Greatest Team Athlete Ever

By Shane R

(C) Pexels

After Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl, some are clamoring for Brady to be the best team sport athlete ever. But is this true? Let us talk through other phenomenal team sports athletes that might have something to say.

Michael Jordan

Alright, MJ never lost when he got to the Finals. Jordan was a perfect 6-0, while the presumed G.O.A.T. Brady is 7 out of 10 in Super Bowls. Even though Jordan did not win the Finals on two different teams like Brady, he did win three in a row on two separate occasions after he left to play baseball. Now, Brady never did that.

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne is thought to be the greatest hockey player of all-time. After winning the Stanley Cup four times, and he was an All-Star 18 times. After he was traded to the L.A. Kings, they went to a Stanley Cup. But, they did end up being the runner-ups.

Yogi Berra

One of the best catchers of any era was Yogi Berra. He won 10 World Series from 1947-1962. Other MLB World Series records “The Bear” holds is games played, doubles, hits, at bats, and is top-3 in home runs, total bases, RBIs, and runs.

Lionel Messi

(C) Pexels

Messi has a total of 37 trophies. Sure, he played with a variety of superior teams, but he has been the reason for the team’s success. He is a 6-time Ballon d’Or winner and has a variety of other trophies for his country and past clubs. That certainly is more than Brady will ever get close to.