40+ Times People Proved They Were Right in the Most Creative Way

By Larissa C

Is there a more frustrating feeling than being told you’re not right? Whether you’re discussing a topic you’re an expert on or a topic you know nothing about, it’s incredibly annoying when other people doubt your words and/or your skills.  Of course, nobody is obliged to trust anyone blindly — but if we say something, there should be no harm in taking our word for it, isn’t that so? Well, not everyone thinks the same, and sometimes it feels like these people have one goal in life: to prove us wrong, no matter what. But not everyone accepts defeat that easily; some of us have no problem going to great lengths just to prove we’re right! In this article, we will show you 40 +people who proved they were right in the best ways possible!

The most sturdy cabinet in the world!

It’s natural for homeowners to be skeptical of the things they buy. First of all, we want to make sure we’re buying the best product possible — after all, nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on things that aren’t dependable.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/Mud_Stump/

This family, for instance, purchased a kitchen cabinet but had second thoughts about its sturdiness. The cabinet didn’t look like it could handle a lot of weight, and so the family questioned the contractor if the cabinet was strong enough. The contractor, in turn, proved the family wrong in the best way possible!

Kitchen parking!

Back in 2019, Hurricane Dorian was one of the worst natural disasters to hit the Bahamas. The hurricane also struck Florida, and a family from Jacksonville was afraid their brand-new Smart car would be blown away by Hurricane Dorian.

Image courtesy of WBIR

Patrick and Jessica Eldridge were trying to organize their belongings to lose as few things as possible to the hurricane. When Jessica noted that her car was already inside the garage, Patrick said he could park his Smart car in the kitchen. His wife doubted it was possible, and Patrick proved her wrong by successfully parking the car inside their home!

Who said you can’t find true love on Twitter?

Twitter user KatieKatCubs went on her social media back in 2017 to share her inquiry about where to find single guys. The answers she received from her colleagues weren’t exactly good, and she considered a certain answer she received on Twitter even worse.

Image courtesy of twitter.com/TBrown

Terry Brown decided to shoot his shot and told Katie she could find love on Twitter. Naturally, Katie didn’t take his word for it and even said it was “literally the worst answer.” Her reaction prompted Terry to send her a private message — and three years later, Terry proved her wrong by proposing to Katie!

Proving her ex’s family wrong!

Romiza Rozman was just another woman in love with her high school sweetheart and hoping to live happily ever after with him. Things took a turn for the worse when Romiza found out that her beloved was cheating on her!

Image courtesy of World of Buzz

As if that wasn’t enough, Romiza’s ex-boyfriend and his family started humiliating the young Malaysian woman for being poor. They said she would never be able to afford a nice car, but Romiza didn’t let their words bring her down. She studied hard, got a nice job, and bought herself a Mercedes Benz!

Never doubt a cat’s abilities!

Cats are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet; we all know that. We’re also well-aware that cats love playing with their toys — no matter how big or how small they are. One beautiful day, this man brought a giant toy for their cat, but his wife wasn’t too pleased about it.

Image courtesy of Life Listener

After adopting a blind cat, this family wasn’t sure if their pet would be able to do the same things as other cats. When the wife said the cat wouldn’t be able to climb up this tower, the cat decided to prove her wrong. A few hours later, this beautiful animal was on top of her tower, showing her human mother just what she could do!

Testing your apartment’s safety net!

When you live in an apartment, safety is something you may often think about. Living so high up in the sky has its pros and cons, and apartment owners want to ensure that their home is 100% safe for both adults and children.

Image courtesy of Reddit/ user unknown

This Brazilian family purchased a safety net to install on the balcony of their new home. Once the install process was finished, the owners wanted confirmation that the safety net was properly installed. It was then that the contractor threw himself over the balcony railing just to demonstrate the quality of his work!

A potato chip boat?

