40+ Trash Pandas That Stole Our Garbage…And Our Hearts

By Aileen D

We are certain you have at least one of them in your neighborhood. If you haven’t seen any, that’s probably because they’re skulking in the pits of sewers, garbage bins, and dump trucks. But don’t judge them. These scavengers have a role to play in our ecosystem, but most importantly, they know how to tug our heartstrings!

In fact, some people have even tamed wild raccoons — some without even meaning to! They simply left food within easy reach, and these trash pandas politely helped themselves.

You’ll be amazed by how these raccoons scavenged for food. One even rode a Javelina. Talk about ingenious! Maybe we can learn a thing or two when trying to take a choc chip cookie from mommy’s jar.

Raccoon Meets Self

In case you’re wondering what self-love looks like, look no further than this picture. This trash panda’s mom chanced by a stuffed toy on her way to the local mart. She just had to buy it for her fur son. When she arrived home, he greeted her sweetly at the door. She took the toy out of the paper bag and handed it to him. Raccoon…meet self!

Image courtesy of dendeq tele / Reddit

It didn’t matter that he was hugging the toy the wrong way around. What mattered was that he loved this gift his mom gave him. She was cooing at him, telling her fur child that it was him. He stared wide-eyed at her moving lips and back at the toy. Welcome to the family, self!

Oh Shucks, Hooman

Experts advise us to stay away from raccoons. They’re adorable, for sure, but they can pose a threat to you and your family. This trash panda must have had his fair share of ill-treatment. He must have been shooed off other people’s properties so many times, he hadn’t seen this coming.

Image Courtesy of big man beats / Reddit

His stares wide-eyed. His insides are turning into mush. For me? Oh shucks, hooman. Thank you! His eyes are welling at this act of kindness. No worries, trash panda, bigmanbeats has got your back. It’s a tough world out there, and we need all the love we can get. So how about taking a few bites before hitting the road?

Giving Us Hope

It’s hard to believe that good exists. But it does. It takes the form of a un/solicited piece of advice, a morning greeting, a bowl of cereal, lukewarm coffee, or a kind initiative. When Imgur user Elborrach0666 chanced upon these baby raccoons inside a pallet, he thought they could get hurt!

Image courtesy of Elborrach 0666 / Imgur

He didn’t want to disturb them. If he moved them, their mom might find it difficult to locate them. So he made a sign as quietly as possible, and placed it where he was certain everyone would see it. We hope these trash panda’s mom came back soon. She may not know of this act of kindness, but we do!

Back From the Galaxy

Of all the guardians, this one loves to talk trash. Rocket “Rocky” Raccoon has a heightened sense of smell, taste, and agility. Did we mention he does a great job of taking flights (with his spaceship) and winning fights? Here, you will see him taking a break from guarding the galaxy.

Image Courtesy of c-root / Reddit

You might have seen Groot, his friend, in the background. Rocky is the only one who can understand and speak Groot language. He might have asked the latter to give him leverage so that he can hang by the gutters. Maybe we should invite them over for lunch. That’s the least we can do, given all the heroic deeds they’ve done for the galaxies.

Two Furballs

We knew raccoons were adorable critters, but we hadn’t expected them to be this adorable. Reddit user EssenceOfTheDark has a co-worker who has domesticated a trash panda. His co-worker also has a pet dog, named Taco, at home. If you’re wondering how the two are doing, look no further than this picture.

Image Courtesy of Essence Of The Dark / Reddit

That trash panda has won over Taco’s heart. Just look at them – Taco looking sweetly at the camera as he is held by his favorite person. We wish all our pets got along well as these two. Reckon we should get a trash panda for a pet? It deserves some serious consideration.

Trick Or Treat

Imagine looking out at the backyard to see this. The family had been gathered for an early dinner in their kitchen when their toddler pointed at the glass doors. Dad had his back turned. Mum saw the critter by the door. It stood unmoving. Mum stopped talking and nudged her husband to take a look. Trick or treat, folks.

Image courtesy of smb3d / Reddit

It’s like a scene out straight out of Purge. This critter chose this household to seek redress from. He mustn’t have been able to rummage through their trash. He remembered this affront. And now he has come back to seek the treats he’s entitled to.

