2020 Personified In Everyday Scenes That We All Can Relate To

By Aileen D

We don’t know where to begin. How is it even humanly possible to put 2020 into words? We think the best way to sum -up this year, none other before, is to just show you a number of pictures. Remember how it felt as the walls of your room closed in on you, or how one flicker of hope was quickly snuffed out by the rising number of cases and extended lock-downs? It would help if you applauded yourself. You made it this far. Now we can start making fun of 2020 with the promise of vaccinations early next year. The good news is that now, 2021 is only one month away. We can only hope that when we sum up 2021, we will have happier material to work with.

Couldn’t See That Coming

Everyone was hopeful that 2020 was going to be their year. It was going to be their year of graduation or the year they will move up the corporate ladder. Everything seemed like a mug of hot cocoa, served fresh at the start of the day. It’s just that it had been served in this.

Image Courtesy of 50 Nerds of Grey

You were so hopeful what the day might bring that those ears blindsided you. Now, you couldn’t see anything coming even if you wanted to. Pain radiates through your eyelids. You put the cup down, hoping that the base hits the table. If it doesn’t, well darn it. You couldn’t drink from this cup anyway!

Heard You’ve Run Out of Supplies

One of the most important commodities this year was toilet paper. People went crazy trying to grab as many rolls as possible off the shelves. They figured they needed it for everything – eating, wiping, disinfecting, and even for using it as originally intended. It was the new 2020 currency.

Image Courtesy of Voices of Monterrey Bay Org

Now, if groceries had sold this type of toilet paper, it would have discouraged people from hoarding. There would have been enough supplies for everyone. That, or you could always wing it some cultures do. Use water and soap! That just grates us the wrong way for sure.

Where To

Several cars were set for release this year. One of which included the Tesla Model Y. It had a seven-seat capacity and a range of 300 miles. It doesn’t sound that impressive until you find out that it’s an electric car. Unfortunately, this car overshone Tesla.

Image Courtesy of Shut Up And Take My Money

This car has a nine-seat capacity – six of which are indoors, and three of which are on top of the hood. It also allows you to spin in all directions. You wouldn’t have to walk past the side of your driveway to enter the car. Crawl right in from the front! It sounds like a dream come true. Get it now, for the low, low price of $50!

Ease of Access

Don’t you hate having to walk down the stairs after waking up? We wish we could slide down a chute and land plopped down at the kitchen table. After yawning and rubbing our eyes, we will see a bowl of cereal before us. Well, in this household, they have come up with an ingenious way of doing that. It might just land you with a sprained ankle and a broken back.

Image courtesy of H Jayyy / Reddit

Guess 2020 is pretty much the same way. This year should have brought us fantastic joy and thrilling adventures. But all it has offered was a series of tumbles down the stairs. You’d think that you would learn your lesson, but each morning when you wake up, you take the same route down. Talk about ease of access!

Morning Spice

There’s a good reason why Lays’ is a snacking giant. It has a lot of crunch under its belt – Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, and Ruffles. It has teamed with a few dietitians so that you can lose weight by cutting back on carbs. Sounds like we’re in luck. Its newest treat is inspired by your 2020 morning routine!

Image courtesy of The Odyssey Online

We’re certain you beamed when you saw the corporate logo. A quarter down, it must have waned. Orange juice and toothpaste? If we wanted that, we could have dipped our soda crackers in some OJ and then squirted a pea-size amount of toothpaste on it. We’re giving this a hard pass!

Having Ourselves A Party

No party is complete without some treats. You could throw them like confetti, stash them in bags or hang them up like a piñata. You could pack chocolates, sour candies, and gummy bears. But whatever you choose, make sure that it’s a surprise!

Image courtesy of Bits and Pieces US

Bet no one will see this nest of hornets coming. They will fly out of the nest and buzz about in circles. The army will examine the damage, ready themselves, and hunt in groups. They’ll plunge their stingers so deep, retreat and then aim for you all over again. How’s that for a year-ender treat?

Looks Like Every Math Problem

We have always found math difficult. Your teacher will write a couple of basic formulas on the board. Then he’ll hand out sample notes and questions for you to work on. Somehow, those problems end up being a couple of hundred times more difficult than the one he taught. How is that fair?