One of the most widely-known facts ever is that potato chip bags contain 50% chips, 50% air. We’re not sure if potato chip companies think people don’t notice the difference, but they sure haven’t stopped manufacturing their products that way.

Image courtesy of The Hankyoreh

A group of South Korean students had enough of buying potato chips only to find more air than actual food in the bag. That’s why they decided to do an experiment to prove their point. They used a bunch of potato chip bags as a boat, and it actually floated!

Don’t tell this woman what she can’t do!

Friends are always challenging us to do our best, and that’s one of the best parts of having real friendships. However, there are times that our friends downright doubt our ability to do something — and that elevates our motivation to prove to them that we can do anything we want.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/user/Nooneknowswhatitsliketobethedankman

For this lady, motivation came when her best friend told her it was impossible to stand a coin on its side. These words triggered the woman, and she set out to prove her friend wrong. She concentrated hard and made not just one, but at least a dozen coins stand on their sides!

A Thanksgiving miracle!

Growing up, we tend to think that our mother, or our father, is the best cook on the planet. However,  not all parents know how to cook that well, especially when they have to divide their time between home and work duties — and that’s okay! 

Image courtesy of pinterest.com/erinphughes1/

This woman offered to help her family cook the Thanksgiving meal, but her help was denied, as she wasn’t exactly the best cook in the house. Not wanting to be left out of the cooking, and also in an attempt to show her family that they wrong about her skills in the kitchen, she created this beautiful vegetable tray!

Wearing the same clothes every day?

Let’s be honest: there are people out there who manage to pull off wearing the same colors or the same outfit every day. Personally, we would love to buy dozens of the same black t-shirt and wear them every day — but we’re not sure if people would understand this concept!

Image courtesy of racccoon.com

This guy’s girlfriend sure didn’t. She accused him of wearing the same blue shirt every single day — but that wasn’t true. He wasn’t wearing the same shirt; instead, this guy was wearing different shirts, all in different shades of blue! This was how he proved that he was right!

This guy wasn’t sleeping well at night and this is why!

When asked by his girlfriend why he wasn’t sleeping on their bed anymore, John told her the truth, but she didn’t believe him. Later that night, he decided to prove that he wasn’t a liar and that there was a real reason why the couch was a more comfortable place for him to sleep.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/EatsDirtWithPassion

See? John couldn’t sleep properly because his massive pets slept on top of him every single night. On the other hand, his girlfriend slept peacefully because she had half of the bed all to herself — and that was why she didn’t believe him at first!

The good ole reverse psychology strikes again!

Have you ever used reverse psychology to get something you wanted? We sure have! Reverse psychology is the oldest trick in the book, and it’s a surefire way to get someone to do something without them realizing what’s going on.

mage courtesy of The Home Depot

When this woman’s husband kept procrastinating instead of building the porch of their home, she decided it was time for her to do something. She told him that he hadn’t built the porch yet because he didn’t know how to do it, and that spurred him on. A week later, he was proving her wrong by finishing their porch. Little did he know that he got played!

An ex-con proved to everyone she was capable!

Back in the early 2000s, Leyla Martinez was caught red-handed committing credit card fraud. The woman wasn’t proud of it, and she served two years in prison, dealing with the guilt of her actions. While she was there, Leyla constantly heard that she would never have a good life.

Image courtesy of New York Daily News

Once she was released, Leyla had a real hard time getting a job. This encouraged the woman to pursue an education for herself. She enrolled in college and maintained a really high GPA. Leyla then applied to Columbia University — and much to her surprise, she was accepted! Four years later, she graduated from an Ivy League and proved to her former inmates that she was capable of accomplishing great things in life!

Real-life Monopoly?

When this Reddit user went out protesting back in 2016, he never thought he would end up getting arrested for it. Luckily – or not so luckily – for him, he had a Monopoly ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card inside his pocket at the time of his arrest!

