Giant Cats: Artist Shows Us What Life Would Be Like If Cats Were Bigger Than Houses!

By Larissa C

Whether you’re a cat person or not, you have to admit that felines are among the cutest animals on our planet. If you love cats just like we do, you know exactly how hard it is to restrain yourself from giving affection to every single cat that you come across.

There are a bunch of different reasons as to why we love cats so much — aside from the fact that they’re deliciously furry, and cute, and loving, and incredibly beautiful. Stroking a cat’s fur is really soothing, almost on the same level as meditating. And there’s something about cats only letting only some people in, which makes us feel like we’re special to them. 

We think about our cats all the time, that’s for sure. But one thought that has probably never crossed your mind is: what would life be like if cats were as big as a one-story house? 

While this may seem like an unusual thing to ponder about, Russian artist Andrey Shcherbak went further than just thinking: he started designing his own giant cats. In this article, we’re going to tell you all about artist Odnobokov and his giant felines!

Who is Andrey Shcherbak?

Andrey Shcherbak, also known by his pen name Petechka Odnobokov, is not just another ordinary guy. Andrey works as a creative director for an advertising company in Rostov-on-Don, a place which is known as the southern capital of Russia.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Naturally, working as a creative director means that Shcherbak is an incredibly creative person — and now his creativity is bringing the artist a lot of attention on his Instagram account. Shcherbak is the mastermind behind the giant cats that have become a huge success online!

Leading an isolated life in Russia

As he stated in an interview, the creative artist is the type of person who prefers to stay at home. Andrey doesn’t see a lot of people — because of that; he had no idea that his Instagram account was blowing up on the internet.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Although his city, Rostov-on-Don, has a population of over a million people, Andrey Shcherbak prefers spending his time in the company of animals. We certainly understand him: animals are caring, affectionate, and they’re the most loyal friends one can possibly have! 

A man, two cats, and a dog!

Because he’s a genuine animal lover, the Russian artist Andrey Shcherbak is both a cat and a dog father. His pets are all rescue pets, and they get along very well — despite the timeless feud that is known to exist between cats and dogs!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Shcherbak has two cats, called Pif and Panya. Pif was adopted by Shcherbak when he was already an adult cat and living in an animal shelter. Panya, on the other hand, is an autistic cat that Andrey rescued from the streets. His Labrador, Rooney, is only 3 years old, and he is present in some of Andrey’s photos. 

Andrey is always looking for new places to photograph.

If you check his Instagram account, you’ll see that Andrey has posted pictures in several different places. While Rostov-on-Don is considered a rural city, it is still a huge region, and there are a bunch of sights to be photographed.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Shcherbak has stated that, during his free time, he enjoys going for walks with his dog and admiring the landscape of his town. While he’s outside, he enjoys exploring every place he can in search of new shots for his Instagram pictures.

Photographing giant cats wasn’t something he had planned.

While Andrey Shcherbak playfully states that he feels like giant cats are always following him, the idea of dedicating an Instagram page to creating shots of bigger-than-houses cats wasn’t something that the artist had planned on doing. Rather, the idea came to him by chance.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

While he was on a corporate retreat with his co-workers, Andrey took a picture of a large forest that caught his attention. He later found the photo, and, as he admired it, he thought that it would be nice to have the company of a cat in that picture. He then returned to the same forest and took a picture with the purpose of photoshopping a cat into it — and that’s how his giant cats were born!

The reasoning behind his art is heartwarming.

Mr. Shcherbak has no issues admitting that he enjoys his isolated way of living life. There’s no shame in being an introvert and preferring the company of only a few people — as well as the company of animals.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

According to the Russian artist, he barely sees anyone in his everyday life, except for his parents and his girlfriend. Other than them, his life companions are basically his two cats and his dog. So he decided to create an Instagram account to post pictures of himself and giant cats because that’s what represents his reality.

If giant cats were real…

…they would follow you everywhere — and that would be marvelous! As Andrey Shcherbak says, he feels like he’s followed by giant cats and that’s why he created his Instagram page. And, for him, if cats were giant, they would accompany him to most places, including the grocery store!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

In his creative mind, Shcherbak envisions giant cats being able to do anything, ranging from train-hopping to napping on top of houses to role-playing as a barber! While the idea of giant cats existing can be both frightening and wonderful at the same time, we can only think about how hard it would be to find them a place to sleep!

Shcherbak finds his pictures on Google.