Image Courtesy of cheez Burger

To make matters worse, he will time the test! As you look around, all your other classmates are handing in their final answers. You haven’t even gotten halfway through it. Being the master mathematician, you will write whatever number comes to mind. And save the explaining for later.

Why We Hate History

Apart from memorizing facts, there’s a solid reason why we dislike history. We don’t want to live the lives of mad kings who ruled their empires. Nor do we want to know about the snake who had gifted Cleopatra eternal sleep. There are a lot of things we would prefer to keep buried and forgotten…like 2020!

Image courtesy of @tank. sinatra / Instagram

Told you! Even our kids don’t want to know about what had happened in 2020. There were a lot of things going on at the same time around the world. If you made a timelapse of it, you wouldn’t be able to condense it in an hour-long video.

So Tell Us, How’d You Guys Meet

You may have missed out on social gatherings and meet-ups. But that hadn’t dimmed your social needs one bit. You still crave intimacy and companionship, and you can’t wait to try your hand at dating again. The brave of us wear a mask and take our chances.

Image courtesy of Know Your Meme

Fast forward one year – you and your partner hold each other’s hands and play coy with each other. You’re totally unaware of the people around you. You might have even forgotten that you were supposed to introduce your girl to your parents. As they sit down before you, the first thing they ask is, how did you two meet? Without missing a heartbeat, she says I blinked crazily as I’ve never done before. You’d think I was sending an SOS!

A Sight To Cause Sore Eyes

This company had intended to create a boating shoe. They wanted their consumer to be able to crew the yacht comfortably without having to worry about his shoes getting ruined. They unveiled their first model in 2001. Since then, this brand had become a common sight to cause sore eyes.

Image courtesy of Alamo Shoes

Crocs, ladies and gentlemen! They say this shoe is so expensive because it’s in high demand. But we can’t imagine anyone wanting to buy a pair. Matter of fact, name one family member who does! Recent research has also shown that Crocs could be bad for your feet. Since there isn’t enough heel support, your toes tend to grip downwards. That’s a recipe for pain and tendinitis!

Bring Me Back to the Future

Imagine if you were Marty McFly and you could travel anywhere in time. Your car brings you to unfamiliar territory. In this timespan, people were riveted to their phones. But instead of taking pictures of their latest travels, they were staying indoors. That’s odd. Well, so were ostriches running in the suburbs. You’re lucky to have come across a woman on the street. You gently tap her shoulder and then ask,

Image Courtesy of Sweat Pants and Coffee

Oooh yikes! No wonder people wouldn’t come out of their houses. You try to ask her where the nearest pharmacy was, but she had scampered out of sight. You try to remember the last thing you touched. Darn it! as you realize that you had tapped her shoulder. Now, where’s the nearest sanitizer?

Smells Fresh!

This year has us blindly stumbling in the dark. To make it easy for us, how about lighting ourselves a bunch of candles. Grab a candle from the cupboard, trim the wick, strike a match, and watch that light brighten the room. Light a dozen candles, preferably scented ones. They should help calm the senses and ease the nerves.

Image courtesy of Meme Zila

Savory fresh! We can only imagine what it smells like – meanwhile, soot and smoke try to swallow these portapotties whole. You might end wanting to run away from it all, kind of appropriate seeing as how we all want to run away from the year known as 2020!

Look Both Ways

Even the best drivers would find themselves unsure how to proceed, as this driver did. The driver behind them is honking his horn. Hurry up, won’t you! The driver in front nudges a bit but stops to look both ways. Then he tries to view if there’s a police cam somewhere. He mutters under his breath, darn this traffic light.

Image Courtesy of Tiny Smack God / Imgur

He rams his foot down the accelerator and turns left. Forget the police. I just want to get the hell out of here. Now, it’s this driver’s turn to look both ways. He can feel a drop of sweat on his brow. Just in time, trucks arrive at the intersection. How about we just wait for 2021 to arrive?

Ooh, Tasty

Imagine going on a grocery run and then forgetting to buy your bag of chips. Your head starts to hurt, and you can feel your claws gripping the seat. How could you have forgotten? You wouldn’t risk going back out. So you try to improvise.