Image courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald

While the police officer who arrested the man did keep the Monopoly card as evidence, he didn’t take the man seriously at the first moment. According to the man, they shared a good laugh before the officer took him to the police station. He ended up paying a bond of $300, meaning that the card didn’t work!

Matching styles with a stranger!

Sometimes, life works in mysterious ways. One day, you might wake up late and catch a later train and, on that train, you might end up meeting your soulmate. Or one day you might leave the house and run into your style-mate, just like this guy did! 

Image courtesy of https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments

This Reddit user said, “before I left for work, my girlfriend said I was dressed like an old man. I didn’t believe her until this happened”. While his girlfriend couldn’t have possibly planned this encounter, she sure did get her point across!

This dad fell in love with their rescue dog!

These days, it’s become rather common for children to post screenshots of their dads claiming they don’t like dogs — only to become incredibly attached to the family’s new dog a few days or weeks later. With this family, it wasn’t any different!

Image courtesy of hbuzzfeed.com/pablovaldivia/dad-dogs-love

When his daughter came home with a rescue dog, this dad didn’t like the idea very much. The girl insisted, and her dad let the dog stay but said he wouldn’t take care of the pet. His daughter said he would change his mind, and a few days later, the dad and the dog were already attached to the hip!

Proving his wife wrong.

Homeowners know how hard it is not to accumulate old stuff at home. No matter how many times you organize your house, you’ll always find a pile of unused things lying somewhere. To throw, or not to throw things away: that is the question.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/e1b4l

While this couple rummaged through the old things in their basement, the wife told her husband that he should get rid of his old textbooks. He said that he could make a quick buck by selling them, but she said nobody would buy them. He then set up a table outside their home and sold all of his books after writing that sign!

Wild nights out in the wild!

When this man went out on a hunting trip, he caught sight of something rather unusual. When he told his family that he had witnessed a squirrel attacking a deer, no one believed that it was true! Luckily for him, he captured the exact moment!

Image courtesy of Science 101

Certainly, it’s not every day that you hear that a squirrel attacked a deer, given their size difference. But this man did watch the scene unfolding in front of his eyes, and he managed to snap the perfect shot, proving to everyone that he wasn’t a liar!

Testing my own theory!

Have you ever heard the phrase “from hand to mouth”? What about the expression “hand in the mouth”? Well, the latter doesn’t actually exist, but this professor took its literal meaning way too seriously as he stood in front of his class.

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com/daves4/100-funny-pics

He found an alternative and funny way of showing his students the meaning of the terms ‘theorem’ and ‘proof.’ His theorem? “I have a big mouth.” How did he prove it? By fitting his whole hand inside his mouth! We’re pretty sure these students will never forget this lesson!

Colorblindly” solving a Rubik’s Cube!

When this man was told that he would never be able to solve a Rubik’s Cube due to his condition, he got really upset. Being colorblind doesn’t mean he can’t do things that involve colors, and so he set out to prove people wrong!

Image courtesy of imgur.com/user/Dowski31

The thing is, his plan didn’t work that well. On the one hand, he did solve the Rubik’s Cube. On the other hand, he did it all wrong! Because he couldn’t see the colors properly, his cube was a mess. But kudos for his effort!

Security for the Dalai Lama?

Reddit user LennonsGhost never knows when to believe that his friend is telling the truth. He had lied before to make jokes, but there was one time that he was completely honest. When he shared his new profession, LennonsGhost didn’t think it was true — until he saw this picture!

Image courtesy of /reddit LennonsGhost

His friend had told him he was working in the Dalai Lama’s security team, which sounded absurd for a million different reasons. First, he didn’t have the physique to work as a security guy. Secondly, how in the world did he manage to land this gig? Thankfully, his friend had this hilarious picture to prove he was honest!

If it fits, I sit!

