Tiger Woods Injury

By Shane R

The great Tiger Woods has had his share of car accidents over the years. Three major accidents have kept Woods in the news for different reasons. The three crashes have spanned from 2009 to the current day. Let’s dive into each one.

2009 – Florida

At the end of 2009, Woods ran into a fire hydrant with his Cadillac Escalade SUV. Woods was knocked unconscious. His wife at the time, Elin Nordegren, removed him from the car. It later emerged that Woods was cheating on Nordegren, and many details were released to the media.

2017 – Florida

This accident was a minor one in terms of vehicle damage, but Woods was under the influence of a variety of drugs. Some of the drugs included THC, Ambien, marijuana, and Vicodin, to name a few. Woods said he was using the substances to deal with back pain. He eventually pled guilty to the charges. Still, his fine was only $250, along with a probation year.

2021 – California

Within the last few months, Woods was lucky not to have died from a crash in California. His vehicle was going 80+ miles per hour. The speed limit for the road he was on was limited to 45 miles per hour. Both of his legs sustained serious injuries, but he was not paralyzed, luckily. Firefighters had to cut him out of his 4×4 Genesis GV80.

A variety of fractures are what Woods has to overcome. But, knowing him and his injury history, Woods will work hard to get back to playing golf again. Here is to hoping Woods is on the road to recovery again and will win a professional event in 2022.