Immage Courtesy of Americas Best Pics

You rummage through your shelves. But all you have come up with are bland soda biscuits and cheddar slices. The question is, how desperate are you to munch on a plate of nachos? Since you can’t wait for next month, you close your eyes, pinch your nose, and then shove a cracker down one at a time. Gulp. Repeat.

A Trip To the Hole

The safest place to be in a house or at a club is the bathroom. There you could spend a few minutes not pretending you’re someone else. You can remove your heels or unbuckle that belt, and breathe deeply. If you have had too much to drink, you could also just take a moment to let it all settle.

Image courtesy of Bob Tabin / Imgur

But instead of a familiar face comforting us, this bathroom is making us feel woozy…with or without having drunk liquor. This is a sucker-punch of a design, and guess who made it – 2020. The restaurant owner must have thought this ideal to keep the 6-meter rule applicable in the restroom. Fancy a trip down this hole?

2020’s Performance Rating : 5/5

Remember Nokia’s 3310? Back in the day, it was one of the most popular mobile phones – what with it being nearly indestructible. It didn’t matter if it had fallen out of your pocket and landed on the concrete ground 10 floors down. Its screen might be cracked. But rest assured, it would still work. A telltale sign? It will play the Nokia tune as you press the on button.

Image courtesy of Know Your Meme

With all the things that have been happening this year, you might have intentionally dropped this phone. It hadn’t smashed into smithereens as you thought. It will simply push on through. And sadly, you’re no match for 2020. You’re like an iPhone to this unit.

Welp. We’re Doomed

Think of what’s happening as a comic book adventure. The virus is a big, amoebic plague. Whereas our scientists and health care workers are our superheroes. They have to band together to develop a vaccine, all while updating us about their breakthroughs. Here’s one scientist telling us what’s going on with the world.

Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme

Thanks Bill Nye! As if that wasn’t obvious enough. So what do we do now? We could douse the world with a bucket of sand. Or we could pull the pin, aim the nozzle and then squeeze the fire extinguisher’s lever. Quick, Mr. Scientist! Maybe we still have a chance of saving the world!

Works Just Fine

We know. This isn’t a laughing matter. But we’re certain you wouldn’t be able to keep from chuckling at what this building owner had done. One of the pillars had a few blocks missing. He couldn’t afford to have it repaired, So he got some tape and cellophane and got to reinforcing!

Image Courtesy of Brave Heart Masonry / Facebook

If someone so much as sneezes on that pillar, the whole roof might give way. The manager should have people taking shifts guarding this post. Cars would have to park a few meters away, and customers would have to stock their carts at a distance. On second thought, would they even have customers visiting the shop when they see this catastrophe waiting to happen?

Good News!

Don’t you just love fortune cookies? Sure, they’re not the most delicious cookies in the world. In fact, they don’t remind you of your chewy, oven-baked, hot fudge-filled indulgent delights. But it’s the message within that has you eager to eat one.

Image Courtesy of Ruin My Week

Your fingers fumble to break open the cookie. What vague prophecy shall I read? Whose kingdom will I inherit? What treasures will I reap? That excitement quickly dampens as you read two words. You frown and then call the waiter to your side. Are you sure this fortune cookie is legit? Because this doesn’t seem to be a very positive message at all.

With or Without Yolk

This man had gotten bored with the food served at home. He decided to take over the kitchen. He kissed his girlfriend on the cheek and gently nudged her to the room. Then he put on an apron and got to work. Within a couple of minutes, he asked her if she liked it with or without yolk.

Image Courtesy of Santa Sloth / Twitter

Would you take a slice of this? It’s loaded with essential nutrients – potassium, sodium, and your B-complex. The only drawback is that you will have to resist the urge to retch. We know, it sounds like medicine. But instead of making us feel better, a bite of this will make us feel way worse.

The Worst of the Bunch

If you have watched Game of Thrones, we’re certain your blood must have curdled at the sight of this tyrant on the throne. It’s as if all of Cersei Lannister’s wickedness was sculpted to form a person. That person is no other than Joffrey, The Young Usurper.