Children are widely known for loving to play around with a bunch of toys — and never putting them back in their place once they’re done playing. If you want to instill some sense of responsibility in your children, this is a good place to begin.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/lu9cWF1

But for this kid, she didn’t put her toys away after playing, as much as she wanted to. Naturally, her mother scolded her for not doing her chore — but when she tried to put the blocks away herself, she was in for a surprise. The family’s cat was chilling inside the bag!

Heading down to the North Pole!

Doesn’t everyone know at least one person who always wants to be right? There must even be statistics for that! Mr., Mrs., and Ms. Always Right can be really annoying — especially when they are, indeed, right about something. However, this guy took being always right to a whole new level!

Image courtesy of pandawhale.com/ifindkarma/best-of-imgur/48

When his friend told him that the ‘North Pole’ was just a name and that there wasn’t, in fact, an actual pole down there, this guy desperately wanted to prove him wrong. Guess what he did? Booked a flight to the North Pole just to snap this picture!

Me and My Girls!

When this grandpa moved to a retirement home, he couldn’t imagine what fate had in store for him. He was the only man in the entire building, and he would be living with 8 gal pals for the next years!

Image courtesy of thechive.com/proving-people-wrong-is-the-sweetest-revenge/

His grandchildren couldn’t believe he was serious when he said he was hanging out with his girls, so he took this amazing photo to prove he was telling the truth. Grandpa sure is living his best life in this retirement home! 

Super Baldman!

In fiction, bald people are usually associated with superpowers. If you need a few examples, think of Charles Xavier (X-Men), Voldemort (Harry Potter), and Eleven (Stranger Things). But who said bald people don’t have superpowers in real life?

Image courtesy of Inspire More

This man sure does! When he was out on a date with a girl, he told her he had ‘bald man powers,’ but she didn’t believe him. So, he grabbed a can and did this trick! We’re not sure how he managed to accomplish that, but it certainly looks cool!

Never question this girl’s claw machine skills!

When this dad took his daughter to an arcade, he knew he would have to spend many coins on those toys. He thought it would be just a waste of money — but he had no idea that his daughter was a claw machine expert!

Image courtesy of BoredPanda.com

It’s common knowledge that claw machines are usually rigged. That’s why this girl’s dad didn’t imagine that his daughter would get anything when he gave her a bunch of coins to spend. Much to his surprise, she ended up winning the biggest prize: a giant ball!

1234 Fake Street!

Does that address sound phony to you? That’s because it is! Well, partially phony, that is. While the street name is totally made up, the house number actually exists! Nobody believed this guy when he said he lived at number 1234, but he wasn’t lying.

Image courtesy of i.imgur.com/IPOWf.jpg

Reddit user MrPhantastic really does live at house number 1234. An interesting fact about this is that, when he’s telling his address, people always stop MrPhantastic at number 3 and tell him to stop playing around. Poor guy never gets a break!

World record for whipped cream?

Rumor has it that there is a restaurant out there that promises they have the most delicious whipped cream in the world. Whether that’s true or not, we have no way of knowing. But one thing’s for sure: this guy dared the restaurant’s owner and got a hilarious response!

Image courtesy of Inspire More

After ordering a waffle, this guy claimed that the waiter couldn’t put enough of their delicious whipped cream on his waffles. He didn’t expect that the waiter was going to prove him wrong by completely burying his food under whipped cream!

Tiny living!

The concept of tiny houses is not new. When you’re young and trying to make a living for yourself in big cities, you’ll probably find yourself living in a small place that your small salary allows you to be able to afford.

Image courtesy of Life Listener

But this guy took this concept of living in small spaces to a whole different level. When he was told by his friends that there was no way he could live in a storage unit, this guy took their words as a challenge. He rented a storage unit and moved all of his stuff there just to prove he was right!

He said he didn’t want this desk, so his parents showed him what he was missing!

Let’s face it: we don’t always love the gifts our parents give us. And you know what? That is completely fine! As much as they love us, our parents can’t always know what we’re expecting for Christmas or for our birthday gift. 