Getting Creative

There’s a good reason why trash pandas wear a black mask around their eyes. It’s to keep them from getting caught. They’re bandits, really. The Costco for these bandits is your backyard. There they can find your garbage bins, your produce, garden insects, and even your deer feeders.

Image Courtesy of steffinator 117 / Imgur

Imgur user steffinator117 made sure that her deer feeders were a few feet above the ground. That way, these trash pandas wouldn’t be able to beat the deers to it. That hadn’t been enough. Those raccoons got creative. They assembled themselves into a skyscraper and divided the feeds amongst themselves. What bandits!

I Have Something To Tell You

As you come home, you see all the cupboards open. Wrappers are strewn all over the place, and crumbs trail towards the center table. You see this trash panda staring at you, its eyes begging for mercy. Look, I’ve got something to tell you. I might have gone through a week’s stash of food.

Image courtesy of _indzzzzz / Reddit

You bite your lips and tear your eyes away from his face. You can’t. He makes the first move. He climbs down the table and gestures to pick up a wrapper. You stare quizically. He holds it out for you to place it in the bin. Now, how can you stay angry at this guilty raccoon?

Keep Still!

Reddit user JGolden32 says this had been the best day ever. He has spent X number of minutes staring at these trash pandas scaling the brick wall. We can hear their thoughts in the silence. Keep still. If we stay still, he won’t be able to see us.

Image courtesy of JGolden32 / REddit

JGolden32 heads indoors to get his camera. He returns to these trash pandas who hadn’t moved an inch. It’s broad daylight, guys! Smile! Their whiskers twitch in the wind. But apart from that, they stay steady. They latch unto the wall tighter than Velcro.

Call The Police

Reddit user JohanKaramazov works odd shifts. Sometimes he’s forced to stay all night or a couple of nights in a week. When he comes home, he’s met with peaceful dead silence. One night, however, he came across this thief who he recalls just stood there menacingly.

Image Courtesy of Johan Karamazov / Reddit

His instinct told him to call the police. Who knew what this thief had done and what room he had broken into. It didn’t seem like this thief had company, so he turned his back and rushed into his room. With the burglar on his trail, he slipped in and slammed the door shut. His breath was shaky, and so were his fingers. He dialed the police, but when they got there, the thief was nowhere to be seen.

The New Cookie Monster

Throwback to when we dashed towards the living room and secured a spot in front of the telly. Those days, we couldn’t wait to sing-along to Sesame Street’s People In Your Neighborhood. Say hello to people you meet each day. These are people like your postman, fireman, baker, or this cookie monster.

Image Courtesy of shells raccoons and wildlife / Instagram

Me want Cookie! Me Eat Cookie! Om nom nom nom, Me become cookie! As this trash panda alternately licked his fingers and munched on the chewy dough. In a couple of minutes, he was able to finish the whole batch. He looked up at his fur mom expectantly. This time, tomorrow…me eat cookie!

Turn Right At the Corner

Like Rocky, ordinary raccoons are expert navigators. They can scale the neighborhood and map out the treasure destinations. They have a mental image of the prime locations and hotspots to premium-grade feeds. That doesn’t mean they’ll refuse help if given. Siri, Open Google Maps, please!

Image Courtesy of Memphis Glover / Reddit

“Okay, hooman, it says here that you should take a right by the corner, head two blocks down, and skid to a stop. I’ll jump out of the window, be in and out of the backyard in less than a minute, and I’ll have premium grade bird, eggs and mussels! Tell the missus to prep the oven and the grated cheese. We’re having ourselves a five-course dinner!”

Good Listeners

Since introverts spend a lot of time alone, they’re pretty good at managing emotions. They listen to their own thoughts, decode them, and decide what to do accordingly. That’s probably why they make the best psychiatrists too. Since they’re good listeners to themselves, they make good listeners to other people’s thoughts too.

Image Courtesy of Poon Swoggle / Reddit

Sensing that they can make a few quick bucks from their introversion, these trash pandas set up a stall in this man’s backyard and invited him to sit in one of the chairs. Come right up, and tell us your woes. Let’s make sense of them. Luckily, this man didn’t need an appointment. But therapy would last for a couple of months.

