Who Stole Xmas? Unveiling The Grinchy Ways The Holidays Got Complicated

By Nikita D

Christmas is undeniably the best time of the year. However, no matter how hard we try to make it perfect in every way, sometimes it’s a total disaster. Maybe it is too many Christmas decorations or just plain old back luck. When something doesn’t go exactly as planned, it spoils your entire mood. But when you look at the photos the following year, hopefully, there can be a few chuckles and fond memories.

These hilarious Christmas fails are sure to lighten your mood up and will make for a good laugh. So, just grab yourself a hot cup of cocoa, bring a blanket, and sit down to enjoy the mayhem recorded from Christmases past. Do you have any crazy “Christmas fail” stories you’re now proud of?

Homemade Chocolate Lobsters

Every house has its own special traditions. Whether it is sending each other pies on Christmas or coming over for a big family supper. These traditions are celebrated each year and become a wonderful part of each family celebration. One such family has the tradition of sending homemade chocolate lobsters.

Image: Twitter/jellispants

In Jean’s family, her Aunt Maine sends homemade chocolate lobsters every year. It has become a lovely little tradition that they cherish. Just as everyone in the family was about to eat the amazing lobsters, it turned out that it wasn’t chocolate, it was soap! 

Same Shirt Dilemma

Christmas shopping is one of the most difficult tasks to do, as it means choosing everyone’s gifts. It is not easy to shop during this time of year because the expectations are high for such gifts. But what if you give the exact same item of clothing which the recipient not only already owns but is wearing to Christmas dinner?

Image: reddit.com/r/Wellthatsucks/

This is exactly what happened with this cute Grandpa. He was in the middle of unwrapping his Christmas present to find out that it is the exact same shirt he was wearing. He looks pretty happy, though, because he obviously liked that shirt enough to wear it for the holidays.

Decorations Gone Wrong

Stores go above and beyond to decorate during the holiday season. This is to induce the festive spirit in the shoppers so that they get in that Christmas shopping mood. However, have you ever seen a store decoration gone wrong?

Image: Reddit/josephinator

The above photo is an example of someone who really screwed up badly with the decor. Instead of Santa, they have written “Satan” on the Christmas decorations. And the funny part is, it looks like that bear is worshipping Satan. Hilarious! 

Merry Christmas, Mom

It is the night before Xmas, and you have finally done up the entire house. All the decor is up; the presents are wrapped, the table is set, and the Christmas tree sparkles with stars and Santas. You finally go to get some shut-eye only to wake up to this horror show on Christmas morning.

Image: Reddit/PlayStory

Your three adorable (but naughty) dogs have completely destroyed everything in the house. All the Christmas presents are torn up, the decorations are lying all over the floor, and your dogs are staring at you like innocent angels waiting for Xmas morning treats.

Stockings Disaster

Hanging up stockings by the fireplace is one of the cutest traditions of Christmas. Just the idea of Santa filling them up with gifts or something tasty is enough to make you look forward to Christmas. These days the stockings are embellished with names and look absolutely beautiful.

Image: Reddit/akantho

Imagine waking up, seeing everyone’s personal stocking hung up by the fireplace, only to discover that yours is just a white sock with a sticky note stuck to it! This is how someone’s parents made his wife a stocking. We would be ready to bolt if we were in her place.

Ho, Ho, Ho

Ever seen those LED lights on the streets with “Ho, Ho, Ho” written on them for some Christmas feels? Did you realize they look like Oh, Oh, Oh from the back? One such person saw this and deemed it worthy of a holiday snap.

Image: Twitter/NotAgainBen

Everyone at Christmas is “Ho, Ho, Ho,” whereas after the holidays are over, their bank accounts go, “Oh, Oh, Oh.” That is a really hilarious observation, we must say. Next time you see these LED’s we know you will definitely have a laugh.

Yoda Elf

Grandparents can be adorable sometimes. They might not understand our pop culture references, but they do try their best to keep us happy. This family gets a puzzle each Christmas, and this year this is the one that their Grandma gave them.

Image: Reddit/mr_awesome365

If you have seen Star Wars, you sure know that that is not a Christmas elf, but Yoda in a Santa costume! He was a Jedi Master and one of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars universe. He sure does look cute all dressed up, though.

Christmas Lunch

One of the best things about Christmas is a wholesome and tasty Christmas meal. Every family makes sure that they make a scrumptious and grand feast, which every family member and friend relishes. This was one such meal that didn’t end well.