Image Courtesy of Telegraph Co UK

Like 2020, this Lannister has very little compassion for people around him. He would make a mess of things and then blame his lack of manhood on someone else. Remember that time when he drew a gash down the butcher boy’s cheek? Arya struck Joffrey’s back for his mistreatment. Then he swung his sword at her. Arya’s dire wolf came to the rescue. Oh, the nerve that he rushed to his mum and feigned the victim!

We’re Staying Outside

If you’re in the marketing industry, it’s important to sell a brand name or convey a message in as few words as possible. You can be as creative as you want. Maximize space and choose the best font possible. Unfortunately, this marketing company hadn’t thought this concept through completely

Image courtesy of Banned Book Org

We’re lost. Does it want us to push or pull the door? We look around, hoping to let someone pass, so they can show us how to get inside. But we are all alone. Inside, we can see the attendant looking blankly at us. We wave hello and mouth silently; we’ll just stay outside!

That’s It, We’re Drinking Tap Water

After seeing all the news events on the telly, we can’t help but feel a little edgy. That’s enough TV for the day! You switch it off and then head to the kitchen. With the change of environment, your brain calms a little. How about making yourself some detox water? That will help take the edge off! You open the fridge and take out a lemon. You angle the knife and plunge it downwards until you get this.

Image courtesy of en dpol3r

You sigh deeply and then slam the knife down on the counter. You’re not the cynical type. But you can’t help but feel like 2020 is out to get you. How else will you turn this into something sweet and delectable? We know! Your new life motto should be if life gives you pure lemon peels, make peel candies out of them!

How Do You Wanna Go?

There’s a good reason why cities are strict when it comes to implementing building regulations. They won’t hand out those permits until you comply with safety protocols and clearances. We don’t know how this building was cleared. Just look at that fire escape! Do you think the city officer had been paid off?

Image courtesy of Dusky Wonder Site

Imagine having to rent a flat on the top floor. The fire alarm buzzes and wakes you up from your sleep. You shuffle to put on your slippers, and you grab the few essentials that you can think of. Then you race towards the fire escape, which is a floor below you. You see a pile of people barricading the door. What is going on here? We all want to escape 2020!

Right in The Face

2020 has been quite a ride. There were a lot of ups and downs. We could usually weather those, but we hadn’t expected it to be this extreme. All we wanted was one round on the swing. We got that part handed to us. But how would you feel if someone made a pancake batter out of your face? Watch it hurling us straight into this wall!

Image courtesy of Royal Parks Org UK

Now, all we really want is a walk in the park. It doesn’t matter if 2021 is a boring year. We would like to remember how it felt to be as carefree as kids …when we were sitting it out on the benches. Sure, we were losers. But didn’t everyone feel like it this year?

I’ve Been Waiting For A Girl Like You

If you were an 80s or 90s kid, you must have played this series of games at least once or twice. You can successfully hotwire a car or force an innocent citizen out of it with your arsenal of weapons. Inside, Foreigner’s I’ve Been Waiting For A Girl Like You is playing on the radio. For this mission, you travel towards a dusty construction site. There, you would be operating this mini-helicopter from a truck. There’s a feeling of dread when you exit the car. Here comes the Demolition Man.

Image courtesy of @Goutami 43239524 / Twitter

We can’t count the number of times we banged our fists on the keyboard. With or without cheats, The Demolition Man was one of the hardest missions on GTA Vice City. How had you managed to maneuver this helicopter with the patrol guard AKA 2020 shooting it down? Glad we made it to 2021 in time, with fuel leaking from the side of that helicopter drone.

All For Show

Why do we love Pineapples? For one, they contain an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation within the body. Sounds perfect after a workout! Second, they’re actually a group of fruits born by flowers that are joined at the core. So, guess we shouldn’t be surprised how big this pineapple has grown.

Image Courtesy of Cheeseake Glock / Reddit

Like this year, this pineapple had grown all for show. Sure, you could taste a bit of its pulp. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants – just enough to kick start your day. But, we had hoped this baby’s pulp would last us the whole day. With all the things happening around us, we’re running a bit low on energy.