Black Sheep of the Bunch

When you hear or read the word “raccoon,” you’d probably imagine a cat-sized animal wearing a black mask around its eyes. It crawls on its fours, scavenges trash, and has a characteristic bushy, ringed tail. There are strips of white right by their eyebrows and cheeks. But they don’t always look this way.

Image courtesy of p flanagan372 / Imgur

Albinism is also common amongst raccoons. This genetic mutation strips them of the characteristic black mask, and grey color. Your chances of spotting one are nearly 1 in a million. So you’re lucky that Imgur user pflanagan372 chanced upon this band of trash pandas on their way to the take-out bin!

Trash Heist

This is one of the most foolproof heists in American history ever! The bandit has worn a black mask around his eyes, making it impossible to identify him. He broke into the armored car with his gang and came out of it alone. Now, he’s catching a ride with his getaway car.

Image courtesy of hbotte miller / Twitter

This robber has struck gold. Bet there’s a lot of food in that dump truck. Given that idea, he hitched a ride. He hadn’t counted on being whisked away to Rosslyn, but at least he’s got a full stomach to make it back home. Maybe, he’ll hitch back home in an empty garbage truck.

Home Sweet Home

The coziest place in the house is on grandma’s lap, right by the hearth. There you’ll feel the heat emanating from the fireplace. Grandma may scratch your belly or massage your toes. She might even tell you a bedtime story if you feel like it.

Image Courtesy of Agilulf / Old Reddit

Aaah, could you press harder on the right. There, right there! This is the life! After grandma finishes kneading this trash panda’s feet, she may reach for her knitting kit. If she finishes the last few knots, she’ll drape the whole length of the scarf on her lap. How can it get any cozier than that?

Hello, Stranger

You can judge how friendly a neighborhood is based on their treatment of strangers. When Imgur user fucklestick traveled to this part of town, he was met by a band of raccoons. They stared eagerly at him. It’s funny. Raccoons are introverted animals. They love being alone, and yet here they are banding together and welcoming new company.

Image courtesy of fucklestick / Imgur

It’s getting harder to find a reason to dislike trash pandas. They’re sociable when they want to. And it’s not just when it’s winter, when they have to band for survival. This time of the month, it had been spring. Raccoons tend to part their separate ways, but here they are, sticking it out.

If U No See Me, I Stays Invithible

Like humans, raccoons have individual temperaments. Some of them may be brave and outgoing, whereas others are shy and introverted. It all depends on how frequently they come across humans. The more they spend time around us, the less fearful they are. Now, what’d you say about pecan pie?

Image Courtesy of CC player / Reddit

Come on now, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll just get you a plate of it. How about waiting here? We’ll head back into the house, prep a bowl of water, and bring the treats with us. Now, please don’t say no. That would hurt our feelings. Now, what do you say little one?

Guess Who’s Having A Party

Reddit user JukeboxSommelier has a lot of guests who come by the house every night. It’s just that they come after the family has gone to bed. These guests check the backyard for nuts, pinecones, berries, and insects. Really, anything will do, so long as it’s loaded with calories and fiber.

Image Courtesy of JukeboxSommelier / Reddit

He chanced upon them one night on the way to the toilet. Groggy and half-asleep, he had forgotten about the guests he had invited over. He turned on the lights and nearly scared them away. Look at the bunch – sharing food and water. We would love to join the picnic!

Let’s Play

You know it’s playtime when you see your kid pouting. It’s half an hour past 3. He tugs at the hem of your shirt and raises his toy – the one you had given him on his birthday. He might even point towards the backyard. You said it’s playtime! I wanna have a go on the slide! Push me!

Image courtesy of soupoder / Reddit

When you look down at them, you can’t help but give in. They’re too adorable with their puppy-dog eyes. Besides, you had promised. They wouldn’t let you off if you take a pass this afternoon. Fifteen minutes, tops, and then off to take a nap, okay?

Quite The Artist

If you adopt a pet, chances are they’ll exhibit some human qualities. They may learn to eat food they’re not accustomed to eating in the wild. Some learn to greet out of habit. Others, like parrots, mimic spoken words. Raccoons, in particular, can express themselves through painting.

Image Courtesy of tito th eraccoon / Instagram

If we had encountered any of these paintings in a gallery, we’re certain it’ll be bought straight out of a bid. Who wouldn’t want this raccoon’s painting? It almost seems surrealist – a trail of paws against the abyss. You’d spend hours trying to decipher the incongruous imagery.