Image: Reddit/thejimking

Imagine sitting down at the Christmas table for this grand meal; you are just starting your meal, and suddenly the entire glass table cracks and breaks! Taking your entire Christmas lunch with it. The person who made this meal must have had a good cry after this incident. Pizza anyone?

Surprise Toy

Christmas shopping is so much fun with so many interesting items available for sale. The shopkeepers make special arrangements and toys for the holiday season, and they are surely irresistible to buy. Shopping for kids is especially fun during this time.

Image: Reddit/HydeAndSeek95

Sometimes these Christmas toys are an absolute fail. Look at the above “surprise toy” tactic—no prizes for guessing what’s actually inside. The entire stuffed toy is visible through the see-through packaging! That’s a definite Christmas toy fail if we have ever seen one.

Ghosts or decorations?

Do you know of families who go a bit overboard with their holiday decorations? There’s a Santa-shaped-something in every corner, huge fairies, and what-not in front of their doorway. Well, one such family had also bought huge Christmas decorations.

Image: Reddit/seatonater07

Since there wasn’t time to put them at a proper place in the house, they decided just to put it in the driveway. After waking up, they turned on the car to go to work, only to see those huge scary decorations staring at them in the dark. Yikes!

A Christmas-Kitty Fail

It is about to be Christmas, the entire house is done up the way you want, and you are pretty pleased with yourself. You can’t wait for the holiday to start. Just then, you hear a huge commotion, and then you see this disaster.

Image: Reddit/MainePoster

The entire Christmas tree is on the floor with all the decorations smashed, and your cat is sitting there with a fish-themed decoration. Well, it was probably a bad idea to buy that if you have a curious cat in your home.

Cat or Dog?

These days stores have Christmas-themed decorations for every single member of the family. They even have decorations for dogs! One such pet loving parent went to a store to buy a dog-themed Christmas stocking only to find a cat drawn on it!

Image: Reddit/AsRiversRunRed

Umm, not sure what the manufacturer or the designer was thinking here. Maybe he was way too tired of making these and just wanted to get home. Well, it shows in his work. Not sure how the dog would react if they got him this cat-themed stocking.

Ugly Christmas Tree

Christmas tree picking is probably the toughest part of Christmas every year. One has to go to a zillion places just to find the perfect tree for their home. However, one couple had a strange tradition. They pick out the ugliest tree they can find.

Image: Reddit/Anxiouspitbull

Yup, each year, they go to stores and pick out the worst tree ever. This year, they probably found the ugliest one. It literally has no leaves at the top. That poor tree is dying. But, it still got to brighten up someone’s home before its final demise.

Dog’s Approval

Stuffed elves are probably the cutest things you can get to decorate your home with. Not only are they cuddly, but those red and white outfits sure do bring home a Christmas feel. One such family decided to decorate with an elf theme one Christmas.

Image: Reddit/thehuddster123

But what happened after was kind of hilarious. Their dog did not approve of those tiny elves and decided to destroy all of them. The family walked in to see the dog sitting in the corner with his head down, fully knowing he had been a bad boy, and all the elves were strewn all over the carpet.

A Hungry Snowman

In another Christmas toy fail, just take a look at this penguin. Probably, the intent was to make the penguin wear a fluffy coat, but it just looks like a snowman is eating the penguin. Maybe not the best gift for a kid.

Image: Reddit/CorvidaeSF

However, if we talk about the fluffiness, the penguin still looks incredibly cuddly and cute. One or two people who might buy it may do so for that reason only. A kid might think so, too, and overlook the obvious design flaw of the toy.

A Funny Christmas Card

Many people love getting a photoshoot taken for their annual Christmas cards. This woman also wanted to have the perfect personalized holiday greeting made, and she decided to throw in a few sheep for added effect. She wore a red dress with a reindeer antler and everything. But it all went horribly wrong.

Image: Reddit/mydogismysoulmate

Instead of the sheep posing politely with her for the photo, they knocked her down and started eating her dress. That surely does not look comfortable from any angle. But it makes for a hilarious photo, for sure! Would you still send this photo?

An Uninvited Guest

People travel far and wide to spend Christmas with the ones they love. This loving boyfriend thought of traveling all the way to Australia to spend the holidays with his girlfriend. The trip was turning out to be amazing till this happened.