Image courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/GEOI0

This guy’s parents, for example, gave him a desk so that he could study comfortably. However, their son said the desk was too small and that he didn’t want it. The parents then decided to prove their son wrong by taking this photo of their dog, making the most of the table!

He tried to lie but his wife said: not on my watch!

If you have a husband, you might well know that sometimes husbands like to…mask the truth — especially in front of their friends! Nobody wants to look weak or uncool in front of their pals and that drives people to spew little lies every now and then.

Image courtesy of http://karmadecay.com/r/photoshopbattles

When Joel invited his friends over for a brew, his wife was surprised when her husband said he had been working out a lot lately. She knew that wasn’t true, so Joel’s wife found his cobweb-covered dumbbells in the basement and took this picture to prove that it had been a long time since he had touched them!

This kid wasted no time proving his parents wrong!

When we’re young children, sleep comes naturally, that we end up falling asleep anywhere. We’ve seen kids falling asleep while playing with toys, or playing with their siblings — sometimes, kids fall asleep even when they’re eating!

Image courtesy of lifelistener.com

However, these parents noticed that their younger kid had never fallen asleep in weird places, unlike his older sister, who would sleep even when she was standing on her feet! Funnily enough, after they realized this, their son ended up proving them wrong and fell asleep inside a drawer!

Reverse Psychology, the long-awaited sequel!

Remember that previous slide that we showed you of a man building an entire porch simply because his wife told him he couldn’t do it? Well, if you need any more proof that reverse psychology works wonders, here you go!

Images courtesy of Bed Frames Plus

Once his partner told him that he was rubbish at doing woodwork, this man was more than determined to prove her wrong. Instead of taking her words to heart, he called over a friend and built this incredible wooden king-sized bed!

The secret to a happy marriage? Proving each other wrong!

At some point, every married couple may wonder what is the secret to having a long, happy, and fulfilling marriage. Not every couple manages to achieve that, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. This guy’s grandparents, for instance, have been together for 62 years!

Image courtesy of Upstream15

The secret to their happy union? They’re always proving each other wrong! While that’s obviously a joke, it seems to have been working for these two! Grandpa always tries to prove his wife wrong by pulling out a map and showing her that he knows the best way to get to places — and their grandson thinks that’s hilarious!

A knuckle sandwich!

Food is one of the best things in life, that is for sure. There’s no better feeling than eating your favorite dish in the world — and it’s even better when you can eat your favorite food all by yourself.

Image courtesy of LawSchoolWasAMistake

When this guy’s roommate came home covered in bruises, he couldn’t believe what had happened. Apparently, his friend had his sandwich robbed right from his hands, and a messy fight ensued! Luckily for this guy, there was a police report proving that he wasn’t lying. Oh, and he recovered his sandwich in the end!

London Bus is Falling Down — no, it isn’t!

London is one of the most popular cities in the world. Tourists visiting this beautiful city look forward to seeing many historical places, especially where iconic bands once visited (hint: Abbey Road). But there’s another thing that tourists want to see when they visit London: the city’s famous red buses!

Image courtesy of https://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/

The thing about London buses is that they weren’t always popular. When they were first introduced back in the day, many people were afraid that this new invention was dangerous given its size. To prove to people that the buses were not a tipping hazard, engineers performed this awesome test!

Proving why he couldn’t sleep well.

Whenever his guy woke up feeling tired, his girlfriend would ask him why. She didn’t understand how come he was so tired when they went to bed at the same time, and she would wake up feeling just fine. 

Image courtesy of reddit.com/r/funny/

When he told her that she was occupying the entire bed, she didn’t believe him. So, on that same night, he got out of bed and took this picture. He divided the entire photograph into sections only to prove to his girlfriend that he wasn’t lying!

This dog chose the worst moment to prove his owner wrong!

Sometimes, our pets do things that no one believes it’s true unless they see it with their own eyes. This woman realized that her dog had voluntarily stopped eating meat, and so she assumed he had become a vegetarian.