*Sharp Inhale

Raccoons have some serious weight issues. Think about it, they scavenge for food every day, but they have to climb in and out of tight spaces. They don’t need a scale or the BMI index to tell them they’ve gone fat. All they need to do is fit their tummies through a hole! If I just hold my breath for ten seconds, I’ll fit in this chute and be gone in a jiffy!

Image courtesy of josh.behling.12 / Facebook

Tough luck, pal. No amount of heaving will get you in that hole. If you force yourself, you might get stuck. Then it will be an hour or two spent waiting for animal control and getting you out of that mess you got yourself into. How about starting on foot? It’s a great way to shed the excess pounds. Use the sewage next time. Promise we won’t tell anyone you got fat. But then again, we don’t need to.

Here’s My Brother

Raccoons can sport black, black-gray, or white fur. But we haven’t seen a hairless raccoon until now. We know. It’s pretty hard to imagine. Reddit user Oafah had observed one who “went from being a furry ginger to being smooth as a baby’s ass, largely over the winter.” She saw it from her Toronto Apartment Complex.

Image Courtesy of  emma _the _alien / Reddit

What’s really interesting is that it moved and sounded like his brother raccoon, who had introduced it to Oafah. They must have remembered her on their trips to the complex. After a few seconds, these critters turned to go. They’ve got other places to visit. “Til then!

Giddy Up Amigos

Javelinas, being wild animals, aren’t really the type to be taken in as a pet. Sure, they’re medium-sized animals, but they have tusks. With sufficient speed and some luck, they can inflict injury. Yikes! So when this raccoon was seen riding one, we couldn’t help but raise our eyebrows in disbelief.

Image courtesy of Under-The-Texas-Sky / Reddit

Reddit user Under-The-Texas-Sky first posted this on Facebook. He happened to view it using his game camera. Soon, netizens commented that they had seen raccoons climb the backs of other animals, such as wild hogs, to reach corn in raised feeders. Talk about collaborative effort!

He’s Got His Priorities Right

This picture makes us believe that good guys exist. At a party, this guy hung by the pool. His friends and classmates waded around him. Out of nowhere, a strange cat swam up to him and crawled on his chest. He scrunched its neck and rubbed its back. He just couldn’t say no.

Image Courtesy of Orange Eyeris / Reddit

That conversation with his classmates came to an abrupt stop. Now that he’s got a show-stopper in his midst, he couldn’t help but give it his full attention. Every now and then he would reach for a snack, and he’d give this strange cat a bite from it. This guy has got his priorities right, that’s for sure!

New Adopter

So many Reddit users applauded emteeone for her and her husband’s generosity. They found out that their 93-year old neighbor had died. His family came by, and they helped pack a couple of things having great sentimental value. They hung by his house until nightfall when these trash pandas came scurrying for food. They found out that their neighbor had been feeding these critters.

Image Courtesy of em tee one / Reddit

That was enough reason for emteeone and her husband to adopt these critters. They couldn’t just leave them alone; everyone was already grieving. The only balm to the wound was to parent these trash pandas. So emteeone’s hubby got the sack of feed and poured some before the quartet.

Just A Few Branches Sticking Out

On a walk to the woods, this woman saw an odd pair of branches sticking out from a tree. They were moving, even when she hadn’t felt the wind against her face. She stared at it a few seconds longer, until she realized what they were. We hadn’t any idea that raccoons grew on trees.

Image Courtesy of vicgriffin / Reddit

This raccoon has some serious ab muscle strength. We don’t know how long we can hold a position like that, with our feet up in the air. How many minutes of planking do you think it took for this trash panda to do that? One good motivation should be to reach for food in a dark hole. We should try that sometime.

One Silver Lining

During the lockdown, we inadvertently allowed Mother Nature to heal. There were lesser emissions from cars, fumes from factories, and smog in the city. That also meant that animals could travel more freely. Traveling from the wild, these critters had a taste of a freer and quieter world.

Image Courtesy of @anna_Mazz / Twitter

That meant that animals could roam to and fro their natural habitat. Since raccoons live in high trees, they sought solace in a place of pulp and ink. After all, these books were made from forest trees. Go right ahead little ones. Read all the poetry and children’s books you can get your hands on.