Image: Reddit/danielbln

On Christmas morning, he was brushing his teeth only to see a huge black spider crawling on the window. Just the sheer size of the black spider is enough to scare anyone away. Not a good way to get into the festive spirit.

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Have you heard of the song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey? Someone thought of printing this cute saying on a mug, but it went wrong. Instead of writing “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” they wrote, “I want all for Christmas is…”

Image: Reddit/Justin4559

Not only does that not make any sense, but they royally screwed up the song. Now it seems like they want it all for Christmas. Well, so do we. Who doesn’t? This mug may be a good gift to yourself. Hilarious. 

Office Party Dress

If you work in a corporate office, then Christmas parties are the norm every year. To get some festive spirit going on in the office, the HR team usually arranges these parties. There is no party without a dress code.

Image: Imgur/alien005

As he’d done in previous years, this guy wore his “Christmassy” suit to the office. This year, however, all the directors had come in from all over the world, and this poor guy didn’t receive the memo regarding the updated dress code for the more formal event. Talk about dressing for the wrong kind of party!

Segway Fail

A big part of Christmas is the Christmas meal. Not only does it require a lot of prep, but a lot of thought as well. Just deciding on the menu can be difficult. So, imagine you have done all of the above and are finally going to prepare your meal when you see this.

Image: Reddit/Aiden2222

Your oven door is completely broken thanks to the segway. Maybe your son was driving it around the house, and he lost control. Can you control your anger now, though? As the entire Christmas party depends on the food! Well, Merry Christmas.

Cat’s First Christmas

In another episode of cat’s versus Christmas trees, this time, it’s a kitten who is celebrating his first Christmas. He probably climbed on that aquarium behind the tree to look at the fish and toppled the tree over in the process.

Image: Reddit/LittleMissKarma

Thank goodness the tree did not fall on the aquarium! Imagine all the fish flapping about and the cats having a grand Christmas meal. Tom does not even look sorry for what he has done. Maybe he just hates Christmas. Who knows?

Money or Papers?

As a kid, you don’t really know much about money. After all, who cares? You get everything you want anyway. This guy’s mother was probably counting money for her Christmas shopping and left it unattended in her study. But she returned to this mess.

Image: Reddit/appycapterr

They had their nephew over visiting, and the kid thought that this was Monopoly money and decided to do a little art and crafts. Merry Christmas, indeed. At least he had fun cutting the money. He probably won’t be getting a gift this year.

Photo Fail

Christmas-themed parades are absolutely exciting to visit. The huge floats and balloons pass by with music, and it’s a delight for people of all ages to watch. Sometimes, though, the parades have really strange-looking Santas, and this is probably one of those. Just look at his face once! 

Image: Reddit/stargazingmanatee

The way in which he is sitting on the chair, with that constipated-looking face, just makes him look really old and sad. Also, if you glance below his seat, there is a kid coming out of there! It almost looks like he is pooping out that poor child. It’s definitely not parade material.

Discarding The Christmas Tree

Christmas is over, and the tree has done its job. You lit it up with a thousand lights and shiny Christmas decorations, and it looked great. But what to do with the tall Christmas tree after the holiday is over?  

Image: Reddit/goldquest

You can either keep it for next year if it’s artificial, or you’ll need to discard it properly. This neighbor did neither. Instead, he threw it from his balcony! We’re not sure why he did that, but karma bit him when the tree landed on top of another tree right in front of his balcony.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

The best gifts are handmade. Not only are they thoughtful, but they always mean so much more than receiving a store-wrapped gift. One mom decided to hand-paint the wrapping papers for Christmas and tasked it to her kids to do as an art project.

Image: Reddit/clearlybujo

This was the result; it looks like someone got murdered, and that is blood on the paper. This is a gift no one would like to open. It looks like someone’s limb might be packed in there—what a hilarious color of choice to paint.

He Did It

Dogs are truly angels on Earth. They are loving and very loyal to their owners and bring great joy to any home. But, sometimes, they can be a bit naughty as well. Look at this dog with his puppy eyes after creating that mess. 

Image: Reddit/RedPill42

It looks like he is saying, “I didn’t do it, Mom.” Maybe he did not like the Christmas decorations, or he has something against this holiday. Who knows? Any which way, we don’t think he is getting any Christmas presents this year.

Drone Attack

Choosing a gift for children can be tough. It should be something that they want and they will love. This kid got a drone for Christmas, which is a wonderful gift! But, of course, the excitement to open it and use it was insane.