Even though he has two cats at home, Andrey has stated that it’s almost impossible for him to snap photos of his pets. Proving that they’re not up for the task of being feline models, the artist’s cats never stand still for a second.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Consequently, Andrey Shcherbak has to look elsewhere to find cat pictures to use in his posts. Luckily for him, Google is an endless source of copyright-free images, and he is able to find a bunch of cute cats posing in every single way possible!

It takes hours to create the pictures.

While he receives a lot of praise for his Instagram posts, Andrey Shcherbak has also had to deal with criticism from people who think that his art is not actually real art. Worst yet, there are people who claim that anyone can do what Andrey does!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

However, photoshopping giant cats into different pictures is not as simple as some people claim it to be. Actually, Andrey Shcherbak spends approximately four hours working on each picture that is posted on his Instagram! And he has to use at least two different image manipulation programs to create his giant cats!

Andrey has got a lot of fans on Instagram!

Anywhere in the world you go, we’re pretty sure you’ll find a cat lover. We’re everywhere, and we’re not ashamed about gushing over our pets! And let us forget to mention how our cat-loving community is so supportive and positive!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Andrey Shcherbak and his giant cats are becoming increasingly popular among cat lovers, but also among people who love animals in general. His Instagram page already has over 35,000 followers — and still counting. Hopefully, Andrey’s page will grow even more so he can continue to post new pictures!

Who said cats don’t like water?

Well, maybe regular cats are not exactly fond of water, but the same cannot be said about giant cats. Being as big as they are in the pictures, we figure that there aren’t many things that giant cats don’t like!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

For giant cats, the whole world would probably look like a huge box filled with every single toy imaginable — so they probably would have a lot of fun anywhere. And, yes, that includes bathing in the warm waters of the ocean with its owner.

A feline maid of honor!

For Andrey Shcherbak, leading an isolated lifestyle means that he doesn’t have to divide his attention that much, considering that he mostly hangs out with his parents, his girlfriend (now wife), and his pets — and also with his giant cats!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

It’s safe to say that his giant cats have helped Andrey gain a lot of recognition for his art, and it’s obvious that he loves his creations with his whole heart. And, of course, his giant cats couldn’t be left out of Andrey’s marriage to his girlfriend!

Where do you think you’re going?!

It’s rather common for house pets to get incredibly attached to their owners, and we love it! Is there a better feeling than that of coming home and being greeted by your pet who’s missed you like crazy while you were out?

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

And while we know that cats can be extraordinarily independent, we know that, deep down, felines love their owners dearly. When we’re away for some vacation time and can’t bring our pets with us, they miss us just as much as we miss them!

Never-ending fun!

Having a pet at home is already really fun, but can you imagine how much more fun it would be if you had a giant pet? We can think of a hundred different ways to play around with a cat that is bigger than a car!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Have you ever thought about cruising around town riding on a giant cat? That would be epic! For Andrey Shcherbak, playing on a trampoline with his cats wouldn’t be safe, as his pets could get hurt. Luckily, a giant cat on a trampoline would be no trouble! 

A barber cat?!

It’s really important for men who grow beards to have their beards trimmed regularly so that they’ll look stylish and not like an unkempt mess. Because he lives in an isolated place, Andrey Shcherbak had no choice but to let his beard grow during the pandemic!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

According to the artist, his house is not within most delivery services range, and it is also nowhere near a barbershop, which means he has to trim his own beard — or he can also let his giant cats and their giant claws do that job for him!

Playing with Christmas trees!

Only cat owners know how chaotic Christmas can be when you have feline pets in your home. Cats love playing with Christmas ornaments as they all probably look like cat toys for them — but can you imagine how much more chaotic it would be to have a giant cat during the Christmas season?

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Cats love climbing up on perches to play with the tree, but giant cats wouldn’t need to do that as they would be much bigger than any Christmas tree that fits into a house. And while regular cats think the tree ornaments are toys, giant cats would think the whole tree is just a big toy in itself!

Soccer and giant cats!

We all know that cats love playing with any round object that even remotely resembles a ball! In fact, that is something that cats and humans have in common, as we love playing sports with balls. In Europe, for instance, soccer (or football, if you will) is incredibly popular!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Andrey Shcherbak, who’s a proud Russian citizen, also loves soccer. Combining his love for the sport with his love for cats, Shcherbak envisioned himself taking soccer to a whole new level as he photoshopped a giant cat into the goalie position. Now that would be a hard goal to score!