What’s Under This Hole?

Reddit user dbvulcan shared that trash pandas are quite a handful. He says so as a doting father. He has four of them in the house, all of whom he had grown to love in a short amount of time. They’re pretty much like toddlers. They have no sense of boundaries. When sitting in the bathroom, his children have climbed his legs as if these were ravines. Where does this lead to?

Image courtesy of dbvulcan / Reddit

We don’t know about dbvulcan but if these trash pandas did this to us, we’d be stopping mid-stream. That’s an uncomfortable feeling, looking down at those innocent faces while shooing them away. Sure, we cant escape them while conducting business on the toilet. But that isn’t enough reason for these masked bandits to sneak into the toilet.

Trash Pandas Have Emotions Too

Sometimes, life has a way of knocking you down. Bills pile up. You lose friends. Romantic relationships end or bad news delivered with ill timing knock the wind out of you. With all these things happening, it’s easy to feel like you’re losing control. You give up and sit by the side of the road, feeling small like the trash panda that you are.

Image courtesy of  akerrigan 777 / Reddit

There, there kiddo. Life gets better eventually. There will be other bins to rummage through, friends to bond with, and places to travel to. You’ve got to hang in there. Clutch tightly with your five tapered fingers. Some day you will take the neighborhood by storm, one backyard at a time!

Look, Mom! I Can Fly

When raccoons are bursting with energy, you’ll see them doing all kinds of tricks. One minute they could be tearing apart those Whopper King wrappers, stealing nuts from the bird feeder, or practicing martial arts. That’s right! This woman chanced upon this Jean- Claude Van Damme impressionist.

Image courtesy of sam_pura_vida / Reddit

I’ve had my ups and downs, my fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds. That’s what made me what I am today. As the camera pans out, you see the Van Damme impressionist balancing his weight against the bark of two trees. That’s got to take serious ab muscle control. He performs a full split for the remaining minute.

False Alert, No Feeds Here

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about raccoons, it’s that they climb posts to secure feeds. They will try to beat other wild animals for food. And should they fail, they will enlist the help of some wild hogs or Javelinas. This time, they sought the help of a highway sign.

Image courtesy of percyman34 / Reddit

False alert guys, there are no foods here. To which the following trash pandas replied, well, let us see the view from up top, at least! They might see feeders in the nearby farm from this vantage point. But that’s wishful thinking. The nearest farm is about a mile away.

Spill The Beans, Karen

It’s time for our weekly neighborhood gossip sesh. At exactly three pm, Karen rings the front door. We usher her in, and she hangs her coat by the door. She hadn’t even let go of the coat when she starts mouthing off about Felicia and her kids. We go directly to the living room, where she nestles herself in on one of the couches.

Image courtesy of A Work Station

Aye! What’d you say about Felicia’s kid? She what? Disbelief is written all over our face. We can’t help but bring a hand to our mouth as if that would keep us from telling anyone else. It’s her birthday in a week? We have to plan for a party! It’s the least we can do after all Felicia has done for us. She and her family are an absolute delight!

What’s In The Attic

When you hear scratches or gnawing in the ceiling, you might have a rat problem. There might be bite marks around the roof. These may even beat you to your garden produce and fruits. When this woman observed the following in her attic, she called pest control.

Image Courtesy of commuting texan / REddit

Turns out that she had a worse problem. They hadn’t been rats, but trash pandas. Why is it worse? Well, for one, would you shoo away these adorable critters? Second, they’re bigger than roof rats. They can also exhibit aggressive behaviors if you try to get rid of them.

It’s All About Teamwork

Remember how badly you tugged at your parents to let you keep a pet. It might have been a cat, a dog, a spider, or a raccoon. You used all sorts of logic to persuade them. It wasn’t much, after all you were a grade-schooler, but they finally acceded when you promised you‘d look after them.

Image Courtesy of cutecutecute / Reddit

You must have eagerly done so, like Reddit user cutecutecute. She would go to the nearby lake, bait her hook, whisk that pole like a lasso and then extend it over the water. Once she caught a fish, she would reel it in and feed it to her raccoons. Talk about teamwork!

