as needed, leaving the top unstitched be able to place items inside.

DIY Scarf Hangers 

It’s hard to get hold of those scarves, camisoles, and caps once you send them off into the dark abyss of your cupboard. They might later be discovered the same way as ancient fossils, don’t you agree? It’s quite a tedious task to find them while already late for work or a day out with friends.

Image Courtesy of tophillschools

One simple way to make sure everything stays organized and well within your reach is to use the shower curtain rings as carabiners. They are cheap, affordable, and they can be re-purposed for use elsewhere as well. 

Lazy Susan to Turn Your Pantry Around! 

Oh, how the turntables! When space is less, and the spices are more, one easy solution to store them while taking up less space in the pantry is the use of a lazy Susan. With a simple turn, you can reach for multiple spices and keep them all properly organized, while your pantry literally looks like a little bit of heaven!

Image Courtesy of momentosfelices

It gives a very neat and tidy look, and you’ll never worry about anything spilling or getting lost somewhere in the corner of the cabinet behind other things ever again.

Transparent Makeup Box

The best thing about transparent items is that they easily blend in anywhere. Whether it is in a brightly colored dressing room or a simple and minimalist bedroom, transparent items will seamlessly become part of the décor.

Image courtesy of vendo.ma

Another advantage of using plastic containers and storage boxes is that you don’t have to scram through the drawers, and can see what’s where even without opening it. Get these transparent makeup storage boxes to make for a beautiful display piece while keeping your makeup well in reach and easily accessible. 

Classy Charging Stations 

Those jumbled up charging wires and cables are not a great sight, especially when you are trying to work or study. Decluttering the space you work in is the best way to boost productivity. One of the simplest ways to do so is by using a small cardboard box.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/hometalk.com

These are available in all the stores, and most even give them away for free. Just paint it in the color of your liking (we suggest black!) and make it your mobile’s charging station and storage for all the tech items, wires, and charging cables. 

Simple Hack for Extra Fridge Space 

When the fridge is overstuffed, especially during parties or holiday seasons, it is quite hard to make space for everything in there without losing your sanity. We all have to play the dangerous game of Tetris while gambling on the glass trays and jars to make space.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ thekitchn.com

In such cases, a simple hack to make more space in the fridge is using a baking tray to make additional vertical space. So simple and beautiful it will make your cry that you hadn’t thought of doing this before!

Multi-purpose Drying Rack 

Drying racks are often space-consuming on the kitchen counter. One way to save this extra space is by using a drying rack over the sink. It works as a strainer that can be used for extra dishes used during big get-togethers or when you wash all the cutlery and glassware in one go.

Image Courtesy of myfirstapartment.com

Drying or straining them over the sink is a great spot as it is within your hand’s reach, and it doesn’t have to take up all that space on the counter, and the water drains down into the sink without creating watermarks on your working surfaces.

Chic Bookshelves

This is a beautiful, space-saving, and stunning way to store your books and display them in an elegant way. These transparent and minimalistic bookshelves make it seem like the stack of books is floating in the air. They virtually take up no space on the walls so that you don’t have to worry about mounting heavy and bulky bookshelves.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ kohls.com

These can be placed together as a large unit, or as smaller units to make patterns of your liking around the wall for a more artsy and creative look. These will give your reading space a sophisticated look, making reading all the more fun. 

Using Closet Doors for Extra Space 

Closet doors are not given the true respect they deserve! While they can be very much functional just as the closet drawers and hanging rods, most of us ignore the value of utilizing these surfaces for additional storage space!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/hometalk.com

Here’s your chance to make full use of your closet with a simple and easy DIY idea for some organized chaos in the closet! All you need are some vertical organizers; these can be long sticks or racks present in the house, which can come in handy to hang the heels, organize jewelry, or hang the small items. 

Store The Gift Wrap Rolls the Right Way 

It’s never easy finding those rolls of holiday wrapping paper the school kids’ guilt you into buying the previous year. All of us end up wasting more money buying new ones rather than going through the trouble of finding the old ones lying somewhere in the house amidst cobweb and layers of dust. But with this simple tip, you’ll be able to turn a small corner of your home into a beautiful gift wrapping station while saving up on space!

Image courtesy of Pinterest/ toolboxdivas

Just get some small shelves, or just use pieces of cardboard as wrapping paper has very little weight anyway. Add some twine along for a graceful gift-wrapping shelf/corner full of style and colors.

Pant Hangers For Bags of Chips 

Pants hangers can be re-used for keeping the opened bags of chips neatly folded with the contents inside just as fresh and crispy as they were when the bag was first opened. These come in quite handy, as there are clips on both sides that can be used to seal the openings.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/ Eastcoastshows.com

While the hanger makes it easy to keep them stored in your pantry. Just make sure that you are using a wired shelf and you are good to go! These can also be used for other packets and snacks. 

Fancy Tool Storage Wall 

When it comes to the tools and equipment in your garage or garden shed, you can never imagine it to look elegant and chic no matter how you store them. With this amazing pegboard wall idea, you can actually make those dirty tools, haggard ropes, and gloves look chic and tidy!

Image courtesy of Pinterest/ brain-sharper.com

Just put up a pegboard on one of the empty walls in the shed or storage space, and organize all your tools and accessories over it with the help of hooks and screws. 

Disclaimer: This Article was First Published on Daveswallet.com and is published here with approval.