Giant cats also have motherly instincts!

One of the most fascinating things about the animal kingdom is the fact that female animals have amazing motherly instincts. For those mommies, you can mess with them, but don’t try to mess with their babies — or else you’ll regret it deeply!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

And just like human babies, who are too small and frail to walk, some baby animals take a while to start walking and running around. Feline mothers, including giant cats, have a different way of carrying their babies when they’re too young to run: they carry them in their mouths!

Fancy some company?

Let’s be honest: there are two types of people in this world. One type loves grocery shopping; the other absolutely hates it. However, whether you like grocery shopping or not, you have to admit that this chore becomes much more pleasant when you have the right company.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Most, if not all, grocery stores don’t allow animals inside their premises, as it’s considered unhygienic to have furry animals near foods. However, how nice would it be to be able to bring your cat — giant or not — grocery shopping with you? It certainly looks really fun!

Ready to jump!

If you’re the kind of person who is always up for an adventure, you’d certainly love to have a giant cat. All you would have to do was hop on your cat’s back and let it take you wherever you both wish to go! 

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

For Andrey Shcherbak, there’s one outdoor activity that giant cats would love to do: train-hopping! While that’s an incredibly dangerous activity for humans to try, we’re sure that giant cats would be just fine jumping on and jumping off moving trains!

Quarantine walks!

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced most people to stay at home for our own — as well as others’ — safety, those of us who enjoyed going for walks had to put our hobby on hiatus. In some countries, there are even laws forbidding people from leaving their houses in order to prevent citizens from going outside!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Russia was one of the countries that passed temporary laws to keep people from leaving their homes for superfluous reasons. In order to get a breath of fresh air every now and then, Andrey Shcherbak takes his dog for walks (which is legally allowed) — and, of course, his giant cats were always with him!

It’s time to do some cooking!

Cooking time can be pretty fun — if you have the right company, that is. A lot of couples enjoy cooking together, as it is not only a pretty domestic task, but it’s also a great way of bonding and spending quality time together.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

But can you imagine how it would be like if you were cooking with a giant cat? Andrey Shcherbak imagined himself cooking with one of his giant pets, and the result seemed pretty fun! The question here is: would a giant cat be helpful in the kitchen, or would it be too distracting?!

Natural acrobats!

We’ve all seen cats doing things with their bodies that would be almost impossible for humans to copy. Cats are incredibly flexible, and let’s not get started on their nearly perfect balance! While we’re not sure whether giant cats would be just as flexible as regular cats, we know that they can pull off some amazing poses!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Andrey Shcherbak’s imagination is an endless well of creativity, and he can envision giant cats doing all kinds of poses. In the picture above, for instance, the giant cat is almost completely wrapped around a metal platform, just staring at Andrey!

The perfect Christmas picture.

When it’s the holiday season, many families tend to take pictures to send to their loved ones. Christmas cards, for one, are incredibly popular among families who celebrate this holiday. It’s important to note that when we say ‘family,’ we’re not excluding house pets — they’re 100% a part of every family!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Andrey Shcherbak and his wife may still be starting their small family, but it’s more than obvious that they love their cats and dog dearly. As for the giant cats, they may not be real, but they’re certainly loved and are never left out of Andrey’s family’s Christmas picture!

Chilling in the rain!

I’m chillin’ in the rain, just chillin’ in the rain…maybe that’s not how the song goes, but that’s definitely what Andrey and this giant cat are up to in the next picture! As we mentioned before, if giant cats were real, they wouldn’t have issues with water and this picture proves it!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

As Andrey Shcherbak took his dog, Rooney, for a walk, one of his fellow giant cats tagged along. What they didn’t expect was that it would start raining, but luckily Andrey had an umbrella. The giant cat, however, couldn’t fit under the umbrella and stood in the rain — he was so calm that even Rooney stared at him in wonder!

I’ll follow you!

As Andrey Shcherbak states in his Instagram bio, he feels like he’s always being followed by cats. And that’s partially why he decided to start editing his photos and adding giant cats in them. Although we told you this already, it’s time to show you how it would look like to be followed by a 10-foot tall cat!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Walking around town would be way more interesting if you were in the company of a giant cat. Not only would you make an impression on everyone you walked by, but you would probably also feel on top of the world — which would be incredible!

A dream come true!

