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2020 BBC Sports Awards

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The BBC Sports Awards took place to wrap up the United Kingdom sports season. With a few surprises and no-brainers, check out the list below with all the details. Were these winners who you picked?

Lewis Hamilton – The Formula 1 driver, who has won seven times, received the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2020. This was not his first win, having previously won the award before, back in 2014. This year’s voting found Hamilton on top, just ahead of Jordan Henderson, the Liverpool captain, and Hollie Doyle, the Sports Racing ambassador.

Liverpool Football Team – The Premier League champions received the Team of the Year distinction. Liverpool went 9-4-1 going 3-2-0 over the last five games to the end the season. Players such as Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane have been in front of the pack after garnering many impressive results.

Jurgen Klopp – With the Liverpool Football Team getting an award, the coach cannot be forgotten either. Jurgen Klopp was named Coach of the Year for 2020. He has had to endure drama on the team, but has continued to show amazing leadership for the club.

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Marcus Rashford – One of the most heartfelt awards of the evening went to Marcus Rashford. The Manchester United player won the Panel Special Award. This award was given to the 23-year-old for his work with vulnerable children. With free school meals to children in need, Rashford worked to end child hunger. Around the Christmas season, it was great to hear good news in an award for a young man who is making a difference.

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