Neighborhood Gossip

Trash pandas can be flies on the wall. While rummaging for food in your backyard during your barbecue night outs, they will hear the juiciest gossip straight from your mouth. In an hour or two, they’ll scurry along and spread the news to your next-door neighbor…kind of like what this trash panda did. Did you hear about Karen?

Image Courtesy of dschuurmanator / Reddit

Lean in a bit closer so I can tell you the secret! And with that, this little girl turned her head away. Guess she didn’t want to butt in other people’s business. That or she was Karen’s friend. She must have cried the whole afternoon after this trash panda gave her a scare—poor thing.

Tell Me, Do I Look Fat?

Given all these pictures, we’re starting to think raccoons know they’re photogenic. There’s little effort for them to look good on cam. In fact, here’s one trash panda who had purposefully strut his stuff on camera. Tell me hooman, do I look fat?

Image Coourtesy of xtilexx / Reddit

One thing we love about this picture is that he had the slightest hint of modesty. While stretching his legs, he made sure to cover his rear with his tail. Cats would have done otherwise; they would have bared it all. At this point, we can’t find any reason to dislike raccoons!

Odd One Out

Let’s play a game we’re sure you’ll win. It’s one you played back in elementary. Look at the picture below and determine which critter is the odd one out. To make it easier for you, all of them mew. But only one can whistle in distress.

Image courtesy of silent _owl in the night / Reddit

Once domesticated, raccoons can get on fairly well with cats. They may teach the latter what to hunt and how. They show their endearment their own ways. It’s good to know that this litter sleeps soundly at night curled up together.

Food For the City Pauper

Don’t you just love the city? There are so many sights to see, and places to visit! You could spend the whole day in a mall, and then spend the night gambling away your money in a casino. You could also chill on the beach or read a book in the city park. There you can feed the animals like this man did.

Image courtesy of Shadow throne 512 / Reddit

He saw a pair of onyx eyes staring at him from the sewer drain. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. This time they moved. He inched his way closer, and then he saw a black glove reach from below; its whiskers brushed the drain. This man knew he had to give the pauper some food. How about some crunchy Cheetos?

Here Comes the Ring Bearers

Unlike other animals, trash pandas have perfect timing. They saw these two love birds who were getting hitched. The leader of the nursery crept slowly towards the couple, rings in hand. They bid their good wishes and asked if they could make a dash for the buffet table.

Image courtesy of Sarah / Imgur

As if the wedding couldn’t get any better, they graced the couple with their presence. They must have sensed that something important was underway. After all, love was all-abound, so was food. They didn’t want to call further attention, so they snuck quietly to the side.

Being A Dad Once More

Children may outgrow toddlerhood, but parents will always be parents. They will always lend a hand, cook your dinner, pack you a meal, and prep your bed for you. That’s the least they can do, now that their adult children barely spend enough time with them. So when this dad came across a duo of trash pandas, he couldn’t help but look after them like they were his children.

Image Courtesy of claire lizzie / Twitter

He wouldn’t go anywhere without them tucked safely – in bed or by his breast pockets. Pretty protective, isn’t he? Claire can’t even recall the last time he had seen his dad beam like this. Who knew a bunch of trash pandas would bring out the paternal instinct in him.

Howdy, Hooman!

PAWS Org states that one thing that sets raccoons apart from other mammals is their dependency on the sense of touch. They’re constantly touching and feeling things – what with their extremely sensitive touch receptors. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that they can feel your feelings a meter away. They might even sit through it with you. You having a bad day, hooman?

Image Courtesy of  david bkr / Reddit

“There, there hooman. We’ll stay with you until you’re able to process those feelings. Once you’re done, we can all go for a treat! That will help make you feel better. We love nuts and pinecones. How about you? We can help you with a serving of berries and frogs! Delish!”

So That’s What It’s For

During Halloween, you might have had come across these mini plastic pumpkin buckets. You could slip a finger or two in them. We had always wondered who these were for, granting you could only place a couple of treats of them. At most, you could fit one KitKat bar and some Milk Ways. Now that doesn’t seem like enough treats for us.

Image Courtesy of melanie raccoon / Instagram

It turns out that these pumpkin buckets were meant for raccoons. Just look at that cutie, holding his bucket up high. Better fill it with treats! And do it quick. We would rather he stay the night at our house than travel on foot to our neighbor’s.