One of the many activities that Andrey Shcherbak wished he could do with his pets is grocery shopping. We’ve shown you a picture of the artist being accompanied by one of his creations, but this next picture is even more interesting!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Can you imagine placing a giant cat right on the seafood aisle of a grocery store? We’re pretty sure that the fish would be gone in the blink of an eye! However, as you can see in the picture, Andrey Shcherbak’s giant pet is being a polite boy and is just staring intently at his favorite food!

Friends for life.

One of the best things about having a pet is that, once they start loving you, they’ll never stop. If you grew up surrounded by pets, whether it was a cat or a dog, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Pets are the most loyal friends we’ll ever have, and their love is the most genuine — they love us wholeheartedly without expecting much in return. As for Andrey Shcherbak, his love for his giant cats is so strong that he edited a photo of himself as a baby beside a giant kitten!

The best way to impress your friends? Giant cats!

When we leave the house and visit new places, one of our first instincts is to take pictures so that we can post them on social media. That’s one of the biggest characteristics of modern society, and it’s totally okay to want to share your experiences with your followers!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Your followers will certainly be impressed if you post a picture of yourself climbing up to the top of a mountain or parachuting off a cliff — but we know the definitive way of impressing everyone: posing for adventurous pictures in the company of a giant cat! There’s no topping that!

Faster than a car!

Who said that cheetahs are the fastest land animal on the planet? The truth is, it’s their distant cousins, the giant cats, who are the fastest animals on Earth! All jokes aside, if giant cats were real, we’re pretty sure they would win a race against cheetahs.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Or at least that’s what Andrey Shcherbak thinks. According to the Russian artist’s imagination, a giant cat would be able to run beside a speeding car — which can go up to 120mph! That would make them faster than cheetahs, which can only run as fast as 70mph.

Everywhere is a bed.

Maybe it’s not that much of a stretch to say that sleeping is one of the best things in the world. Relaxing after a long day at work or at school is definitely one of the best ways to recharge our batteries — but, unfortunately, we can’t sleep anywhere we want.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Animals, on the other hand, are lucky enough that they can pretty much sleep in every place. Under a chair, on the living room rug, or even on top of the dining table! As for giant cats, they literally sleep on any flat surface — including buildings rooftops!

Giant cats = giant hairballs!

Throwing up hairballs is one of the most natural things for cats to do — as gross as it may look like for us humans. Healthy cats are constantly grooming themselves, and as they do that, some of their furs end up being swallowed.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

After a while, this fur in their stomach needs to come out, and that’s why longer-haired cats occasionally vomit hairballs. Andrey Shcherbak’s giant cats are not immune to this natural phenomenon — but can you imagine how big their hairballs would be?!

Bedtime stories.

Deep down, house pets are just like children — and that’s partially why we’re so eager to take care of them and to love them. Their small size makes pets vulnerable to a lot of stuff, and as pet owners, it’s our duty to protect them. 

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

But giant cats also need parenting! Being at least twice as big as we are doesn’t mean that those huge, furry animals wouldn’t like to be pampered. Just like children, who love listening to bedtime stories, giant cats would also appreciate dozing off to the voice of their parents!

I’ll be watching you!

For Andrey Shcherbak, who’s always being followed by giant cats, getting some privacy may be a little difficult. If there’s one thing that giant felines don’t know — or just don’t care about —, its boundaries. But Andrey knows just how to deal with them!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Whenever he needs some alone time, the Russian artist keeps his giant cats from spying on him by doing a very simple thing: closing the curtains of every window in his house! It’s not that sophisticated of a method, but it’s certainly effective!

Unconditional love.

If we had to give one adjective to the love that we feel for our pets, it would be ‘unconditional.’ Our pets can rip our clothes with their claws, leave our houses disheveled, destroy our pillows…no matter what they do, we’ll never stop loving our pets.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Thankfully, for every ounce of love we give to our dogs or cats, they give back in double! Even if we have to be strict with them at times, pets will never hold a grudge against us, and they’ll still be happy to see us every time we walk through the door. Giant cats are no different; if they were real, they would love us with all of their hearts!

Don’t mess with my dad!

We all know that animals are incredibly protective of their human family. Even if you don’t have any pets, you have probably heard stories about animals protecting their owners from some sort of danger. If giant cats existed in the real world, we’re sure they’d be just as protective!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

On top of making you look really cool, having a giant cat by your side would definitely scare off anyone with harmful intentions. An intense stare like the one in the picture above is all it would take for a giant cat to keep people away from their owner!