Twirl Faster

One great way to work out at home is to use a hula hoop. A small study five years back proved that you could lose inches around the waist and the hips. You could lose more if you use a weighted hula hoop. We don’t know how fat we had gotten to sport this type of a hula hoop.

Imge courtesy of Dranne Line Padaya Chee

Not only will it burn fat, but it will also poke right where it’s going to hurt the most. We had always known that you had to work hard to maintain your figure, but we hadn’t imagined it to be this painful. We might sit this part of the exercise out. And then we’ll start dieting after the next lockdown is over.

Hot Garbage

Remember the last few minutes of Joker just before the City of Gotham fell to total mayhem? People ran in the streets with masks plastered on their faces. Car panes and window shops lit aflame as people got frustrated. You might even see this Lego set somewhere in the chaos – Hot Trash!

Image Courtesy of Huge Lol

Joker does his Tai Chi dance injured and messed -up. He dips his fingers in the colored rust and then smears his whole cheek with it to form a wide-grinned smile. What a joke 2020 pulled on us! Even if he tried to explain it, you wouldn’t get it.

Right Where It Wants You

They say the smartest minds play chess. To excel at it, you would have to anticipate your foe’s moves as you’re planning your attack – all under timed supervision. What would it look like if you were pitted against 2020 for the biggest challenger you have ever faced.

Image Courtesy of Ruin My Week

Boxed right it in where he wants you! He doesn’t need a pawn to keep you there. You could whinny all you want, but there’s no pasture to roam or field to conquer. The King is nowhere in sight. Had the battalion lost? It doesn’t matter now. There’s nothing you can do about it. All 2020 did was to set the stage.

Just A Bump Ahead

In this park, people of all ages can try this slide. It’s a couple of meters high, so even adults can have a go at it. It’s important that you have lightning-quick reflexes. You will need to stand on your feet the moment you free-fall. You read that right. You’re in for a steep ride!

Image courtesy of Shut Up And Take My Money

You could always clutch onto the sides while you’re on your way down. That should help slow the fall. Once you reach the edge, please take a moment to observe how it feels having everything in place. Just sit there, with your legs dangling. Think of this slide as a high-stool. And take the plunge, at your own risk.

Level 1000

This combo puzzle has had us scratching our heads since the 70s. With eyes knit and our fingers twirling, we would try to solve the Rubix cube in less than a minute. If you finished first amongst your peers, you earn ultimate bragging rights.

Image courtesy of Jigsaw Planet

But we would forego all bragging rights to avoid the 2020 Rubik Megaminx. No single person can solve this 2020 Rubik Cube on his own. Until now, the brightest scientists are racing against the clock to find a solution to all the world’s problems. But at least our measured time response is quicker than how it had been the last pandemic. Hooray for humankind!

Well, What If There Is No Tomorrow?

You’re a cynical weatherman who dislikes his work but drives to the news station out of habit. Besides, it pays well. With a strained smile, you recite on the morning news. You can’t imagine what reason the people around you have to smile. Today, you’ve been assigned to report the events in Punxsutawney. It’s Groundhog Day.

Image courtesy of Politically Incorrect Humor

You can’t wait for the day to end. Unfortunately, Groundhog Day (AKA 2020) isn’t done with you yet. You wake up in hotel sheets at the same time each day, reliving the annual event. You try everything to wake up from this madness – embarrass yourself, stage accidents, and even quit newscasting altogether. And the only way to stop the cycle is to accept the fact that it’s quarantine dayagain!

Rough Sailing

Many trips and cruises were canceled this year. After all, people couldn’t enjoy the sights when they were cooped up in cruise ship rooms. This led to some travel agencies and ship lines declaring bankruptcy. If you wondered what it was like for these companies, look no further than this picture.

Image Courtesy of Edebock WordPress

It sank while it was safely anchored near the dock. Most people have felt the same. They were physically safe within the confines of their house. But they were such an emotional mess. They nearly drowned themselves with tears, muck deep in worry!

Stop. Move. Don’t Move

Someone had been on their way downtown when they took a shot of this and uploaded it online. We don’t know which direction to head in given this bunch of mixed- signals. We can’t turn right nor left. Neither can we move straight ahead. Why bother putting a 20-meter road in this part of town?