Casting Call for Rocky

It was one of the most-awaited movies of the season. You had extra-terrestrial beings with superhuman strength, a superb script, and several galaxies to travel to. Within a couple of months, the lead roles had been filled: Chris Pratt to play Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana to play Gamora. But the casting call had still been underway for Rocket Raccoon.

Image Courtesy of MayMyEnemiesLiveLong / imgur

Okay, raccoon number 31, kindly come in! All of them patiently waited, whiskers bristling, and their hands clutching an empty soda can or a few plastic wrappers. Their tales moved excitedly when they saw 31 walk out with a slump. That means they had a fighting chance to play the role of Rocket Raccoon. Thirty-two, you’re up next!

Safe In The Dark

We hadn’t understood why it’s a sin to be a glutton. But after seeing this pic, we understand why. When you’re a glutton, you will go to such lengths to secure food, even when it puts you in danger. This raccoon lost his balance while he was fetching a few scraps. Now, he’s just stuck.

Image Courtesy of mysweetriot / Reddit

It’s not like he was underfed or anything. In fact, he was wedged in because he was bigger than most trash pandas. He was stuck for half an hour with his feet kicking the air. They had to call animal control to set him loose. He was blocking the chute for the recyclables. What an inconvenience!

Oh The Horror!

Given that raccoons enlist the help of other animals, we can’t understand why they’d react this way when humans grant the same courtesy. This raccoon had been burrowing somewhere and found his head stuck in a hole. A couple of bystanders called animal control. Within a few minutes, Officer Edith Sadler came to the rescue. The attempt had been successful, but the raccoon hadn’t found it to be such.

Image Courtesy of i was compromised / Reddit

Oh, the horror, human! Shield me. I can’t bear to have my face seen like this. I have a reputation to uphold in the animal kingdom. No worries, little one. Whatever troubles you had burrowed yourself into remains safe with us. We’ll just have a quick look at your neck to make sure that you weren’t hurt. After that, we’ll be on our way.

Cheese-us Holy Smokes

Cheese Puffs are absolutely to-die for! We can’t imagine sharing a pack of them with anyone. When buying some in the groceries, we take a pack per person in the family. So it’s unbelievable how this person managed to share his Cheese Puffs with this trash Panda. Catch!

Image Courtesy of tito the raccoon / Instagram

They had encountered these wild raccoons in Chicago. They were only able to take a picture of one. There had been around seven of them traveling in the nursery. Reckon he had enough cheese puffs for everyone? We hope they were able to savor it.

How To Land A Second Date

We’ve asked so many people online how they managed to secure a second date. Some said that you should be courteous. Keep it casual – that way, you and your date can have fun. Offer to pay for the food, especially if you had asked your date out. Lastly, be yourself.

Image Courtesy of Scaulbylausis / Reddit

Be yourself, they say. So this trash panda brought his usual self to the table. He wore the napkin over his lap and ordered a light salad. In between bites, he would ask his date how her day went. He felt like clearing his throat, so he stuck his tongue inside the cup. *lick lick Be yourself, they say whoever said that surely hadn’t thought this one through.

Cuteness Overload Level 3000

A few years back, Redditors became absolutely obsessed with raccoons. They coined these furballs as trash pandas – likely derived from Red Pandas. That’s because raccoons and Red Pandas have the same ring-striped tail and are nearly the same size as each other. Raccoons, however, love trash…hence the name Trash Pandas.

Image courtesy of Jeff-at-JACE / Old Reddit

Within a couple of days, Reddit was swamped with images of trash pandas and threads about them. A couple of things stuck out. For one, they’re absolutely adorable! Second, they can be tamed. Third, like you, they’re almost always hungry. And lastly, they are kids at heart.

Package Delivery

We hate being woken up by the doorbell. But this morning, we were in for a surprise when we opened the door. We couldn’t recall placing an order on Amazon, but we were absolutely ecstatic for the erroneously delivered package. Just look at it!

Image Courtesy of Spriggyp / Reddit

The package doesn’t come with batteries nor a manual. But we’ll learn how to manage this in time. We better get to placing an order for feeds or nuts. They might arrive in a day or two. We heard they absolutely love those. Wait until our friends see what we received!