Image: Reddit/Rowdybob22

Kids obviously don’t really know how to fly a drone; it can get pretty technical. However, this kid decided to just go with it. She turned it on, and it just flew into her hair and got all tangled up there. She probably should have waited for adult supervision for this one.

Advent Calendar Gift

These days, people treat their pets like family members too, and it’s great. Even the dogs and cats get Christmas presents, and it is the cutest thing ever. This dog mom decided to buy a dog treat advent calendar to treat the fur ball in their life.

Image: Reddit/Trair

She had just bought it from the store and stopped her car to fill in some gas. She returned to see the entire advent calendar torn up, and all the treats were, of course, devoured. Well, a dog’s gotta dog!

Traveling with Kids

If you have ever traveled with kids, you know that it is not a piece of cake. The constant crying and screaming leaves the parents absolutely exhausted. This family decided to take a family Christmas vacation too, and this is what happened.

Image: Reddit/bp_free

The toddler just wasn’t having it. He just lay down on the airport’s terminal floor and wouldn’t budge! While it looks super hilarious, we are sure the parents must have been really embarrassed. Maybe they bribed the kid to get up from there.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Have you ever forgotten something on the stove and just went about your day? You only realize this when you smell the food burning on the stove. This is what happened to this lady. She was so busy prepping other items and wrapping last-minute gifts.

Image: Reddit/polyester_girl

That she completely forgot about the chicken in the oven. Only when the over nearly caught fire did she see the poor chicken completely charred. There was no saving this dinner. We can only assume that she had to order in Chinese takeout for the annual Xmas meal.

DIY Santa

Store-bought cakes require no effort at all, and of course, they are delicious, but DIY gives another sense of satisfaction. This family decided to make their own Santa cake by arranging and frosting cupcakes colored in red and white.

Image: Reddit/aggadoo

Pinterest made it look easy, but the outcome was far from perfect. The Santa looks a bit creepy here, and it looks like he has seen some scary things! Obviously, this is not the outcome they had expected. Another Christmas fail for you all.

A Shredded Tree

Everything is in place: you have a lovely Christmas tree, the decorations are up, and you are waiting for your family to arrive. You step outside to check on your tree and see a half-eaten tree! Just then, you see a fat, happy squirrel run right past you.

Image: Reddit/stehigs321

This sure is just bad luck. The squirrel decided to eat all the leaves that it could and destroyed the entire Christmas tree. The family decided never to get a real Christmas tree after this fiasco. Yeah, at least a fake tree won’t get eaten up or shed like that.

Holiday Cookies

It is so wonderful when someone else makes you food or cake after putting in so many hours. It really does make you feel special. This boyfriend decided to make some cute Christmas cookies for his girlfriend one year.

Image: Reddit/radioflea

He obviously tried really hard with the shapes, colors, and everything else. Too bad it looks like a kid made them- with all those strange-looking eyes. That yellow cookie just looks like it’s from hell. We can’t even imagine what he was trying to get that to look like.

Ornaments Anyone?

Everyone has been through this: carrying a huge box of carefully stored away, but yet highly fragile things knowing full well that it might fall. Though we mostly successfully manage to complete this without mishap, sometimes it all just tumbles. This is what happened to this poor man.

Image: Ronald van Schaik/Bored Panda

These stairs look like the aftermath of a huge Christmas party, but unfortunately, it’s not. The party hadn’t even started before this disaster happened. Poor guy, he must be really regretting his decision not to ask for help getting the ornaments out of storage. Merry Christmas, indeed.

That same Shirt Dilemma

And it happened again. This guy at the Christmas party got the same shirt he was wearing to the Christmas party. Well, the person who gifted it sure can take that as a compliment- he knows this guy’s style really, really well.

Image: Reddit/Dan_The_Salmon

He does look pretty happy to get the same shirt! He can maybe keep this one too, or wear both of them one at a time. Well, whatever he does, this is a hilarious photo. Next time the person who gifted it will pay more attention to his wardrobe.

Photo Fail

Have you seen an utter photo fail? Well, this is what it looks like. This family decided to do a photoshoot for their Christmas card photo, and it isn’t turning out to be great. This kid has decided that he doesn’t want to be included in the pic after all and decided to make a hasty getaway from the photographer.