Image Courtesy of ZH CN / Facebook

Stop. Move. Don’t move! Without any other cars in sight, we carefully turn right and head back to where we had come from. What had been the reason for these conflicting road signs? It was an airstrip. You wouldn’t expect a plane to head back towards the highway. For the last few meters, it should be air-bound, hence the stop sign.

All Parts Inside At All Times

Water park – the word stirs to mind fully-drenched bodies, tangled hair, and a matte of sunscreen on tanned arms. As you look up, you see the burst of water running down the sides of the tube. You can’t wait to go for a ride! You can feel your heart thumping as you climb the steps. Eagerly, you trace the slide with your eyes. They move faster down the spirals until you reach the pool.

Image courtesy of @oztra zine / Twitter

Nothing spells disaster like this waterpark. All that exhilaration turns into dread. You can feel your stomach-churning and your pulse racing. Now is probably a good time to run toward the exits. Forget the refund. You would pay anything, just to avoid this shock of your life.

Looks Like It, Tastes Like It

What had you and your family been grateful for this Thanksgiving? Surely, there must be a list of reasons. Take Sara May, an optimist, who had requested that everybody join hands and bow their heads. Lord, Thank You for gracing us with your presence and for this oven-roasted Turkey straight out of this can.

Image courtesy of Spam

We are grateful for the other dozen cans of Spam in our cupboard – all of which we had been able to buy before the lockdown. We are grateful for the opportunity to eat one at this table. And we hope that other families have enough spicy processed ham on their dinner table too. Amen! Thank you Sara May, for being a hoarder!

Staying Positive

Your palms are sweaty. You feel nauseous, and it’s like you can decorate the hospital floor with the egg omelet you ate this morning. Try as you might, but no adjusting can help you breathe properly with your mask on. This is the worst wait of your life. How do you think the test will come out?

Image Courtesy of Swifter Struggle Tweets / Twitter

True enough! We don’t know what’s worse – getting accidentally knocked up this year or finding out that you’re covid-positive. As they say, stay positive…that you won’t get either one. It will only be a couple of months until the vaccines roll out and are administered to everyone. So keep practicing those safety measures.

Who Did This To You

Remember, how as kids, we would come home with our jumpers torn or with our shoes missing. It looked like someone had dragged us through a bush backwards. Our mum would see us from the porch, run out into the yard and cup our face. What happened? Who did this to you?

Image courtesy of E Baumss World

Millennials would say 2020 did. There would be sniffles and tears in between. Momma would pinch our noses and dry our eyes before we continue our sob story. We were in the playground, right? We climbed the ladder rungs. Tommy told me to go first, so I did. I didn’t know Mommy. By the time I had seen the grater slide, it was too late! Mum would nurse us inside and pat our backs. There, there honey. As you turn around, your butt shows from the tattered pants.

On High Heat

This is a great way to ensure that the Coronavirus won’t live off sweat or clothing. Upon arriving home, quickly discard clothing into a bin. Take a bath. And then bring the laundry to the nearest laundromat. Insert X number of coins and then choose high heat!

Image courtesy of We Heart It

Rest assured, your clothes will have zero traces of the Covid-19. Now you can go home safely, knowing that you have done everything to keep your family safe. You might be wearing ashes of clothing, but then again, who needs clothes when you’re working from home?

Barely Holding It Together

People can get really creative when it comes down to it. They come up with the best hacks out of necessity – whether it be sewing masks out of old t-shirts, making sanitizer out of liquor alcohol, or patching this car together. They will do anything to get through the day.

Image Courtesy of @Class clown66 / Twitter

Before you know it, your mileage is up by 500 kilometers. And you have made it through another month. Friends and family may see you well-kept, but deep inside, you’re barely holding all the junk, turmoil, and spare parts together. All we want to do is give this car a rest.

Quite A Hike

If you wanted 2020 to be an adventure, it would have been this. You call your friends up and tell them you’d like to go on a hike. Afterward, you pack your stuff, create your own mosquito repellant and toss a couple of processed food cans into a cooler. Upon arrival, you’re greeted with this track.