Image courtesy of ITV

The woman was so surprised with her dog that she wrote to a TV show and told them about her vegetarian dog. Once they were on live TV, the dog was given two bowls, one containing vegetables and one containing meat dog food. In the picture, you can see the dog chose to eat the meat. He chose the worst moment ever to prove his owner wrong!

This woman proved her doctors wrong!

Kelly Thomas was just a regular woman who enjoyed doing the same activities as her friends. She loved to ride horses, go fishing, and help take care of her family’s farm. But everything changed for her after a car accident that left her paraplegic.

Image courtesy of Citrus County Chronicle

Being as resilient as she was, Kelly Thomas didn’t accept her diagnosis. The young woman knew she’d be able to walk again, and she never stopped trying. Four years after her accident, Kelly proved to everyone she was right when she took her first steps!

Uber for Ostrich!

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to meet people who own unusual pets. Raising a snake, a spider, or even just a chicken is becoming incredibly popular these days. And for people whose homes are spacious enough, raising an ostrich is also an option!

 Image courtesy of DarkTribalCow

When this girl’s friend texted their group chat saying she was now an ostrich mom, no one believed her. For one, they didn’t even understand what she meant by that. It was then that the girl sent this hilarious picture of an ostrich riding on her backseat!

Showing his full potential!

Part of military training involves going through long hours of cold, hunger, and distress — all of that to build a soldier’s endurance. Listening to harsh words is also part of military training, but sometimes those harsh words stay in the back of a soldier’s mind.

Image courtesy of Life Listener

This veteran told his colleagues that his biggest dream was to enroll in college and get a higher education diploma. His goal was to get into Princeton — and everyone laughed at him, saying that he’d never make it. Still, he applied to the prestigious university and got accepted, proving everyone wrong!

A true inspiration!

This next guy is another inspirational story in our article. We showed you a woman who proved her doctors wrong by walking again after a car accident — but this story is even more impressive! This guy managed to walk again all by himself!

Image courtesy of thechive.com//proving-people-wrong-is-the-sweetest-revenge

After he was involved in an accident, this guy was told by doctors that he wouldn’t be able to move anything below his shoulders. Instead of taking their word as final, he did intensive therapy for the next years — until he was able to take this amazing photo of himself holding his no-longer-needed wheelchair!

He kept a collectible just to prove his mother wrong!

When we’re kids, we always want to be right. Even more so when our parents question our words and actions. If our parents tell us that we’re wrong, we want to do everything in our power to show them otherwise.

Image courtesy of Inspire More

Many years ago, this guy begged his mom to get him this weird-looking soda bottle that he desperately wanted. Obviously, his mother didn’t want to spend her hard-earned money on useless things but ended up caving in— but not before telling her son he would lose his toy in a few days. Wanting to prove her wrong, he kept this collectible bottle for over 30 years!

A word for the grandmothers: don’t underestimate your grandchildren!

Family BBQs are always fun and games — until somebody in your family challenges you. Human beings are driven by the challenges that are posed our way — and this guy is no different! When he was told that he couldn’t even make a fruit salad, he set out to prove everyone wrong!

Image courtesy of Underscore 77

During the family BBQ, this guy’s grandmother told him that he was so bad in the kitchen that he couldn’t even handle a simple fruit salad. Her words of disbelief were the final push he needed to make this incredible-looking salad and prove his grandma wrong!

This guy has the best way of proving he’s innocent!

When this University of Central Arkansas student returned home after a night with his friends, he never expected to be stopped by a cop. When questioned why he looked so giddy, this guy had the best idea to prove his innocence!

Image courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/48kwIoM

When he was kindly asked to do a breath alcohol test to prove that he was not driving under the influence, this guy told the police officer he had a better idea. Instead of doing the breathalyzer test, he pulled out some props and started juggling to prove he was sober!