Image: Reddit/brimmycrumbtiny

He doesn’t seem to care that his relatives want to see his face, and he would rather be watching cartoons on TV. We are sure that the parents are not having a great time either. It is not at all easy to take care of a small kid and also to try to get him to smile at the camera sweetly. 

An Incestuous Card

A Christmas Card can be a thoughtful way to express your feelings. This card says, “Merry Christmas to my wonderful brother and boyfriend.” Wait a minute… who is who?, is it just us, or does the wording of this card have you feeling slightly confused as well?

Image: Reddit/memequeenb***h

Surely, it was supposed to be a card for a brother and HIS boyfriend. Whoever wrote this card has made a huge blunder. Now it has just ended up looking like an incestuous card. It’s probably only meant for Game of Thrones characters.

A Gift Fail

The excitement to open a gift is always so huge. One can’t wait to tear up all the wrapping paper and see what’s inside. However, what if there’s money inside? Well, this is what happened to this kid who wasted no time in unwrapping his gift.

Image: Reddit/Himetora

Unfortunately, he tore up 500 bucks, and he must have totally regretted tearing up the paper. Maybe he can try taping the money up? Otherwise, there is no coming back from this disappointment. A Merry Christmas to him. 

Annoying Dogs

Now that we have seen so many dogs destroy Christmas trees, it does seem like they hate the Holidays. However, this dog takes the cake in destroying Christmas. Not only has he managed to destroy the Christmas tree, but he has also destroyed his bed.

Image: Reddit/SirMumbleBee

It looks like the dog was in a Grinch of Xmas kind of mood and decided that he might just go all in since he had already made a mess. This is definitely not the sight the family wanted to come home to. It will take ages to clean this up.

A Christmas Tree Fiasco

So you have bought your Christmas tree, finally! After looking at so many lots, you thought this one looked best and bought it home. Just as you heaved it into your backyard, the entire tree fell apart. Literally shed off!

Image: Reddit/vintage4you

Not a needle was left on this pine tree’s branches, and we are not sure whose fault it is. Either they forgot to water it, or the poor thing was dying anyway. All of their lights also fell along with the tree, and it is probably the saddest Christmas photo we have ever seen.

A Gift From the Universe

Do you believe in signs from the Universe? This family got a tree from nature itself. A eucalyptus tree literally fell on their car on Christmas. Guess they will not go Christmas tree shopping this year. That tree was maybe just seeking revenge.

Image: Reddit/Arkenzie

Not only has that tree damaged their car, but probably also canceled their plans to buy a Christmas tree. Maybe it would have hurt less if a cute Koala bear was sitting on the roof of the car munching on the leaves.

Secret Santa

Another fun tradition in offices is Secret Santa. In this game, everyone has to gift their colleague something without telling their name. This poor person probably got something edible and totally yummy, but by the time this gift reached him, all that was left at the bottom of the bag were these disgusting cockroaches!

Image: Reddit/amandal0514

We are 100 percent sure that the secret Santa had something against this person. How can so many roaches be inside a bag? It was either really old or was just lying about in a dirty place. We wonder what he will do when he finds out who was the secret Santa.

An Unexpected Hiccup

Have you ever got a Christmas gift which is just amazing? It is not clothes, but an addition to your home like a Television set. Imagine getting this gift and installing it in your room. You can’t wait to watch all the holiday movies!

Image: Reddit/magalz

Just as you are halfway through the movie, the entire TV set crashes on the floor. Looks like the installation was weak. Probably went from being the best Christmas to the worst one for this person. That must have hurt really bad.

Broken Dreams

Isn’t it the best feeling when Christmas gifts arrive early? You cannot wait to open those gifts received in the mail. Sometimes it can be disappointing, as it was for this man’s girlfriend. The entire gift came in pieces! It is so broken that one can’t even recognize what it was.

Image: Reddit/squanchy_91

Maybe a Harry Potter mug? Well, that hurts even more. Not only is that money down the drain, but the person who sent it must be really disappointed as well. We would definitely be super sad if this happened to us.

A Stolen Gift

Some of us might know of a person who used to shoplift or still does. But we never expect to get one of those shoplifted items as a Christmas gift! This guy got a wallet for Christmas, but the store security tag is still there.

Image: Reddit/lxzander

Every time he goes to a shop, the store alarm would go off. He should just regift this “gift” to the person who gave it to him. If you have ever had one of those things attached to your clothes, you know how tough it is to remove.