Image courtesy of Besham Shangla / Facebook

At least, you and your friends are gonna burn a few calories finding a place to set up camp. Kidding aside, this is a slope protection project done in Japan. It’s meant to prevent the uncontrolled downpour of water and soil. It’s an ingenious way of protecting residents living at the base of the hill. Interesting right? If only we had been able to set up precaution against the mayhem 2020 brought us.

The Missing Piece

It had all started when a pangolin decided to make a dessert off a bat’s dung. One thing led to another, and pretty soon, a new strain of virus was spreading around. Scientists didn’t know how it was transmitted or how to contain it. We were using hunches within the first few months, hoping that masks would be enough to keep it from spreading. This year’s other highlights include the US Elections, super typhoons, and a monkey stealing COVID samples. Say what?

Image Courtesy of Know Your Meme

The only thing that seems likely to complete the jigsaw ensemble are aliens coming to invade us! It fits! After all, the United States Department of Defense had released three short videos of unidentified aerial phenomena. It was back on April 27. Now, we’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Yum… Very Briny?

If you’re a seafood lover, we bet you loved 2020. The ocean had delivered this year fresh from Atlantic depths. The ocean mashed milk, sand, and silt together to form the perfect briny taste. All you have to do is scoop a ball into your cone and then lick it.

Image courtesy of Very Super Cursed Images / Tumblr

Even if you hadn’t wanted to taste this ice cream, life had served it to you. Look at the bright side – all that sand and water are rich in zinc, magnesium, iron, and potassium. All those minerals will make you a tad bit healthier. Just wash it down with tap water. As for us, we find this ice cream a bit too salty for our taste.

What Brand Is This

When this image hit the web, one man decided to go to the store and ask a few questions. He quickly changed his attire, brought his phone, checked to see if the image was saved, and then drove to the nearest car shop. The glass doors whooshed when they noticed his feet shuffling. And when he was greeted good morning, he took his phone out to ask what brand is this?

Image Courtesy of Shut Up and Take My Money

The attendant at the station politely answered Why that’s a Toyota! I’m afraid you won’t find that model here. The man says, no, no! What brand is this? And he points at the gray area holding the junk together. The woman gets it and replies that it must be the Sticky Tape. You’ll find it on aisle 2020, sir! Let me get one for you.

A Great Housewarming Idea

This Winter, a great housewarming gift would be some scented candles. Your loved ones could light some while they lounge in the tub. Candles are also perfect for reading. It gives off the perfect glow – not too bright that it would hurt your eyes, nor is it too dim to squint. Beside your paperback books sits a glass of eggnog. You take a sip. As your eyes rest on this candle, you can’t help but cough some of that liquid out of your nose.

Image Courtesy of The Inappprorpriate Gift Co

It pretty much sums up how spent we are over what has happened this year. With our safety and that of our loved ones on the line, we have directed most of our energy outwards. We’re saving what little emotions we have for a kickstart next year. By then, we might have a new wick set in place.

But We Already Have a Girlfriend!

To keep things exciting, you and your girlfriend must try a lot of things together. Take a trip, dine out, volunteer for a cause, or treat yourselves to a movie. But whatever you get yourselves into, both of you must find it engaging. For this next adventure, both of you agree to lick the same lollipop. Sounds pretty harmless, huh. Think again!

Image courtesy of My Confined Space

Yeah, but I have a girlfriend. Sheesh. You hand the bare lolly to her, and she shoos your hand away. Oh yeah, you remember – neither one of you have tried this flavor before. Well, now 2020 will put you both to the task of having to try new things.

Too Few Antioxidants

One good way to arm yourself against stressors is to stock up on antioxidants. Fruits such as apricots, red grapes, papayas, tomatoes, and avocadoes are rich in them. How about going to the local market and getting some? Here, have this weighed!

Immage Courtesy of One Dio News

It’s just that you had gotten fewer antioxidants from the bunch. No wonder you’ve been so stressed out this year. It’s showing on your skin! Take a couple more cups of water infused with lemon, honey, and roman chamomile. We have heard it does wonders for stress relief.