A giant cat is a man’s best friend!

For a homebody like Andrey Shcherbak, there’s no place better than his own house. The Russian artist prefers to live isolated from other people — but not isolated from his wife, family, and beloved pets! But sometimes, Andrey has no choice but to go out.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Holidays, for instance, are one of the few occasions that force Andrey Shcherbak to visit shopping centers, and he feels absolutely tired afterward. His new trick to going out without feeling exhausted? He takes his giant cats with him wherever he goes!


When you choose to live a quieter life in the country, as Andrey Shcherbak did, you know that you won’t have many people around you. The artist has even joked about where he could find friends at his age! One of the downsides of being a homebody is that he doesn’t have a lot of people to celebrate Halloween with.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

If you’re like Andrey, and you’re in search of a friendly company for Halloween, look no more! Giant cats would be perfect to assist you in playfully scaring some people on the 31st of October. Not only are they great company, but they are also pretty talented in hiding behind doors to give you a scare!

Cat Combat!

By now, you probably already noticed that Andrey Shcherbak is an incredibly talented and creative artist. His ideas for photographs are fresh, fun, and interesting. But more than that, his arts reflects just how passionate he is about cats — whether they’re real or not.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

However, one of his most creative pieces to date is the picture above. As you can see, Andrey created a videogame version of himself fighting a giant cat in a scenario similar to that of games such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter!

Best cuddle partner ever.

If you’re not the type of person who prefers to have the bed all to themselves, you know how good it feels to have a companion next to you. Whether it’s a person or a pet, there’s no denying some cuddle time.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

For instance, Andrey Shcherbak loves greeting new seasons, and it’s obvious that he wouldn’t leave his giant friends out of his season greetings card. Giant cats may not be real, but can you imagine how warm and pleasing it would be to hug a giant ball of fur?

What’s going on in this picture?

Andrey Shcherbak’s pictures are always a lot for our brains to register. From giant cats posing in the background to incredibly stunning landscapes, we’re certain that your jaw will drop more than once if you ever check the artist’s Instagram profile.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

Even Andrey’s captions under his pictures are interesting and make you ponder about life. “I begin to suspect we’ve always lived this way, in self-isolation,” he wrote about the picture above. If you pay close attention to the image, you’ll see that the background is not the blue sky: it’s a scary tsunami!

Carpooling – or catpooling!

You probably have already noticed that Andrey Shcherbak, the man who’s always being followed around by giant cats, can’t get a break from his feline friends. Whether he’s at the barbershop, at the grocery store, or on vacation…Andrey always has the company of giant cats!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

More recently, Andrey was cruising around town in his car with his wife, and once they stopped for pictures, they got a huge surprise: one of the artist’s giant cats was lying down on the roof of their car!

Cats & Dogs

The iconic 2001 comedy movie Cats & Dogs depicts an intense rivalry between cats and dogs. The movie was not the first, nor the last, to show this alleged clash between the animals — but we all know that not all cats and dogs are rivals, especially if they’re raised together.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

For Andrey Shcherbak, his two real-life cats and his dog are far from being rivals. In fact, Panya, Pif, and Rooney are good friends and never have conflicts. As for his giant cats and his dog, from the picture above, we can tell that Rooney is just chilling while Andrey’s cat looks suspicious!

‘Till the world ends!

What would you do if you found out that the world would end tomorrow?” That’s what Andrey Shcherbak asked his followers some time ago. While that is not the kind of question we usually think about, it’s still fascinating to see other people’s answers to it.

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

For Andrey, the answer is obvious. He would spend the final hours of the world alongside his wife, his parents, and his pets — both his real and his imaginary ones. On top of that, the artist and his companions would probably be at the beach, which is a place they all love!

Relaxing time!

Andrey Shcherbak’s giant cats accompany him everywhere he goes, and they usually look really energetic. However, when the artist wants to relax, his cats respect that and relax with him. Just by looking at the picture below, we’re feeling relaxed too!

Source: Andrey Shcherbak/Instagram

On his Instagram page, Andrey’s posts have attracted quite a lot of attention recently, and his followers even claim that his page is “paws down, the best page on Instagram!”. In addition, a lot of his fans want to have pictures of themselves with giant cats as well — but Andrey already dedicates his time to creating his own giant cats. That means we have to settle for checking out his page every day and support his original creations!